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Category: ALL (13 records) Archive: Cybex Fitness Equipment - Auction Starts Closing at 5 PM Tuesday, October 27th, 2020.
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Item Description Price
5001Cybex VR3 Seated Leg Curl, Pin Loaded, Model 12061-90 151.00
5002Cybex VR3 Pulldown, Pin Loaded, Model 12020-90 191.00
5003Cybex VR3 Overhead Press, Pin Loaded, Model 12010-90 80.00
5004Cybex VR3 Fly/Rear Delt, Pin Loaded, Model 12110-90 465.00
5005Cybex Arc Trainer, Model 630A 1105.00
5006Cybex Arc Trainer, Model 630A 1050.00
5007Cybex Arc Trainer, Model 630A 1200.00
5008Cybex Treadmill, Model 770T 780.02
5009Cybex Treadmill, Model 770T (needs to be reassembled) 635.00
5010Cybex Recumbent Bike, Model 750R 820.00
5011Cybex 40 Degree Back Extension Unit, Model 5411-90 215.00
5012Cybex Adjustable Decline Bench, Model 5445-90 301.00
5013Cybex 5 Station Cable Crossover Model 5649-90 with Low Row, Modular Lat Pulldown and Assisted Chin-Up/Dip (First pictures is a stock photo, needs to be reassembled) 1700.00

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