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Item Description
1.4 Wood Top Hightop Tables, 24"x42"
2.8 Wood Stools, 29" Seats (some a bit darker stain)
3.4 Assorted Red Wing Framed Pictures, 12"x10"
4.5 Wood Top Dining Tables, 48"x30"
5.30 Wood Dining Chairs (some a bit darker stain)
6.Wood Booth Package, 5 Openings (3 Doubles and 2 Ends) with 5 - 48"x30" Tables
7.5 Assorted Red Wing Framed Pictures, 16.5"x13.5"
8.2 Assorted Wood Menu Boards, 93.5"x48" and 24"x36"
9.2 Wood High Chairs
10.SS Top Wood Soda Station Cabinet, 42"x24"x40"
11.True Glass 1 Door Refrigerator, Model GDM-10, 115V
12.True Glass 1 Door Refrigerator, Model GDM-12, 115V
13.3 Assorted Red Wing Framed Pictures, 2 - 16.5"x13.5" and 1 - 25"x19"
14.APW Cooker/Warmer, Model RCW-11, 120V, NEW
15.APW Cooker/Warmer, Model RCW-11, 120V with SS Insert and Lid
16.APW Cooker/Warmer, Model W4-2, 120V with 2 SS Inserts and Lids
17.APW Cooker/Warmer, Model RCW-7, 120V with SS Insert
18.Vollrath Heat 'n Serve, Model HS-11, 120V with SS Insert and Lid
19.APW Cooker/Warmer, Model RCW-7, 120V with SS Insert
20.APW Cooker/Warmer, Model RCW-7, 120V with SS Insert
21.2 Sheet Pan Racks on Wheels, 20 Full Pan Slots
22.Sheet Pan Rack on Wheels, 20 Full Pan Slots with 45 Full Size Sheet Pans
23.Laminated Service/Storage Counter 60"x27'x41.5" with Laminate Top and Wall Panel
24.Service Counter with 14' Brass/Glass Sneeze Guard, Approx. 21' Total Length
25.Laminated Service Cabinet on Wheels 60"x32.5"x43.5" with Attached SS Wall Shelf 24"x11"
26.Assorted, SS Wall Shelf 36"x12", Poly Wall Shelf 36"x14", Poly Condiment Organizer, 2 Assorted Cork Boards
27.Duke 6/13 Double Oven on Wheels, Top is Convection, Model PFB-2, 120V, 1 PH, New Electronics on Top and Bottom installed 18 Months Ago
28.Bunn Pour Omatic Coffee Machine, 2 Glass Pots, Air Pot, Filters
29.Vollrath Cayenne Full Pan Food Warmer, Model HS1220, 120V with 1 SS Full Pan and 3 SS Half Pans
30.Gehl's Nacho Cheese Dispenser, Poly Cutting Board 24"x18"
31.SS 17.5" Hand Sink with Towel Dispenser
32.SS Table with Undershelf and Edlund Can Opener, 60"x24"
33.2 Poly Wall Shelves, 36"x14"
34.True 2 Door Refrigerator on Wheels, Model T-49, 115V
35.True 2 Door Refrigerator on Wheels, Model T-49, 115V
36.SS 3 Tier Bus Cart, 27"x18"
37.Tomato Slicer
38.Berkel Slicer, Model 909FS, Serial 9255-01111-02830, 1/2 HP, 115V with Attachment
39.SS Table with Undershelf, 60"x30"
40.4 SS Pots 11"x8" with 2 Lids
41.12 Assorted SS Bowls, 8" to 19" (1 is a strainer)
42.SS 1 Compartment Sink with Faucet, 39.5"x26.5"
43.Edlund SS Knife Holder with 7 Assorted Knives
44.Poly 3 Tier Bus Cart 29"x18.5" with Assorted Plastic Trays and Baskets
45.2 Poly Wall Shelves, 36"x14"
46.Amana Commercial Microwave, Model ALD10D, 120V
47.Assorted Plastic Bins with Lids, 1 Qt to 6 Qt, 1/6 Pans, More
48.Assorted SS Pans, 4 - Half, 21 - 1/6, 8 - 1/9 with 2 Lids, 26 - 1/3 with 1 Lid
49.Assorted, Kitchen Utensils, Scale, SS Dividers, Calculators, More
50.Assorted, Plastic Bottles with Lids, Cleaning Buckets, More
51.Wire 4 Tier Shelf on Wheels, 48"x24"x77"
52.SS 3 Compartment Sink with Faucet, 115"x27"
53.3 Assorted Wire Wall Shelves, 2 - 60"x18" and 1 - 36"x18"
54.4 Assorted Wire Shelves, 2 - 1 Tier 36"x14"x14", 1 - 3 Tier 36"x24"x42", 1 - 2 Tier 36"x24"x34"
55.3 Assorted Wire Shelves, 2 - 4 Tier 48"x24"x72" and 1 - 4 Tier 48"x14"x75"
56.3 Assorted Wire Shelves, 1 - 4 Tier 48"x18"x75", 1 - 4 Tier 36"x14"x55" and 1 - 4 Tier 38"x13"x50 on Wheels
57.Arctic Air 1 Door Refrigerator on Wheels, Model AR23, 115V
58.5 Assorted Trash Bins
59.AMSEC Drop Safe with Combo, 14"x14"x20"
60.4 Brute Trach Cans (2 with Wheel Carts), 3 Assorted Trash Bins
61.Assorted, Wire 4 Tier Shelf 36"x14"x55", Wood Cubby Shelf, Black Dry Erase Board
62.2 Assorted Fans
63.Waring Commercial MX1050 Blender with Pitcher and Sound Enclosure
64.SS Chafing Set, Full Pan Size
65.Metal Frame 5 Tier Shelf with Wood Decking, 48"x18"x84"
66.Dual Heat Lamp
67.Assorted Cash Registers, Casio PCR-T265, Sam4s ER-650, Samsung ER-490, Cash Drawer Inserts, Roll Paper Dispenser
68.Assorted, Igloo 5 Gallon Drink Dispenser, Rapi-Kools, Condiment Organizer, More
69.3 Assorted Wire Shelves, 2 - 4 Tier 36"x18"x74" and 1 - 4 Tier 48"x18"x74"
70.Assorted, Mop Buckets, Step Ladder, Shovel, Dust Pan, More
71.Wire 3 Tier Shelf, 72"x24"x68"
72.HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, Lenovo CPU
73.Metal Desk, 2 - 2 Drawer File Cabinets (1 legal), Wood 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, Office Chair
74.Neon Open Sign
75.Continental Janitorial Cart
76.7 Assorted Framed Pictures, 12"x10"
77.7 Assorted Framed Pictures, 16"x13"
78.6 Assorted Framed Pictures, 15.5"x17" and 18.5"x22.5"
79.SS Wall Shelf, 36"x11"
80.4 Poly 3 Drawer Cabinets 12.5"x14.5"x24" with Assorted Contents

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