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Cabinet Shop - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, May 20th, 2019.

Item Description
1.Jet Tilting Arbor Saw on Wheels, Model CTAS-12H-1, Stock No. 708573, Serial 832052, 3 HP, 1 PH (Feeder Not Included)
2.Co-Matic Power Feeder, 1 HP, 220V, 1 PH
3.Timesaver 36" Sander, Model 137-1HP, Serial 21244Y, 20 HP, 208-230-460V, 3 PH
4.Northfield Foundry & Machine Co. No. 7 Planer/Surfacer, Size 7, Serial 65327-H, 5 HP, 208/220/440V, 3 PH
5.Band Sawing Machine with Re-Saw Feeder (Zninska Fabryka Maszyn I Urzadzen - Made in Poland), Type DRSC-80R, 15 HP, 230/460V, 3 PH.
Table Dimensions - 33.5"x 31.5", Max. throat distance (band to frame) - 27.5", Motor power output - 15 HP / 3PH, Band width - .25" to 2.5", Max. band length - 224", Min. band length - 221", Overall dimensions - Length 73.5" / Width 36" / Height 100", Working table - tilting angles of 0 to 45 degrees, Weight - 2,645 lbs.
6.Whirlwind Pneumatic Cutoff (Upcut) Saw on Wheels with Feed Table, Model 212R, Serial 4373865R
7.Northfield 12" Jointer, Model 12MD, Serial 702009-F
8.Polamco (Poland) Heavy Duty Table/Rip Saw, Model DMMA 35, Serial 8770, 3 PH, General T Saw Fence System (Feeder Not Included)
9.Co-Matic Copying Feeder, Model AF/14R, 220V, 1 PH
10.Delta Rockwell Radial Arm Saw, 14" Blade, Cat. No. L-40-0, Serial CW9894, 3 PH
11.Pioneer Eclipse Laser Xtra Hi-Speed Buffer, Model LXE20, Serial 10601, 2 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH
12.Pacco Horizontal Double Drill with Foot Op, Pneumatic and Electric, 1 HP, 115/208-230V, 1 PH
13.Jet Spindle Sander OVS-10, Stock No. 708410, Serial 233, 1 HP, 1 PH with Related
14.Transpower Flap/Drum Sander, Model DB400, Serial 9090076, 2 HP, 110/220V, 1 PH with Box Sanding Drums
15.Delta 10" Contractor's Saw, Cat. No. 34-444, Serial 90F41315, 1.5 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH
16.Whirlwind Edge Sander, Model 855, Serial 380S68, 7.5 HP, 208-230/460V, 3 PH
17.Powermatic Bandsaw, Model 141, Serial 934114S, 3/4 HP, 115/208-230V, 1 PH
18.Rockwell Delta Drill Press, Series No. 15-655, Serial 1717756, 1 PH
19.Rockwell Delta Drill Press, Series No. 15-655, Serial 1805386, 1 PH
20.Cincinnati Dust Master, Model 100S, Serial G004109, 1 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH
21.Delta Radial Arm Saw, No. 438-02-324-0911, Motor Model C48YZFT-241, 1.5 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH
22.Sakura Scrollmate Scroll Saw, Serial 21920337, 1 PH, 21" Throat
23.Stetson-Ross Machine Co. XL Woodworking Machinery Moldmatcher, Model 628, 10 HP, 3 PH
24.Powermatic Jointer, Model 60, Serial 9361276, 1.5 HP, 115/208-230V, 1 PH
25.J.G. Blount Co. Wood Lathe, Model VS61, Serial 277, 3/4 HP, 208V, 3 PH
26.Grizzly 18" Wood Band Saw, Tilting Table, 1 PH
27.Champ Fond Machinery Co. Shaper, Model MP-210, Mfg. No. 210151, 3 HP, 220/440V, 3 PH (Feeder Not Included)
28.Co-Matic Power Feeder, 1 HP, 220V, 3 PH
29.Grizzly Shaper, 3 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH with Grizzly Stock Feeder Model G1778, Serial 1111, 1/4 HP, 115V
30.Champ Fond Machinery Co. Shaper on Wheels, Model SP-102, Mfg. No. 102960, 3 HP, 220V, 1 PH (Feeder Not Included)
31.Seco Power Feeder, Model SK 30RD, 1 HP, 220V, 1 PH
32.Powermatic Table Saw, Model 66, Serial 466952, 1 PH with Fence
33.Delta 12" Portable Planer, Model 22-540, 12"x5.9", 120V
34.Northfield Foundry & Machine Co. Table Saw, Size No. 4, Serial 641287D, 5 HP, 220/440V, 3 PH (Feeder Not Included)
35.Maggi (Italy) Power Feeder, Model STEFF 2048, Type #13700600, Serial 3700789, 1 HP, 230V, 1 PH
36.Hitachi 15" Miter Saw, Model C 15FB, Serial H600245, 115V
37.Safety Speed Cut (SSE) Combination Panel Saw and Panel Router (with Saw and Router), Model RR5, Serial 494B399
38.Michael Weinig KG (West Germany) Rondamat 930 Profile Grinder on Wheels, Model R930, Constr 1977, Mach. No. 807/169, 3 PH with Box Related
39.United Tool Co. Profile Knife and Cutter/Grinder, Model 25A, Serial 1799 with Related
40.Riverside Battery Charger, 100/50 Amp at 6/12 Volts, Serial CH62605
41.Delta Rockwell Drill Press on Wheels, Cat. No. 15-665, Serial 1445285, 1 HP, 208-220/440V, 3 PH, Set up with Drill Jig for Cabinet Hinges
42.Baldor Pedestal Grinder/Buffer, Cat. No. 1252, Serial 577, 3 HP, 208-220/440V, 3 PH
43.Central Machinery Dust Collector on Wheels, Model 45378, 70 Gallon, 2 HP, 1 PH
44.Milwaukee Bench Grinder, Cat. No. 509, Serial W12-86, 1 HP, 3/4" Arbor, 10" Wheels, 115/230V, 1 PH
45.Foley Belsaw Knife/Blade Grinder, Model 2410901, Serial 8197, 6" Wheels, 1/4 HP, 110V, 1 PH
47.Jet 8" Bench Grinder, Model JBG-8A, Serial 4060689, 1 HP, 5/8" Arbor, 115V, 1 PH
48.Baker 24V Forklift, Model B-25-TE, Serial 323-1500-834, 1670 Lb. Lift Capacity, 42" Forks with CD AutoReg 24V Charger.
This item can not be picked up until 5:30 PM on removal day.
49.Williams & Hussey Molder, Set Up for Curved Moldings, Leeson 1 HP 1750 RPM 36 Lbs. Torque, Baldor 2 HP 3450 RPM 115/230V 1 PH, Minark Motor Master 20000 Series DC Variable Drive Controller Model MM23101C, Stand on Wheels, 42"x19.5"x30"
50.Williams & Husset Molder-Planer, Model W-7S, Serial S15084, Baldor 2 HP 3450 RPM 115/230V 1 PH, Vari-Drive DC Motor Speed Control Model VF-06, Stand on Wheels, 28"x19.5"x27.5"
51.Homak Professional Ball Bearing Tool Box on Wheels, Top Cabinet 41"x18"x21.25", Bottom Cabinet 41.25"x18"x34.5"
52.Lincoln Idealarc DC-400 Constant Voltage and Constant Current DC Arc Welding Power Source on Wheels, Model DC-400, Serial AC-777596, 230/460V, 3 PH, Stinger, Ground Clamp, Welding Hood, Manual
53.Sheet Metal 40" Brake with Stand, Model 130-5605, 3 In 1, Serial 950530, 56.5"x18.5"
54.Solar 50 Amp Plasma Cutter No. 2050C on Wheels, Model 118-015, 208/230V, Plasma Cutting Torch, Ground Cable, Manual
55.Intek 190 Trash Pump, Briggs & Stratton 5.5 HP, Assorted Hoses, 3.25" Inlet/Outlet
56.Shopmaster Bandsaw on Stand, 3/4 HP, 115/230V
57.Yates M7 Blade Grinder, 3 PH
58.Vintage Washing Machine, 115V
59.Foley/Belsaw 12" Planer-Molder, Model 985, 5 HP
60.Central Machinery Manual Tire Changer
61.Associate Engineering Corp. Air Compressor, Model 4090K, Kawasaki 5 HP Gas Engine
62.Onan K5000 Generator, Gas Engine, 120/240V Output, Electronic Ignition
63.Oxy/Acetylene Torch Kit with Cart, 3 Torches, 2 Regulators and Lines
64.Benchtop 10" Table Saw on Stand, 120V
65.LP Forklift Tank
66.Makita 10" Miter Saw, Model 2401B, 120V
67.Makita 10" Miter Saw, Model 2401B, 120V
68.Central Machinery Industrial Tile Saw, 120V
69.Dayton 10" Bench Grinder on Stand, 1 HP, 3 PH (but set up to run on 1 PH with built-in static converter)
70.Horizontal Specialty Drill with 2 Motors, 115/208-230V
71.Poly Rain Barrel, 28.5"x28.5"x27"
72.2 Wheel Cart
73.2 Wheel Cart
74.4 Rubber Mats, Approx. 1/2" Thick, 48"x72"
75.5 Rubber Mats, Approx. 1/2" Thick, 48"x72"
76.4 Assorted Saw Blades, 14" x 25mm Arbor, 15" x 25mm Arbor
77.Approx. 10 Assorted Saw Blades, 7.25" to 10"
78.Assorted Lumber (foot bridge kit, no instructions or plans)
79.Baldor 1 HP Motor, 1750 RPM, 180 Arm Volts, Cat. No. CDP3455
80.Makita Jigsaw, Model 4301BV
81.Makita 140mm Circular Saw, Model 5005BA
82.Makita Jigsaw, Model 4301BV
83.Hilti DT-1 Screw Shooter
84.Porter Cable HD 4.5" Trim Saw, Model 314
85.Milwaukee HD Sawzall, Cat. No. 6507
86.Black & Decker Industrial HD 3/4" Rotary Hammer, Model 5014
87.Milwaukee HD Sawzall, Cat. No. 6507
88.4 Jorgenson 12" Wood Vise Clamps
89.4 Jorgenson 12" Wood Vise Clamps
90.4 Jorgenson 12" Wood Vise Clamps
91.4 Jorgenson 12" Wood Vise Clamps
92.4 Jorgenson 14" Wood Vise Clamps
93.4 Jorgenson 14" Wood Vise Clamps
94.4 Jorgenson 14" Wood Vise Clamps
95.3 Jorgenson 14" Wood Vise Clamps
96.4 - 6" C-Clamps
97.4 - 6" C-Clamps
98.4 - 6" C-Clamps
99.4 - 6" C-Clamps
100.4 - 6" C-Clamps
101.3 - 6" C-Clamps
102.4 - 6" C-Clamps
103.4 - 6" C-Clamps
104.Wayne 4/10 HP Residential Sewage Pump, 5400 GPH, Model SEL40
105.Paslode Powermaster Plus Pneumatic Nail Gun, Model F350S
106.Senco Pneumatic Nail Gun, Model SFNII
107.Senco Pneumatic Staple Gun, Model PW
108.Paslode Pneumatic Gun
109.Senco Pneumatic Nail Gun, Model SFNII
110.Paslode Impulse Cordless Utility Framing Nailer, Model IMCT with Charger and 2 Fuel Cells
111.T Square 22"x49", Square 16"x24"
112.Aluminum Straight Edge, 2"x83"
113.Chicago Electric 4.5" Angle Grinder Item #42204, Makita 1/4" Die Grinder Model 906H
114.6 Wood 5" Vise Clamps
115.Milwaukee 1/2" Hole Shooter
116.GB 50' Fish Tape, Hand Crank Drill, Stud Sensor, More
117.Tru-Finish Pneumatic Buffer, Sears Pneumatic Sandblaster
118.Aimco Spring Balancer Type TW-3, Cen-Tech Laser Level Item #46735
119.Motor Master 20000 Series, Model MM23401A
120.Assorted, Prybars, Punches and Chisels
121.Rockwell 1/2" Impact Wrench Model 2210, Central Pneumatic 1/2" Impact Wrench Model CP-734
122.4 Assorted Hammers
123.Assorted, Sockets, Extensions, Files, Socket Organizers, Allen Wrenches, More
124.5 Pony Spring Clamps
125.Porter Cable HD Belt Sander, Model 361
126.Paslode Pneumatic Nail Gun
127.Milwaukee HD 9" Sander/Grinder, Cat. No. 6106
128.Hitachi Pneumatic 2" Stapler, Model N5008AC
129.Porter Cable Profile Sander with Case, Model 444
130.Milwaukee Two-Speed Reversible Right Angle Drill with Case and Bits, Cat. No. 48-06-2871
131.Porter Cable Plate Joiner with Case, Model 555
132.Porter Cable 12V Drill with 2 Batteries and Charger
133.2 Assorted Panasonic Drills, Panasonic 12V Impact Driver Model EY7201 with 4 Batteries
134.Door Skin Hammer, 2 Spoon Spatulas, 2 Forming Blocks, Flaring Tools
135.Senco Finish Pro 41XP Pneumatic Nailer, Senco Pneumatic Stapler Model LN3045
136.2 Assorted Pipe Wrenches 12" and 18", 3 Vise Grip Clamps 2" Throat
137.Harbor Freight FWD/Front Wheel Bearing Adapters with Case, Model 45210
138.Assorted, Holesaws, Drill Bits, Driver Bits and Case
139.Metrinch Wrenches 10x3/8 to 19x3/4, Assorted Sockets and Socket Wrenches
140.Rotozip R25 with Assorted Attachments and Bag
141.Central Machinery Dovetail Jig
142.Assorted, Sanding Discs, Grinding Discs, Scotch-Brite Pads
143.6 Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" Throat
144.6 Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" Throat
145.6 Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" Throat
146.6 Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" Throat
147.6 Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" Throat
148.Assorted, 3 Vise Grips, Clamp, Wire
149.Milwaukee 1/4" Hole Shooter Drill, Dremel Engraver
150.21 Pc. Socket Wrench Set, SAE, 3/4" Drive
151.Grizzly Industrial All Purpose Bender, Serial 260310
152.Di-Arco Bender No. 2, Serial 1-2609, Assorted Dies
153.2 Assorted Combination Wrenches 1 1/8" and 30mm, Ear Protection, 4.5" Suction Cup, Adjustable Square
154.Porter Cable 4.5" Trim Saw, Model 314
155.5 Assorted Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" Throat
156.Assorted, Screwdrivers, 2 Vise Grips, Wire Strippers, More
157.3 Assorted Pullers, Screwdrivers, More
158.Max Tools Case with Assorted, Snips, Screwdrivers, More
159.6 Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" Throat
160.6 Vise Grip Clamps, Approx. 2" to 4" Throat
161.Superwinch, Model S2500, 2500 Lb. Capacity, 12VDC
162.Assorted, Hose, Rubber, Poly, Copper and Brass Fittings
163.Makita Router, Model 3708FC with Attachment
164.Porter Cable Laminate Trimmer Base Model 3101 with Porter Cable HD Router Model 3102
165.Rockwell Model 100-M Router with Porter Cable Model 100B Base
166.Central Pneumatic Air Stapler, 1/4" to 1" Staple Capacity, Item #42332
167.Wel-Bilt 4" Angle Grinder
168.Milwaukee HD Two Speed Right Angle Drill 1/2" Magnum Hole Shooter
169.Milwaukee HD 4.5" Angle Sander/Grinder
170.Makita 5" Angle Grinder with 7" Wheel, #9005B
171.Makita Router, Model 3612BR
172.Porter Cable Router Model 5372 and Base Model 5371
173.Porter Cable Router Model 6912 and Base Model 6911
174.Black & Decker Router, No. 7612
175.Black & Decker Electronic Plunge Cut Router, No. 3339
176.Dewalt Electronic Plunge Cut Router, Model DW625
177.2 Assorted Empty Tool Cases
178.Specialty Milling Jaw/Chuck, Approx. 3"
179.Skilsaw 7.25" Circular Saw
180.Makita 185mm Circular Saw, Model 5007NB
181.Skilsaw 6.5" Circular Saw
182.Makita 7.25" Circular Saw, Model 5740NB
183.2 Table Saw Fence Guides, Approx. 1 3/8" x 48"
184.Roller Feed Stand, 19"x26"
185.4 Assorted Shaper Bits, 4" Dia., 2" and 6" with Arbor
186.6 Assorted Shaper Bits, 4" Dia., 2", 4" and 6"
187.Assorted on Shelf, Shop Supplies, Adhesives, Hardware, Conduit Box, Rope Spool, More
188.Craftsman 2 Pc. Tool Cabinet on Wheels, Top 12 Drawers 26"x12"x19", Base 12 Drawers 26.5"x18"x41"
189.Wood Storage Box, 47"x11"x4.5"
190.Morrell Eternity Archery Target on Wheels, Approx. 32"x16"x34"
191.Morrell Eternity Archery Target, Approx. 32"x16"x32"
192.Speed-Cope Jigsaw Coping Jig and Jig Fixture with Clamp
193.Assorted Wood Framed and Braces, Approx. 11" to 125"
194.Stack-On Poly 22" Tool Box with Assorted Contents
195.Kennedy Tool Box with 6 Drawers, 26"x12"x14.5"
196.4 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 24"
197.4 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 24"
198.4 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 24"
199.6 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 24"
200.3 Pole Clamps, 116"
201.Shopmade Bullet Trap Target on Wheels, 22"x21.5"x25"
202.Wood Birdhouse, Approx. 19"x19"x27.5"
203.Wood Cupola, Approx. 31.25"x31.25"x31.5"
204.Assorted Wood/Lumber in Area, 16" to 130"
205.Assorted Welding Hood Shade Filter Plates
206.Assorted Cutters, 1" to 4.25"
207.Assorted Router Bits
208.Assorted Specialty Machine/Tool Wrenches and Parts
209.8 Assorted Wood Working Lathe Tools
210.SS/Poly 19.5" Tool Box
211.Makita Electric Planer, Model N1900B
212.Pneumatic 13" Hose Reel
213.Craftsman 18.5" Tool Box, 14" Tool Box
214.Assorted Metal Knife Tooling, 1.75" to 20.5"
215.Assorted, Cutters, Knife Tooling, Rollers, More
216.Assorted Shaper Cutters
217.Assorted Cutters, More
218.Assorted Shaper Cutters, More
219.2 Assorted Freud Cutter Heads and Assorted Parts, Rail & Style/Raised Panel
220.Angle Square and Angel Gauge, 23" and 24"
221.Assorted Router Bits
222.3/8" Pneumatic Impact Wrench, Air Gun, Inflator, Hose Attachment
223.Assorted Tools, Rubber, Pocket Books, More
224.Assorted Hole Cutting Bits
225.Magna-Set Pro-Kit for setting and checking Jointer and Planer Knives/Rollers
226.Assorted, Saw Blades, 800ml Caulk Gun
227.Assorted, 12" Bar Clamp, Bits, Vise Grips, Planer, More
228.Assorted, Shaper Parts, Wrenches, Collet Chuck, More
229.Hipur Polyurethane Former Advanced Bonding System Gun, Thermo Grip Glue Gun
230.Assorted Poly Clamp Parts
231.Ohaus Harvard Trip Balance Scale, 5 Lb. Capacity in Wood/Glass Case
232.4 Pony Pole Clamps, 24"
233.4 Pony Pole Clamps, 24"
234.4 Pony Pole Clamps, 24"
235.4 Pony Pole Clamps, 20" to 24"
236.7 Bar Clamps, 18"
237.4 Pony Pole Clamps, 56"
238.4 Pony Pole Clamps, 56"
239.2 Boxes Assorted Grinding Wheels, Most are Schmidt GW100 54 Grit 8.854x197x2.361
240.4 Assorted Wood Forming Strap Ratchets
241.4 Assorted Wood Forming Strap Ratchets
242.Assorted Norton Grinding Wheels, 7 x 1/2 x 1 1/4, 3/8R 3/8B 992046, 7 x 1/4 x 1 1/4
243.Assorted Grinding Wheels, 6 x 1/4 x 1/2, 3 x 1/2 x 3/8, 100 x 50 x 20mm, More
244.Assorted Grinding Wheels, 4/3 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/4, 5 x 1 3/4 x 1 1/4, More
245.Assorted Grinding Wheels, 9 x 1/2 x 1 1/4, 6 x 1/4 x 1 1/4, More
247.12 Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Boards 96"x6.5"x.75", 2 Wood Pillars 96"x7.5", 2 Tongue and Groove Corner Pieces (for ceiling)
248.3 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 36"
249.4 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 36"
250.4 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 36"
251.4 Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 36"
252.David White Sight Level #LP6-20 with Case, Realist Story Pole, David White Tripod
253.GeoTop GT4 Sight Level with Case, GeoTop Story Pole, GeoTop Tripod
254.2 Assorted Wood Glued Planks, Approx. 12 5/8" x 86 1/2" x 2" and 12" x 97 1/4" x 2"
255.Gizmo Laser Mark Model 57-Gizmo, Laser Chalk Line XL with Case
256.Zareba DC Low Impedance Electric Fence Controller, Model B10LI
257.4 Boxes Assorted, Nails, Staples, Brad Nails, Machine Parts, More
258.2 Wheel Panel Dolly with Pneumatic Tires
259.Assorted, Paslode Nails, Hitachi 16 Ga. Standard Crown Staples 7/16"x2", Senco 2" Basic Nails, More
260.3 Assorted Hand Saws
261.Skilsaw 7.25" Circular Saw
262.Rockwell Overarm Router/Shaper, Series 43-502, 115V, 20,000 RPM
263.Makita Router, Model 3612BR
264.Biesemeyer T Square Saw Fence, 48"x16"
265.Cable Come Along with Hook
266.Assorted Machine Parts, Blade Guards, More
267.Porter Cable 4"x24" Belt Sander, Model 363, 120V
268.3 Assorted Welding Clamps
269.Assorted C Clamps, Stapler, Accutire Reader, Knife, Planer, More
270.Assorted Power Feed Rollers, Approx. 4.75" and 3 1/8"
271.Masking Tape Roller, Square D Water Pump Pressure Switch, PSI Gauge, Strap Wrench, More
272.5 Assorted Ratchets for Wood Forming, 2" and 4"
273.Box of Phillips Head Bits, 2 Caulking Guns, 1/2" Conduit Bender
274.Assorted Saw Blades, Sanding Disks, 4.5" to 10"
275.Assorted Electrical Cords, Hose, Metal Cover
276.5 Pony 3.5" Spring Clamps
277.2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Rope Loop Rings, Winch, Light Bulbs
278.2 Ton and 12 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
279.2 Skander 8" C Clamps
280.2 Skander 8" C Clamps
281.Seimec Electric Motor with Belt Pulley, 220V, Metal Shaft with Belt Pulley 48"
282.Assorted Sanding Discs, Cut Off Wheels, Buffing Wheels, Grinding Discs, 4.5" to 9"
283.Assorted Cut Off Wheels, 3" to 4"
284.Assorted Cut Off Wheels, 3" to 4.5"
285.Assorted Cut Off Wheels, 3" to 4"
286.Bench Top Cut Off and Buffing Machine, 120V
287.Paint Sprayer on Stand, 120V, Graco Magnum 20" Tip Extension
288.Wagner Power Roller, Model 959
289.Allen Air Corp. Hydraulic Door Closer, Parker Pneumatic Bowl, Safe Vue Bowls with Regulator
290.3 Assorted Vent Closers, 6" to 7"
291.24" Pipe Wrench
292.Mark HD Straight Line Pneumatic Sander, Manual Straight Line Sander
293.3 Assorted Saws
294.2 Assorted Pneumatic Chisels
295.2 Weller Soldering Guns, 120V
296.Milwaukee Drill with Attachments, 120V
297.Assorted Chalk Lines and Chalk
298.Weller Soldering Gun with Case, 120V
299.Assorted Saw Blades, 5.25" to 12"
300.5 Assorted 12" Saw Blades
301.7 Assorted Saw Blades, 11.75" to 13.75"
302.Metal 8 Drawer Cabinet 19"x28.5"x47.5" on Wheels
303.Assorted Shaper Bits/Profiles in Top 3 Drawers
304.Assorted in Bottom 5 Drawers, Hardware, Shaper Bits, More
305.Diamond Plate Hood with Attachment, 39.25"x8.5"x7.5"
306.12 Boxes Assorted Screws, 1" to 3"
307.Assorted Boxes, Nails, Screws, Aluminum Nails, Trim Nails, 3" Screws, Joist Nails, More
308.Assorted, Grinding Wheels, Hardware, Roller Chain RS40, Metal Stock, Martin Balancer, Weather Strip, More
309.Assorted Circular Wire Brushes, 1.5" to 3", More
310.Assorted Circular Wire Brushes, 1.5" to 4"
311.Assorted Circular Wire Brushes, 2.5" to 4"
312.Assorted Circular Wire Brushes, 2.25" to 6"
313.Assorted Combination Wrenches, 1/4" to 11/16"
314.Assorted Combination Wrenches, 13/16" to 1 5/16"
315.Vise Grip, Threaded Specialty Tool, Pneumatic Attachments, Metal Sleeves
316.Assorted, Brazing and Welding Rods, Oxygen Regulator, Sure Grip Plug, Reducing Bushing Welding Nozzle, More
317.High Pressure Acetylene Regulator, Welding Attachments, Safety Glasses, O2 Low Pressure Regulator Gauges
318.Assorted, Magnetic Holders, Welding/Cutting Tips, Cable Lugs, Cable Connectors, More
319.Assorted, Rotary Files, Burrs, Rasps and Grinding Points
320.Assorted, Pneumatic Attachments, Pressure Gauges, Wire Cutters, Screwdrivers, Pliers
321.Forney Oxygen Regulator, Acetylene Regulator and Twin Hose
322.Work Light, Allen Wrenches, Specialty Tools
323.Assorted Sockets, 1/4" and 1/2" Drive, Wrench Extensions
324.Assorted Sockets and Socket Holders
325.Assorted on Shelf, 15/30 Amp Breakers, Joint Compound, Freezer Bags, Wood Vents, Magnetic Starter, Weed Whip Line, Hardware, Plumbing Parts, More
326.High Lift Jack, 60"
327.5 Assorted Paint/Plaster Mixing Attachments
328.Rotec Non-Submersible Pump, Model FPPSS3000-08, 115V
329.Homelite Super 2 12" Chain Saw with Case
330.Milwaukee Portable 2 Speed Bandsaw with Case, 120V
331.4 Assorted Welding Masks, Eye Protection, Tinted Replacement Face Shields
332.Marley Engineered Products Fan Forced Wall Heater, Model AWH4407D, 277/240V, 1 PH
333.Box Assorted, Eye Protection, Forney Filter Plates
334.Box Assorted, Cable Lugs, Welding Stinger, Chipping Hammers
335.Box Assorted, Rotary Files, Grinding Balls, Grinding Points
336.Box Assorted, Cable Lugs, Welding Stinger, Forney Cord End, Chipping Hammers
337.Hitch Coupler with 1 7/8" Ball, Hitch Ball, Pneumatic 3/8" Socket Wrench
338.Box Assorted, Cable Lugs, Chipping Hammers, Welding Stinger, Clamp, Forney Cord End
339.Box Assorted, Rotary Grinding Points, Rasps, Files, Rotary Brush
340.Box of 10 Female Wall Receptacles, 50 Amp/250V
341.Assorted, 5 Cans Flux, Eye Protection, Low Pressure Acetylene Gauge, Regulator to Tank Adaptors, Oxy/Acet Hose Splicing Kit, Chipping Hammers, Welding Stinger, Forney Torch Attachment, More
342.Assorted Drill Bits
343.2 Assorted Tap and Die Sets
344.Assorted, Hole Saws, Wire, Pencil Torch, Hardware, Grinding Wheels
345.6 Assorted Wire Brushes
346.Osaki Electric Co. Watthour Meter (Multiple Factor X10), 120/208V
347.Bucket Assorted Drill Bits, 6.5" to 17.75"
348.Box Assorted Drill Bits, 6.5" to 17.75"
349.Spool of Coated Copper Wire (#2 Welding Cable)
350.2 Wire Fish Lines
351.Frigid 24" Fan, 1/4 HP, 120V
352.Rear Rack 36.5"x16.5" and Front Bumper 35" for Polaris Sportsman ATV
353.Assorted Straps on Shelf
354.Assorted on Shelf, Camp Stove, 5" Casters, Work Light, Porter Cable Router, 10' Roller Chain, Flex Metal Corner Tape, More
355.Wel-Bilt Chain Hoist
356.2 GE 200 Amp Safety Switches, 3 Pole/4 Wire, General Duty
357.3 Assorted Safety Switches, 100 and 200 Amp
358.4 Holophane 250W Low Pressure Quartz Lamps, 120-240V, 15"x23"
359.3 Boxes Assorted 25W-32W 48" Fluorescent Bulbs
360.2 Lumark Cooper Lighting Quad Cast LED Parking Garage/Canopy 56W Light Fixtures, 120-277V
361.4 Assorted Coils of Wire, Outdoor Copper, More
362.9 Assorted Spools of Wire
363.Assorted Heavy Duty Extension Cords
364.Assorted Copper Tubing and Copper Wire
365.Cooper Lighting 4' Vaportite Wet Location Light, 30" Electric Baseboard Heater, Lithonia T8 Low Profile Light, Metalux 48" Fluorescent T8 Light, 2 Fluorescent 4'x2' Lights
366.3 Packs of Wood Stakes, 31.5" Long, 21 Per Pack
367.Simonds Welded Bandsaw Blades, More
368.Metal 4 Drawer Tool Box 22"x12"x13", Tool Box 20"x8.5"x9.5"
369.Hilti DX 400B Piston Drive Tool with Fasteners and Case
370.Assorted Cement Finishing Tools
371.4 - 5" Casters with Mounting Brackets
372.Arbor Press
373.5" Bench Vise
374.Assorted, Reciprocating Blades, Drill Bits, Combination Wrenches, Crimper, Allen Wrenches, Sockets, More
375.Metal Box, Assorted Sockets and Socket Holders
376.Assorted, Pipe Cutters, Clamp, Tin Snips, Pipe Wrench
377.Assorted, Claw Hammer, Maul, Arrow Fastening Tool Model RH200, Hatchet, Powershot Staple Gun
378.Assorted, Binder, 14" Pipe Wrench, Oil Filter Wrench, Craftsman Pocket Socket Wrench Set, More
379.Binks Model 18 Paint Sprayer, Paint Sprayer
380.3 Lumark 400W Lights HPSS-M-400-MT, Cooper Lighting 400W Light, 4 - 18" Metal Shades, Cooper Falcon Micro Flood Light
381.Assorted Duct Work Connections, 4" to 15.5"
382.4 Wood Scaffolding Uprights, 24"x96"
383.Assorted Combination Wrenches, 7/16" to 32mm
384.Metal Box with Impact Sockets, Menards Torque Wrench, 3 Socket Wrenches, More
385.Milwaukee HD magnum Right Angle Drill Accessory Set
386.Air Hose
387.5 Assorted Metal Stakes, 48" to 72"
388.Krause Trimatic Aluminum 6' Folding Ladder
389.3 Sheets of Plywood, 4'x8'
390.Assorted Plastic Flex Tubing 1.5" to 6.5", Plastic Irrigation 1" Tubing
391.Saw Fence, 96"
392.Dayton Start Motor Model 6K632 1 HP 1 PH, Tigeat 6019150 B WX Attachment, Ming Feng 5 HP Motor 220V, Von Weis Motor 1/4 HP 230V, Boston 1 HP Motor, 8" Bench Grinder HG8A-1 110V, More
393.Floor Jack
394.Lumark Outdoor Light Fixture
395.7 Assorted 4'x8' Sheets of Press Board 1/8" to 3/4", Partial Sheets
396.Pallet Assorted, Screws, Staples, Reducing Couplers, Hanger Bolts, More
397.2 Metalux Interior Light Fixtures, 24"x24"x6"
398.7 Assorted Undercounter Light Fixtures, Approx. 24" Each
399.Box of 5 Sanding Belts for Timesaver, 37"x60", 40 Grit
400.1 Sanding Belt for Whirlwind Belt Sander, 60 Grit

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