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Retail Goods, Craft Supplies, Seasonal Decor & More - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Tuesday, November 12th, 2019.

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1.Huge assortment of assorted Pacific Rim ornaments! Several hundred pieces, retail packaged. New in the box. Incredible value worth thousands!!!
2.Gift boxes, 2 styles. 8-1/2x6-1/2x4 white, 1300 boxes. 12X10x2, 2 piece, white alligator boxes, 1000 boxes.
3.Pallet of ceramic tea pots, prep bowls, white mugs and metal bundt pans.
4.Reindeer Wishes placed card holders (16+ cases of 48 sets), deer ornaments, cupid cardholders.
5.41 cases (48 rolls per case) of 2-1/2" wide ribbon, for floral, gift and craft; assorted colors and designs.
6.23 cases (60 rolls per case) of 4" wide rolled ribbon, new in the box; 14 cases (144 rolls per case) of 3/16" curling ribbon, assorted colors on spools.
7.Assorted gift bags & tissue paper (4 boxes of approx. 144 packs per box); Magic mauve 3x5 frames (5 boxes of 24 pcs per box); 12 boxes pressure sensitive labels, assorted size); wafer seals, clear poly 1", 12 rolls; 48 rolls thermal transfer ribbon.
8.6000 16x6x19x6 plastic handled bags, assorted colors; 800 "Stargazer" 5x4x8 handled paper gift bags.
9.Memories toys ornaments; 7" stuffed Santas; 7" gold leaf ornament; casino games ornaments; snowman wall/door hangers; 11" green glass drop ornaments; resin lamp posts; Santa show globe Train; Boys and Girls ornaments; and much more.
10.36 cases of 2.5" wide rolls of non-wired ribbon (48 per case), variety of styles and colors in each case.
11.Approx. 50,000 Assorted placemats, tray liners, tray covers; poinsettia; cherries; Dora the Explorer; Holiday Games, etc.
12.Approx. 50,000 Assorted placemats, tray liners, tray covers; poinsettia; cherries; Dora the Explorer; Holiday Games, etc.
13.11 cases (250 per case) 16x6x19x6 plastic handled bags, assorted colors.
14.Approx. 28 cases (48 rolls per case) 2.5" wide non-wired ribbon, assorted colors and styles.
15.Great assortment of bags, over 2000 total .. paper bags, printed bags, with handles and without. Perfect for any store or craft sale. Wonderful variety
16.Pallet of 6 foot Convertible table throws. Cotton/poly blend of material to fit on standard tables. 80+ cases of 4 per case! Orange, Ivory, Purple, Hot Pink and Kelly Green.
17.Assorted Christmas ornaments, 20+ cases, with great variety. Plush teddy bear; glitz pyramid; metal cone; musical instruments; 16" moose/fsanta/frog decor, and much more.
18.12 cases (60 rolls per case) of 12-1/2 sq ft roll wrap, 5 assorted colors; 41 cases (60 packs of 2 per case) of 4x4x4 gift boxes, assorted designs and colors; 2 boxes of 48 each, 3.5" crochet bird cage ornament; 3 boxes of 96 each, Santa playing sports or
19.Great Christmas ornament pallet, big variety "Tree" ornament; 3" hydrangea cardholder; 11" jingle bell wreath; felt bottle bags, flamingo in bikini ornament and much more.
20.Wired edged ribbon HUGE LOT! Approx 1200 10 yard rolls total, with 13 styles represented. Huge value here, incredible product.
21.26 cases of 250 per case, 16x6x12x6 colored handled plastic bags. Perfect for any gift store, craft seller or to resell by the case. Lime green, black, clear frosted colors in this lot!
22.Estimated 1000 rolls of 2" wire edge fabric ribbon. Great assortment of styles and colors.
23.78 cases (4 per case) of 6-ft. Convertible table throws. Cotton/poly blend. Purple, lime green, kelly green and orange. Also, 6 cases table shirt clips (100 per case)
24.Pallet of assorted goods .. lime green 16x6x12x6 handled shopper bags; assorted tissue (27 cases of 60 cases per case); 2 dozen Black fabric reusable "grocery" style bags; 9 cases (100 per case) petitie paper gift bags, and more.
25.Pallet of assorted artificial wedding and craft flowers. Several thousand in assorted styles.
26.Stretch loops, metallic cord, tipped stretch cord, and more
27.44 cases (100 per case) of cloth total bags, great for reusable shoppers at the grocery store. 12X8x13 size. Assorted colors. 4400 total bags!
28.Mixture of great items .. cases of cloth reuable shoppers (600), 16x6x12x6 plastic handled bags (approx 2500); and approx. 1000 packs of clear, retail packaged acid free archival bags.
29.Over 1000 rolls of 10-yards each, 2" wide wire edged ribbon; assorted patterns and colors.
30.Many thousands of mostly gold and emerald green pull bows. Smaller inner boxes. Great item for resale! Great value,.
31.20 cases (40 spools per case) of metallic braided cord, green and red. Each spool is 250 yards. Also, 3 cases of cream colored spools of pearls for crafting.
32.92 cases (1000 per case) of placemats/tray covers. Variety of styles including Care Bears and Christmas.
33.Over 100,000 9" x 14" placemats/tray covers with assorted colors and designs. Includes grey, white, poinsettia, and children's holiday.
34.Full pallet of acid free photo archival envelopes. From Creative Memories. Estimated more than 80,000 pieces. And incredible opportunity for resale.
35.Full pallet of acid free photo archival envelopes. From Creative Memories. Estimated more than 60,000 pieces. And incredible opportunity for resale.
36.More than 160 boxes (300 sheets per box) of assorted scrapbook paper, various labeled designs including music notes, shoot for the stars, love design, etc. Most printed both sides. These are from Creative Memories company.
37.Pallet of mostly 2 items, thick black 12x12 scrapbook sheets; and hundreds of sheets of diecut graduation sheets. From Creative Memories company.
38.90 boxes (150 sheets per box) of Scrapbook pages, most printed both sides or embossed. Beautiful sheets. 5 different styles. Also a case of Ms. Elizabeths assorted pages. From Creative Memories company.
39.4 Peg/Shelf merchandiser racks by Unique company. Great for displaying retail merchandise. New in the box.
40.Thousands of high quality envelopes. A few hundred boxes of Eastern Linen, Leather, A6 Pearlized, A2 Colorplan, A7 Bamboo, A1 Foil-lined, A2 Pearlized, and more. Most retail packaged to sell in a store or online.
41.Great offering of bows and ribbons. Assorted colors, styles of ribbons and bows. 36 cases of 12 rolls of 10-yard gold lace Punchiello ribbon; 50 boxes of 36 packages of neck ribbons for medals; royal blue sheer ribbon; strips of cut 3/4" x 24" white sat
42.Ribbon pallet. 6 cases of periwinkle sheer ribbon; mocha shack ribbon, 16 cases of 25 yard x 3/8"; black satin adhesive bows; 10 cases of 24 Berwick sheer ribbon rolls.
43.INCREDIBLE DEAL PALLET!!! Items include: 1200 CD sleeves, 12 packs of glitter branches; 28 acrylic catalog holders; 8 gross small staplers; 24 garland scarves; 240 metal flower pots with liners; 30+ hardbound cash ledgers; dozens of easels; 7 cases of bot
44.Boxes and ornaments. Silver 8x8x4 boxes (1500); White alligator 10x10x2 (500); Hydrangea cardholders (1600); sleigh ornaments; honey fishing bears ornaments; raccoon eating watermelon ornament; walnut bowl stand; Poker Diva ornament; 11" dangle leg Santa,
45.Plastic envelopes and archival bags. Archival wallet envelopes (1000); resealable poly lip/tape tab (2000); pressure sensitive envelopes (2000); packing list sleeves (1500); 8 x 12 plastic sleeves (1000); 32 boxes (500 per box) of Acid free poly sleeves (
46.13 cases (100 per case) of 3.5x3.5x13.5 gift bottle boxes, assorted varieties; 94 cases (100 per case) 6.5x3x2 2 pieces popup boxes.
47.Christmas ornament bonanza! Thousands of ornaments, brand new in the box and most packaged for retail. Made by Pacific Rim company. Includes: filigree bisque; Poker King; flower pot; gold glass drop; Euroglass baby; Victorian angel; crochet pillow; Santa
48.Approx. 26 cases with 60 rolls each, 10 yard rolls of wire edged ribbon. Designs include: sailors knot; watermelon; wicker; french knot; fairway; hillcrest; candlelight; forget-me-knot; and more.
49.28 cases of 12x6x6 kraft gift boxes. 1 piece. Easy to pop up and very versatile.
50.Huge ornament assortment. Made by Pacific Rim company. A few thousand ornaments, most retail packaged for resale. Includes: trumpet player; beaded mirror; fishing theme; purple Victorian with feathers; pet mitten/stocking; black and red balls; cow purses;
51.24 cases (1000 per case) Yuletide placemats, 8.5x11.5; 24 cases (1000 per case) Poinsettia placemats, 13.5x18.6.
52.16 cases of 36 sets of heart nesting boxes. Wonderful retail item, by Wald Imports. Also, 2 cases of styrofoam cutouts.
53.10 cases of assorted wedding flowers, some very large cases. Thousands of assorted artificial flowers, if you are in the market you need to take a good look at this one.
54.25 cases Placon plastic packaging clamshells. Depending on style, range from 275 to 760 pieces per cases. Wonderful for repacking small items, crafts, etc. or for ressale.
55.23 cases of Placon plastic packaging clamshells. Counts range from 170 to 1120 pieces per cases, depending on the style. Great variety.
56.Assorted plastic containers, about 6000 1lb tubs, 2000 preformed shrink bands, 20 black box clear covers; 100 clam containers.
57.18 cases of Placon plastic clamshell containers. Quantity in cases varies by style, from 180 to 1000 pieces. Multiple sizes.
58.14 cases of Placon Plastic Clamshell containers. 200 to 1000 pieces per box. Great for repacking items, or for resale.
59.17 cases of Placon Clamshell Plastic containers. Quantities range from 200 to 760 per cases. Great for repacking items for retail, or to resell by the case.
60.Hundreds of rolls of assorted ribbon. Incredible variety, most of which are items no longer being made. Great resale potential,.
61.Great Retail Pallet!!! Items include: Assorted colored feather swags; resin figurines by Pacific Rim (over 500); decorative resin balls; 200 Schoolhouse alarm clocks; 144 bubble gum floral frames; 40 boxes (36 tubes per box) of small fashion pearl tubes.
62.More Awesome Retail Items!!! 9 dozen "Time Out" Bears; 3200 Looney Toon flying discs; 12 resin Bakery Pigs; 9 doz. Long-tailed birds; 400 2x2 acrylic picture frames; 9 doz. Coblestone flet roads; 500 ice cream placecard holders; 3 doz 9' red/white scarf
63.22 cases (80 bags per case) of 4-color raffia bundles; 4 cases (80 per case) 5 color raffia bundles; 8 cases (50 bags each ) 22" red raffia; 10 cases (12 rolls each) 100 yards faux raffia; 5 cases (36 packs each) of 12 raffia bow bundles.
64.Berwick Bonanza!! 32 cases of 120 Berwick microspools of ribbon; 180 rolls of 1/4" Burwick ribbon; 72 rolls x 4 cases ribbon; 24 rolls of 12 cases ribbon; 6 cases of over 100 assorted ribbon rolls per case.
65.Ribbon explosion! 1 Case of hundreds of assorted curling ribbon; a case of 100s of rolls of 1" sheer ribbon; Dozens of rolls of 1-3/8" Christmas ribbon, 50/yd spools; 13 cases curling ribbon; several other larges cases of Berwick and other assorted ribbon
66.100# bag of 7/8" diameter x 4-1/2" long hard wood dowels.
67.12 pallets of assorted bags and retail store goods. Flat bags, ice cream sandwich makers, gift boxes, holiday seals, holiday gift boxes, ornaments, card holders, and more.
68.A full semi full of 24 pallets of retail store items, heavy on gift bags. Many thousands of flat, colored bags, as well as thousands of handled shopping bags. NOTE: Pallet jacks are not included in this lot

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