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Automotive/Home Communications, Security & Accessory Store - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, September 11th, 2019.

Item Description
1.Cobra 1500W Power Inverter with USB Port, Model CPI 1575
2.Cobra 1500W Power Inverter with USB Port, Model CPI 1590
3.Kenwood GPS Integrated Dashboard Camera, Model DRV-410
4.Kenwood GPS Integrated Dashboard Camera, Model DRV-410
5.Audiolux BT Wireless Stereo Headphone, 2 Assorted Wireless Stereo Headsets
6.Cobra Marine HH330 Floating VHF Radio, Jensen MS3ARTL Compact Waterproof Stereo
7.Peak Wireless Back-up Camera System with 7" Color Monitor, 12V
8.Cobra Marine HH330 Floating VHF Radio, Uniden Atlantis 150 Marine VHF Radio
9.Ranger Hurricane 96 VHF/FM Marine Handheld Radio, Midland Mini Powermax 25W VHF Marine Radio, Maxon Professional Mobile/Weather CB Radio #MCB100WX-R
10.Maracom M6000 FM/BHF Marine Radio Telephone, Uniden Atlantis 200 Marine Radio, Kat Laser Scrambler Radar Laser Detector Model KAT600
11.Uniden Atlantis 200 Marine Radio, Uniden MH120 2-Way VHF Marine Radio, Kat Laser Scrambler Radar Detector Model KAT600
12.2 Kat Radar Laser Detectors Model KAT500, Uniden 2-Way VHF Marine Radio #MH120
13.3 Assorted Uniden Marine Radios, #MHS126, Atlantis 270 and Atlantis 150
14.Uniden 2-Way VHF Marine Radio Model Atlantis 250BK, Ranger Hurricane 96 VHF/FM Marine Handheld Transceiver
15.Midland All Channel Marine VHF/FM Transceiver #78-211, Uniden Voyager VHF Marine Radio
16.2 Uniden MHS75 2-Way VHF Marine Radios, Uniden Atlantis 150 Marine VHF Radio
17.3 Assorted Uniden Marine Radios, #MHS75, MHS126 and Atlantis 150
18.Assorted Vehicle Cameras, Rydeen Mini, Safety Plus Securview, IP Dash Cam 9462, More
19.4 Assorted Rydeen Vehicle Cameras, Rydeen DG240 Digital Wireless Back Up Video Kit, Rydeen Bracket, More
20.LCD Parking Video Systems Unit #SV-8150.HD, 2 Assorted Rydeen Miny Cameras, 2 DIY Digital Security Kits #RC818A-960P, More
21.We Boost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Signal Booster, Uniden Home Patrol II, Whistler Handheld Radio Scanner, More
22.3 Midland 14 Channel Portable Family Radio Service UHF/FM Transceivers #75-S10, Midland Portable CB Radio #75-779
23.Supersonic 24" LED HD TV, Model SC-2411
24.Sho-Me Low Profile LED Mini Bar, Model 11.1200.008, Amber/Magnetic Mount, 12VDC
25.2 Ecco LED Beacon Permanent Mount 4", 12-24 VDC
26.2 Ecco Strobe Beacons, #6550A-VM, Amber/Vacuum Magnet Mount, 12-48 VDC
27.2 Ecco Strobe Beams, #6550A, 3 Amber/3 Bolt 1" Pipe Mount, 2 Ecco 1 Pipe Mount Pans #A6521PM
28.Heise Universal Mount Dual Row LED Light Bar, Model HE-DR30, 30", 10-30 VDC
29.Heise LED Light Bar, Curved 30", 10-30 VDC
30.2 Texas Engineered Two-Way Radio Headsets, Model TX750M01
31.2 Moto Comm Full-Face Helmet Headsets with PTT Switch for Midland and Cobra CB Radios, #MC-551
32.3 Moto Comm Full-Face Helmet Headsets with Handlebar PTT Switches for Kenwood Radios, #MC-553
33.2 Moto Comm Full-Face Helmet Headsets with PTT Switch for Midland and Cobra CB Radios, #MC-551
34.2 Samlex Regulated DC-DC Step Down Converters 24 VDC - 12 VDC, Workman VR-1A DC Reducer 24V to 12V, Switchmode DC-DC Converter 24 VDC - 12 VDC
35.2 Assorted Rooftop Light Bars, Sho-Me 48", Public Safety Equipment Force 4 LP 6000 with Mounting Hardware
36.2 Sections Assorted Two-Way Radios, Kenwood, Motorola, Cobra, Audiovox
37.2 Sections Assorted Two-Way Radios, Audiovox, Cobra, Midland, Motorola
38.Contents on Top, Assorted External Speakers, Cobra, Pyramid, Diesel, More
39.2 Sections Assorted Cables, Co Pilot Lights, Antennas, More
40.2 Sections Assorted CB Antenna Cables, Mounts, Outlet 12V Boxes, External Speakers, More
41.Metal 3 Tier Rack 19"x19"x46.5" with Contents, Maxon MCB-45W CB Radio, Assorted Mini Antennas, Antenna Accessories, More
42.Assorted on Top, Maxon Hands Free Communicators, 2 Professional Mobile/Weather CB Radios #MCB100 WX-R, More
43.Assorted in Section, Antennas, Midwest Slimline Tri-Band, Spyder Maxx Complete Scanner Base Station Kit, Metra Three Socket Lighter Plugs, More
44.7 Assorted, Para Dynamics PDC-29 CB radio, Magellan Roadmate 1424-LM, Keyless Entries, Remote Start Systems
45.8 Assorted, CB Radios, Rydeen Vmax 303 Navigation Unit, Keyless Entry Units, More
46.5 Assorted, Deer Slayer, Stinger XT, Para Dynamics CB Radios
47.5 Assorted, Midland, Maxon CB Radios, Uniden Karate Rescue Radio, K40 Antenna
48.7 Assorted, CB and Marine Radios, Midland, Maxon, Cobra, Para Dynamics, More
49.Assorted Contents, Speco Technologies Talk Back Mobile Amp, External Speakers, Uniden Wireless CB Microphones, Cobra All In One Wireless Headset, More
50.Wood/Glass Display Case with 2 Shelves/Sliding Rear Doors, 48"x18.25"x38", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
51.2 Uniden Pro 330E 40 Channel Handheld CB Radios, 2 Maxon PC-50 Personal Communicators
52.Assorted in Section, Antenna Mounts, Springs, CB Radio Knobs, Accessories Unlimited, Firestik, More
53.Assorted in Section, Antennas, Road Pal Single Mirror CB Antenna Kit, Accessories Unlimited 2' Dual Mirror Mount #AUMM22-B, More
54.Assorted in Section, Antennas, Everhardt CB No Ground, Pro Comm Superfly 2' Fiberglass CB Antenna, Firestik 4' CB Antenna, More
55.Radio/CB/Speaker Display Cabinet with Contents, Uniden MC535 CB Radio, Blaupunkt CD Deck, Pyle CD Deck, Speakers, Sho-Me Flashlight Charging Display with 3 Flashlights
56.7 Assorted Antennas, American Antenna K-40 and Wilson 1000
57.Assorted in Section, External Speakers, CB Mic Accessories, Retractors, Hang Buttons, Earphones, More
58.Assorted in Section, Antennas, Procomm Kwik Tune CB Antennas, Firefly CB Antennas, Workman, More
59.Assorted in Section, Antennas, Francis 4.5' CB25 Hot Rod, Firestik 5/8 Wave Model FS4, Procomm 3' Magnet Mount Model PC36S, More
60.6 Assorted Antennas, Wilson 1000, Little Wil, American Antenna K40
61.Cobra 18WXSTII CB Radio and Remote CB Microphone System #CA MS4
62.Assorted in Section, CB Microphones, Cobra Accessories Unlimited, Workman, More
63.Assorted in Section, Antennas, Tram Model 1499, Cobra, Wilson 2000 Trucker, Astatic Magnet Mount Antenna Kit, More
64.Assorted Two-Way Handheld Radios, Midland GXT, Uniden GMR 4055-2CK
65.2 Pairs Uniden Two-Way Radios, #GMR 4055-2CK
66.2 Assorted Motorola Two-Way Radios, #VL50 and #CLS 1410
67.2 Motorola Business Two-Way Radios, #CLS1110
68.2 Pairs Midland Two-Way Radios, #LXT500VP3
69.2 Walkers AM/FM Digital Radio Headphones #GWP-RDOM, Midland GXT Two-Way Radios
70.2 Walkers AM/FM Digital Radio Headphones #GWP-RDOM, 3 Midland 40 Channel CB Handheld Radios #75-785
71.8 Piece SOS-Turbo Flare Set with Poly Case
72.8 Piece SOS-Turbo Flare Set with Poly Case
73.8 Piece SOS-Turbo Flare Set with Poly Case
74.8 Piece SOS-Turbo Flare Set with Poly Case
75.8 Piece SOS-Turbo Flare Set with Poly Case
76.8 Piece SOS-Turbo Flare Set with Poly Case
77.5 Piece SOS-Turbo Flare Set with Poly Case
78.Uniden Bearcat Trunk Tracker V Scanner, #BCD996P2
79.Uniden Bearcat Scanner #BC345CRS, Uniden Bearcat Scanning Radio #855XLT
80.2 Uniden NASCAR Scanners, #BC72XLT
81.2 Uniden NASCAR Scanners, #BC350C
82.Assorted in Section, Approx. 21 Antennas, Procomm Dingo 2 CB Window Clip, Big Foot CB-40, Valor Model TGS, Scanner Antenna, More
83.Supersonic 24" TV with Wall Mount and Remote
84.2 Assorted Open Sign Parts
85.2 Third Eye Through Hole Cameras #TE-THC, Optex Wireless 2000 Annunciator #RCTD-204, 2 Assorted Power Supply Units, More
86.4 Assorted Third Eye Small Cameras, 2 - 1/3" HD Cameras Model SV-6911.IR
87.Samlex Power 1000W DC-AC Inverter, Model SAM-1000-12, 12VDC - 115V
88.Samlex Power 1000W DC-AC Inverter, Model SAM-1000-12, 12VDC - 115V
89.3 Assorted Crime Stopper License Plate Cameras, Model SV-540B and SV-5420.IR
90.Crime Stopper 7" HD Digital Rear View LCD Monitor, Fahrenheit 7" TFT-LCD Wide Sunviser Monitor, 4.3" TFT-LCD Monitor
91.Hummingbird 110 Fishing Buddy Portable Fish Finder
92.2 SOS Turbo Flare 360 Degree Safety Devices, 2 Coleman Powermate 12V One Million Candle Power Spot Lights
93.Moto Comm Ridercam 30F Camera, 2 Mini-Type Color Cameras, LCD parking Video System #SV-8150.HD, 2 Safety Plus Windshield Mount Self Contained DVR Systems with Built In Camera, 2 Switching Power Supplies
94.Crime Stopper Car Rear View LCD 7" Monitor, 2 - 4.3" TFT-LCD Monitors
95.Scorpion Micro DV Camera #CA125, 2 SecurView SV-6917.IR Cameras, 2 Third Eye Black Snap in Cameras, 2 Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver Kits #TE-TXRX
96.Rydeen Ultrasonic Parking Sensor System #BL-412PM, Rydeen Rear View Mirror with Monitor Camera Combo Kit #MV331C
97.Assorted in Section, Wireless Door Chimes, Entry Alerts, Dummy IR Cameras, GE Mini Cam Pro, More
98.Assorted, Chamberlain Wireless Portable Intercoms, Phones, Amseco Infrared Photoelectric Door Announcer #EBP-405, More
99.3 Assorted Ram Mounts Universal Tough Tray II Cradle Holders, #RAM-234-6, RAM-HOL-TABL-LGU, Assorted Two-Way Radios, Kenwood, Motorola, More
100.Approx. 10 Assorted Antennas, Shakespeare, Tram, Midwest, 3' to 5'
101.Assorted in Section, Antennas, Antenna Mounts, Accessories Unlimited Model AUMRV3, Tram Model 1600, 12V USB Receptacles, Suction Cup Phone Holders, More
102.Assorted, CB Microphones, Antenna Mounts, Antenna Springs, Marine Horns, More
103.Uniden Oceanus D Fixed Mount Class D VHF Marine Radio, #UM415 BK
104.Uniden Solara D Class D DSC Marine Radio, #UM380
105.Uniden Solara D Class D DSC Marine Radio, #UM380 BK
106.Uniden Solara D Class D DSC Marine Radio, #UM380 BK
107.Uniden Solara D Class D DSC Marine Radio, #UM380 BK
108.Uniden Solara D Class D DSC Marine Radio, #UM380 BK
109.Uniden Solara D Class D DSC Marine Radio, #UM380 BK
110.Uniden Solara D Class D DSC Marine Radio, #UM380 BK
111.Toshiba Finisher Model MJ-1101 with Toshiba Hole Punch Unit Model MJ-6103N
112.Safety Saber #ISO14001, Flashlight, 4 Assorted Emergency Traffic Signal Wands
113.2 Safety Saber Wands, #ISO14001
114.Portable Mobile Radio System, Hyt TM-660V Radio with Mic, Motor Guide 5 Amp Single Bank Marine Battery Charger, 12V Battery, 2 Wheel Dolly
115.Portable School Crossing Safety Light and Sign Combo, 2 Wheel Dolly, 2 Signs, 12V Battery, Sho-Me Amber Safety Light #11.1200
116.Ecco Magnetic Light, Model 5350, 12-48 VDC
117.2 Assorted Sho-Me Magnetic Lights, Model 11.1193.008 and 12.0312.008, Amber
118.3 Assorted Magnetic Lights, Whelen Model MC11MA, Sho-Me Model 12.1304.008, Sho-Me Flash Point 12.7253, Amber
119.Sho-Me Luminator Mini Bar, Permanent Mount, Model 12.1224.000, 12V, Amber
120.Sho-Me Magnetic Low Profile LED Mini Bar, Model 12.0312.008, Amber
121.Dewalt Mobile Lock GPS Locator with Anti Theft Alarm (Base Unit) Model DS500, Dewalt Mobile Lock Power Adaptor Model DS525
122.2 Assorted Sho-Me Magnetic LED Mini Light Bars, Model 11.1193.008 and 12.1304.008, Amber
123.Whelen Century Series Light Bar Model MC11PA, Wolo Sure Safe LED Mini Bar Model 3720M-A, 12V
124.4 Assorted CB Radio Holders with Built in External Speaker and Cup Holders, 1 Cobra 25 NW LTD Classic CB Radio with Mic and Antenna
125.Heise 3 Pc LED Light Display with 2 Marine Grade Light Pods and 1 - 12" Light Bar
126.2 Ecco J-Bolt Mount Strobe Beacons, Model 6520A, 12-48 VDC, Amber
127.2 Ecco J-Bolt Mount Strobe Beacons, Model 6530A, 12-48 VDC, Amber
128.2 Assorted Ecco Lights, 15" Rotating Mini Bar Model 5315A 12VDC, LED Beacon Square Model EB7180CA-VM, 12-48 VDC, Clear/Amber
129.Sho-Me LED Signal 41" Stick Bar, Model 11.1041 with Sho-Me Control Unit Model 11.1000
130.Acari Drill Free Roof Top Light Mount, Designed for 2015 Ford F-150
131.Metal Double Sided Gondola Shelf Unit, 36"x37"x60".
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
132.Assorted Contents, Radio Accessories, Lapel Microphones, Discreet Ear Speakers, Ram Mounts, Microphones, More
133.2 Metal Wire Display Racks, 24.5"x24"x74.5" Each, No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
134.2 Assorted Truck Bed Cover Displays, Lomax 32"x43"x36" and Access 22"x27"x37"
135.Kalamera 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Model KR-12ASS, 120V
136.2 Tier Stand on Wheels, 24"x24"x30"
137.2 Sided Sign Stand 24"x60.5", Metal Wire Display Rack 24"x24"x75.5"
138.Smooth Talker Wireless Signal Booster Kit, #BRM220-50HDMSL
139.Galaxy Remote Start and Keyless Entry System #200RS, Crime Stopper Cool Start Remote Start System #RS7-G4, Astro Start RF System for Digital Remote Starters #AFRFD514
140.Hi Boost Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G, Model F10G-5S-LCD
141.We Boost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster, Model 470101
142.we Boost Connect 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster, Model 470103
143.We Boost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster, Model 470101
144.Delton BX1 Bluetooth Headset, 2 Promier 115 Lumen Flashlights, Assorted Flash Drives, Phone Accessories
145.7 Promier 115 Lumen Flashlights
146.2 Glass/Wood Display Cases with Lights and Rear Sliding Doors, 48"x20"x37.5" Each, No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
147.Assorted on Right Side, Vehicle Remote Start Units, Keyless Entry and Security Units, Compustar Prime Series #RF-1BAM, Freedom-500, Code Alarm Elite #CA440SS, More
148.Assorted on Left Side, Vehicle Remote Start Units, Keyless Entry and Security Units, Car Alarm Voice Warning, Astro Start #RS615XR, Astro Start #AF-RFK712, First tech Start It 7S, More
149.Assorted, Wilson Sleek 4G Cell Phone Booster, Direct Wiring Harnesses, Smooth Talker Directional Antennas, More
150.Convex 26" Security Mirror with Mount
151.Cobra CPI 1000 Power Inverter with USB Port, Cobra HH50 Handheld CB Radio
152.Toshiba 3D Sound Bar, Model SBX1250
153.Open Lighted Sign, Model KFL-V0S-26A3, 120V
154.Assorted, Chargers, Outlets, Universal Dash Mats, More
155.6 Wilson Cellular Cradle Plus Signal Booster Cradles, #301148
156.Curt Adjustable Channel Dual Ball Hitch 2", 2 5/16", 2" Tube, #45900
157.Curt Adjustable Channel Dual Ball Hitch 2", 2 5/16", 2" Tube, #45900
158.Curt #13903 Multi-fit Trailer Hitch Receiver, Class 3, 2" Tube, 8000 GVW, 2" Ball Hitch
159.Curt #13902 Multi-fit Trailer Hitch Receiver, Class 3, 2" Tube, 8000 GVW, 2" Ball Hitch
160.Assorted, Chargers, Suction Cup Holders, Votec, Garmin, Jumbl
161.Assorted Contents, Cables, Cell Phone Batteries, Headsets, More
162.Nova Subwoofer, Model SN-51, 400W
163.2 Assorted Antennas, Winegard Free Vision Indoor/Outdoor, Channel Master Suburban/Metro Range 2 Bay
164.Jack Digital HDTV Antenna and Mount with Surelock DTV Signal Meter, #21055 REVA
165.Astro Start Sign
166.Aluminum Banner Stand, 33.75"x8.5"x61.5"
167.Assorted Contents, Phone Cases, Phone Holders, Clip Hangers, Motorola, Panavise, Portagrip, More
168.Onkyo CD Player, Model C-7030
169.Assorted, Phone Chargers, Cables, Phone Mounts, DSC Impassa Self Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System Display
170.Pinnacle K60 6.5" 2-Way Rectangle in Wall/In Ceiling Speakers, Archi Tech Pro Series 6.5" 2-Way Rectangle In Wall Loud Speakers #AP-602
171.Earthquake Indoor/Outdoor 6.5" In Wall High Fidelity Speaker System, Model Image-6, 350W
172.Assorted, Ram Mounts, Mounting Systems, Cellular Mounts
173.Approx. 17 Assorted Antennas, Pyramid 3800, We Boost 4G OTR, Workman AMFMK, More
174.4 Assorted Poly Star Warning Systems Lighted Signs, 2 Stop/Slow, 2 Stop with Pole
175.4 Assorted Poly Star Warning Systems Lighted Signs, 2 Stop/Slow, 2 Stop
176.Assorted in Section, Taillights, Marker Lights, Light Wand, Rampage AM/FM Car Stereo, 2" Receiver Tow Hooks, More
177.REI Roof Mount Tractor Radio, #ROF-2B
178.JWIN Vertical Loading 3 CD Player #JX-CD6500, Panasonic Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder, JWIN CD/AM/FM Player
179.Assorted Antennas, Raptor, Pyle, REI, More
180.Assorted in Section, CD Players, Pocket Radios, Wireless Intercom, Recorders, Crimping Tools, More
181.Stellar Labs Eco LED 56 DMX Can Light
182.TecNet Transistor Mega Phone, Model TM-300SW, 9 VDC
183.REI Weather Band Radio Station with Antenna, 12 VDC
184.Hawking Technologies Hi Gain Wireless 300N Range Extender, Memorex CR3710 Cube Clock Radio, Enviro Alert EA200, Honeywell Weather Time Wireless Rain Gauge with Indoor Thermometer
185.2 Swann Home Wireless Alarm Systems, #SW347-WA2
186.4 Linksys 2.4 GHz Wireless-B USB Network Adaptors
187.Cable Prep Cobra 360 Dual Compression Tool, GC Punch Down Tool, Terminal Kit with Crimper, GB Circuit Alert Voltage Sensing Knife, More
188.Assorted Flashlights, Maglite, Ruger, Streamlight, More
189.Assorted Flashlights, Ruger, Dura Tool, Streamlight, Dura Tool 6V Cordless Screwdriver, Outlet Strip, More
190.Edsy Gas Powered Multi-Purpose Tool, Circuit Testers, Screwdrivers, DC Adaptor, DC/AC Converter, More
191.Edsy Gas Powered Multi-Purpose Tool, GB Stud Seeker, Edsy EB100 Kit, Terminal Kit with Crimper, More
192.HDX 1/4" Socket Set, Edsy EB100 Soldering Kit, Terminal Kit with Crimper, More
193.Diesel 12V Socket Soldering Iron, 9" Hex Crimping Tool, GC Dura Crimp Tool, Terminal Kit with Crimper, More
194.Diesel 12V Socket Soldering Iron, GC Modular Crimping Tool, Mini Screwdriver Set, Calterm Alternator and Battery Voltage Analyzer, More
195.2 Assorted Samlex Power DC-AC Inverters, 800W Model SAM-800-12 and 1000W Model SAM-1000-12, 12 VDC - 115V
196.2 Samlex Power 800W Inverters, Model SAM-800-12, 12 VDC - 115V
197.Cobra CPI1000 1000W Inverter 12 VDC - 115V, Cobra 1500W Inverter Model CPI1575
198.Samlex Power 1500W Inverter, Model SAM-1500-12, 12 VDC - 115V
199.Samlex Power 1500W Inverter, Model SAM-1500-12, 12 VDC - 115V
200.Dura Tool Cordless 4.8V Driver Kit
201.Dura Tool Cordless 4.8V Driver Kit
202.Safety Plus License Plate Camera
203.Digital Clamp Meter #C-266, Makita Fast Charger, 20' Gardner Bender, More
204.4 Streamlights, Model 3C-XP
205.2 Streamlight Stinger Flashlights, Battery Charger
206.2 Streamlight Stinger Flashlights
207.Cobra Jump Start/Starter Power Pack, 500 Peak Starting Amps
208.RCA Combination RF Modulator and Switcher, Monster Cable Speaker Selector, Miles SS4 Speaker Selection System, 2 RCA Video Source Selectors, More
209.5 Assorted TV Wall Mounts, 13" to 27"
210.5 Assorted TV Wall Mounts, 13" to 37"
211.3 Assorted VCR Mounts
212.3 Pair Logitech S-120 Speakers, 2 Pair Cyber Acoustics CA-2016 Speakers
213.3 Maxon Hands Free Communicators, Model 149-HX
214.3 Maxon Hands Free Communicators, Model 149-HX
215.SecurView 3.5" Touch Screen Monitor Model SV-8600.TS, Streamlight Flashlight
216.Viewsonic 8" Digital Photo Frame, 2 Assorted D-Link Adaptors, 4 Belkin Wireless Cards, More
217.Reporter Wirefree Intercom, Zenith Wireless A/V Sender Kit, Toshiba Notebook Battery, Wireless Intercom Unit, More
218.Assorted in Section, Cable/DSL Routers, Linksys Access Point, TP Link Antenna, En Genius Range Extender, More
219.2 Link Sys USB Adaptors, D Link Modems/Routers, Belkin Router
220.Link Sys Switch, D Link Router, Link Sys DSL Router, Link Sys Access Point
221.Speaker Grills, 2 DB Link Distribution Fuse Block, American Bass 4 AWG Amp Install Kit, More
222.Fahrenheit MD-1430H Ceiling Mount DVD Entertainment System
223.Power Acoustics 8.5" LCD TV/DVD Player
224.Pyramid 3-Way Minibox Speaker System, Jabsco Model 135 SL Search Light
225.Pyle 3.5" 200 Watt Weather Proof Speaker System Model PLMR24, 2 Pyle Stereo Housings
226.Power Acoustics Marine Audio Speaker, Model MF-65WT
227.Pioneer AVH-2400NEX DVD RDS AV Receiver
228.Kenwood KDC-HD262U CD Receiver with USB, Kenwood KDC-BT21 CD Receiver with USB
229.Kenwood KMM-BT222U Digital Media Receiver, Kenwood KDC-BT23 CD Receiver
230.Kenwood KMR-D372BT Marine CD Receiver with USB, Kenwood KMM-BT325U Digital Media Receiver
231.Soundstream SMR-21B Marine Grade CD/MP3 AM/FM Receiver with USB/SD/Bluetooth, JVC KD-R490 CD Receiver, NAXA NCA-689 MP3/CD Receiver
232.Assorted in Section, 2 Sirius Starmate Radios, Power Acoustics Dome Tweeters, 2 Sirius Satellite Home Radio Kits, Sirius XM Model SXV300 Vehicle Tuner, Antenna, Speaker Wire, Speaker Grills, More
233.Pair Massive LX57 L Series 5"x7" Coaxial Speakers, Massive 250 W X2 Full Range Class A/B Amplifiers 14.4V
234.Jensen SSR2000 Sirius Radio System
235.3 Precision Power 4" 2-Way Speakers, 80W
236.Pair Pioneer TS G6845R 2-Way Speakers, Weather Proof Radio Housing
237.DB Drive 10" High Performance Subwoofer 500W, DB Drive Class D Monoblock Amplifier
238.Massive 600W Subwoofer
239.Pair Power Acoustics 400W 6.5" 3-Way Coaxial Speakers, Pair 800W 6"x9" 4-Way Coaxial Speakers
240.Power Acoustics 500W 6.5" Component System, Power Acoustics 800W 6"x9" 4-way Coaxial Speakers
241.5 Pair Assorted Speakers, Pyle, Jensen, Boss and Legacy
242.2 Assorted Pairs Jensen Speakers
243.3 Sony XM Digital Audio Receivers Kits, Model DRN-XM01
244.4 Assorted Speakers, Kenwood KDC-BT562U Sirius XM Radio with Back Up Mirror and 6 Place Display Cabinet
245.4 Raptor Custom 6"x9" Double Cone Speakers
246.5 Raptor Custom 6.5" Dual Cone Speakers, 2 Raptor Custom 5"-5.25" Dual Cone Speakers
247.Constellation Car Satellite Radio Antenna, Roof Mount TRK-SR2 Antenna, Xpress EZ XM Radio
248.Pyle 3.5" 200W 3-Way Weather Proof Mini Box Speaker System, Weather Proof Radio Housing, Sirius Streamer Home Docking Kit, XM Commander Radio
249.Metra Overhead Console, #OH-UN101/D1N01
250.4 Assorted TVs, 13" to 32"
251.Samsung 45" TV with Stand
252.Rover RV Auto Track Dish System, 28"
253.Winegard Pathway X1 with Roof Mount Kit, 13.5"
254.Panasonic 45" TV with Wall Mount, Panasonic DVD Player, 2 Speakers and Subwoofer
255.Jenson LED TV, Model JE1912LED
256.Supersonic 24" LED HDTV, Model SC-2411
257.TCL-Roku 40" Smart TV, Model 40S325
258.Sansui 40" LED/LCD HDTV, Model SLED4015 with Stand
259.MTX Audio Blueprint Home Theater, Model HT622BDP
260.Jack Digital HDTV Antenna and Mount with SureLock DTV Signal Meter
261.Dish Tailgater Portable Automatic TV Antenna
262.Dish Tailgater Portable Automatic TV Antenna
263.2 Winegard Amplified Low Profile Indoor Television Antenna, Model SS-3000
264.Channel Master Advantage 45 Mile Range Antenna
265.Channel Master Advantage 45 Mile Range Antenna
266.Channel Master CM-5020 HD Antenna
267.Winegard HD and Digital Multicast TV Antenna
268.Winegard GS-2200 TV Antenna
269.2 Winegard Metro Star Digital HD360 TV Antenna
270.Channel Master TV Antenna, Model CM2018
271.Assorted, Radar Detectors, On Hold Music Player/Announcer, Switch, More
272.Assorted in Section, Midland Weather Alert Radio, Freeze Alarms, Headphones, Coby Storm Alert, More
273.Assorted Cordless Phones, Panasonic, AT&T, Emerson, RCA, More
274.Assorted, Phones, Clock Radio, Alarm Clock, Weather Radio
275.Assorted, Phones, Plantronics, Bell, AT&T, Lick Sys Switch, Channel Master MATV System, Coby Weather Radio
276.Assorted Cordless Phones, Plantronics, Panasonic, AT&T
277.Assorted Phones, Digital TV Conversion Box, Citizen LCD Color TV
278.Assorted Phones, Citizen LCD Color TV
279.Assorted Phones, Motorola, AT&T, Panasonic, GE, Vtech and Motorola
280.Assorted Phones, TT Systems 2 Speed Tele-Recorder 350, RCA Signal Sender Extension
281.Assorted in Section, 2 Uniden Weather Cordless Phones, JWIN Cordless Phone, More
282.TV Antenna, 106" Long
283.Channel Master Digital Advantage 45 Mile TV Antenna
284.BP KS 10W Solar Module, Ventev 10W Solar Module, Ganz Semi-Flex Solar Panel, Solar Controller, More
285.15 Turbo Flare 360
286.4 Assorted Cordless Phones, 4 Assorted Clock Radios
287.Assorted Phones
288.7 Assorted TV/Radio Antennas
289.2 Assorted Desks, 2 Assorted Chairs, 2 Assorted File Cabinets
290.My Car Add On Smart Control App, 2 Assorted Astro Start Fobs DS4, Wilson Cellular Cradle Plus, We Boost 3G/4G Cell Signal Vehicle Booster
291. X Grip Cellphone Mount, 3 Assorted Compustar Remote Upgrade Kits, Grip Cellphone Mount
292.4 Assorted Barjan SS Amber Lights
293.4 Assorted Barjan SS Amber Lights
294.2 Trailer Light Kits
295.2 Trailer Light Kits
296.6 Barjan 6.5" Oval Lights
297.Trailer Light Kit, 2 - 12V Halogen Deck Lamps
298.Ecco Utility Bar 12-24 VDC Single Row, 3 Assorted Ecco LED Work Lights 1-30 VDC
299.4 Assorted Ecco LED Lights
300.9 Assorted 12V LED Lights
301.16 Assorted Ecco 12V LED Lights
302.3 Assorted Ecco 12V LED Lights
303.LED 12V Light, 3 Assorted Halogen 12V Lights, Incandescent 12V Light
304.Assorted, Astro Start Remote Start System, Fobs and Smart Phone Tracking System Components
305.4 Sho-Me Luminator LED Quad Lights, Model 12.5004, 12V
306.4 Sho-Me Luminator LED Quad Lights, Model 12.5004, 12V
307.5 Assorted 12V LED Lights
308.Sho-Me Spot/Flood LED Rechargeable Flashlight, 7 Assorted Ecco 12V LED Lights
309.2 Onyx Copilot Flex LED Reading Light 12-24V, Ecco Directional LED 12V Light, Sho-Me LED Light, Heise Sideview 12V LED Strip Lights
310.3 Ecco 12V LED Directional Lights, 2 Barjan 6.5" Oval LED 12V Lights
311.6 Ecco 12V LED Directional Lights (3 Red, 3 Blue), Ecco Red LED Light Model 9014R, Ecco Clear LED Light Model 9014C, 2 Ecco Amber LED Lights Model ED0010A
312.5 Sho-Me LED 12V Micro Lights, Model 11.9000
313.2 Ecco Permanent Mount 4" LED beacon Lights, 12-24 VDC, Model 7965A
314.Sho-Me 2012 Light Bar Model 12.LUM47 ARBWG 48"x9.25"x2.25" with Mounting Bracket, Amber/Red/Blue/White
315.Metal/Plastic Display Rack with Hooks and 3 Tier Shelf.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
316.2 Barjan 2 Light LED 12V Lights
317.2 Packs Sho-Me MED 12V Mirco Lights, Black/Amber
318.Ecco Blue/Amber/White LED 12-24V Lights in Display with Switches
319.President Andy USA CB Radio with Mic Model TXUS066, Curt Spectrum Brake Control Model 51170
320.President Bill FCC Ultra Compact CB Radio with Mic Model TXUS001, Curt Spectrum Brake Control Model 51170
321.5 Ecco Amber LED Directional Lights Model 3811A, Ecco Red/Blue Directional LED Light Model 3611RB, 10 Ecco LED Light Head Surface Mount Amber Lights Model ED004A
322.Sho-Me 41" LED Arrow Signal Stick with Controller, Model 11.1041
323.2 Cobra Mobile CB Radios, Model 19DX1V
324.2 Cobra Mobile CB Radios, Model 19DX1V
325.Cobra Mobile CB Radio, Model 19DX1V
326.2 Cobra Mobile CB Radios, Model 19DX1V
327.5 Assorted LED Flashlights, Tekz Pocket Screwdriver Set, Midland Pocket Weather Alert Radio, Midland Portable Emergency Alert Radio, 2 Assorted iPhone Chargers, Midland Weather Alert Radio
328.4 Bozeman Pocket Knives, 2 Tekz Pocket Screwdriver Kits, 4 Assorted LED Flashlights
329.Master Lock Interchangeable Hitch Balls, 1 1/4" Hitch Ball Mount, Brake Light Hitch Cover, 2 Hitch Balls
330.3 Assorted Hitch Locks, Coupler Lock, Brake Light Hitch Cover
331.Curt Quick Change Hitch Ball Set, Curt 1 7/8" Hitch Ball, Hitch Ball Mount, Brake Light Hitch Cover
332.Curt Quick Change Hitch Ball Set, Curt 1 7/8" Hitch Ball, Hitch Ball Mount, Brake Light Hitch Cover
333.5 Midland Portable Emergency Weather Radios
334.4 Assorted Weather/Hazard Alert Radios
335.3 Assorted Weather Alert Radios, Maxon Base Station Radio
336.4 Assorted Weather/Hazard Alert Radios
337.Trailer Light Kit, 2 PM LED Submersible Lights
338.Trailer Light Kit, LED Flashlight, 2 PM Submersible LED Lights, 4 Ecco Amber LED Lights, Innovative LED Light Bar, More
339.4 Mini Police Beacon Lights, 2 Midland Weather Alert Radios
340.Midland Weather Alert Radio, 7 Assorted LED Lights, Midland Pocket Weather Alert Radio, More
341.Assorted, JL Troy Stereo Signal Amp, Metra Turbo Kits, More
342.Assorted, License Plate Frames, Locking Swivel Pins, Dodge Hitch Cap, Curt Brake Harness, More
343.Assorted, License Plate Light, Curt Brake Controls, Oregon Scientific Modular Weather Forecaster Kit, More
344.Assorted, Prime Products Compass, Antenna Adaptors, Wiring Harnesses, More
345.Assorted, Cellphone Chargers, Panasonic Headphones, Car Chargers, Otter iPhone 5 Case, Backup Batteries, More
346.2 Sided Wire Display Rack with Hooks, 24"x74", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
347.Assorted Power Banks
348.Assorted, Ventev Dashport Car and Wall Chargers
349.Assorted, Ventev Dashport Car and Wall Chargers
350.Assorted, Sony Sports Headphones, Stereo Headphones, More
351.Assorted Ear Phones, Sony Quilcell2, Panasonic
352.Assorted Ear Phones, Coby, Naxa, Quillcell2
353.Tecnet Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit, 2 Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Handsets, Mod Mini Bluetooth Headset
354.Stereo Headset, Tecnet Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit, 2 Motorola Portable Bluetooth Speakers
355.Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit, Mod Mini Bluetooth Headset
356.Flamingo Bluetooth Headset, Plantronics Cordless Headset, Motorola Universal Bluetooth Headset
357.2 Comfort Zone iPod/MP3 Player Earphones, 2 Assorted IQ Sound IQ-214 Headphones
358.5 Assorted Headsets by Motorola, Quikcell, Bluetooth
359.Smartview Automobile Video Black Box, Wilson Cellular Cradle Plus
360.Tecnet Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit, 2 Stereo Headsets, Bluetooth Headset
361.Mod Mini Bluetooth Headset, Motorola Universal Bluetooth Headset, Parrot Hands Free Headset, Tecnet Hands Free Bluetooth Car Kit
362.Superstar CB Headset, Samsung Bluetooth Headset, Noise Hush Bluetooth Headset, Stereo Headset, Portable Bluetooth Speaker
363.Blue Ant S4 True Hands Free Voice Controlled Car Speaker, Noise Hush Hands Free Speaker Phone, Stereo Headset, Samsung Bluetooth Headset
364.Grip It Car Phone Mount, Cup It Mount, Cobra XRS9300 Radar/Laser Detector, Whistler Laser/Radar Detector
365.Allways Wireless Headset, Bury Technologies Comfort Compact Bluetooth Car Kit, Cellular Cradle Plus
366.Noise Hush Hands Free Speaker Phone, Bluetooth Q11 Headphones, 2 Motorola Universal Bluetooth In Car Mobile Solutions
367.Motorola Bluetooth Speaker Phone, Motorola Universal Bluetooth In Car Speaker Phone, Q11 Headphones, Plantronics K100 In Car Speaker Phone
368.Plantronics Cordless Headset, Motorola Universal Bluetooth Headset
369.Rydeen Navigation System #VMAX303, Magellan Roadmate 1424 Navigation System, 2 Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS
370.Scanner Headphones HF-24RS, Sennheiser HD201 Headphones, Jensen Wireless Headphones
371.3 Assorted Peltor Headphones
372.2 Tecnet GPS Tracking Logger, 2 Whistler Laser/Radar Detectors Model 945+ and 1610
373.Scanner Headphones HF-24RS, 2 Peltor Headphones MT7H7P3E460A and HRX79P3E
374.2 Peltor Headphones HTRXS7P3E and HTM52A-02, Vanco Stereo Headphones
375.2 Assorted Peltor Headsets, 2 TV Listeners Model TV920
376.AKG WMS 40 Pro Mini Wireless High Frequency Microphone, Shure 588SD Microphone, Sony F-V100 Microphone
377.2 Door Display Case, 48"x18.25"x38"
378.Display with 6 Assorted Peltor Headphones
379.Midland Weather Alert Radio, Whistler Cordless Radar/Laser Detector, Cobra Radar/Laser Detector
380.Midland Weather Alert Radio, Whistler Laser/Radar Detector, Cobra Radar/Laser Detector
381.Midland Weather Alert Radio, Whistler Laser/Radar Detector, Cobra Radar/Laser Detector
382.Viewsonic 8" Digital Photo Frame, Supersonic 7" Digital Photo Frame, 2 PC Tel Dual Band Antennas, More
383.2 Coby 5" Portable DVD Players, Coby 7" Portable CD Player
384.Jensen AWM910 Wall Mount AM/FM/CD Player, 12 VDC
385.Assorted, Coaxial Cable, Range Extender, Antenna, Cellphone Accessories
386.Assorted, Radio Antenna, GPS Antenna, Panavise Mount, More
387.Assorted, Car TV Antenna, Phone Antenna, Wilson Signal Booster and Cradle, More
388.Assorted, Trucker Antenna, Wilson Cell Antenna, Midland Antenna, More
389.Display Rack, 26"x26"x48.5", No Contents
390.Metal/Glass Display Case with Shelf, 30"x8"x18"
391.Assorted, Screen Cleaner, Midland Weather Alert Radio, Vanco Splitter with Audio, 2 Stellar Labs HDTV Cable Kits, Mini Stereo Amp, More
392.Assorted, Remote Controls, TV Signal Finder, Trisonic DC-DC Car Adaptor, Coaxial Cable, More
393.Assorted in Section, Cables, USB Hubs, HDMI Switches, Earthquake AR-300 Audio Module, Vanco Satellite Finder, More
394.Assorted in Section, Cables, AV Cables, Coaxial, RF Adaptors, More
395.Assorted in Section, Cables, HDNI, Ethernet Switch, Ultra Card Reader, More
396.2 Wood Slatwall Display Racks, 26.5"x26.5"x55.5" Each, No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
397.2 Wood End Tables 22"x25"x21", 2 Lamps 28"
398.Fabric Sofa 88" and Love Seat 66"
399.Thomas Collectors Edition Radio, Model BD122A
400.Samsung DVD Home Theater System, Model HTDB120, 250W
401.2 Section Gondola Shelving, 48"x19"x84.5" Each, No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
402.Assorted Slatwall in Section, 3 - 48"x48" Sections, 276"x48" Section, 156" Section, No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
403.Assorted Slatwall in Section, 7 - 48"x48" Sections, No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
404.Wood Picnic Table 72"x28" with 2 Wood Benches 72"x20"
405.Wood Display Case with Acrylic Top, 23.75"x23.75"x3.75"
406.Unibinder 8.M with Grant LS Package
407.2 Assorted Metal Organizer Shelves, 38"x12.75"x36"
408.3 Assorted File Cabinets, 15"x52"
409.3 Assorted File Cabinets, 15"x52"
410.5 Boxes Assorted, Antennas, Fish Tape, MD4 S-Meter, Wire Loom, More
411.2 Assorted Chairs
412.2 Assorted Outboard Motor Tanks, 3 and 6.6 Gallon
413.OPE Ice Auger, Tecumseh Gas Engine, 7.5" Dia.
414.2 Assorted Dual Work Lights, 6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Bucket with Tool Organizer, Assorted Tools
415.Dell Photo 966 Fax/Scan/Printer with Ram Tablet Mount, Lakewood Radiant Heater
416.Assorted Whelen Roof Top Safety Lights, Low Profile LED Mini Bar Model 11.1200.000, 11" AMB Dome Mag #MC11MA, Luminator Mini Bar Amber #12.1224.000, More
417.Box Assorted Power Tools, More
418.Assorted Ham and Radio Software, Empty Cases, More
419.3 Boxes Assorted Pagers, Consols, Radios
420.Metro Tel, Cable Houd, Cable Locator
421.Assorted, 2 Pager Systems, Intercoms, Chargers, 7 Assorted Radios, More
422.4 Signal Boosters, 7 Assorted Radios, Box Microphones, Mounts, More
423.2 Radio Chargers, 4 Base Radios, 2 Mounts
424.Assorted, Parts, Radios, Chargers, More
425.Assorted, 20 Assorted Radios in boxes, 4 Boxes Chargers and Radios
426.Assorted, 10 Boxes of New Radios, Phones and More
427.10 Openings Assorted, 10 Radio Repeaters, Radio Accessories
428.10 Openings Assorted, Batteries, Radio Accessories
429.Approx. 160 Assorted Radios
430.Assorted, Radios and Accessories
431.Assorted, Radios and Accessories
432.Assorted, Radios and Accessories
433.Assorted, Radios and Accessories
434.Assorted, Parts and More
435.4 Push Bumpers
436.Toshiba 2060 Copier, More
439.Step Stool
1001.2 Boxes Assorted, Speakers, Antennas, Phones, More
1002.Audio Solutions TV Ceiling Mount, 32" to 60", #ASCM3260
1003.Audio Solutions TV Ceiling Mount, 32" to 60", #ASCM3260
1004.Werner Fiberglass 28' Extension Ladder
1005.Assorted Cable, CAT5E, Cable Spool Holder, More
1006.2 Boxes Assorted Duck Decoys
1007.Metal 2 Tier Shop Cart, 28"x20"
1008.2 Trouble Light Cord Reels
1009.Box Assorted, Flex Conduit, Plastic Hose
1010.LED Work Light on Stand
1011.Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vacuum, 10 Gallon, 2.75 HP
1012.Shop-Vac Contractors Series Wet/Dry Vacuum, 20 Gallon, 6 HP
1013.Toro CCR 2450 Snow Blower, 5 HP
1014.Bayco Trouble Light with Reel, Trouble Light with Magnetic Hold
1015.Cobra LED Trouble Light, Chicago Electric Trouble Light, Trouble Light with Magnetic Hold
1016.Assorted Tools, Power Torque Wrenches, Vise Grips, More
1017.Assorted Tools, Crimper, Screwdrivers, Kalibur SWR Meter, More
1018.Assorted Wrenches (Craftsman and Others)
1019.Assorted Sockets, Deep Well/Impact (Pittsburgh and Others)
1020.Shop Service Cart with Drawer, 30"x16"
1021.Clarke Shop Cart, 30"x16"
1022.Assorted Tools, Drill Bits, Craftsman Bits with Case, More
1023.Motor Guide 5/5 10 Amp Dual Bank On-Board Marine Battery Charger, Quick Cable Battery Isolator
1024.Guest Chargers 6 Amp Marine Battery Charger, Marlinco Connect Charge Inlet
1025.Turbo HD Series TPTurbo TVI Tester with Case, #HD-TV12.0
1026.Campbell Hausfeld Pneumatic Tool Set
1027.Campbell Hausfeld Pneumatic Tool Set
1028.Truck Star LED Mini Light Bar
1029.Sho-Me Low Profile LED Mini Bar, Model 11.1200.000
1030.Carrying Case, 16"x7"x16"
1031.ITI Security Test Kit with Hard Case
1032.Tool Pouch with Assorted Tools, Workman SWR-Meter SWR-2T
1033.Battery Operated LED Light, Noco Genius G1100 Charger, Adventure Power Maintainer 2000
1034.Noco Genius G7200 Charger, 12/24V
1035.Cobra 19DXIV CB Radio, Midland CB-1 CB Radio
1036.Uniden Bearcat Professional CB Radio, #PC&*LTX
1037.Assorted, HD Telecom Telephone Test Set Model HD-4, SureLock Digital TV Signal Finder, 2 Compasses, More
1038.Wrench/Socket/Bit Set
1039.Dewalt 24" Tool Case with Contents, Fluke 77 Multimeter, More
1040.Hard Case, 20"x16"x8"
1041.Pelican Hard Case, 16"x12"x6"
1042.Brother QL-500 PC Label Printer
1043.10 Kenwood KSC-32 Rapid Chargers
1044.Greenlee 840H Pipe Bender, 1/2" EMT
1045.Kona Guitar (Appears to be Charlie Daniels), Guitar Stand
1046.2 Folding Tables, 72"x30"
1047.XTR-BLUE1A Bluetooth Camera Set with Case
1048.Milwaukee Magnum Hammer Drill with Case and Related
1049.GB 200' Steel Tape, Extension Cord with Reel
1050.Black & Decker Rotary Tool, Skil Jigsaw
1051.Assorted Tools, Wrenches, Allen Wrenches, Hammers, More
1052.2 HG2 Cross Fire High Intensity Lighted License Tag Frames
1053.Epcon Legend Turbo HD 8 Channel Surveillance Kit
1054.2 Ecco 15" Rotating Min Bar Lights
1055.3 Ecco 15" Rotating Min Bar Lights
1056.Streamlight Litebox Rechargeable Lantern System
1057.Sho-Me LED Scene Lighter Model 10.8571SW.00P, Sho-Me Luminator LED Mini Bar Model 12.1224
1058.Magnafish In Wall Wire Fishing Tool with Case
1059.Epcom XMR Series Body Camera Kit with Case, #XMRB100
1060.Campbell Hausfeld Pneumatic Chisel with Assorted Bits and Case
1061.2 Pair Mckay Headphones with Mics
1062.8 General Ratcheting Offset Screwdriver Sets
1063.Poly Folding Table, 48"x24"
1064.Toshiba Studio 3511 Copy/Scan/Fax Machine
1065.Toshiba 32" TV with Stand
1066.Floor Jack, Approx. 3 Ton
1067.Portable Air Tank, Approx. 5 Gallon
1068.Napa 85-1010 Battery Charger and Starter, 12 VDC, 20/60/40/2 Amp
1069.Assorted Car Door Slim Jims/Picks, More
1070.Assorted Garden Hoses
1071.Werner Fiberglass 6' Step Ladder
1072.Fiberglass 6' Step Ladder
1073.Keller Fiberglass 10' Step Ladder
1074.Werner Aluminum Multi Ladder, Model MT-13, 13'
1075.Chicago Electric 30" Pedestal Fan
1076.Holmes 20" Pedestal Fan
1077.Wagner Control Spray Indoor/Outdoor HVLP Paint Sprayer
1078.2 Assorted First Alert Halogen 300 Watt Lights
1079.Dewalt 18V Tools, Flashlight, Circular Saw, Vacuum, Drill, 5 Batteries, Charger
1080.Drill Doctor XP2, Weller Butane Torch
1081.2 GB Fish Tapes, 20' and 100'
1082.Walker 12 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack
1083.Poly Folding Table, 72"x30"
1084.Dewalt Tote/Case with Contents, Heat Shrink, Socket Wrenches, Soldering Iron, More
1085.2 Assorted Poly Organizers with Assorted Hardware, Nuts, Bolts, Electrical Terminals, More
1086.2 Coby BW 5" TV/Radios, Coby 5" BW TV/CD/Radio
1087.Lorex Wireless Video System, 5" Monitor, #SG6231
1088.Lorex Wireless Video System, 5" Monitor, #SG6231
1089.Sala Safety Harness with Nano-lok Retracting Lifeline
1090.Cobra 1500W Power Inverter with USB, Model CPI1575
1091.Cobra 1500W Power Inverter with USB, Model CPI1590
1092.Minuteman Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery and Surge Protector, Model 600VA
1093.Motor Guide 5 Amp Single Bank Onboard Marine Battery Charger, Model 317705
1094.Motor Guide 5 Amp Single Bank Onboard Marine Battery Charger, Model 317705
1095.Motor Guide 5 Amp Single Bank Onboard Marine Battery Charger, Model 317705
1096.Noco Genius 1100MA Battery Charger, Model G1100, 6/12V
1097.Noco Genius 3500MA Battery Charger, Model G3500, 6/12V
1098.Schumacher Ship' N Shore 10 Amp Battery Charger, 12V Marine/Deep Cycle Batteries, Model SS-51A-PE
1099.8 Assorted, Levels, Rulers, Squares, 24" to 48"
1100.Metal Desk, 66"x36"
1101.Rigid 18V Tools, 1/2" VSR Drill, 1/4" Impact Driver, Right Angle Drill Attachment, Sanding Attachment, 2 Batteries, Charger, Bag
1102.Dura Tool 18V Drill/Driver with Charger, Battery and Case
1103.Assorted, Hammers, Hacksaws, Blades
1104.Circuit Tester, Stapler, SCX-Crimper, Greenlee Coax Stripper, 12V Soldering Iron
1105.Assorted, Cable Strippers, Crimpers, Snips
1106.Steck East Wedge, Super Air Jack, Autobody Tools, Clip Removing Tools
1107.Ryobi Drill/Driver Kit, Bits and Sockets
1108.2 VIM Door Panel Tools, VIM Dual Purpose Tool, Soldering Iron, SC-Crimper, Removal Tools, Pullers
1109.Vapor and Wagner Heat Guns
1110.Fluke 77 Multimeter, Astro Start Multitest Unit Model AT-PRG-1001
1111.2 Assorted Dura Tool 4.8DC Drivers, Assorted Bits, Chargers and Cases
1112.Dura Tool Metric Box Spanner Set, Assorted Bits, Sockets, Cordless Driver, More
1113.Miller 6' Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Miller Harness
1114.Central Pneumatic 3/8" Impact Wrench, CP Pneumatic 1/2" Impact Wrench
1115.Black & Decker Drills, Milwaukee 1/4" Driver
1116.Pneumatic 1/2" Impact Wrench, Air Inflator, Tire Pressure Gauge, Dura Tool 12V Compressor, More
1117.4 Assorted Hand Saws
1118.Welding Hood, Hard Hats
1119.Hole Cutting Tool with Dust Shield
1120.Assorted 1000V Insulated SAE Nut Drivers
1121.CCTV Camera Tester with 2.5" LCD Monitor, Pelican Case, Visual Inspection Camera with 2.4" Screen and Case
1122.Astro Hand Rivet Nut Kit, #1427
1123.Squeeze Wrench Ratchet Set, Pro's Kit Driver, Pick, Soldering Kit
1124.Hakko 936 Soldering Station with Weller Portasol Soldering Tool and Screwdriver Set
1125.Central Pneumatic 3/8" Impact Wrench, 1/2" Impact Wrench, Impact Sockets and Case
1126.Assorted Hole Saws and Drill Bits
1127.Pneumatic Grease Gun, Central Pneumatic High Speed Metal Saw Model 91753
1128.Assorted Wrenches and Ratchets
1129.2 Summit Fender Protectors
1130.Hydraulic Service Jack, Scissor Jack, Jack Stand
1131.Assorted, Extension Cords, Trouble Light, Cord reels, Outlet Strips
1132.US General Rolling Stool
1133.Sears 6" Bench Grinder, 1/2 HP
1134.Central Machinery 5 Speed Bench Top Drill Press
1135.3 Assorted Makita 9.6V Drills, 8 Assorted Batteries, 2 Chargers
1136.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Wire Brushes, Flaring Tool, More
1137.2 Assorted Pipe Wrenches, 8" and 18"
1138.Assorted, Soldering Irons, Engraving Tool, Tape Measures, More
1139.Assorted, Tape, Oil Filter Wrenches, Screwdrivers, More
1140.Assorted, Flashlights, Clamps, Tape Measure
1141.6 Assorted Multimeters (2 KRM AEEC02890)
1142.Assorted Sander Abrasives, Multi Disc Wheel, C Clamps, Crowbar, More
1143.Belden Standard Compression Tool, Lisle Circuit Tester, Greenlee Coax Stripper, Ratchet Crimpers, More
1144.Assorted Metric Combination Wrenches
1145.Assorted SAE Combination Wrenches
1146.Assorted SAE Combination Wrenches
1147.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf 111"x24"x42", Milwaukee 5" Vise
1148.2 Assorted Poly Tool Boxes, 20" and 24"
1149.2 Assorted Metal Tool Boxes, 20.5"
1150.Porter Cable 18V Tools, 6.5" Circular Saw, Drill, 2 Batteries, Charger and Bag
1151.Porter Cable 18V Tools, 6.5" Circular Saw, Drill, Battery, Charger and Bag
1152.ATD 7" Polisher, Model ATD-10511
1153.Chicago 4.5" Reciprocating Saw, Model 65570
1154.9 Assorted Parts/Hardware Bins with Contents
1155.7 Assorted Parts/Hardware Bins with Contents
1156.Home Tool Storage 10 Drawer Tool Box 26"x12"x19", 3 Drawer Tool Box/1 Door Cabinet on Wheels 26.5"x18"x28.5"
1157.2 Assorted Redi Measure Tools, Models 11-0764 and 12-0734
1158.Craftsman 7 Drawer Tool Box, 26"x12"x17.5"
1159.Assorted, Sockets, Bits, FM Tools 21 Pc. Screwdriver Set, Winchester Screwdriver with Assorted Bits
1160.Dura Tool Mini Compressor, ID Mini Compressor, 10" Random Orbit Polisher/Buffer
1161.Assorted, Wire Strippers, Crimpers and Pliers
1162.Metal Frame 4 Wheel Cart with Assorted Contents on Undershelf, 36"x28.5"x34"
1163.Wood Desk with Upper Shelf and Contents, Assorted Hardware
1164.2 Metal Car Ramps, 2000 Lb. Capacity Per Ramp
1165.2 Sawhorse Frames
1166.Ironton Creeper
1167.Ironton Creeper
1168.Jumper Cables with Case, 2 SOS Turbo Flares
1169.2 Quick Cable Quick Box Poly Battery Boxes, 12.75"x7.25"x10"
1170.3 Assorted 2" Receiver Hitches, 2 - 2" Balls, 1 - 1 7/8" Ball
1171.Poly Tool Box with 3/8" Chain
1172.3 Assorted Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vacuums, 1 HP
1173.Assorted, Straps, Bungee Cords, Jumper Cables, More
1174.Wood Work Bench with Contents on Top, 54"x27.5"x41.5"
1175.Contents of Wall Cabinets, Shop Supplies, Car Cleaners, Glass Cleaner, Propane, More
1176.2007 Toyota Tundra Roll Up Bed Cover
1177.Assorted, Shovels, Brooms, Chisels, More
1178.Fiberglass 6' Step Ladder
1179.2 Assorted 2 Tier Stands on Wheels, 24"x30"
1180.Coleman Powermate Air Compressor, 20 Gallon Tank, 6 HP with Air Hose
1181.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Bits, Trowel, More
1182.Assorted Pittsburgh and Matco Sockets
1183.4 Assorted Surge Protectors
1184.4 Assorted Surge Protectors
1185.Lorex Observation System, 12" Monitor, Motion Sensor, Model SG6831S
1186.Lorex Observation System, 12" Monitor, Motion Sensor, Model SG6831S
1187.Telewave Wattmeter Model 44A, UEI Digital Sound Meter, Assorted Screwdrivers, More
1188.Assorted Drill Bits, 5" to 29"
1189.Assorted Hole Saws and Drill Bits, 1" to 6"
1190.Assorted Hex Keys
1191.Assorted Drill Bits
1192.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Bits, Hammers, More
1193.Assorted, 1/4" Drive Sockets, Extension and Wrenches
1194.Assorted, Staplers, Crimping Tools, More
1195.14" Bolt Cutter, Snips, Magnets
1196.Assorted SAE Wrenches
1197.Pittsburgh Screwdrivers, Security Bits, Tool Boy Tool Kit, Screwdrivers
1198.Assorted 3/8" and 1/2" Drive Sockets, Extensions and Wrenches
1199.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Bits and Bit Holders
1200.Assorted Drill Bits and Metal Rods, 18" to 36"
1201.Assorted, Fuses, Wire Connections, Light Bulbs, More
1202.11 Spools Assorted Wire, 4 Ga., 8 Ga., 12 Ga., Spool Holder, More
1203.Assorted on Shelf, Switches, Remote Starter Parts, Wires, Keyless Entry Kits, More
1204.Wood Shelf, 30"x20"x84", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1205.Assorted, Electrical Connectors, Terminals, Hardware, Poly Organizers, Velcro, More
1206.14 Spools Assorted Wire, 14 AWG, 18 AWG, Spool Rack, More
1207.13 Spools Assorted Wire, 14 AWG, Sheathing, Spool Rack, More
1208.Assorted Wire Loom
1209.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf, 141.5"x27.25"x41.5", No Contents
1210.Assorted on Shelf, RAM Mounts Laptop Mounts
1211.Assorted on Shelf, RAM Mounts Laptop Mounts
1212.Assorted on Shelf, RAM Mounts Laptop Mounts
1213.Assorted on Shelf, RAM Mounts Laptop Mounts
1214.Metal Desk 60"x30", Wood Shelf 38"x30.5"x81"
1215.Packing Peanut Hopper
1216.Assorted, Antennas, PC Tel MBX45-0, Browning BR-6280, Hy-Gain Triband Monitor Base, More
1217.Assorted, Antennas, Shakespeare 3' CB #4050-B, 8' Economy VHF, 8' Loran C Whip, More
1218.Wood Shelf, 31.5"x48"x41.5", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1219.3 Assorted File Cabinets
1220.3 Assorted File Cabinets
1221.3 Assorted File Cabinets
1222.Wood Shelf, 78"x12"x36", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1223.Assorted Antennas, AS, Allen, More
1224.Assorted, Cable, Wire, Antennas, Rope, More
1225.Assorted in Section, Cable, 16 AWF, Fire Alarm Cable, Coax Cable, CAT5e, 24 AWG, More
1226.Assorted in Section, Cable, Coax, Fire Alarm Cable, Speaker Wire, CCI Signal Cable, More
1227.Assorted, Cable, 18 AWG, RG6/U, Ethereal, Digital, Audio, More
1228.Assorted Empty Tool Cases
1229.Assorted, Branded Hats, Poly Parts Bins, Fax Machines, Printers, More
1230.Assorted, Connectors, Metal Mounts, Wiring, TNC, PL-259, More
1231.Assorted Parts Organizers with Contents, Cable Connectors, Antenna Plugs, Jack Plugs, More
1232.5 Boxes Assorted, Cables, Southwire Signal AV 14/2C, AV 14/4C, Comcables 18/2, Box of Radio Holsters, More
1233.Assorted, Radio Parts, Power Cables, Cases, Shells, Electrical Parts, More
1234.2 Wood Shelves, 96"x39"x72.5" and 96"x27"x72.5", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1235.Assorted, Lights, Sho-Me Light Kits, Halogen Alley #10.0892 Red, Flashing Light Kit, More
1236.Assorted, Roof Top Safety Lights, Sho-Me Amber Mini Bar Light, 360 Strobe Light, More
1237.Assorted, Strobe Lights, Chargers, Sho-Me Trunk Light Kit, 12V Outlet, Spot Lights, More
1238.Assorted, Charger Parts, Lights, AC Power Unit, More
1239.Sho-Me Light Stick Kit #11.2741, 2 Assorted Light Bars 19" and 40"
1240.The Body Guard Vehicle Divider, 52"x38", 42" Bracket
1241.Assorted, Sho-Me Light Control Boxes #05.6000, Flashers, Quantum Flash Safety Light, More
1242.Assorted, Electronic Gun Locks, Code 3 Siren Controllers, Light Bulbs, Sho-Me 3 Function Siren #30.2109, More
1243.Assorted, Siren Speakers, Sho-Me Light Controller #11.1000, Littlite L-9/12 Vehicle Lights, Halogen Lights, More
1244.Assorted, Sho-Me Light Kits, Hyper-Brite Trip Lights, Sho-Me Micro-Lites, Micro Thin Strobes, Red Visor Light, Covert LED Kits #12.4502, More
1245.5 Metal Shelves, 30.5"x12.5"x59" Each, No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1246.Assorted, Antenna Poles, Satellite Poles, PC Tel 250W Base Station Antenna #MBX450, Flags, More
1247.8 Assorted Satellite Dishes
1248.Assorted in 3 Sections, DVR Units, Conduit Parts, Satellite Dishes, More
1249.Assorted in 3 Sections, Satellite Masts/Foot, DSS Satellite Chimney Mounts, Cable Connectors, Metal Brackets, More
1250.Assorted in 2 Sections, Satellite Dishes, Parts, DVR Units, More
1251.Assorted in 2 Sections, TV Mounts, Cable Raceways Kits, Metal Brackets, Satellite Boxes, More
1252.Access Roll Up Truck Bed Cover, 09-0N Dodge Ram 5'7" Bed w/o Ram Box, #14169
1253.Access Roll Up Truck Bed Cover, 07-13 Chevy/GMC New Body Full Size 5'8" Bed w/ or w/o Cargo Rails, #12309
1254.3 Assorted Wood Shelves, 1 - 120"x27"x75.5" and 2 - 48"x24.5"x96", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1255.J Mark Aluminum Running Board Pair, #7945
1256.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-202-01, Chevy Short Bed 99-Current, Black
1257.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-201-01, Chevy Long Bed 99-Current, Black
1258.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-115-01, Ford F-150 Short Bed 04, Black
1259.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-202-01, Chevy Short Bed 99-Current, Black
1260.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-202-01, Chevy Short Bed 99-Current, Black
1261.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-160-01, Ford Ranger 82-C/M2 Short Bed 94-Current, Black
1262.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-116-01, Ford SSB 04, Black
1263.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-212-01, Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Short Bed 04, Black
1264.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-115-01, Ford F-150 Short Bed 04, Black
1265.Tonneau Master Roll Up Bed Cover Kit, #80-102-01, Ford F-150 Short Bed 97-Current, Black
1266.2 Assorted, Roll Up Cover #060-0102-900001 Ford F-150 Short Bed 97-Current Black, Hinge Slant #040-0304-900001 Dodge Short Bed 02-Current Black
1267.4 Assorted, 2 Hinge Slant #040-0102-900001 Ford F-150 Short bed 97-Current Black, #040-0202-900001 Chevy Short Bed 99-Current Black, #060-0304-900001 Dodge Short Bed 02-Current Black, #060-020-900001 Chevy Short Bed 99-Current Black
1268.Assorted Pegboard and Wood Shelf, 53"x22" and 93"x48"
1269.Keller Fiberglass 24' Extension Ladder
1270.Assorted, Hik Vision Turbo HD DVR #DS-7200 Series, Assorted Cameras, Epcom DVR #EV1004HDX, More
1271.Assorted, DMP Fire Command Center Panel, XR5 Five Alarm Control Box, Metal Conduit Boxes, More
1272.Assorted, Video Equipment, Zenith Home Security BW Cameras, Door Announcers, More
1273.Assorted, Security Cameras, Speco Technologies, Bolide, Pylon Digital, More
1274.Assorted, Security Cameras, Epcom, Dummy IR Cameras, Eline, More
1275.Assorted, Security Cameras, Hik Vision Turbo HD, Epcom Precision, Wireless AV Sender, More
1276.Assorted in 4 Sections, Amseco Fire Alarm Speakers, Telguard Cellular Alarm Communicators, CCTV Camera Window Mounts, IR to UHF Upgrade Kits, Coax Connectors, More
1277.Assorted in 4 Sections, Ademco Sirens, Keyboards, Speaker Horns, More
1278.Davidson Aluminum 16' Extension Ladder
1279.2 Wood Shelves, 144"x27"x97" and 144"x39"x97", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1280.3 Wood Shelves, 119.5"x27"x97", 120"x39"x96" and 145"x35"x96", No Contents.
Please Pick Up AFTER 4PM.
1281.2 Boxes Assorted, Car Stereo Mounting Kits, AI, Metra, Chrysler, Ford, More
1282.Assorted, Antennas, RCA, Winegard Prostar 1000 #PR-6010, Digitenna, More
1283.3 Assorted, Stellar Labs Speaker/Mic Stand Gig Bag #555-13815, Heavy Duty Music Stand #555-11700, JBL Manual Adjust Speaker Tripod #JBLTRIPOD-MA
1284.2 Assorted Metal Repeater Cabinets with Assorted Contents, Kenwood VHF Repeater #TKR-751, 22"x23"x42" and 22"x19"x30"
1285.Toshiba Plain Paper Copier Model 2060, Metal 1 Door Cabinet on Wheels
1286.Assorted in 3 Sections, Wall Plates, Winegard Antenna Pre Amp, Digital Video Stabilizer, More
1287.Assorted, GC Band Separator, Adaptors, Jacks, Outlets, Cables, More
1288.Assorted, Verizon Wireless Migo Phones, Remotes, Wall Plates, Job Site 12 Step Wall Mount Volume Control #V-12, More
1289.Assorted, REI Fendermount Radios, TEAC CD Multi Players #PD-D2410, Radios and Related, Dell CPUs, More
1290.Assorted in 3 Sections, Speakers, Copilot Lights, Recoton Wireless Microphone System, Power Supplies, Astron RS-35A, Pulse Audio 50W Class D Amp, More
1291.Assorted in 3 Sections, Speakers, CPUs, Monitors, Stereo Mount Kits, Heater, Receivers, More
1292.Assorted in 3 Sections, Cables, Antennas, Wilson Cellular Cradles, Monitors, Speakers, Inverters, More
1293.Assorted in 3 Sections, Speakers, Radio Decks, CD Changer, Outlets, Chargers, More
1294.Assorted Contents in Rear of Service Van, Antennas, Cable Astron Pi-800 DC to AC Inverter, Cable Connectors, 6" PA Speaker, Hardware, More
1295.Pull Behind 36" Lawn Aerator
1296.Vintage Wonder Clip-Clop The Wonder Horse
1297.Elite Gas Powered 49cc Scooter, 1212 Miles on Odometer
1298.3 Assorted Vintage Tools
1299.Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, 1 HP, Approx. 20 Gallon Tank, Air Hose

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