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City Surplus: Hydro Seeder, Cushman Cart, Playground Equipment, Building Materials, More - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Tuesday, December 18th.

Item Description
1.1989 Felling Tandem Axle Equipment Trailer 7' x 14' with 6' Tongue, 2" Ball Coupler, Round Trailer Connection Plug, Trailer Brakes, 7.00-15LT Tires, 2 - 4' Rear Ramps.
Hydro-Turf Hydro Seeder Mounted on Trailer, Approx. 400 Gallon Tank, Hose Reel, Honda 13 HP GX390 Gas Motor, Monarch Ind. Pump Model TSP-31RPF.
Title Transfer Tax and Fees Added at time of Payment: Sales Tax (depends on vehicle year), $20 Train Tax, $50 Transfer, $75 processing and license plate if needed. Driver's License and proof of Insurance required (bring a photo copy of each for the cashier to keep).
Winning bidder, please call Sharon at 612-987-7883 to make payment and work out title information.
2.Tokheim Gas Pump with 2 Nozzles, 28.75"x18.25"x52.5"
3.GasBoy Diesel Fuel Pump with 2 Nozzles, 28.75"x18.25"x52.5"
4.Factory Cat Power Floor Sweeper, Model 34, Serial 45656, 12V 1 HP Electric Motor
6.Roll of Commercial Carpet, 12' Long
7.5 Assorted Metal Door Frames (4 - 35.5" and1 - 60"), 9 Assorted Doors
8.Assorted 6"x6" Lumber Approx. 91" to 141", 2 Assorted 8"x8" Lumber Approx. 149"
9.Assorted Lumber, 44" to 192" Long, 5.5" to 11.25" Wide
10.Assorted Split Fence Wood Posts and Poles, 48" Posts, 120" Poles
11.Assorted Landscape Blocks, 26 - 17.5"x11.5"x8" and 14 - 17"x10.5"x4"
12.Metal Rubber Coated Picnic Table, 96"
13.Assorted Playground Equipment, Slides, Tic-Tac-Toe, 69.5" Tunnel, Metal Posts 135" to 187"
14.9 Floating Poly Pontoon Sections, 17.5"x35"x15" Each, 2 - 27" Ends
15.Pelican Poly Paddle Boat, Approx. 58"x53"
16.Metal Rubber Coated Picnic Table, 96"
17.Metal Rubber Coated Picnic Table, 96"
18.Metal Rubber Coated Picnic Table 96", Wood/Metal Frame Picnic Table 84"
19.Metal Rubber Coated Picnic Table, 72"
20.Cushman Turf-Truckster 3 Wheel Vehicle with Hydraulic Tilt Box, 27 HP 3W Turf Chassis Acc No. 898630, Serial 92003766, 6,383 Hours on Meter, Gas Powered, 12V Battery, 24X13.00-12NHS Rear Tires, 18X8.50-8NHS Front Tires, Rear Box Approx. 53"x46"x12".

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