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s1.JPG12 Pallets Assorted Merchandise:

Approx. 24 cases reindeer wishes place card holders (48 sets per case); Several cases small white portion cups; 40 cases white varnish boxes 4x4x16; "Live a good life" bill organizers

75 cases SOS bags, assorted sizes and colors; 4 cases Euroglass baby ornaments, 48 pcs per case

48 cases "Santa Hello" gift boxes w/ handles 8x5x5 (100 per case); several cases Placon plastic molded packaging containers
30+ cases gift boxes, assorted sizes & colors; several cases Holiday Seals/Stickers
60 cases #29 9x9x5.5 white varnish gift boxes, 50 per case; 10 cases of Holiday Seals/Stickers

75+ cases white varnish pop up boxes mostly 6x6x2 (100 per case), several cases Ice Cream Sandwich makers

Dozens of cases 5.75x7.5 SOS bags, assorted colors; several cases 8.5x11 SOS bags, assorted colors; 1000+ Wisconsin themed mattings and drawings

70+ cases 9x5x2 white 1-piece white varnish boxes (250 per case)

20+ large cases of white chipboard boxes 3x3x10; several cases Ice Cream Sandwich makers; assorted shopping bags; resin Moose statuary w/ bobblehead, approx. 4" tall; green pillow packs

5+ boxes #3071 white varnish boxes; 30+ cases #13084 white "tube" popup boxes 8x2x1; 12 cases Ice Cream Sandwich makers

80+ cases SOS bags, assorted colors

12 cases fancy shopping bags, mostly scarlet gardens and Cafe Armoire (250 per case); 60 cases SOS bags, 5.75x7.5 (1000 per case)
4 74133 16.00  
s2.JPG10 Pallets Assorted Merchandise:

48 cases 9x4x4 brown gift boxes; 30+ cases Tracing Your Family History books, a Guide to Genealogy (36 per case)

Approx. 72 cases gift boxes, beige, 12x6x6

45 cases underwraps poinsettia gift boxes, 8x5x5; 12+ cases #74878 8H Forester oval 4x6 frames; 2 cases salad dessert containers; misc. cases of gift boxes, assorted

Pallet of spiral galaxy bows, over 150 cases (12 per case); 1- cases of curly swirls (48 per case)

10 cases + 30 boxes decorative asst. envelopes, various sizes, colors, styles (A6, A7, #20, #4 Baronial, Stardreamer, Sorbet, more)

200+ asst scissors (packaged); 200 asst. spools thread; 240 rolls thread; thousands of sewing needles, pints, patches, snaps, hooks tapes, buttons, zippers, Misc. packaged sewing supplies - snaps, hooks, tapes, buttons, zippers; Elastic, cord, trims, fringe; 1000 asst. frog-knots, cord-knot closures; packaged trim and lace; 3000 assorted appliques; 3 cases large erasers "For Big Mistakes"; 100 packages confetti

Huge pallet of gift shred, 40+ cases, various colors, metallics, etc

Pallet of Green Stationary - More than 50 boxes of note cards, envelopes, invites, stationary notecards, etc.

100+ cases of assorted white Christmas Gift Bags (36 per case)
Approx. 60 cases 9x5x2 white varnish gift boxes (250 per case); 12+ cases 11x5x1.5 forest green gift boxes
7 59494 20.00  
s3.JPG10 Pallets Assorted Merchandise:

Thousands of paper plates/cups/napkins; several cases of faux Tupperware; food service/bar items - food trays, cocktail straws, bar equipment, plastic cutlery; Ice cream sandwich makers; case Styrofoam cups; crystal valueware bowls; 100+ asst. plastic tablecloths; hundreds of placemats; birthday party supplies; case of metal cutlery utensils

Entire pallet of asst. feather boas; hundreds or more, various sizes &colors

10 cases assorted dart clips (20,000 per case); 4 cases 3/4" washer fasteners (2000 per case)

6 cases Eco-friendly 6-1/8" square envelopes - 100% recycled, 100 per pack, 15 packs per case; #10 policy open end pink envelopes - 3 cases, 3000 per case; Common Loons informative books - 30 pages, 60 per box, 10 boxes; 6 dozen 5x5 denim/navy iron-on patches; 48 rolls of 17 yards of metallic cord, variety of color; 60 gauge D940 6" x 4370 ft Cryovac D-film, 2 rolls; 75 gauge MPD 2055, 10" wide x 3500 ft Cryovac film, 6 rolls; Cryovac film rolls - 1 10" roll; 1 12" roll

100s rolls metallic Berwick ribbon; several hundreds of rolls narrow Berwick ribbon; hundreds rolls curling ribbon; 22 sets spring ribbons, 100 rolls cloth ribbon; 28 boxes (1200 per box) Berwick micro spools; satin ribbon, 96 rolls patriotic wired edge ribbon; many rolls of satin ribbon

80 cases of gift boxes (200 per case), Style #OP10. Most 3x3x3

35+ boxes gift boxes (200 per case), most 3x3x3 green; approx. 50 boxes green pillow packs (250 per case)

Huge pallet including 20+ cases SOS fiber bags; 40+ cases asst. gift boxes including 2x2x2 white and 11x5x1.5 green

32 cases popup folding gift boxes, 10x8x5, stock #13040, (50 per case); 32 cases CD folders/sleeves (600 per case)

13 cases #64 8.5x6.5x4 white boxes (100 per case); 5 cases 9x4x4 2-piece boxes (100 per case); 1 case #14452 kraft 12x6x6 boxes; 2 cases #17 6.25x9.25 white fiber bag (1000 per case); 3 cases #31 8.5x11 white fiber bag (1000 per case); 700 #27 6.25x9.25 poly bag
10 74133 45.00  
s4.JPG10 Pallets Assorted Merchandise:

130+ cases of white varnish gift boxes #10012, 11x5x1.5 white; 1.5x2.75x1.25 green; 10 cases holiday seals/stickers

20 cases 12x10x2 gift boxes, white (100 per case); 22 cases 7x4x4 white gift boxes (100 per case); boxes of small green pillow boxes

60 cases 9x5x2 white varnish gift boxes (250 per case); 6 cases Ice cream sandwich makers (36 per case)

6 cases 5" 2 cats pot hugger (24 per case); 7 cases Fat Cat soap dishes (24 per case); 6 cases rabbit teacups (36 sets per case); 11 cases bakery pigs (60 per case); 2 case Yummy Melamine snack dish sets (12 per case); 6 pcs 6" Victorian finial ornament; 12 7" Sanctuary birdhouse ornament; decorator wax coated pine cones
75 cases of #4 and #6 SOS Fiber bags (500 per carton)

14 cases sea shell wall hanging (96 per case); 24 total 4,5" Firenze decor ball; 150 boxes of wolf drawer pulls (24 per box)

80+ 6x6x2 white varnish gift boxes (100 per case); 10 boxes of holiday seals/stickers
33 cases assorted fancy envelopes - A6, A67, Star Dreamer, Sorbet, A10 + much more

50+ cases of assorted ribbon, many styles and varieties (20-50 per case)

Large pallet of Retail items, including - bubble gum photo frames, kids toys, book/map lights, cow purses, kitchen timers, key chains, flashlight necklaces, alarm clocks, NASCAR playing cards, candles, precious moment, home decor balls, throw pillows, Fiskars hip clip pens, sea shell decor items, nesting boxes, decorative baskets, decorative sprays, misc. Christmas retail items, faux birds, grab bags, and more!
6 74133 18.50  
s5.JPG10 Pallets Assorted Merchandise:

Large pallet of 20+ cases assorted color pull bows , 2000 per case, sizes mostly 4" and 5"

Large pallet of 24+ cases assorted color pull bows , 2000 per case, sizes mostly 4" and 5"

Large pallet of 17+ cases assorted color pull bows , 2000 per case, sizes mostly 4" and 5"

Large pallet of 18+ cases assorted color pull bows , 2000 per case, sizes mostly 4" and 5"

Approx. 140 cases of Gift Bag Assortment, 2 packs of 12 bags per case, assorted designs and sizes in each case

Pallet of price tags/labels/rolls/sheets, variety of sizes, colors including orange, yellow, white, red, and more, 50+ cases (48 to 4000 labels per case)

Pallet of nylon fasteners and fastener tools, hundreds of thousands, often used for attaching hanging tags to cloth merchandise, mostly brands Avery Dennison and Amram

Rolling tub, filled with assorted labels, many Primark Checkpoint self-adhesive labels, cases of "Fragile, Handle with Care" labels, flammable gas, fragile and other labels

Pallet of gift bags, 12 boxes GBX-52 (50 per box), assorted fashion and celebrity size; 12 boxes GBX-27 (72 per box) Holiday glossy small bags; 80 boxes GBX-17 (24 per box)

Pallet of stretch bow, 24+ cases (2000-5000 per case), variety of colors - silver, gold, sable gray, black/metallic gold, more, lengths vary from 14" to 45"
6 74059 15.00  
s6.JPG10 Pallets Assorted Merchandise:

25 cases white glosskote 5.25x3.5x13 (250 per case),handled wine bags; 7 cases (150 per case) 6x6x6 Winter snowfall giftware boxes; 1 case "Reindeer Stocking" wine boxes

32 cases (500 per case) 15x18x4 plastic handled merchandise bags, assorted colors; 5 cases (250 per case) 16x6 and 19x6 bags

14 cases 8x5x5 Christmas themed gable gift boxes; 24 cases (1000 per case) classic poinsettia placemats

10 cases (100+ rolls per case) assorted 1" to 3" wide cloth ribbon, assortment of styles
16 cases (250 per case) 13x6 and 17x6 clear frosted merchandise bags; 2 cases 10x5 and 13x5 white plastic handled merchandise bags

25 cases (24 per case) #21099 12x12 Vurano linen paper rolls; 17 cases (24 per case) 3" x 8.5" paper idea pads

21 cases (200 per case) 4-color plastic paisley gift bags, mostly orange paisley, a few cases pink

10 cases (4000 per case) 7/8" x 31.5" cut satin ribbon; 10 cases (6 per case) 6 yard x 44" red dupion silk; 3000 sheet bows, assorted

2 cases gold ribbon bows; 9 cases (1000 per case) metallic holly stretch loops; 3 cases (1000 per case) metallic gold bell loops; 8000 red ribbon bows; 40,000 white ribbon bows; 10,000 gold ribbon bows; 7,000 red poinsettia w/ adhesive back

22 cases (50 per case) nylon satin ribbon, assorted colors and size; 20 cases (10,000 per case) assorted flat ribbon packages
8 62685 50.00  

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