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Metal Fabrication/Woodworking Manufacturing Facility - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, August 26th, 2019.

Item Description
1.Sears Craftsman 2 Piece Tool Cabinet on Wheels with Assorted Contents, Top 26"x12"x19", Base Cabinet 27"x18"x39"
2.Chicago Power Tool Company Horizontal Bandsaw on 2 Wheels, Model MBS-4.5, Serial 807518, 1/3 HP, 115V
3.Steel Top/Frame Bench with 4.5" Vise and Di-Arco No. 1A Bender, 96"x31"x37", 1/2" Thick Top, Assorted Contents on Lower 2 Shelves.
Please pick up after 3PM.
4.Steel Pedestal Stand, 41" Tall with Adjustable Light
5.Powermatic 42"x6" Belt/12" Disc Sander, Model 30, Serial 8301113, 1 PH
6.Delta 20" Drill Press, Model 70-200, 1 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH
7.Delta/Rockwell 10" Unisaw, Model 34-450, Serial EC9431, 1 PH
8.Makita 320mm Planer-Jointer, Model 2030N, Serial 3886E, 1 PH
9.Hossfeld Universal Iron Bender, Size No. 2, Serial B-44266 with Assorted Dies and Related
10.Craftsman Table Saw, Model 103.22161, 3/4 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH
11.Pexto 52" Shear, Model 152-K. Serial 10/66, Capacity 16 Ga. Soft Steel
12.Chicago Dreis & Krump Mfg. Co. 72" Box and Pan Finger Brake, Model BP-612-6, Serial 302400
13.Shopmaster Bandsaw, 1 PH
14.Metal Punch on Stand
15.Metal Lathe on Bench, Approx. 36" Bed, 2 - 6" Chucks, Tail Stock and More Related, 1/2 HP, 1 PH
16.Denison Hydr-Oil-ic Multipress, Model FG8C57D42A68S05, Serial 8962 P9, 8 Ton Capacity, 7.5 HP, 3 PH
17.Walker-Turner 4 Head Drill Press on Steel Table (110"x30"x32"), 1 HP Each, 3 PH
18.Shopmade Hacksaw, 1/4 HP, 115V
19.Qualex 22" Paper Cutter, Extra Blade, 1 PH
20.Temac Horizontal Hacksaw on 2 Wheels, Model 54AH, Serial 6101, Blade Length 8", 1 PH
21.Airco Air Reduction AC/DC (MA) Heliwelder, 300 Amp, Model 3A/DDTMA224HPA/B-A, Serial T44170 with Related Cables and Supplies
22.DoAll Semi Auto Horizontal Miter Bandsaw, Model C-170, 220V, 3 PH, Conveyor Feed Table
23.Delta Bandsaw on Cart, Cat. No. 28-203, Serial 95K95572, 115V
24.PowCon 300SM Welding Power Source with Pow Con Power Drive I Wire Feeder on Cart, Related Cables
25.Lincoln Electric SP-100 Welding Power Source and Wire Feeder
26.Cutting Torch Cart with Regulators, Hose and Torch
27.Yale LP Forklift, 44" Forks, Tilt, 0867 Hours on Meter, Approx. 18' Lift Height, Solid Tires.
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between Noon and 2PM. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
28.Sears Craftsman Air Compressor, 6 HP, 60 Gallon Tank, Model 919.175260, 125 PSI, 1 PH
41.Shop Vac with Assorted Attachments
42.Assorted, Extension Cords, Cables, Rope, Jumper Cables, More
43.Assorted, Rigging Cables, Wire Rope, Hitch, More
44.Parts Washer 35"x24" with Assorted Grease Guns, More
45.Assorted, Rigging Cables, Wire Rope, More
46.Metal Desk, Chair
47.Wood Roll Top Desk, 60"x32"
48.5 Assorted Pole/Bar Clamps, Approx. 8'
49.Assorted on Pegboard, Tools, Refrigerant Lines, More
50.Assorted on Shelf, Tools, Hardware, Shop Supplies, More
51.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48"x13"x87".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
52.Assorted on Shelf, Hardware, Shop Supplies, More
53.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48"x13"x87".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
54.Assorted on Shelf, Machine Parts, Hardware, Parts Bins, More
55.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48"x13"x87".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
56.Assorted Air Hoses
57.Assorted, Prybars, Mig Welding Wire, Shop Light, More
58.Assorted Hammers and Mallets
59.Assorted Staplers and Staples
60.Assorted Tools (some vintage)
61.Assorted Wrenches (most Craftsman)
62.Assorted Adjustable Wrenches
63.Assorted Pulleys and Wheels
64.Assorted Chisels
65.Assorted Hammers and Mallets
66.Assorted Pulleys with Hooks and Wheels
67.Tool Shop 1"x42" Belt/8" Disc Sander, 110V
68.2 Drill Index Cabinets with Drill Bits
69.Assorted Torches and Tanks
70.Wood Shelf 48"x10.5"x60" with Contents, Assorted Shop Supplies, More
71.Metal 3 Tier Shop Cart 30"x16", Flat Cart
72.Assorted, Sockets and Ratchets, Nut Drivers, More
73.Assorted Saw Blades, 7.25" to 10"
74.8 Assorted C Clamps
75.Assorted Tools, Crimpers, Cutters, More
76.Assorted Tools, Pullers, Adjustable Wrench, More
77.Assorted Tools, Vise Grips, Robo Grip Wrenches, More
78.Assorted Chain Wrenches, More
79.Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers, Cutters/Snips, More
80.Assorted Precision Tools, Hex Wrenches, More
81.Assorted, C Clamps, Hooks, Welding Clamps, More
82.2 Boxes Assorted Tools, Scrappers, Box Cutters, More
83.Assorted Mallets
84.Assorted Sockets, Extension, More (S-K and Others)
85.Assorted Tools, Wrenches, Cutters, More
86.Assorted Drill Indexes, More
87.2 Boxes Assorted Tools, Chain Binder, Prybar, Hacksaw Blades, Vise Grips, More
88.2 Boxes Assorted Tools, Tap & Drill Set, T-Handle Wrenches, Inspection Gages, More
89.9 Assorted Levels, 9" to 48"
90.V-Belt Measuring Gauge, Square, More
91.Aluminum 36" Pipe Wrench
92.2 Bolt Cutters, 18" and 30"
93.Threading Tool, Pipe Benders
94.Metal Frame/Wood Top Work Bench with Electrical Outlets, 72"x23"x32"
95.Assorted on Shelf, Welding Wire, Motor, Electrical Supplies, Buckets, More
96.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48.5"x18.5"x84".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
97.Wood 8' Step Ladder
98.K-T 6" Vise
99.Nico Press Sleeve Tool, 2 Grinding Tools, Scrapper, More
100.4 Assorted Screw Shooters
101.2 Assorted Drills, Jigsaw, Tool Shop Sander
102.Milwaukee Magnum Holeshooter, 1/2" Reversing Drill, Porter Cable Sander
103.Assorted Vintage Planer Parts
104.Freud 7 Pc Forstner Bit Set 1/4" to 1", Number Stamp Set, Craftsman Molding Head, More
105.Dayton 6" Machinist Vise
106.3.5" Machinist Vise
107.Veritas 1.5" Aluminum Tenon Cutter, Oil Cans
108.Assorted Rivet Tools and Crimper
109.2 Assorted Milwaukee Drills, Porter Cable Shear
110.2 Boxes Assorted, Wire Brushes, Shaving Tool, More
111.Assorted, Cut Off Wheels, Flap Discs, Grinding Wheels, 4.5" to 7"
112.Assorted, Hacksaws, Hand Saw, Tape Measure
113.Skil 3/8" 12V Drill, Bosch and Fenway Tools
114.Casco Electr-O-Tool
115.Makita 9.6V Drill, Battery, 2 Chargers
116.Proto Challenger Sockets, 3 Assorted Socket Wrenches with Case
117.Porter Cable 5" Variable Speed Sander, Porter Cable Type 3A Belt Sander
118.2 Assorted Pneumatic Die Grinders, DAPC 3/8" Pneumatic Impact Wrench, Binks Spray Gun, More
119.OTC 20 Ton Hydraulic Jack, 2 Assorted Pneumatic Drills, Dayton 3/8" Pneumatic Impact Wrench
120.Metal Frame Work Bench with Wood Top, 82.5"x47"x37.25".
Please pick up after 3PM.
121.Assorted, Banding Strap, Metal Banding, Banding Clips, Crimper, Tightening Tool, 4 Wheel Cart 28"x32"
122.Approx. 5 Assorted Extension Cords
123.Approx. 3 Assorted Extension Cords
124.3 Assorted Hoses
125.1/2" Chain with Hook Ends
126.48" Saw Blade
127.Assorted, Hammers, Hatchets, Saws, More
128.Stanley Miter Guide with 7 Assorted Hand Saws
129.Assorted on End, Cable, Rope, Wire with Plugs, More
130.Jackson EQC Professional Variable Auto Darkening Welding Hood
131.Approx. 9 Assorted Lights, Fire Extinguisher
132.Porter Cable Air Compressor Tank
133.AKEDA Model DC Jig with User Manual
134.Assorted, Tape Measures, Parts, Klutch 6 Pc Precision Torx Screwdriver Set, More
135.Craftsman Sander, Drill
136.Milwaukee 4.5" Sander/Grinder, Milwaukee Magnum Drill
137.Black & Decker 1.5 HP Router
138.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Bandsaw with Assorted Blades and Case
139.Assorted, Pliers, Drivers, Torch Tip, Craftsman Tap & Die Set, More
140.2 Chain Binders
141.Welding Hood with Pneumatic Foot Operated Lens Lifter
142.Assorted Airplane Related Parts, Steering Wheels, Engine Parts, Tie Downs
143.2 Craftsman 30 Lb. Tractor Wheel Weights
144.Assorted Straps and Bungee Cords
145.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Polisher, Cat. No. 5455
146.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sander, Cat. No. 6075
147.Assorted, Paint Spray Guns, Paint Cups, Wagner Wide Shot Plus Paint Sprayer
148.Metal 4 Tier Shelf, 87.75"x34"x62".
Please pick up after 3PM.
149.Exact-A-Cut Table Saw Top, 20"x27"x1.5"
150.Assorted on End, Rope, Extension Cords, Wire, More
151.Assorted Sheet Material, 2 Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheets, Wood, More, 19"x40" to 96"x48"
152.Assorted Wood on Rack, Rough Cut Slabs, More
153.Metal Double Sided Stock Rack, 6 Tier, 73.75"x30"x80".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
154.2 Assorted Tool Boxes with Assorted Contents
155.2 Assorted Welding Hoods
156.2 Assorted Hydraulic Bottle Jacks, 2 Assorted Pumps
157.2 Assorted 2" Lift Straps, 1" Rope with Hooks
158.Milling Hold Down Turn Table
159.4 Wilton 6" C Clamps
160.Vintage Plumbers Torch, Oil Fan
161.4 Wilton 6" C Clamps
162.3 Wilton 8" C Clamps, Jorgenson 8" C Clamp
163.2 Assorted Cable Come Alongs
164.Heliflux Magnetic, Pipe, Cable & Fault Locator, Model MAC-51BX Receiver
165.Metal Frame Work Bench with Wood Top, 72"x30"
166.3 Assorted Chains with Hooks, 5/16" and 1/4"
167.3 Assorted Chains with Hooks, 1/4"
168.220V Extension Cord, Poly Bin, 4 Wheel Cart 20"x17"
169.2 Assorted Tanks, Kaiser Dichlorodifluoromethane 48" and Compressed Helium 50"
170.Metal 5 Tier Shelf 56.5"x7.5"x54" with Contents, Heater Fan, Casters, Light Bulbs, Wheel Weights, More
171.2 Assorted Barrels and Box with Assorted Metal, Steel and Aluminum
172.5 Assorted LP Tanks
173.2 Assorted Roller Feed Stands, 59.5" and 22"
174.2 Metal Support Stands, 10"x16"
175.Knipco F-85 Portable Heater, 75,000 BTU, Kerosene or No. 1 Fuel Oil, 120V
176.Hydraulic Bottle Jack
177.4 Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters, 12" Wheels
178.Marson Thread Setter Tool #34501, Slide Puller Tool
179.Milwaukee Driver, 2 Heat Guns, More
180.3 Vise Grip Welding Clamps, Kant Twist Copper Clamp, Torch Tips
181.Assorted, 1/2" Sockets, 2 - 1/2" Speed Wrenches, 2 - 1/2" Socket Wrenches, 1/2" Breaker Bar
182.Assorted Combination Wrenches (S-K, Craftsman, Challenger, More)
183.Assorted, Filet Knives, Snips, Stud Sensor, More
184.Assorted, Bits, Bit Holders, 3/8" Torque Wrench, More
185.Assorted Punches and Chisels
186.Sure Shot Sprayer, Safety Harness
187.Assorted, Hammers, Handles, Relton 3/4" x 12" Drill Bit
188.18" Bolt Cutter, 19" Nico Press Tool, 11.5" Prybar
189.Crescent No. 56 Sure Grip Puller, Slide Hammer, Acetylene 13" Tank
190.Assorted Screwdrivers
191.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Snips, Wrenches, More
192.Assorted, Channel Lock Pliers, Wrenches, More
193.Delta Rockwell 4" Precision Jointer, 1/3 HP, 120V
194.Metal 2 Wheel Dolly 17"x12"x35", 2 Assorted 2 Wheel Axles 28"
195.Router Table 25"x24"x26" with PACS 1500 Inverter
196.Wood Decor, 54"
197.Sunbeam Water Dispenser, Glenwood Water Dispenser, Ice Cream Machine
198.Matco Diagnostics Bear 42-210 ARBST Unit with Stand, 120V
199.4 Ton Hydraulic Crane Jack with 21" Tripod, Hydraulic Jack with 23" Base
200.2 Assorted Wood Crates, 40"x19.5"x13" and 48"x13"x18"
201.Auto Body Fluorescent Light on Rolling Stand, 57"
202.Poly Hose Reel with Hose
203.Toro S-620 Gas Snow Blower
204.2 Assorted Spools, Turbo Tufflex 24 AWG and 2 AWG 600V Welding Cable
205.Advance Carpetwin 16 Vacuum
206.Step Ladder
207.The National Super Service Co. Vacuum, Model BP-2
208.Shop-Vac 10 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum
209.Assorted Drill Bits
210.Assorted Combination Wrenches (S-K, Craftsman, More)
211.Assorted Bits, 4" to 27"
212.Assorted, Snips, Pliers, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, More
213.Assorted Holesaws, 11/16" to 4"
214.ATD 3/8" Metric Sockets with Wrench, Grip Sert Installation Tool Kit
215.Whitney-Jensen No. 5 Jr Punch, Standard American O-Ring Kit, Metal Organizer
216.Folding Table, 72"x30".
Please pick up after 3PM.
217.Air Circulating Fan with 1/4 HP Motor, 16.5"x20"
218.Assorted Cement Trowels
219.Rope Spool, 1/2"
220.Shamal Hobby Air Compressor, Model SIL-140/3, 120V
221.2 Nutting Barrel Stands, Model 25 002 001
222.Ramset Powder Actuated Tool with Case
223.Poly Tool Box with Assorted Contents, Wrenches, Pliers, Hammer, More
224.2 Assorted Pneumatic Paint Spray Guns, Devilbiss and Marson, Welding Goggles
225.Duff-Norton Mini Pac Electromechanical, 1/10 HP, 115V, No. SK-6905-27
226.Milwaukee Sawzall
227.Stanley Bostitch Pneumatic Screw-Nailer with Case, Model ASN-1
228.4 Assorted Pole Clamps, 18" to 28"
229.4 Assorted Pole Clamps, 24" to 28"
230.2 - 36" Bar Clamps, 54" Pole Clamp
231.DAPC Pneumatic Air Hammer with Assorted Chisels, Sockets, CP 1/2" Impact Wrench
232.Metal Tool Box with Assorted Contents, Thon Pneumatic Drill, Pneumatic Air Hammer, More
233.Dewalt Plate Joiner, Model DW682 with Case
234.Rockwell Model 614 Hammer Drill with Case and Assorted Bits
235.Freud Safety Dado 8" 24-Teeth, 1/4" - 13/16" Cutting Width Range
236.Keg-a-que LP Grill
237.Porter Cable Router/Shaper Table, Model 696
238.Metal Frame Bench with Metal Top and 2 Undershelves with Contents of 2 Undershelves.
Please pick up after 3PM.
239.Wood Contents on Rack and Floor, Rough Cut Slabs (Oak, Walnut, More), Wood Cribbing, Up to 197"
240.Metal Contents on Rack and Floor, Aluminum Plank, Steel I Beams, Angle Iron, Mode, Up to 228"
241.Metal 6 Tier Stock Rack, 179"x30"x81.5".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
242.3 Assorted Shelves 50"x18"x40" and 56.5"x8"x54.5" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, Abrasives, Coil Pedlock, More
243.Assorted Metal Trim, Approx. 127" to 150"
244.Wood Shelf 24"x11"x60" with Assorted Contents, Electrical Supplies, Switches, Blocks, Bearings, More
245.Assorted on Shelf, Hardware, Nuts, Bolts, More
246.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48.5"x12"x74.5".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
247.Assorted on Shelf, Abrasives, Wire, Foam, More
248.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48.5"x12.5"x74.5".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
249.3 Assorted Wood Shelves 48"x16"x73" and 33"x12"x79" with Assorted Contents, Oil Filters, Tires, Wire Spools, Switches, Chain, More
250.Poly Crate on Wheels 50.5"x29.5"x33.5" with Assorted Wood Contents
251.Metal 5 Tier Revolving Parts Shelf on Wheels 30"x60" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, Fittings, Switches, More
252.Wood Shelf 49.5"x18"x73.5" with Assorted Contents, Pulleys, Gears, 4 File Cabinets, Wire Spool, Electrical Supplies, More
253.Assorted on Shelf, Hardware, Self Tapping Screws, Staplers, More
254.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48.5"x12"x74.5".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
255.2 Assorted Metal Shelves 56.5"x7.5"x54" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, Chain, Electrical Parts, Flambeau Tool Box, Assorted Wood, More
256.Assorted on 3 Shelves, Conduit, Metal Trim, Up to 120"
257.Metal 2 Door Cabinet, 36"x18"x72"
258.Metal 2 Door Cabinet, 36"x18"x78"
259.Metal 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 30" with Assorted Contents, Grill, Office Related, More
260.Shopping Cart with Assorted Contents, Electrical Supplies, Wire, More
261.Wood Shelf 43"x16"x84" with Assorted Contents, Hard Hats, Hose, Lights, More
262.Wood Shelf 86"x12"x84.5" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, More
263.Wood Shelf 36"x12.5"x73" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, Electrical Boxes, More
264.Metal Shelf 36"x12"x75", Wood Shelf 33.5"x9.5"x36.5" with Assorted Contents, Wire, Cylinder, Wood Doors, More
265.Assorted Sheet Material, SS/Steel/Aluminum, Up to 138"
266.Metal Sheet Stock Rack, 16.5"x84"x54".
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
267.Metal 1 Door Wall Cabinet, 15.5"x9"x30.75"
268.Wood Desk with Assorted Contents, Headphones, Speaker, Vacuum Parts, More
269.Life Oxygen Pac
270.Pelonis Radiant Heater on Wheels
271.Spool of 8/C 14 AWG Wire, 600V
272.Roughneck Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reel Cart
273.4 Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters, 12" Wheels
274.Assorted on Mezzanine (not tagged), Insulation Panels, Blank Doors, Welding Hoods, More
275.Assorted, Rope, Hoses, Torch Lines, Wire
276.Century Drain Aluminum Flashing, 42"
277.Assorted in Corner, Poly Sheeting, Metal Roofing/Siding, Wood Trim, Poly Barrels, More
278.Barrel with Wood Contents
279.Metal Frame Warehouse Dunnage Rack with Wood Top 36"x24"x8.5", Metal Barrel
280.Metal 2 Door Cabinet 36"x18"x42", Metal Shop Cart 33"x16"x32", Metal Shelf 36"x12"x21" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, Shop Supplies, Pneumatic Cylinder, Lights, More
281.Assorted Along Wall, Wires, Mig Gun, Gas Gun, Tractor Body, More
282.3 Assorted Spools, 2 AWG 600V Welding Wire, Metal Cable 1/4"
283.Blower Fan, 26"x11"x21"
284.Metal Stock Rack 42"x40"x42", 2 Barrels with Metal Stock Contents, Round, Square, Angle, More, Up to 60"
285.Pow Con Roto-Drive Wire Feeder, Metal Stand 28"x28"x78"
286.Metal 8 Tier Stock Rack 37"x34"x85" with Metal Stock Contents, Square, Round, Angle, More, Up to 113"
287.Conveyor on Legs 55"x14"x25", Conveyor 60"x13"
288.Assorted Along Wall, Metal Stock, Steel Round, Rectangle, Aluminum Diamond Plate, Metal Frames, Windows, More, Up to 288"
289.4 Metal Wheels, 84"x1.5", 3.5" Center Hole
290.Metal Truck Box, File Cabinet
291.2 Pallets of Sheet Material, Diamond Plate Sheets 4'x192", Galvanized Steel Sheets
292.Metal Stock Rack 145"x40"x75" with Metal Stock Contents, Round, Square, Rectangle, More, Up to 264"
293.9 Overhead Door Control Boxes, 10"x4"x12"
294.3 Metal Parts Drawers, 11"x24"x4"
295.3 Assorted Metal Lift Cables, 1/2" Cable
296.Simplicity 728 Tractor, 36" Mower Deck, 30" Snow Blower Attachment, Rear Tire Chains, Rear Wheel Weights
297.Assorted, 2 Chain Saws, Echo HC-150 Trimmer, 2 Blowers, Lawn Sprayer, Cut Off Saw
298.Ford LGT 145 Tractor, Kohler 14 HP, 48" Mower Deck, North Star Sprayer Tank with 12V Pump
299.EZ Go Electric 3 Wheel Golf Cart, Model X440-1P, Serial 124X1028, 36V, Poly Tool Box
300.5 Rolls Foam Padding, 48" to 53", 3/4" Thick
301.Assorted Along Wall, Metal Stock, Diamond Plate, Roof/Siding, Garage Door Panels, Lights, Barrels, Ladders, More
302.Assorted Bags of Insulation
303.Metal Cable Winch Jig Hoist, 700 Lb. Capacity, 84" Arm
304.Stand, Box Fan, Sansui 13" TV
305.2 Wheel Cart with Tray, 19"x13"
306.Dayton Battery Charger, 10/2 Amp, 55 Amp Start, 12V-120V
307.Snapper 23" Snow Blower, Tecumseh Engine
308.The National Super Service Co. Vacuum, Model M
309.Assorted Batteries in Metal Tray
310.Metal Bulk Container on Wheels, 27"x30.5"x39"
311.Wheelbarrow, Mail Box, Creeper Stool
312.Assorted Wood Crates with Contents, CB Radio, Radio, Air Filter, More
313.Wards 1.5 Ton Floor Jack, 3 Ton Floor Jack
314.Lincoln Electric 225 Amp Linc Welder
315.2 Wood Shipping Crates, 32"x24"x25"
316.7 Assorted Battery Chargers
317.Assorted, Rubber Sheeting, Rubber Mats, Packing Tape, Mode
318.Workmate 400 Portable Work Bench
319.2 Door Cabinet 36"x18.75"x42", 2 - 2 Drawer File Cabinets
320.Pressure Paint Pot, 16"x21"
321.Flambeau Hardware Organizer 19.5"x10.5"x14.5" with Assorted Hardware
322.GE Refrigerator, Set up for Kegerator with Tank, Lines and Tap
323.2 Assorted Compressor Pumps, Doerr 1/2 HP Motor 1 PH
324.Paint Sprayer on Wheels with ACR Kawasaki FA 210 Gas Engine
325.Assorted, Cables, Wire, Rope, More
326.Cart with Target Shooting Backstop, 60"x33"x66"
327.Leeson 5 HP Motor, 208-230V, 1 PH
328.3 Tier Cart with Light 65"x22.5"x45" with Assorted Contents, Hose, Extension Cords, Garage Light, More
329.Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelf, 48.5"x18.5"x84"
330.SS 3 Tier Cart, Shop Cart
331.Cart with Tilt Top, 11.75"x17.25"x32.25"
332.Assorted, Wire, Poly Conduit, More
333.Step Ladder, 40"
334.4 Landscape Lights with Transformer
335.3 Assorted Coat Racks, Stool, Tiki Torch Stand
336.14" Fan, Light Box
337.Approx. 75 Carpet Square 19.5"x18.5", 4 Paint Cans
338.2 Poly 55 Gallon Barrels
339.SS Bin with Spout, 32"x24"x30.25"
340.Roll of Bubble Wrap
341.2 Metal Sawhorses, 48"x28"
342.2 Metal Sawhorses, 48"x28"
343.Assorted, Craftsman Tractor Hood, Seat, Tire, North Star Tank 31" Long
344.Metal Base, 20.25"
345.2 Hangar Door Pneumatic Cylinder Locking Mechanisms, 4 Gate Rollers
346.2 Wood Sawhorses, 36"x30.75"
347.3 Assorted Weed Trimmers
348.Roll of 1.5" Gunwale Protective Edging
349.Pallet Assorted, Engine Parts, Shocks, More
350.Pallet Assorted, Metal Parts, More
351.Pallet Assorted, Metal Parts, More
352.Pallet Assorted, Shelving Parts, More
353.Assorted Metal 1/4" Cable
354.Barrel with Assorted
355.Barrel with Assorted Hand/Garden Tools
356.Small Aircraft Hand Puller Bar, 48"
357.Small Aircraft Hand Puller Bar, 40"
358.Small Aircraft Hand Puller Bar, 36"
359.Small Aircraft Hand Puller Bar, 33"
360.Small Aircraft Hand Puller Bar, 33"
361.2 Door Cabinet 36"x18"x78" with Contents
362.Metal 10 Compartment Shelf with Assorted Contents
363.Assorted Metal Shelving Parts, 17.25" to 47.25"
364.Barrel of AMStar Syn-Blend 10W-30 GF-5 with Hand Pump, 55 Gallon
365.Metal Barrel Rack 64"x36"x68" with 5 Assorted Barrels and Barrel Pumps
366.Assorted, Wood Stakes, Foam, Poly Lids, Rope, More
367.2 Goodyear Integrity Tires, P225/60R16
368.Metal Shelf/Work Bench 94"x24"x62.5" with Assorted Contents, Hitch Couplers, Gas Cans, Air Tank, Wheel Chocks, More
369.Pneumatic Sand Blaster with Assorted Blasting Media
370.Pallet Racking, 3 Uprights 40"x120", 16 - 108" Crossbars.
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
371.Assorted Tires, Wheels, Transmission Housing, Hubcaps, More
372.Assorted Steel Stock, Warehouse Rack
373.Assorted Wood, Up to 114"
374.Approx. 7 Bags Pourable Insulation, Laundry Cart 36"x26"x28"
375.Snow Bird Power Snow Remover, Model S-228, 22" Path, Tecumseh 8 HP
376.Air Compressor Parts
377.Wheelhorse C-125 Automatic Lawn Tractor
378.Craftsman GT Lawn Tractor, V Twin 22.5 HP
379.2 Aluminum Drywall Stilts
380.3 Assorted Snow Shovels
381.Louisville Fiberglass 8' Step Ladder
382.6 Assorted Bikes, Magna, Haro, Huffy, More
383.Assorted on Mezzanine, Road Case, Pet Cage, AC Unit, Aluminum Fuel Tank, Insulation
384.Snow Blower Attachment, Approx. 40" Path.
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
385.Charger Warehouse Air Cleaner.
Pick up for this item is Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 9AM and Noon. Payment must be made on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.
386.Aluminum B-17 G Flying Fortress Sign, 32"x30"
387.Aluminum 24' Extension Ladder
388.Lift Cage with Fork Slots, 60"x36"x68"
389.Chain Link Cage Surround, 48"x48"x60"
390.Air Power 1" 200 PSI Hose
391.Metal Frame Firewood Rack, 64"x16"x48"
392.Wood Conference Table 84"x37.5", 2 Chairs, Office Panel Cube 67"x66"x66", Desk Parts

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