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Category: ALL (3 records) Archive: Jewelry Store Showcases & 80 Gallon Air Compressor - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, January 20th, 2021.
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1Jewelry Store Showcases:
8 Showcases 48"x24"x42". Lock in the back and have storage underneath (the storage area is not lockable). The cases do feature a lighted strip in the front. Constructed out of MDF with a veneer top. The inside back area of the slide out opening features a mirror.
Cash Wrap Station 48"x28"x42". Features two drawers and an opening for cash drawer. The inside of the cash wrap is separated into two openings with an adjustable shelf I need side. The computer, printer, credit card swiper and cash drawer shown in the photo are not included.
Seating Area 48"x28"x30". It comfortably fits two chairs on either side and features three pull-out drawers on the backside of the cabinet with an electrical box underneath.
2Air Compressor: Dayton Model 5F232A, 2 Stage 5 HP 3 PH with Tank, Green Tank 80 Gallon, Ingersoll Rand Unit, DCE Vokes Dust Control Unit 630.00
3Approx. 12 Assorted Chairs (7 Brown Leather Like Chairs, Office Chairs, Stool, Stack Chairs) 12.50

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