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Category: ALL (160 records) Archive: Auto Repair Facility - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.
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Sign Up for Inspection is Required.

You Must sign up for a time slot in order to inspection. Click Below to sign up.

Per CDC recommendations, please wear a mask to the Inspection.

Time Slot Payment and Removal - Required Sign Up.

Winning bidders will be Required to sign up for a specific time to pay for and pick up your items.
Winning bidders will receive an email with a Sign Up.

Per CDC recommendations, please wear a mask to the Pick Up.

Bring your own help, tools and equipment to disassemble, remove and load!

1Nussbaum Two Post 8,000 Lb. Auto Hoist, Model SPL8000, Serial 122107 1050.00
2Nussbaum Two Post 8,000 Lb. Auto Hoist, Model SPL8000, Serial 122066 1100.00
3Snap On 2 Ton Lift 32.49
4Lincoln 2 Ton Lift 37.00
5Banner 3/4 Ton Under Hoist Stand 50.00
6Gray HTJ-1000 High Riser 1000 Lb. Lift 1330.00
7Assorted Rubber Exhaust Hoses 130.00
8Sun Air-Kare Refrigerant Machine, Viper Verifier Refrigerant Identifier 30.00
9Walker 4 Ton Lift 290.00
10Engine Lift Jig 20.01
11Robinair Vacuum Pump 7.00
12Assorted, Fuel Line Ends, Sun Universal Compression Tester, Poly Hose 15.00
13Patton 36" Barn Fan on 2 Wheels 220.00
14Sun VAT-40 Volt/Amp Meter 131.36
15Sun Battery Charger, Model 160, 6/12 V 51.01
16MotorVac Carbonclean System 70.00
17Tektronix 465B Oscilloscope on Cart 105.00
18Lincoln #3616 Drain Tank on Wheels 145.00
19Compressed Nitrogen Tank with Hose 86.66
20Hoffman Geoliner 550 Image Wheel Alignment System with Related 1877.77
21Ammco Lifts 4 Post Drive On Hoist, Model S412OSA2R1, 2 Wheeltronic Air/Hydraulic Sliding 6,000 Lb. Jackbeams 2523.00
222 Boxes Assorted, Air Fittings, Tools, More 10.00
23Assorted, Pressure Tanks, More 22.50
24Victor Welding/Cutting Torch 115.00
25Blue-Point ACT 100A, Kent-Moore J39021 Fuel Injector Tester 12.50
26Thexton Ford EEC IV System Electronic Control Assembly Breakout Box 6.00
27Kent-Moore J34730-A Port Fuel Injection Diagnostic Kit 10.00
28OTC 3460 Monitor 4 7.00
29HB Fuller TP-1270 Starter Kit UV Inspection Light 2.01
30Miller Special Tool 8984B Engine Lift Fixture 16.00
31OTC 6537 Hub Tamer Elite FWD Service Tool Set 150.00
32Specialty Tool Set 35.00
33Dewalt Case with Assorted Fittings 21.50
34OTC 7549 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit 17.50
35Digital Can OBD2&1 Scan Tool with Related 75.00
36Wheel Torque Master Kit, Model TK1500 125.51
37ATD-3630 Deluxe Clutch Hub Puller & Installer 12.50
38Kwik-Way Mfg. Kwik- Lathe, Model PFA, 115V 70.00
39Ultra Clean Fuel Injection Cleaning System 23.00
40Napa 3421 Ball Joint Service Set 52.00
41OTC 7918 Master Ball Joint Adapter Set 95.00
42Approx. 1 Gallon Sprayer 5.00
434 Assorted Cord Reels (3 with Trouble Lights, 1 with Plug).
Bring a ladder.
442 Boxes Assorted Tools, Clamp, Holesaws, Refrigerant Leak Detector 18.50
45Shop Cart with Drawer 12.73
46Shop Cart with Assorted Oil Drain Bins 33.33
47Mac Tools Shop Cart with Tool Storage 130.00

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