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Welding and Metal Fabrication Shop - Auction Starts Closing in 6 PM Wednesday, March 13th.

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1.Miller Constant Potential DC Arc Welding Power Source on Cart, Model CP-300, Serial HG026225, Primary: 230/460V, 12.3 KW, 3 PH, Related Cables.
Cobramatic Mig Welder, Model MK-3A
2.10' Press Brake, 8' Between Housings, Approx. 75 Ton, 480V, 3 PH with Assorted Dies
3.Campion Air Compressor, Approx. 200 Gallon Tank, 25 HP, 230/460V, 3 PH
4.Miller Constant Potential DC Welder on Cart, Model CP-250TS, Serial R376527, Primary: 208/230/460V, 11.4 KW, 3 PH, Related Cables.
Millermatic Style No. HG-1 Unit
5.Miller The Legend AEAD-200 LE Constant Current AC/DC Welder-Power Gen-Set, Serial JJ523097, Onan Performer 18XSL Gas Engine, Related Cables, Truck Mount Style
6.Grinder on Stand, 1 PH
7.Craftsman Professional 17" Drill Press with Laser-Trac, Model 152.229010, Serial 0525-W, 3/4 HP, 120/240V, 1 PH
8.Miller Constant Potential DC Arc Welding Power Source on Cart, Model CP-300, Serial HK257885, Primary: 230/460V, 12.3 KW, 3 PH, Related Cables.
Miller S-52E Constant Speed Wire Feeder, 115V
9.Enco No. 3 Arbor Press, #90630
10.Manual 48" Roll Bender
11.Miller AC/DC Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding Power Source on Cart, Model 330A/BP, Serial HG064040, Primary: 208/230/460V, 21.8 KW, 1 PH, Miller Tank, Related Cables
12.Linde VI-400 Power Supply on Cart, Serial D-73001613, 230/460V, 3 PH.
Linde SWM-35 Mig Welder
13.Shear, Approx. 36", 3 PH
14.Allis-Chalmers LP Forklift, Model ACP30??RS-DUAL, Serial ALH119185, 48" Forks, 8,000 Lb. Lift Capacity, 02312 Hours on Meter, Approx. 13' Lift Height, Tilt, 8.25X15-32 Front Tires, 7.50X10 Rear Tires.
We could not keep this running. Would start, then shut off.
21.Metal Shop Table, 1/4" Top, Adjustable Height Legs, 30"x30.5" with Assorted, Metal Cut Outs, More
22.4 Assorted Bit Organizers with Assorted Drill Bits
23.Metal Stock Rack 47.5"x50"x50" with Assorted Metal (Steel, Aluminum)
24.Dayton Shop Fan, 24", 115V
25.Windmill Decor Top 22"x36", Metal Rim 16.5"
26.Belt Driven Warehouse Fan, 42"x13"x42"
27.Hydraulic Cylinder, 5"x36"
28.2 Adjustable Jack Stands
29.Shop Made Bender, 52.5" Handle
30.Lincoln Squirt Welder, Model LN-22, Serial 107235 with Mig Gun
31.Roll of Stainless Steel Mesh, Approx. 25"x108"
32.Metal I Beam Approx. 7"x5.25"x8.25", Metal Welded Fixture Approx. 38"x5"x11"
33.Metal Stock Rack 35.25"x50"x45" with Assorted Metal Stock (Steel, Aluminum)
34.Conveyor Section, 12"x120"
35.Approx. 10 Assorted Lift Slings and Straps
36.Wood Foreman's Table with Lift Top on Wheels, 47"x30"x43"
37.Assorted on Pallet, Pipe Fittings, Hoses, Transformer, Clamp, Folding Table, More
38.Metal Shop Cart 35"x24"x52.5" with Assorted Contents
39.Tank Dolly, 18.75"x45"
40.Tank Dolly, 26"x17"x46.5"
41.Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer, 120V
42.Aluminum Shroud, Steel Diamond Plate, SS Table Cut Off 34.5" to 53"
43.Assorted Copper Tubing, Approx. 3/8"
44.Tecumseh XL Gas Engine, Sears Roebuck Gas Generator, Model 580.32046, 120V Output
45.SS Table Top with Backsplash, 96"x30"
46.Wood Work Bench 96"x27.5" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, Organizers, Hose, Blower Fan, More
47.Approx. 13 Assorted Clamps
48.2 Pallet Racking Uprights 72"x44", 2 Welded 108" Crossbars
49.2 Assorted Tap & Die Boxes with Assorted Tap and Dies
50.Pallet Assorted Metal (Steel, Aluminum), 2 Metal Drums, 3 Refrigerator Doors, More
51.2 Drawer/2 Door Cabinet with Assorted, 28"x21"x26.5", Light Fixture Shield, Hardware, More
52.Cable Come Along
53.Victor Oxy Acetylene Torch and Lines
54.Heli Arc Tig Torch, Assorted Oxy Acetylene Lines
55.Steinel 1500W Heat Gun, Model HG3000SLE
56.Handy Auto Oxy Acetylene Torch with Case, 120V
57.Miller Tig Torch with Lines
58.18" Pipe Wrench, 12" Adjustable Wrench, Assorted Sockets
59.Metabo 4.5" Angel Grinder, Model W8-115, 120V
60.Oxy-Acetylene Torch with Lines
61.30A 480V Extension Cord
62.Plasma Cutting Torch with Line
63.Union Carbide Mig Gun, Model MT-400
64.Mig Gun, Model MT-400
65.2 Assorted Metal Shop Table Frames, Approx. 55"x26"x36" and 60"x24"x45"
66.2 Metal Saw Horses, 78.5"x35.5"x36"
67.Metal Shop Table on Wheels, 25.5"x30"x40"
68.6" Bench Vise
69.Bennett Hand Pump, 59"
70.Assorted Drill Bit Holders, Assorted Bits, Trico Lil Mister, Die Handle, More
71.Die Handle with 3 Assorted Dies, 25"
72.Assorted Cut Off and Grinding Wheels, More
73.Pro Series Friction Sway Control, Assorted Welding Electrodes
74.90 Degree Magnet, Tape Measure, Pump
75.Smith Oxy-Acetylene Torch with Regulator and Lines
76.Assorted, Funnels, Silicone, Zep Pump, Light, Hacksaw, More
77.Pneumatic Impact Wrench, 1" Drive
78.Screw Jack, 15"
79.Hydraulic Bottle Jack
80.Hydraulic Bottle Jack
81.Thermaster Cooler 20"x10"x13", Cast Iron Pan 10.5"
82.2 Assorted Welding Hoods
83.Northern Industrial Welding Hood, Welding Hood
84.3 Assorted Shop Lights, Assorted Extension Cords, Jumper Cables
85.Black & Decker Industrial Grinder, 120V
86.2 Boxes Assorted Books and Manuals, Tillman Welding Gloves
87.Campbell Hausfeld 1/2 HP Sump Pump
88.Chain with Hook Ends and Clevis
89.2 Assorted Welding Hoods
90.Hobart Auto Welding Hood, Jackson Welding Hood, Face Shield
91.Assorted, Horse Shoes, Screwdrivers, Hitch Lock, Bits, More
92.Dewalt 4.5" Angle Grinder, Model D28402, 120V
93.6" Bench Vise with 2 Metal Frame Shop Tables, 42"x24"x33" on Wheels and 24"x24"x33"
94.5 Assorted Spools of Welding Wire
95.Assorted Vise Grips, 12" Adjustable Wrench, More
96.Assorted Regulators
97.Rigid 1.25" Hitch with 3 Assorted Hitch Balls, 2 - 2" and 1 - 1 7/8"
98.Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener, 120V
99.2 Assorted Roller Stands, 25"
100.Assorted, Welding Clamps, Pliers, More
101.Black & Decker 9.6V Cordless Drill with 2 Batteries and Case
102.6" Bench Vise with Metal Shop Table on Wheels, 29.5"x42.5"x32.5"
103.2 Adjustable Jack Stands
104.Assorted, Tap & Die Handles, Drill Bit Holder with Assorted Bits, Tape Measure, Pneumatic Cut Off Tool, More
105.Craftsman 8" Machinists Vise
106.Rivet Tool, Pliers, Bits, Punch Set, Adjustable Wrench, More
107.5 Assorted Tires, 1 with Rim
108.Manlift Platform on Wheels with Fork Slots, 45.5"x49"x53" with 35" Tow Handle
109.2 Assorted Shop Steps, 15" and 16"
110.Banding Spool Station with Banding Tool and 3/4" Metal Banding
111.Approx. 14 Assorted Chairs, 2 Assorted Lamps
112.Assorted Metal Stock
113.Assorted Metal on and Under Bench
114.Metal Desk with Contents, Welding Protective Wear, Electric Motor, More
115.Assorted Welding Rod
116.Kelvinator Refrigerator/Storage Cabinet with Assorted Welding Rod
117.Montgomery Wards FM/AM/8 Track, 2 Sound Design Speakers, Radio
118.Assorted Files
119.Rigid Tube Cutter, 18" and 15" Wrenches, More
120.Assorted Wrenches, Craftsman and S-K
121.Assorted Vise Grips, More
122.Assorted Drill Bits with Cases
123.Assorted Tools, Hammers, Flaring Tools, More
124.Craftsman Tool Cabinet, Base on Wheels 27"x18"x28", Top 26"x10"x12"
125.Assorted Welding Clamps and Jigs
126.Wood 8' Work Bench with Assorted, Cables, Abrasives, More
127.Assorted Metal (Steel, Aluminum), Semi Load Bar
128.Powermatic Pneumatic Impact Wrench, Impact Sockets, Assorted Socket Wrenches, More
129.Welding Bench 38"x23"x36" with Attachment 34"x32"
130.Steel 2 Piece Gate, 75"x60.5" (at tallest) Each
131.2 Metal Saw Horses, Steel Top, Assorted Contents
132.Torch 2 Wheel Cart with Torch, Regulator, Assorted Tips, No Tanks
133.20 Lb. LP Tank with OPD Valve
134.Assorted Metal (Steel, Aluminum) on Bench, Assorted Cables, More
135.Wm Resor & Co. Cincinnati Cast Stove, 17"x29"
136.Assorted, Boom, Chisel, Shovel, More
137.Assorted Metal Stock (Steel, Aluminum), Angle, Tube, Channel, More
138.Metal Bin with Assorted Metal, Steel Tube, More
139.3 Assorted Tool Boxes
140.Fasco Blower, 1 PH
141.Miller Style No. HF-1 Unit
142.Vintage Milk Can, Garden Hose
143.6 Assorted Clamps
144.Wood Bench, 4 Drawer File Cabinet, Hercules 2 Drawer Fire Cabinet, Van Seat, More
145.Mini Refrigerator, Microwave, Metal Stand
146.2 - 5 Drawer File Cabinets, 3 Drawer File Cabinet

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