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Printing and Bindery Equipment, Material Handling, Inventory & More - Auction Starts Closing at 6:30 PM Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019.

Item Description
1.Challenge 30.5 Champion 11 Paper Cutter, Digital Control, 3 HP, 230V, 3 PH, Extra Blade, Manual, Related Supplies
2.Challenge 3 Head Paper Drill, Style EH3, No. 21978, 1 PH
3.Baumfolder, Model 11X17 4P 8P/RA, Series 517B, Serial BC4-2200, 208V, 1 PH
4.Baumfolder, Model 18X22 PILE, Series 418B, Serial UK3 153, 220V, 1 PH
5.Powermate Pro Force Air Compressor, 6 Gallon Tank, Model VPP0200604, 120V
6.Solna 225 Plus Press (Sweden), Two Head, No. 225-12511, 220V, 3 PH with Paper Carts, Bench and Related Parts/Tools
7.Wood/Metal Paper Cart, 33"x20.5"x46"
8.Itek Graphix 3985 Small Offset Press
9.Ryobi 3302M Offset Press
10.Astro Folder
11.Screen PlateRite 8300E Thermal Plate Recorder, Model PT-R8300 Mfg #10105, Power Supply Model BU-800 Mfg #810397, Operating CPU, Related Manuals
12.Accufast QT and FX Tabber
13.NuArc Light Table, 43"x33"x36"
14.Rosback True-Line II Perforator/Scoring Machine, Model 220A, Serial 220A901134, 115V
15.Sandco Conveyor, Model EZE II, 110V, 36"x10.5"
16.Duplo Dynamic Booklet Maker DBM-200, Collator DC-10000S, Collator DC-48ST, Trimmer DC-48TW
17.MBO Folder, Type B20-3-X, Serial 003/17
18.Multigraphics Multi-Conveyor, 36"x11.5"
19.Rosback 2 Head Auto-Stitcher, 6' Long with Additional 6' Extension, Related Tables
24.4 Poly Pallet Bins, 42"x48.75"x35"
25.4 Wheel Cart, 24"x35"
26.Approx. 44 Assorted Wood Pallets
27.Central Hydraulics 2 Ton Pallet Jack, 47.5" Forks
28.Wood Bench 96"x36"x37" with Assorted Pallets
29.Troy 24# SYSTIX/60# Offset TM 17"x22" Dry Gun Paper Stock, Approx. 900 Sheets
30.Wood Shelf, 24"x20"x41"
31.Wood Folding Table 72"x30", Assorted Sheetrock 64"x48" 155"x48"
32.Wood Top Table, 84"x42"
33.Assorted Padding Shelves, Bricks, 4' Light Fixture
34.2 Assorted Fire Extinguishers
35.Wood Work bench with Undershelf, 83"x24"x36.5"
36.Metal 3 Tier Cart, 38.5"x24"x31.5"
37.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf 96"x24"x35", Assorted Contents
38.Wood Bench 72"x24"x35.5" with Contents, Paper Stock, Ink, Squirt Bottles, More
39.5" Bench Vise
41.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf and Overshelf, 48"x25.5"x70.5"
42.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf and Overshelves 55.5"x20.5"x71.25", Assorted Contents, Cleaners, Safety Can, More
43.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf, 96"x24"x35.5"
44.2 Assorted Punches, More
45.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf, Overshelf and Pegboard 48"x18"x61.5", Assorted Contents, Hardware, Machine Parts, More
46.Wood 1 Door Cabinet on Wheels 15.25"x16"x69.5", Assorted Contents, Silicone Spray, Hardware, More
47.Metal 6 Tier Shelf, 36"x18.25"x85"
48.Metal 4 Tier Shelf, 38"x15"x88.25"
49.Assorted Envelope Stock, Royal Sundance #10 Commercial, 4 1/8"x9 1/2", Printmaster, Lindenmeyer, 3 7/8"x8 7/8", More
50.Assorted Envelope Stock, Printmaster 9"x12", 6"x9", Western Sulphite 6"x9.5", 4.75"x11", More
51.Metal 4 Tier Shelf, 36"x18.5"x85"
52.Wood 2 Door Cabinet with 5 Shelves, 47"x16.5"x84"
53.Assorted, Extension Cords, Outlet Power Strips, Tape Dispensers, More
54.Wood Bench with Undershelf, 36"x24"x35.5"
55.Assorted Wrenches
56.Assorted Grease Guns and Oil Can
57.Gretag Remission Densitometer, Type D19C Status T/P 7.2V with Charger, Bag and Manual
58.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Drill Bits, 2.4V B&D Driver, Work Lights, More
59.Assorted, Tap and Dies with 2 Handles, Lead Weight
60.Assorted, Sockets, Bits, Socket Wrenches 1/4" and 3/8" Drive
61.RP22 Hole Punch, 15.75"x16.25"
62.Paper Cutter, 16"x15"
63.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf, 96"x24"x35"
64.Imperial SS 2 Tier Cart, 38"x21"x37"
65.2 Assorted Metal Shelves, 34.5"x12.5"x47" and 36"x12.5"x60.5"
66.Ink Inventory, Superior, Preferred, Kohl & Madden, More
67.3 Assorted Metal Shelves, 38"x10"x84", 37.5"x9"x84", 36"x12"x84"
68.Partial Box Webril Handi-pads, 100% Pure Cotton, Approx. 16 Bags of 100 Pads Each
69.Paper Inventory/Paper Stock, 8.5"x10", 8.75"x11.5", 80# Gloss Cover, Nekoosa U20 Carbonless 8.5"x11", More
70.Husky Medium Duty Pallet Racking, 4 Uprights 36"x96", 18 - 96" Crossbars, Wood Decking
71.Aluminum Step Stool, 21" Top Step, 225 Lb. Capacity
72.Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinet with 2 Drawers, 30"x18"x65.5"
73.2 Assorted Wood 4 Tier Shelves, 96"x24"x69.5" and 72"x24"x72"
74.2 Boxes of 3-Ring Binders
75.2 Metal 4 Drawer File Cabinets (1 Legal)
76.2 Assorted Spools of Felins 7500 PE Yellow Ribbon Strapping
77.Metal 2 Door Cabinet with Shelves, 50"x19"x52"
78.Assorted Metal Wire Shelves and Brackets, 33" to 96"
79.Wood Laminate 10 Compartment Counter, 65.5"x22"x42.5"
80.Metal 3 Drawer Counter with Shelf, 37"x26"x39"
81.Mop Bucket with Mop, More
82.4 Boxes Assorted, Red-1 Dampener Cover RF14, RD14, Baseline Clean Up Sheets, More
83.2 Greif Poly 55 Gallon Bins
84.Husky 8' Fiberglass Step Ladder, 300 Lb. Capacity
85.Metal 4 Section Paper Cart, 20"x20"x43.5"
86.Wood Stand, 21"x24"x25"
87.Wood Table, 110.75"x33"x35"
88.4 Assorted Office Chairs/Stools
89.Astro Envelope Feeder, Model ATS-8000, Serial 81796, 115V
90.Wood Top Table, 96"x36"x29"
91.Wood Bench with Undershelf, 48"x24"x35.5"
92.Metal 2 Sided 3 Tier Cart, 42"x22"x56"
93.Dry Erase Board, 96"x46.5"
94.Metal Shelf, 36"x13.5"x42"
95.AcroPrint Time Clock, Model ATT310 with Time Card Holder
96.Uline Aluminum Dock Plate, #H-2742, 36"x30"
101.Uline Scale, Model JCE-30K, 60 Lb. x .002 Lb.
102.Corner Desk 48"x48", Office Chair
103.Husky Medium Duty Pallet Racking, 2 Uprights 36"x96", 6 - 96" Crossbars, Wood Decking
104.GBC Coil Binder, Model 111PM-2, 115V
105.ibico ibimatic Coil Binder
106.Assorted Plastic Combs
107.Performance Design Binding Machine, Model PC 2000, 120V with Assorted Supplies
108.Swingline Optima 20 Electric Stapler, Dot Shot Pro Glue Dot Applicator
109.Stanley Bostitch Stapler with Staples, Numbering Machine
110.4 Assorted Straight Edges
111.Shrink Wrap Stand/Holder with Assorted Wrap
112.Konica Minolta Toner, TN911 and DU-105
113.Wood Desk 53"x29.5", Office Chair
114.Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinet, 36"x18"x72"
115.2 Metal 4 Drawer File Cabinets
116.Safco 5 Drawer Flat File on Stand, 46.5"x35.5"x36.5"
117.Hoover 7 Amp Vacuum
118.Metal Literature Rack, Wall Mounted
119.Wood Curved Front Reception Desk, 71"x36"x41"
120.Vtech 4 Line Business System Phone with 2 Cordless Phones with Charging Bases
121.Canon imageClass MF7460 Copier/Printer/Fax
122.Metal 2 Door Cabinet on Wheels, 39"x22"x27"
123.Desk 75"x25", Office Chair
124.Office Table, 48"x30"
125.Desk 65"x30", Office Chair
126.Dry Erase Board, 48"x36"
127.2 Side Chairs
128.Wood L Shape Executive Desk with Hutch, Curved Front, 71"x79"
129.Wood Office Stand, 21"x24"x28"
130.Assorted Office Supplies, Organizers, Clipboards, Staplers, More
131.Reception Desk/Storage Cabinet, 108"x27"x44"
132.11" Wall Clock
133.Wire Wall Mounted Shelving
134.Laminated Storage/Layout Cabinet, 144"x32"x38.5"

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