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Auto Repair Shop - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, May 1st, 2019.

Item Description
1.Viper AF-3400 Recycling Cooling System Service Center with Related
2.T-Tech Transmission Fluid Exchange, Model TT500
3.RTI Technologies Fluid Pro PSX-3/Power Steering
4.Task Master Heavy Duty Pressure Washer, 1850 PSI on 2 Wheel Cart
5.2 Ton High Position Jack Stand
6.2 Ton High Position Jack Stand
7.Torin Big Red 1500 Lb. High Position Jack Stand, 53 1/16" to 79 15/16"
8.Torin Big Red 1500 Lb. High Position Jack Stand, 53 1/16" to 79 15/16"
9.Blackhawk Automotive 3/4 Ton Auxiliary Stand, Model BH5710
10.Mityvac Fluid Evacuator Plus, Model MV7201
13.Rotary 2 Post Auto Lift, 10,000 Lb. Capacity, Model A10IN6G6, Serial C0X12J002, 208-230V, 1 PH
15.Rotary 2 Post Auto Lift, 10,000 Lb. Capacity, Model A10IN6G6, Serial C0X12J001, 208-230V, 1 PH
16.Bend Pak 2 Post Auto Lift, 10,000 Lb. Capacity, Model XPR-10CX, 220V, 1 PH
17.Bend Pak 2 Post Auto Lift, 10,000 Lb. Capacity, Model XPR-10CX, 220V, 1 PH
18.Hunter 4 Post Drive On Auto Lift, Model L441, 2 - 9,000 Lb. Lifts, 208/230V, 1 PH
19.Hunter WA44X Alignment System, Hawk Eye Elite with Related Accessories, NEC 32" Monitor, CPU, Printer, CodeLink and More
20.Car Quest Adjustable Height Tool Tray on Wheels with Drawer, 31"x21"
36.Automotive Hose Inventory with Cabinets and Cutter
37.Poly Folding Table, 48"x24"
38.Weber Grill
39.Poly Sidewalk Sign, 26"x41"
40.Metal Frame Shelf, 36"x18.5"x72"
41.Metal Frame Shelf, 36"x18.5"x72"
42.Assorted Wiper Blades
43.Ariens ST 824 Snow Blower, 8 HP
44.Fuel Caddy with Pumps, 15"x15"x32" Tank
45.Parts Washer, 44.5"x21.5"x35"
46.3 Assorted Fuel Cans
47.Ridgid Drill Press, Model DP15501, 1/2 HP, 120V
48.Delta Shop Master Grinder on Pedestal
49.Team Mechanix Creeper
50.AC Delco Under Hoist Transmission Jack on Wheels, 1/2 Ton
51.Work Bench 97"x31" with 5" Vise
52.Wall Mounted Corner Shelf
53.Assorted Auto Fluids and Supplies
54.Wall Mounted Tool Holder
55.Ford Motorcraft 12" Wall Clock
56.Trouble Light Cord and Reel
57.Extension Cord and Reel
58.Justrite Oily Waste Can, 6 Gallon
59.Assorted Hose Clamps with Rack
60.Metal Frame Shelf, 53"x30"x96"
61.Shop Stool
62.Dell Optiplex 740 CPU, 20" Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
63.HP Metal Computer Cabinet on Wheels, 31"x23"x41.5"
64.Wall Mounted Shelf
65.Assorted Auto Fluids and Supplies
66.Stool Creeper
67.4 Fluid Fill Bottles
68.Transmission Transport Container
69.3 - 5 Gallon Fuel Cans
70.Assorted Hose Clamps with Rack
71.Alba Diagnostics Brake Fluid Safety Meter
72.Pressurized Sprayer Can
73.Assorted, Trouble Light with Reel, Hose, More
74.Metal Frame Shelf, 53"x30"x96"
75.2 Rubbermaid Brute Cans with Lids
76.3 Rubbermaid Brute Cans with Lids
77.4 Rubbermaid Brute Cans with Lids
78.2 Assorted Poly Drums
79.Pedestal Fan Base
81.Assorted Automotive Wire
82.Assorted, Hose Clamps with Rack, Hose, Funnels, More
83.Metal Frame Shelf, 53"x30"x96"
84.Aluminum Folding Platform, 26"x12"x19"
85.Wall Mounted Shelf
86.Assorted Auto Fluids and Supplies
87.Extension Cord and Reel
88.Trouble Light Cord and Reel
89.Mityvac Vacuum Brake Bleeder, Model MV6830
90.Trouble Light Cord and Reel
91.Mityvac Fluid Dispenser, Model MV6400
92.Fluid Transfer Pump, Fluid Fill Bottle
93.Pressurized Sprayer Can
94.2 Car Quest Pumps
95.Work Bench 97"x31" with Wilton 5" Vise
96.12" Wall Clock
97.Justrite Oily Waste Can, 6 Gallon
98.Hampton Bay Pedestal Fan
99.Ironton Shop Stool
100.Wall Mounted Shelf with Assorted Contents
101.Cutting Torch Set, Cart, Torches, Hose Regulators, More
102.Dell Optiplex 740 CPU, Samsung 23" Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Label Printer
103.HP Metal Computer Cabinet on Wheels, 31"x23"x41.5"
104.Assorted Stempf Inventory, Bushings, Shims, More
105.Assortment of Stempf Camber Bolts with Case
106.Curved Security Mirror
107.Shop Stool
108.Gorilla 3' Step Ladder
109.Rolling Oil Drain Cart, 8 Gallon Capacity
110.Steel Line Inventory
111.Assorted, Oil Drain Plugs, Gaskets, More
112.Assorted, Shelf Brackets, Hose, More
113.Metal Frame Shelf, 53"x30"x96"
114.4 Fluid Fill Bottles
115.Wall Mounted Tool Holder
116.Work Bench 97"x31" with Bessey 6" Vise
117.Assorted Brake Line and Adaptors
118.3 Poly Drawer Organizers with Contents
119.Pressurized Sprayer Can
120.Justrite Oily Waste Can, 6 Gallon
121.Assorted, Squeegees, Brooms
122.Assorted, Squeegees, Dust Pan, More
123.Wall Mounted Shelf
124.Assorted Auto Fluids and Supplies
125.HP Metal Computer Cabinet on Wheels, 31"x23"x41.5"
126.Northern Industrial Winch Cradle
127.Metal Frame Shelf, 53"x30"x96"
128.Assorted on Shelf, Auto Supplies, Hardware, More
129.2 Wall Mounted Shelves
130.Metal Frame Shelf, 100"x17"x72"
131.Universal A/C Valve Core Remover
132.Robinair 22791 Infrared Leak Detector
133.Snap-On Deluxe Orifice Tube Service Kit
134.Assorted Hose Clamps with Rack
135.Smoke Pro Total-Tech Diagnostic Leak Detector with Related
136.SPX OTC 6695 and 6697 Ford Axle Shaft Seal Installers
137.Assorted Oil Filters
138.3 Assorted Belt Tensioners, VW/Audi Camshaft Bar, More
139.Auto Tech Certification Training Book Set
140.Auto Tech Certification Training Book Set
141.Assorted, Zep Remover, Penetrants, More
142.2 Sheets Pegboard, 4'x8'
143.Assorted Motor Oil, 0W-30, 10W-30, 20W-50
144.Assorted Auto Fluids and Supplies
145.Metal Frame Shelf, 100"x30"x96"
146.Rolling Stairs, Approx. 8' Top Platform
147.Assorted Auto Supplies, Oil Filters, Wire, More
148.Assorted Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Lubricant, More
149.Assorted, Pegboard Sheets, Wood Boards
150.First Aid Box with Supplies
151.Rubbermaid Shop Cart, 31"x17"
152.Rubbermaid Shop Cart, 31"x25"
153.Rubber Coated Plate Weights, 8 - 35 Lb., 7 - 25 Lb., 8 - 10 Lb., 3 - 5 Lb.
154.Wood Dining Table, 42"
155.Advance Matador Floor Scrubber with Box of Pads
156.Nilfisk Advance Hydro-Retriever 240HD Floor Machine with 24V Charger
157.Garden Hose Cart with Hose
158.Metal Sign, 24"x36"
159.Duoyi DY23B Brake Fluid Tester
160.Assorted ASE Patches
161.Key Drop Box, 8.5"x4"x11"
162.Key Box, 13"x3"x17"
163.Assorted Literature Holders
164.HVAC Air Box Assembly for 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder
165.Flaming River Billet "Steering Shaft" U-Joints FR1717DD, 1"DD x 3/4"DD
166.Astro #78585 Master Universal Radiator Pressure Tester & Vacuum System Kit
167.Uview Combustion Leak Tester, Part No. 560000
168.Lisle #75500 Combustion Leak Detector
169.Launch Super-16 Diagnostic Interface
170.Redline Smart Fit Universal Cooling System Kit, Model 95-0700
171.Matco Tools PK71196 Quickflow Drill Kit Fluid Transfer Pump
172.E-Z Red MS4000 Memory Saver, CRecorder II Car Data Recorder
173.SPX OTC Professional Battery Charging Starting System Analyzer
174.Blue-Point YA4000A Brake Bleed Vacuum Test Kit
175.Snap-On Diagnostic Gauge Set, Vacuum Pressure Gauge EEPV311A
176.Mityvac Compression Tester Kit, Model MV5535
177.Waekon FPT2600 Fuel Cap Tester with Waekon FPT25-07E R/G Fuel Cap Adaptor Set
178.Dial Indicator, Magnetic Base and Point Set
179.OTC 12V Digital Diesel Fuel Pressure Meter, Model 3674
180.BG Fuel Test Kit
181.CARDAQ-M J2534-1 Re-Flash Pass-Thru Device
182.Midtronics PSC-550 Power Line Conditioner for Lot 181 (J2534 Re-programming)
183.ES 315 Max Fuse Buddy
184.General The Seeker 050 Series USB Video Inspection System
185.OTC 6550 PRO Professional Fuel Injection Service Kit
186.Professional 3" Random Orbital
187.Lisle #56810 Relay Test Jumper Kit
188.Lisle #60610 Relay Test Jumper Kit II
189.16" Tool Box, Hacksaw, Caulk Gun, Pinch Bar
190.OTC 5610 Transmission/Engine Oil Pressure Kit
191.Reelworks 65' Cord Reel with 12 AWG Cord
192.Assorted Banners
193.Assorted Hose
194.2 Assorted Hardware/Parts Bins with Push Type Retainers, More
195.2 Boxes Assorted, Hardware, Shop Supplies, More
196.Lisle #23400 Transmission/Transaxle Plugs, Lisle #24800 Seal Driver
197.Assorted, Zircon Multiscanner, More
198.3 Boxes Assorted, Tubing, O-Rings, More
199.Volvo #1304 Camshaft/Crankshaft Alignment Tool
200.Heli Coil Metric Thread Repair Set with Related
201.Drill Bit Set, 17/32" to 1"
202.Barrel Pump
203.OTC 7249 3 In 1 Service Set, Ball Install, Joint Removal
204.Assorted Tool Box Liners
205.Assorted Wood Wall Shelving with Brackets
206.Poly Bin with Assorted Rags
207.Ram Tough Tray Mount, 10"x10"
208.Mityvac Fuel Injection Cleaner, Model MV5570
209.SPX OTC 537545 GM Ball Joint Kit
210.12800 Master Pneumatic Bearing Race & Seal Driver Set
211.Autobody Now 7 Pc Auto Body Repair Kit, #ABN 2246
212.KD #41880 Double/Bubble Flaring Tool Kit
213.OTC 4754 Stinger Series Universal Pulley Holder
214.NAPA 41710 Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set
215.Ball Joint Removal Kit
216.Kent-Moore J41425 Tubing Repair Kit (for GM SUV Rear A/C Lines)
217.OTC 7948 10-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set
218.Flaring Tool Kit
219.Storm Indicator Set, #3D102
220.Trouble Light
221.OTC 4518 Stinger Series Bearing Separator/Push-Puller Set
222.Blue-Point Universal Brake Caliper Tool
223.Astro #78444 Master Radio Removal Set
224.Astro #7860 Brake Master
225.Heli Coil Master Thread Repair Set, #5522 with Related
226.Assorted Metal Shelves (for HP Computer Carts)
227.Hose Clamps with Rack
228.Hose Reel with Air Hose
229.Hose Reel with Air Hose
230.Assorted 3/4" Copper Tube
231.Assorted, Dip Sticks, Thexton #393 Tool
232.Assorted, Turn Plate Parts, Hose Hanger, More
233.AST #T 10252 Camshaft Alignment Tool for VW/Audi with 2L Engines
234.AST #T 40001 Puller, AST #MC 114 Serpentine Belt Wrenches, DOHC Lock Tool
235.AST #BMW 520 Twin Vanos Fixture
236.AST #T 40070 Cam Lock Clamp, Bravo III Prop Wrench, Sav-A-Thread Spark Plug Port Repair Kit
237.OTC 6682 Ford 3.5/3.7L Cam Tool Set, More
238.Ever Tough 67002 Ford Triton Broken Spark Plug Porcelain and Electrode Removal Set
239.Lincoln Grease Gun Nozzle Set
240.OTC 6918 Ford Spark Plug Removal Tool
241.Lisle #65600 Broken Spark Plug Remover for Ford Triton 3 Valve Engines
242.#31023 VW Wheel Screw Lock Socket
243.Assorted, Rear Axle Flange Nut Socket, 4 Lug Spindle Nut Wrench, More
244.Yukon Gear & Axle Bearing Puller
245.Shars Gage Block Set, Serial B5176, 81 Pc
246.Shars Depth Micrometer, 0-6" 0.001"
247.Jeep CRD Timing Set
248.Kent-Moore J36601 Pinion Shim Selector
249.Sears Craftsman 39 Pc Tap and Die Set, Standard
250.Tungsten Tap and Die Set
251.2 Organizers with Assorted Rivets
252.Spring Compressor Parts (for Heavy Duty Suspension Springs)
253.1/2" Super Duty Riveter
254.Assorted, Hose, Cable, Security Camera, More
256.OTC 1048 Tool, OTC 6980 Tool
257.Laptop Case, Hard Side Case
258.Mini Ductor II Flameless Heat System with Related
259.Torin Big Red 12 Ton and 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
260.Torin Big Red 12 Ton and 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
261.Torin Big Red 4 Ton and 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
262.SPX Robinair Cooltech ID Plus Refrigerant Identifier, Model 16910
263.Snap-On TPMS3 Tire Pressure Sensor System Tool
264.Assorted, Hardware, Shop Supplies, More
265.Gear Wrench 40" Torque Wrench, 3/4" Drive
266.Pinion Yoke Holder Tool (for torquing pinion nuts)
267.Assorted, Drill Bit Sets, More
268.Indoor/Outdoor Cord/Multi Plug Set, Multi Plus, Extension Cord
269.Campbell Hausfeld 12V Compressor
270.BG Vehicle Injection Apparatus 22
273.Assorted, Mityvac Units, Funnel, Hose, More
274.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
275.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
276.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
277.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
278.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
279.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
280.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
281.5 - 12" Wall Clocks
301.Angled Reception Counter, Approx. 10' x 7', Rope Light Under Cabinet Lighting
302.Gateway CPU (Windows 10), Viewsonic 24" Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers
303.Gateway CPU (Windows 10), Viewsonic 24" Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
304.APC Back-UPS Pro 1500
305.2 Metal Retail Display Racks
306.Lighted Multi Function Open Sign with Remote
307.Ingenico ISC250 Credit Card Machine
308.Lighted Sign, 96"x40"x3.5"
309.Magic Chef Mini Refrigerator, 32" Tall
311.LG 42" TV with Wall Mount
312.2 Tables on Wheels, Top Flips Up, 60"x24"
313.Folding Table, 72"x30"
314.Coat Rack
315.Wood L Shape Desk, 66"x70"
316.Office Chair
317.4 Side Chairs
318.Wood Credenza, 60"x20"
319.Futon, 72"
320.Wood Table, 38"
321.Framed World Map, 59"x41"
322.Hoover Spin Scrub Floor Machine
323.Mop Bucket with 2 Caution Signs
324.Metal Shelf with Contents, Assorted Cleaning/Janitorial Supplies
325.Wood Desk 74"x36", Wood Credenza 66"x20"
326.Wood 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 37.5" Wide
327.Framed Auto Picture, 26.5"x20"
328.Framed Auto Picture, 26.5"x20"
329.Metal Framed Shelf, 48"x24"x72" (no contents)
330.Metal Framed Shelf, 48"x24"x72" (no contents)
331.Mr. Coffee Machine
332.LG Microwave
333.Framed Auto Picture, 26.5"x20"
334.Framed Auto Picture, 26.5"x20"
335.Framed Auto Picture, 26.5"x20"
336.AT&T 4 Line Phone with 5 Cordless Phones and Charging Bases
337.8 Metal Frame Fabric Stack Chairs
338.Dog Kennel, 42"x28"x31"
339.8 Metal Frame Fabric Stack Chairs
340.6 Metal Frame Fabric Stack Chairs
341.2 Sean Jacobs Limited Edition Prints, #798/950
342.2 Cherry Dining Chairs
343.2 SS Trash Cans
344.2 SS Trash Cans
345.Rubbermaid Flip Top Trash Can
346.Glass Showcase, 48"x25"x44"
347.Glass Showcase, 48"x25"x44"
348.Glass Showcase, 48"x25"x44"
349.Corner Cabinet, 34"x24"x44"
350.Glass Lighted Showcase, 72"x24"x40"
351.Retail/Cash Register Cabinet, 30"x30"x42"
352.Wood Work Bench, 96"x24"x36"
353.Metal Frame Shelf with Grid Decking and Pegboard Side, 72"x24"x84"
354.Metal Frame Shelf with Grid Decking and Pegboard Side, 72"x24"x84"
355.Lozier Retail Shelving, 3 Double Sided 48" Sections, 72" Tall
356.Lozier Retail Shelving, 3 Single Sided 48" Sections, 84" Tal

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