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Electrical Contractor Surplus: Tools, Inventory & Office - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, November 18th, 2019.

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1.Panasonic 28.8V Hammer Drill, Model EY7880 with 2 Batteries and Charger
2.Enerpac Hydraulic Cable Bender
3.Greenlee Cable Cutter, Model HS1927043
4.Bosch Bulldog SDS Plus Hammer Drill, Model 11224 with Assorted Bits
5.Dewalt 18V Recipro Saw with 2 Batteries and Charger
6.Milwaukee Sawzall, Milwaukee Right Angle Drill, AC Delco 12V Inflator
7.3 Assorted Milwaukee Drills
8.Milwaukee 1/2" Right Angle Drill, Skilsaw 7.25" Circle Saw with Coolant/Water Line
9.Milwaukee Sawzall, Milwaukee Drill, Makita Drill
10.3 Assorted Milwaukee Drills
11.3 Assorted Milwaukee Drills
12.3 Assorted Milwaukee Drills
13.3 Assorted Milwaukee Drills
14.Milwaukee Right Angle Drill, Milwaukee Drill, Dewalt DW235G Drill
15.3 Assorted Milwaukee Drills
16.Milwaukee Hole Shooter, Milwaukee Drill, Bosch 1023VSR Drill
17.Milwaukee 1/2" Right Angle Drill, 2 Assorted Milwaukee Drills
18.Porter Cable Drill, Dewalt Drill, Bosch Drill
19.Milwaukee Sawzall with Case
20.Milwaukee Sawzall with Case
21.Dewalt 1" SDS Rotary Hammer, Model DW567 with Case
22.ID Expert Hand Held Labeler with Assorted Cartridges and Case
23.ID Expert Hand Held Labeler with Assorted Cartridges and Case
24.8 Wire Shelves 48"x18" with 8 Assorted Poles
25.Wood Box with Assorted Tarps
26.Bosch Bulldog VSR Hammer Drill, Model 11224 with Case
27.Bosch SDS Plus Hammer Drill, Model 11236VS with Case
28.Bosch SDS Plus Hammer Drill, Model 11236VS with Case
29.Bosch SDS Plus Hammer Drill, Model 11236VS with Case
30.Bosch SDS Plus Hammer Drill, Model 11236VS with Case
31.Hilti Hammer Drill, Model TM-7S VSR with Case
32.Hilti TE22 Hammer Drill with Case
33.Hilti TE14 Hammer Drill
34.Hilti TE22 Hammer Drill
35.Milwaukee 1/2" Right Angle Drill, Cat. No. 1001-1 with Case
36.Milwaukee 1/2" Right Angle Drill, Cat. No. 1001-1 with Case
37.Milwaukee 1/2" Right Angle Drill with Case
38.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Bandsaw, Cat. No. 6230 with Case
39.Craftsman Combo Router, Model 320.17543 with Plunge Base and Case
40.Ramset Powder Actuated Fastening Tool, Model D45 with Assorted Power Loads and Case
41.Ramset Powder Actuated Fastening Tool, Model D45 with Assorted Power Loads and Case
42.Milwaukee 1.5" Rotary Hammer, Cat. No. 5347 with Case
43.Milwaukee Sawzall, Cat. No. 6508 with Case
44.Milwaukee 1/2" Right Angle Drill with Case
45.Dewalt 1" SDS Rotary Hammer, Model D25303 with Case
46.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sawzall with Case
47.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sawzall, Cat. No. 6508 with Case
48.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sawzall with Case
49.Milwaukee 1/2" Right Angle Drill, Cat. No. 1250-1 with Case
50.Dewalt Recipro Saw, Model DW304P with Case
51.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Bandsaw, Cat. No. 6230 with Case
52.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Super Sawzall, Cat. No. 6537-22 with Case
53.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Super Sawzall, Cat. No. 6537-22 with Case
54.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sawzall with Case
55.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sawzall with Case
56.Dewalt VS Recipro Saw, Model DW311 with Case
57.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
58.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
59.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
60.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
61.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
62.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
63.5 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
64.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
65.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
66.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
67.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V, Assorted Parts
68.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
69.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
70.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
71.4 Assorted Warehouse Lights, 120V
72.Ridgid Pipe Threading Tool for 1" - 2" Pipe
73.3 Assorted Dual Head Halogen Work Lights on Stands
74.Ramset Viper Powder Actuated Fastening Tool with Assorted Power Loads and Fasteners
75.Powder Actuated Tool Extension Pole, Approx. 105"
76.2 Assorted Weller Soldering Guns with Cases and Related
77.Ideal Big Kahuna Cable Cutter, Model 35-076
78.MRC Hydraulic Cable Bender
79.4 Assorted Aluminum Cable Tracks, 18"x144"
80.Pallet Assorted, Light Reflectors, Conduit Outlet Boxes, Philips 1000LM Recessed Light Engines, More
81.Pallet Assorted, Curved Aluminum Cable Track Sections, Approx. 13.5" Wide, 28" to 46" Long
82.Pallet Assorted, Aluminum and Steel Cable Track Curved Sections, Approx. 7.25" to 18" Wide, 16" to 24" Long
83.Pallet Assorted, Aluminum and Steel Cable Track Curved Sections, Approx. 6" to 18" Wide
84.Pallet Assorted, Aluminum and Steel Cable Track Curved Sections, Approx. 7.5" to 19.5" Wide, 16" to 66" Long
85.Pallet Assorted, Aluminum Cable Track Sections, Approx. 7.5" to 25.25" Wide, 27" to 70" Long
86.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 36"x18"x72"
87.Eiko STR LED Strip Fixture #STR8-85/00/850-U-D, Legrand Tele-Power Pole #25DTP-4
88.Assorted High Power Electrical Parts, McGraw-Edison 15.5 KV Fuses (cart NOT included)
89.Assorted Wood, 24" to 144"
90.3 Assorted Halogen Work Lights
91.7 Galvanized Gate Doors 60"x60", 7 Assorted Poles 108" to 140"
92.Eaton Power Panel Breaker Box, 225A, #PRL1A, 208Y/120V, 3 PH with Assorted
93.Assorted, Conduit Covers, 3/4" Nipples, Flexible Aluminum Duct, More
94.Metal Rooftop Conduit/Tube Carrier, 129"x5"x5"
95.Square D Electrical Box, 43"x69.5"x12.5"
96.2 Poly 49" Safety Poles
97.Assorted Galvanized Cable Track Sections, Approx. 12" to 18" Wide, 120" to 144" Long, More
98.Assorted Aluminum and Steel Cable Track Sections, 78.75" to 144" Long, More
99.8 Assorted Aluminum and Steel Cable Tracks, Approx. 13.5" to 25" Wide, 119.5" to 144" Wide
100.Pallet Assorted, Reloc Cable Extenders, One Pass Splitters, More
101.Pallet Assorted, Reloc Cable Extenders, One Pass Splitters, More
102.Metal Desk, 60"x34"
103.Pallet Assorted Rope, Approx. 11 Spools, 1/4" to 3/4"
104.Pallet Assorted, Reloc One Pass Fixture Cables Multi Outlet Assemblies, Cable Extenders, More
105.Pallet Assorted Metal Surface Raceways, Approx. 48" to 60"
106.Pallet Assorted Metal Raceway Panels, 3.5" to 12.25" Wide, 18" to 72" Long
107.Pallet Racking, 4 Uprights 36"x134", 13 - 108" Crossbars
108.Pallet Racking, 7 Uprights 36"x108", 11 - 108" Crossbars
109.6 Pallet Racking 96" Crossbars
110.8 Pallet Racking 98" Crossbars
111.Pallet Racking, 6 Uprights 36"x155.5", 44 - 96" Crossbars
112.Sony Audio/Video Control Center Stereo Receiver, Model STR-DE185
113.Luma-site 30' Cord Reel Light
114.Wood Desk, 49"x23.5"
115.10 Exitron LED Exit Signs, #402-LB-WW
116.8 Assorted LED Exit Signs, All Pro and Lithonia
117.10 Assorted Lithonia LED Exit Signs
118.Light Art LA2 Cigar Small Fixture, Type P2, Silken Oyster and Sandstone, #CO-318882
119.Assorted, Weed Killer, Cleaners, Paint Thinner, Carpet Adhesive, Driveway Filler, More (cart NOT included)
120.Uline Jumbo Strapping Kit, #S-3824
121.8 - 5 Gallon Cans Prosco Sure Klean Weather Seal Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control
122.Yardworks 85 Lb. Broadcast Spreader
123.Craftsman High-Pressure Washer on Wheels with Hose and Sprayer, 2400 PSI/2.2 GPM, 6 HP
124.Power Washer Pressure Washer on Wheels with Hose and Sprayer, Model 2010-1, 1800 PSI/1.5 GPM
125.Wagner Power Steamer, 1500W, Model 705
126.Bostitch Pneumatic Coil Nailer
127.Ryobi Gas Blower, Model RY08548, 25.4cc
128.Spool of Maxcell Edge 4" Inner Duct Flexible Fabric Sheathing
129.Ace Home Garden 3 Gallon Sprayer, Assorted Funnels
130.Suncast 4 Wheel Garden Hose Cart with Hose
131.Char-Broil 2 Burner LP Gas Grill with Cover, 60"
132.Pallet Assorted Spools of Wire, Laser Ultra-Fox OM1 Optical Cable, 8/24 AWG Cable, 18 AWG, More, Approx. 18 Spools
133.Pallet Assorted Spools of Wire, 22 AWG Audio Cable, 20 AWG Coax, 7x28 Opticon, More, Approx. 23 Spools
134.Pallet Assorted Spools of Wire, 16 AWG, 24 AWG, Braided Sheathed, 2/C 16 AWG, 2/C 19 AWG, Mode, Approx. 11 Spools
135.Pallet Assorted Spools of Wire, 14 AWG, 18/8C, Precision Low Loss Digital Video Cable, 22/2C Communication Cable, More, Approx. 18 Spools
136.Pallet Assorted, Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, HP PhotoSmart A610, Dell Monitor, More
137.2 Outdoor Light Fixtures, #E-WP2H0712
138.Assorted, Light Bulbs, Metal Arc Lamp, GE Multi-Vapor Lamp, Hardware, Chain, Hooks, Acuity Sensor Switch, More
139.Assorted, Square D NQ Panel Board #NQN1CU, Morgan Hope Light Fixture #DQ-MHPEN2-BLK-WGS, More
140.Assorted, Westell Fuse Panel #NPGMT1107, Hanger Brackets, Lithonia 4000K Fixture, Philips Exit Signs, K&N High Flow Air Filter 14"x3", More
141.Assorted, Hanging Brackets, Chain, 3 Cases of Leviton, Wall Occupancy Sensors #OSW12-M0W
142.Assorted, 2 Philips Exit Signs #HZNRIC, Cooper Lumark Vapor Tight Fixture, Assorted Bulbs, Wagner HVLP Sprayer, More
143.Assorted, 2 Sun Valley Light Fixtures #LAE1-YB-CP//70MHMT 277V, Assorted Hanging Brackets
144.Assorted, Wall Plates, Light Bulbs, Switches, Outlet Receptacles, Electric Range/Dryer Cords, Poly Bins, More
145.Hoffman 72" Straight Section #F66G72, Philips Ledalite Fixture #L840K, More
146.Assorted, Outlet Receptacles, Light Bulbs, Switches, NuTone Roof Cap, Poly Bins, More
147.4 Cases Hubbell Duplex Receptacles #CR5352IGGY, 100 Per Case
148.Assorted, Light Bulbs, Philips, Sylvania, Dimmable CFL, Poly Bins, More
149.3 Cases Hubbell Duplex Receptacles #CR5352IGGY, 2 Cases with 100, 1 Case with 90
150.Assorted Caulk Guns
151.Assorted, Hardware, Washers, Nuts, Bolts, Poly Bins, More
152.9 Honeywell Suite Pro 3 Speed Fan Control Non-Programmable Thermostats, #TB8575A1000
153.3 Philips Ledgine Ecoform Outdoor Light Fixtures
154.10 Assorted Lightolier Recessed Light Fixtures, LED
155.Assorted, Hardware, Nuts, Bolts, Outlets, Plugs, Lutron Passive Infrared Sensors, More
156.Assorted, Light Bulbs, Lithonia 6 LED Down Light Housings, Pipe Pier Supports, More
157.Assorted, Receptacle Boxes, Ducting, Smoke Alarms, Switches, More
158.4 Boxes Assorted Light Bulbs
159.ITE Circuit Breaker Co. Switch, Type KC, 1350 Amp, 600V, Serial C-1122
160.2 Assorted Eaton Safety Switches, General Duty 60 Amp 240V, Heavy Duty 60 Amp 600V
161.Assorted, Wall Plates, Maxilume Recessed Light Fixture, Trane Tracer Control Box, Poly Bins, More
162.Assorted, Sanding Tools, Funnel, Metal Organizer, Boots, Bucket, More
163.Star LP Gas Deep Fryer, Model 215B
164.Advance Carpetwin 20 Vacuum, Model 200
165.3 Little Fuse E Rated Transformer and Feeder Protection Fuses, #80E-1CL-15.5, 15.5 KV, 80 E Amps
166.3 Heavy Duty Double Fuses
167.9 Assorted Current Limiting Fuses, ITE 15.5 KV 80E, Ferraz 15.5 KV 125E Amp, More
168.Assorted, Receptacle Boxes, Spatulas, Connectors, Poly Bins, More
169.2 Assorted Drinking Water Coolers, Plano Tackle Box
170.Assorted, Receptacle Boxes, Covers, Sylvania LED Mount Kit, Poly Bins, More
171.Coleman 12V Cooler, 21.5"x14.5"x17.5"
172.5 Assorted Conduit Benders
173.Tradewinds Pizza Oven
174.Assorted Chain
175.Assorted, Hardware, Bolts, Screws, Anchors, Conduit Hangers, Poly Bins, More
176.4 Lightolier Recessed Alcyon LED 2 Head Light Fixtures, #LLAVRMWH1135H2
177.Assorted, Fixture Hangers, Signal-Tech IN USE Indoor LED Signs, Cable Crimps, Light Bulbs, More
178.Assorted, Lithonia Pendant Power Hooks, Globe Light Housing, Hubbell Hangers, More
179.Assorted, Light Bulbs, Hooks, Day-Brite Luminaire Fitting Fixture, String Lights, Vapor Proof Surface Mount Fixture, More.
Picture Coming
180.Putting Green Rug
181.6 Assorted Chairs
182.Pallet Assorted Spools of Wire, PVC Unshielded Control and Audio Cable 22 AWG, 18 AWG, 16/2, More, Approx. 30 Spools
183.Pallet Assorted Light Bulbs
184.Pallet Assorted Light Bulbs
185.Metal 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 36" Wide, 2 Assorted 4 Drawer File Cabinets
186.Metal 1 Door Blue Print/Plans Filing Cabinet, 16"x39.25"x54"
187.6 Pallets of Metal Shelving with Uprights and Hardware, 36"x24" Shelves, 37.5" to 85" Uprights
189.Blue Print/Plans Cart
190.Poly Mud Tub 36"x24"x8", 2 Assorted Poly Hoses
191.Pallet Assorted, Lightolier Recessed Down Light Fixtures, 2 Gardo Ecoform Gen 2 LED Light Fixtures, More
192.Black & Decker Electric Hedge Trimmer Model HH2450, Homelite Weed Whip/Edger Attachment Model UT15518D
193.Eclipse Lighting LED Light Fixture, #RM6-LED25-35K-EBU-TPD-CLR-TP, 120/277V
194.3 Philips Inground LED Light Fixtures, #SL43WHCADANNN, 10-34W, 120/277V
195.Drill Press with Stand, 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM, 120V
196.Assorted, Wall Plates, Outlet Receptacles, Poly Bins
197.Assorted, 5 Assorted Light Art Light Fixtures, LA2, Medium Zero, 3 Philips EW Fuse Powercore 4' Light Strips
198.Assorted, Switches, Outlet Receptacles, Cree SPW 2A 40K LED Light Fixture, More
199.20 Stack Chairs with 2 Chair Carts
200.Pallet Assorted Wire, 22/2C, 22/2, Approx. 32 Boxes
201.Metal Shelf, 36"x12"x87"
202.Assorted, Fuses, Wire Terminals, Poly Bins, Vacuum Accessories
203.3 Electric Motors, Dayton 3/4 HP 1 PH, Dayton 3 HP 3 PH, Marathon 1/2 HP 3 PH
204.Light Art Hanging Light Fixture 22"x4", Philips Recessed Alcyon Rough In Light Fixture
205.5 Assorted Metal 2 Drawer File Cabinets
206.Friedrich AC Unit, Model WS08C10D-A, Serial ADBX02626, 8000 Cooling BTU/Hr, 115V, 1 PH
207.Panduit Poly Track, #T702BIW10
208.Siemens Heavy Duty Safety Switch, 400A, 600V, 22.5"x6.75"x34"
209.Pro-Form Electric Treadmill
210.Pro-Form Stride Climber 710i Elliptical with Game and Train Technology
211.2 Light Fixtures, 2'x4'
212.Weatherguard Van Rack, Serial 00000104504
213.Assorted Scaffolding, 12 Assorted Uprights 4' to 6', Assorted Crossbraces
214.4 Framed Windows, 36"x60" RO
215.2 Concrete Slabs, 34.5"x47.75"x3"
216.2 Assorted Conduit Boxes, 34"x48"x10"
217.3 Assorted Office Chairs
501.Office Panel System, 3 Stations, 80"x74" Each, 65" Tall
502.17 Inter-Tel Office Phones
503.2 Metal Bookcases 34.5"x12.5"x41", File Cart
504.2 - 2 Drawer File Cabinets, Side Chair
505.Cork Board 48"x36", Pin Board 48"x36", Pin/Dry Erase Board 36"x24", Air National Guard Framed Picture
506.2 Wood Bookcases 31"x13"x71" and 30"x11.5"x41.5", 4 Drawer File Cabinet, 2 Side Chairs, Fake Tree, End Table, Pin Board
507.4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 30" Wide, 2 Metal Bookcases 32"x13.5"x41"
508.3 Dry Erase Schedule Boards 72"x48", Pin Board 24"x18"
509.2 Dry Erase Schedule Boards 72"x48" and 96"x48", Pin Board 36"x48"
510.3 Fire Proof 2 Drawer File Cabinets (2 Legal)
511.4 Drawer Fire Proof File Cabinet (Legal)
512.Wood U Shape Desk 115"x108" Footprint, Wood Bookcase, 2 Side Chairs, Pin Board
513.Dry Erase Schedule Board, 72"x48"
514.Wood Desk 72"x36", Wood Bookcase 30"x11.5"x72", Side Chair, 2 Pin Boards
515.Drafting Table, 60"x38"
516.2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 30" Wide, 2 Side Chairs, End Table, Organizers
517.Bush Framed Picture, Signed, 42"x33"
518.Wood Desk 72"x36", 2 Side Chairs, Wood Stand on Wheels, Organizers
519.Metal Bookcase, 35"x12.5"x71"
520.Wood Desk 72"x36", Drafting Table 60"x37.5", 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 30" Wide, Side Chair, St Paul Framed Picture
521.Wood Desk 72"x36", 2 Side Chairs
522.Pin Board 48"x36", St Paul Framed Picture 34"x22"
523.Wood L Shape Desk 72"x84", Wood Bookcase, 2 Side Chairs
524.Metal Art Plane, Approx. 48" Wide
525.Wood Desk 72"x36", Wood 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 36" Wide
526.Wood Table, 48"x36"x36"
527.Wood U Shape Desk 124"x113" Footprint, Wood 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 36" Wide, Wood Bookcase 36"x12"x72", Pin Board
528.4 Assorted Office Chairs, Office Stool
529.Jim Hansel "Night Lights" Framed Picture, Signed and Numbered 3373/4980, 39"x28"
530.Wood 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 36" Wide, 3 Side Chairs, Pin Board
531.Wood Slanted Top Cabinet 55"x41"x50", Buyer will need to disassemble to remove from office
532.Leo Stans "Morning Solitude" Framed Picture, Signed and Numbered 2849/3500, 39"x29"
533.Wood Desk, 72"x36"
534.Metal Bookcase, 34.5"x13.5"x78"
535.Office Panel System, 2 Stations, 74"x102" Each, 65" Tall
536.Wood Credenza with Hutch, 72"x24"x67"
537.Office Panel System, 2 Stations, 74"x102" Each, 65" Tall
538.4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 42" Wide
539.Wood Desk 72"x36", 4 Drawer Fire File Cabinet (Legal), Metal Bookcase 34.5"x12.5"x71", 2 Side Chairs
540.2 - 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets, 36" Wide
541.Island Cabinet with Bookcases and Organizers 93"x36"x37", Pin Board, 2 Drawer Lateral File
542.Wood Desk 72"x36", Metal Bookcase 34.5"x13.5"x78", Side Chair
543.Canon Super G3 Laser Class 9000S Fax Machine, Cork Board
544.Wood Credenza 72"x24", Assorted Office Supplies
545.2 Les Kouba Framed Pictures, "Pheasants Paradise" and "Wood Duck Pond", Both Signed, 18.25"x15.25"
547.Wood Storage Cabinet with Hutch, 36"x20"x67"
548.2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 36" Wide, Metal Bookcase 34.5"x12.5"x41"
549.Wood Credenza with Hutch 72"x24"x67", Wood Stand on Wheels
550.Wood Coffee Table, 37"x16"
551.5 Cork Boards 48"x36" with Assorted Maps
552.Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinet, 36"x18"x72"
553.2 Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinets 36"x18"x42", Side Chair
554.3 Assorted Ice Castle Framed Pictures
555.8 Stack Chairs
556.Lunch Room/Conference Table, 96"x48"
557.Panasonic Microwave, Assorted Kitchen Goods
558.Wall Clock

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