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Rudolph's BBQ Artwork and Decor - Auction Starts Closing at 5 PM Tuesday, April 16th, 2019.

Item Description
4001.Prince Purple Rain Framed Picture, 32"x47"
4002.5 Assorted Celebrity Pictures, 48"x56"
4003.Garbo Framed Picture, 31"x56"
4004.Charles Bronson's "Break Out" Framed Picture, 16"x33"
4005."Walking Tall Framed Picture, 16"x38"
4006.Phil Collins Framed Picture, 16"x30"
4007.Scott Hansen Framed Picture, 12"x33"
4008.2 Casablanca Framed Pictures, 11"x31"
4009.Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Framed Mirror, 32"x25"
4010.St Clair Broiler Framed Picture, 20"x20"
4011.Music Band Framed Picture, 32"x27"
4012.Terre De Volupte Framed Picture, 19"x24"
4013.Miles Davis Framed Picture, 25"x33"
4014.Louis Armstrong Framed Picture, 25"x33"
4015.Framed Picture, 40"x18"
4016.Framed Picture, 60"x36"
4017.Framed Picture, 60"x36"
4018.Framed Picture, 27"x19"
4019.Big Burlesque Number Framed Picture, 22"x28"
4020.Go Twins Signed Framed Picture, 22"x30"
4021.Louis Armstrong Framed Picture, 29"x23"
4022.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4023.Saxophone Framed Picture, 22"x28"
4024.Framed Picture, 25"x31"
4025.Framed Picture, 25"x30"
4026.James Bond "Goldfinger" Framed Picture, 24"x36"
4027.Marilyn Monroe Framed Picture, 35"x47"
4028.Judy Garland Framed Picture, 25"x47"
4029.Robert Doisneau Framed Picture, 61"x45"
4030.Eric Clapton Framed Picture, 15"x13"
4031.Rolling Stones Framed Picture, 15"x13"
4032.Best Picture and Lights, Camera, Action! Framed Pictures, 15"x13"
4033.Louis Armstrong Framed Picture, 15"x15"
4034.Charlie Parker Framed Picture, 15"x15"
4035.Framed Picture, 25"x31"
4036.Framed Picture, 25"x31"
4037.Sextette Framed Picture, 27"x40"
4038.Hollywood Framed Picture, 29"x29"
4039.Breakfast at Tiffany's Framed Picture, 40"x31"
4040.Rudolph's BBQ Framed Picture, 26"x68"
4041.Framed American Flag, 35"x67"
4042.3 That's All Folks Framed Pictures, 23"x88"
4043.Gladiator Framed Picture, 31"x44"
4044.Rudolph's Dry Erase Board, 24"x36"
4045.Food Manager Framed Picture, 25"x37"
4046.Alfred Hitchcock Framed Picture, 28"x42"
4047.Gone with the Wind Framed Picture, 36"x48"
4048.Framed Picture, 33"x42"
4049.Nureyev is Valentino Framed Picture, 27"x40"
4050.Gone with the Wind Framed Picture, 30"x49"
4051.St Clair Broiler Framed Picture, 35"x41"
4052.Framed Picture, 34"x38"
4053.Framed Frosted Mirror, 47"x29"
4054.Framed Frosted Mirror, 48"x31"
4055.Framed Picture, 29"x36"
4056.Elvis Presley Framed Picture, 33"x45"
4057.Elvis Presley Framed Picture, 29"x40"
4058.Eve Arnold Framed Picture, 32"x40"
4059.Marilyn Monroe Framed Picture, 33"x45"
4060.Marilyn Monroe Framed Picture, 36"x46"
4061.Dine with the Stars Framed Picture, 51"x28"
4062.Cotton Club Framed Picture, 41"x32"
4063.Western Framed Picture, 30"x41"
4064.Framed Picture, 34"x25"
4065.Leap of Faith Framed Picture, 28"x41"
4066.48 Hours Framed Picture, 28"x42"
4067.Star Trek Framed Picture, 28"x41"
4068.Star Trek Framed Picture, 28"x41"
4069.Al Jolson Framed Picture, 35"x46"
4070.Chaplin Framed Picture, 38"x50"
4071.Flintstones Framed Picture, 26"x21"
4072.John Coltran Framed Picture, 25"x33"
4073.BB King Framed Picture, 25"x33"
4074.First Ladies Framed Picture, 48"x38"
4075.Footlight Parade Framed Picture, 35"x47"
4076.The Son of Sheik Framed Picture, 36"x50"
4077.Framed Picture, 32"x42"
4078.Framed Picture, 27"x34"
4079.Framed Picture, 29"x35"
4080.Framed Picture, 27"x30"
4081.Framed Picture, 27"x30"
4082.Framed Picture, 27"x30"
4083.Framed Picture, 27"x30"
4084.Framed Picture, 30"x33"
4085.Framed Picture, 30"x33"
4086.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4087.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4088.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4089.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4090.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4091.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4092.Framed Picture, 37"x34"
4093.MN Gophers 2008 Framed and Signed Football Team Picture, 22"x18"
4094.MN Gophers 2008 Framed Football Team Picture, 20"x16"
4095.Framed Picture, 20"x16"
4096.Framed Picture, 25"x19"
4097.What's Up Doc Framed Picture, 32"x26"
4098.Paly It Again, Sam Framed Picture, 30"x24"
4099.Hall and Oates Framed Picture, 24"x24"
4100.Divine Madness Framed Picture, 26"x26"
4101.Aretha Framed Picture, 25"x25"
4102.Diana Ross Framed Picture, 30"x30"
4103.The Jets Signed and Framed Picture, 24"x26"
4104.The Blues Brothers Framed Picture, 26"x25"
4105.WC Fields "The Bank Dick" Framed Picture, 19"x26"
4106.Motion Picture Framed Picture, 22"x28"
4107.Motion Picture Framed Picture, 24"x30"
4108.Donna Summer Framed Picture, 24"x36"
4109.Dreamgirls Framed Picture, 25"x37"
4110.David Bowie Framed Picture, 26"x88"
4111.Dolly Framed Picture, 22"x24"
4112.Dire Straights Framed Picture, 39"x28"
4113.4 Framed Pictures, 38"x20" and 26"x19"
4114.3 Framed Pictures, 22"x18" and 22"x24"
4115.3 Framed Pictures, 16"x24", 28"x14" and 23"x13"
4116.6 Framed Pictures, 25"x30" and 25"x35"
4117.4 Framed Pictures, 20"x24"
4118.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4119.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4120.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4121.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4122.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4123.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4124.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4125.3 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4126.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4127.5 Framed Pictures, 9"x17" and 12"x14"
4128.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4129.4 Framed Pictures, 16"x18" and 10"x12"
4130.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4131.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4132.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4133.5 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4134.6 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4135.6 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4136.Motion Picture and Screenland Framed Pictures, 18"x22"
4137.Rudolph Valentino and Classic Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4138.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4139.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4140.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4141.Movie Magazine and Photoplay Framed Pictures, 18"x22"
4142.8 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4143.6 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4144.6 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4145.3 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4146.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4147.2 Framed Sports Pictures, 10"x12"
4148.3 Rudolph's Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4149.5 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4150.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4151.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4152.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4153.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4154.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4155.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4156.4 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4157.2 Framed Pictures, 10"x12"
4158.Marilyn Monroe Framed Picture, 25"x33"
4159.Marilyn Monroe Framed Picture, 25"x33"
4160.Framed Picture, 31"x42"
4161.Barbara Framed Picture, 40"x40"
4162.Neil Diamond Framed Picture, 39"x40"
4163.New York Jazz Framed Picture, 29"x42"
4164.King Kong Framed Picture, 27"x53"
4165.1942 Framed Picture, 29"x42"
4166.Best Picture Oscar Winner Framed Picture, 25"x38"
4167.Rhythm Framed Picture, 30"x37"
4168.Framed Picture, 45"x48"
4169.Framed Picture, 44"x53"
4170.L'Instant Taittinger Framed Picture, 40"x58"
4171.Framed Mirror, 52"x64"
4172.Stain Glass Panel, 26"x43"
4173.Stain Glass Panel, 26"x43"
4174.Stain Glass Panel, 26"x43"
4175.Stain Glass Panel, 26"x43"
4176.Stain Glass Panel, 35"x46"
4177.Stain Glass Panel, 35"x46"
4178.Stain Glass Panel, 35"x46"
4179.Stain Glass Panel, 35"x46"
4180.Rudolph's Chalk Board Display, 27"x44"
4181.Rudolph's Chalk Board Display, 27"x44"
4182.14 Assorted Framed Pictures
4183.Frosted Window Insert, 49.5"
4184.5 Frosted Window Panels, Approx. 39"x52"

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