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TitleReal Estate & Restaurant/Bar
DateAuction Starts Closing at 7 PM Wednesday, September 19th.
K J's Refuge Bar & Grille, 26211 184th St, Big Lake, MN 55309.
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Auction Terms and Conditions.
HighlightsReal Estate and Restaurant/Bar Business!
KJ's Refuge Bar & Grille, 26211 184th Street NW, Big Lake (Orrock Twp), MN 55309.
Established, Turn-Key, Staffed, very clean and mostly CASH Business for Sale to Highest Bidder.
Sale Includes: Building, Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Land, additional Baseball field land, Successful Grill and Bar name AND Seller training, Plus Pull-tab Lease.

Bidders must first be authorized to bid, call Ed Hanlon at 612-369-2287 for authorization and additional information.

NotesThis is an Auction property.
Minnesota Auctioneer Greg Christian License#:27-64, Buyer's Fee's (10%)

The Terms for this auction can be obtained from Ed Hanlon, Edina Realty and supercede any terms listed on our website.
Ed Hanlon can be reached at 612-369-2287 or

Online Bidding Only. The auction will start to close at 7 PM Wednesday, September 19th. The close will be staggered (1 Lot per 5 minutes). There will be Extended Bidding, which means if a bid has been placed within 5 minutes of its closing time, the time will extend for 5 minutes. This will continue until there is no activity for 5 minutes. When the auction gets close to ending, click Refresh often for updated bidding.

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