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Category: ALL (4 records) Archive: Gymnastics Equipment - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, January 6th, 2021.
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Item Description Price
1SA Sport 12' large balance beam with blue pads under the beam. The beam expander that is tied to the top is not included 525.00
2SA Sport JFK Cantilever Red base un-even bars anchored to the ground and red mat under the bars and around the base 190.00
3SA Sport Red base bars with the rings shown, it has other bars to switch out to make another set of in-even or even parallel bars. With red mats under and at base. Those yellow pads come off and other bars can be put in those bases 355.00
4SA Sport JFK Single bar with red base and red mat under, the mat against the wall is not included 740.00

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