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Cabinet/Woodworking Shop - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, July 31st, 2019.

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1.AEM (Abrasive American Manufacturing, Inc.) All American 37 NB CH Wood Industrial 36.5" Belt Sander, Serial MO50263337, 20 HP Motor, 250/460V, 3 PH, Extra Belts
2.Makita 12V Drill, Model 6217D, 2 Batteries, Charger and Case
3.Porter Cable Profile Sander with Case
4.Panasonic 12V Drill, Model EY6406, 2 Batteries, Charger and Case
5.Panasonic 15.6V Drill, Model EY6432, 2 Batteries, Charger and Case
6.Senco Pneumatic Finish Pro 42XP Nailer with Case
7.8 Assorted LRH Enterprise Shaper Bits
8.Makita 3"x24" Belt Sander, Model 9921
9.Makita 10mm Cordless Angle Drill Model DA3000D, Makita 9.6V Work Light Model 902, 3 Assorted Chargers 7.2-14.4V, 9.6V Battery
10.Panasonic 12V Drill, Model EY6100, 5 Assorted Chargers 7.2V-15.6V
11.IMC Straight Line Rip Saw, Model RP-12, Serial 1046-4
12.Makita 3/8" 12V Drill Model 62110, Makita 3/8" 12V Drill Model 6217D, Makita 3/8" 14.4V Drill Model 6233D, 2 Batteries and Charger
13.Makita 3/8" 12V Drill Model 6216D, Makita 3/8" 12V Drill Model 6216D, Makita 12V Work Light, 2 - 12V Batteries, Makita Charger Model 1411
14.Makita 3/8" 9.6V Drill Model 6096D, Makita 9.6V Angle Drill Model DA391D, 3 - 9.6V Batteries, 2 Assorted Chargers 7.2V to 14.4V
15.10 Assorted Clamps
16.Assorted Tools, Adjustable Wrench, Hammer, Mallet, Wrenches, Files, More
17.Porter Cable Router, Model 6912, Assorted Attachments
18.Makita 7.2V Angle Drill, Battery, Charger and Case
19.Square D Class 2510 AC Manual Starter, Starter #5209312 95157 1, More
20.3 Assorted Shapers
21.Makita 3"x24" Belt Sander, Model 9920
22.Brute Dust Collector, 3 HP, 208-230/460V, 3 PH, Related Ductwork 4" to 8" Dia., 4 Drops, Bag and Bin
23.3 - 22" Bar Clamps
24.3 - 22" Bar Clamps
25.3 - 22" Bar Clamps
26.Porter Cable Laminate Trimmer Model 7301, Dynorbital Pneumatic Sander
27.Joint Pro Metal Doweling Jig, 2 Assorted Ear Protectors
28.Freud Router Bits with Wood Box, Assorted Shapers
29.Porter Cable 16" Dovetail Machine, Model 5116 Omnijig
30.Wood 4 Door Cabinet with Assorted Contents, 49.75"x50"x36.5"
31.Wood Top Table, 24"x30"
32.Wood Work Bench on Wheels, 83.75"x30.25"x30.75"
33.Assorted, Blum Depth Adjustable Locking Device Model T5119-0101, Hardware, More
34.Assorted, 2 Hand Saws, Metal Tool Box, Wrenches, More
35.3 Jorgenson 12" Wood Clamps
36.Delta RS 15 Wood Shaper, Model 43780, Serial 1248, 230-460V, 3 PH, Assorted Attachments
37.Forest City Tool Co. Power Feeder, M/C No. 145, 1.8 HP, 230/460V
38.Holz Machinery Corp. Power Feeder, 1 HP, 220/440V
39.Wood/Metal Frame Cart with Assorted Wood Contents
40.3 Packs 40 Gallon Trash Bags, 12 Per Pack
41.Assorted Shapers and Router Bits
42.Assorted Router Bits
43.Wood Board with Assorted Shaper Bits
44.Assorted, LRH Shaper Bit K-1045-1-1/4, Shaper Bits, Assorted Parts
45.7 Assorted Shaper Bits
46.Router Table 30.5"x18" with Stanley Router Motor
47.4 - 42" Bar Clamps
48.4 - 42" Bar Clamps
49.4 - 42" Bar Clamps
50.6 - 54" Bar Clamps
51.4 - 42" Bar Clamps
52.4 - 42" Bar Clamps
53.4 - 30" Bar Clamps
54.4 - 54" Bar Clamps
55.2 - 96" Bar Clamps
56.SCMI 24" Thickness Planer, Model S-63, 3 PH
57.5 - 16" Bar Clamps
58.5 - 16" Bar Clamps
59.5 - 16" Bar Clamps
60.Wood Box 20"x16"x17" with Assorted Wood Stock
61.2 Assorted Box Fans
62.Assorted Brooms and Shovels
63.Curtis Master Line 2 Stage Air Compressor, 120 Gallon Tank, 10 HP, 208-230-460V, 3 PH
64.Fluid Mec Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer, Model ED5, Needs work
65.Trailer Dolly with 1 7/8" Ball
66.3 - 78" Bar Clamps
67.3 - 66" Bar Clamps
68.5 - 72" Pole Clamps
69.Ritter Manufacturing Inc. Edge Belt Sander, Model R-700, Serial 1418, 2 HP, 208-230/460V, 3 PH
70.8 - 28" Bar Clamps
71.Ridgid 10" Miter Saw with Ryobi Saw Stand
72.Aerospace America 600 Mag Air Scrubber, Model 9145, Box of Filters
73.Pneumatic Doweling Machine
74.Amerock Corp. Routing Machine/Hinge Drill Machine, Model WM-15
75.Assorted on Shelf, Sanding Belts, Tape, Router Parts, More
76.Admiral Mini Refrigerator, 18.5"x17.5"x33.5"
77.Assorted Sample Wood Cabinet Doors
79.Delta 1" Belt/8" Disc Sander
80.Dewalt 12" Contractors Radial Arm Saw, Model 790
81.4 Assorted Poly Trash Bins
82.Werner 4' Fiberglass Ladder
83.4' Wood Ladder
84.4 - 16" Bar Clamps
85.5 - 16" Bar Clamps
86.Wood Shelf with Assorted Contents, 27.25"x24.5"x84"
87.Approx. 25 Board Feet of Pine Lumber
88.Approx. 30 Board Feet of Birch Lumber
89.Approx. 100 Board Feet of Cherry Lumber
90.2 Assorted Live Edge Lumber 42" and 58", Assorted Lumber 49" to 96"
91.4 Assorted Live Edge Lumber 49" to 53", Assorted Lumber 54"
92.Approx. 50 Board Feet of 5/4 Walnut
93.Approx. 30 Board Feet of Red Oak Lumber
94.Approx. 40 Board Feet of Cherry Lumber
95.Approx. 10 Board Feet of Alder Lumber
96.Assorted Reclaimed Cedar Lumber, 33" to 107"
97.Assorted Reclaimed Lumber, 38" to 127"
98.Wood 3 Tier Metal Frame Cart 40"x24"x42.5" with Assorted Wood Contents
99.Assorted Lumber, 16" to 38"
100.Approx. 13 Board Feet of Hickory Lumber
101.Approx. 35 Board Feet of Poplar Lumber
102.Clear Redwood Lumber, Approx. 20 Board Feet of 5/8" and Approx. 34 Board Feet of 1.5"
103.Approx. 45 Board Feet of Alder Lumber
104.Approx. 30 Board Feet of Maple Lumber
105.Approx. 45 Board Feet of Ash Lumber
106.Approx. 100 Board Feet of White Oak Lumber
107.Approx. 47 Board Feet of Walnut Lumber
108.Approx. 20 Board Feet of Mahogany and Lyptus Lumber
109.Powermatic 12" Table Saw, Model 72, Serial 8572054 with Biesemeyer Fence, 3 PH
110.Assorted 12" Saw Blades
111.Cabinet with Assorted Contents, 34.25"x32.25"x31.25"
112.4 Assorted, Square, Straight Edges, More
113.Wood Box on Wheels with Contents, Assorted Wood
114.4 Drawer File Cabinet
115.Assorted Lumber and Trim, 1' to 15'
116.Skil 13.75" Radial Arm Saw, Model 450, Serial 960351, 3 HP, 3 PH
117.Assorted Saw Blades, 9.75" to 12"
118.7 Assorted Saw Blades, 12" to 13.75"
119.3 Assorted Saw Blades, 13.75"
120.Roller Feed Stand
121.Wood 3 Tier Metal Frame Cart, 44"x26"x42.5"
122.Delta 16.5" Floor Drill Press, Cat. No. 17-900
123.5 - 28" Bar Clamps
124.5 - 28" Bar Clamps
125.4 - 120" Pole Clamps
126.Assorted Shaper and Router Bits, More
127.Panel/Sheet Cart
128.Assorted on Shelf, Shop Supplies, Wood Cut Outs, More
129.Xtreme Garage 29" Shop Fan
130.Ritter Manufacturing Inc. R-12F Drill Line Machine, 3/4 HP, 115/230V
131.10 - 22" Bar Clamps
132.4 - 30" Bar Clamps
133.Assorted on Shelf, Screws, Clip Boards, More
134.3 Assorted Parts/Hardware Cabinets with Contents
135.6 - 38" Bar Clamps
136.Multi Tester, Wire Cutter and Connectors, More
137.Delta 8" Bench Grinder, Model 23-880, 1/2 HP, 115V
138.Assorted Bits, More
139.Porter Cable Router, Model 75372, Assorted Attachments
140.Assorted Router Bits, More
141.Assorted, Parts Bins, Hardware, Screws, Hooks, More
142.Assorted in Cabinet Section, Cabinet Hardware, Hinges, More
143.Assorted in Cabinet Section, Staples, Drawer Guides, Nails, Cabinet Latches, More
144.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Rasps, Allen Wrenches, Pliers, More
145.Senco Pneumatic Nail Gun, Model SLS20
146.2 Jorgenson 10" Wood Clamps, 2 - 13" Bar Clamps
147.6 - 15"/16" Bar Clamps
148.Assorted, Hacksaw, Coping Saw, Clamps, More
149.Assorted Stanley Wood Chisels
151.Assorted, Abrasive Discs/Belts, Hardware, More
152.3 Wood Cabinets Approx. 39"x24"x33" Each with Contents, Cabinet Hardware, Screws, Wire Brushes, More
153.Wood Cabinet with Bifold Doors 48"x16"x75" with Contents Inside and On Top, Cabinet Hardware, Hinges, Latches, Screws, Sanding Abrasives, More
154.4 - 36" Bar Clamps
155.Wood Cart 12.5"x12.5"x19" with Assorted Wood Contents
156.Powermatic 8" Jointer, Model 60, Serial 761283, 115/230V, 1 PH
157.Wood Work Bench 121.75"x33.5"x23.75"
158.2 Assorted Pneumatic Nailers
159.Senco Pneumatic Stapler Model SFW10, Senco Pneumatic Stapler, Senco Pneumatic Nail Gun Model SENII
160.Makita Trimmer Model 3700B, Skil Jigsaw Model 4235
161.Makita Trimmer Model 3700B, 3/8" Drill
162.Makita Trimmer Model 3700B, Porter Cable 3/8" Drill Model 2621
163.Craftsman Auto Scroller Saw, Black & Decker Drill Bit Sharpener Model 7980
164.Senco Pneumatic Nail Gun, Pneumatic Staple Gun
165.Assorted Bar Clamps, 9.75" to 10.25"
166.Assorted, Hole Saws, Drillmaster Angle Drill Guide, Carter Bandsaw Blade Stabilizer, Stanley Square, More
167.Rockwell 4.5" Trim Saw Model 314, Makita Trimmer Model 3700B
168.2 Assorted Kreg Jigs
169.Central Pneumatics Air Sander, Mac Pneumatic Drill, 3M Pneumatic 5" Disc Sander
170.Assorted Under Bench, Drawer Slides, Wood, Air Hose, More
171.Bosch Daredevil Wood Drill Bit Set, Drill Bits, More
172.Bosch Router, Model 1604
173.Bosch 3"x24" Belt Sander, Model 1272
174.Makita 3"x24" Belt Sander, Model 9920
175.Bosch 3"x24" Belt Sander, Model 1272
176.2 HOD Suction Handles
177.Metal Tool Box 21.25"x8.5"x7.25" with Mortising Parts
178.Assorted Shaper Bits
179.Assorted Shaper Bits
180.Assorted Extension Cords
181.Hirsh Frame Clamp
182.6 - 12" Bar Clamps
183.Assorted Bandsaw Blades
184.3 Assorted Jorgenson Bar Clamps, 24" and 36"
185.Pneumatic Hoses and 3 Air Nozzles
186.Pneumatic Hoses and 3 Air Nozzles
187.Wood Work Bench 97.75"x37.75"x23.75"
188.Shop Stool
189.Adjustable Feed Stand, 33.5" to 52.5"
190.Wood 2' Step Ladder
191.Assorted Sheet Wood Along Wall, 10"x12" to 4'x8'
192.2 Sections Assorted Sheet Wood, 34"x48" to 4'x8'
193.3 Sections Assorted Sheet Wood, 34"x48" to 4'x8'
194.2 Sections Assorted Sheet Wood, 10"x12" to 4'x8'
195.Ridgid 6 Gallon Shop Vac, Model WD06700
196.5 Assorted Anti Fatigue Mats, 36"x28" to 118"x37"
197.Assorted Lumber, 4.5" to 8.5" Wide, 60" to 97" Long
198.Assorted Lumber, 83" to 92" Long
199.Assorted Wood Trim, 3.25" Wide, 41.5" to 118" Long

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