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Video/Audio Production Equipment, Vintage Film Equipment, Office Furniture & More - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, February 3rd, 2020.

Item Description
1.Neon "Badiyan" Sign on Vintage Movie Reel, 34"
2.Vintage Zenith Radio, Floor Model, 23"x13"x39.75", Need Repair
3.Vintage Hallicrafters TV Set, Approx. 13" Screen, 24.5"x20.5"x40.75"
4.Laurel and Hardy Statues on Park Bench, 21"x13"x24"
5.Laurel and Hardy Framed Picture, 20.5"x28"
6.Plexiglas Display Case, 64.75"x12.75"x91"
7.Assorted International Film and TV Festival of New York Awards 1980-1988, Vintage Slide Projector
8.4X5 Leica Camera with 6 Film Backup, Polarizer and View Finder, Film
9.Vintage Film 16mm Viewer and Cutter
10.Neumade Film Synchronizer
11.Vintage Keystone View Co./Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Slide Projectors (used in movie theaters)
12.Kodascope Model G Series II 16mm Projector
13.Keystone Mfg. Co. Movie Graph Projector, Manual Operation
14.Keystone Kinescope 16mm Projector, Model E-33
15.3 Kodak Slide Projectors with Dav Dissolver and Slide Trays
16.Vintage 35mm Carrying Case, First 18 Minutes of the Western Movie "Chance" on Reel, Assorted Movie Reels, Film Splicer
17.Ediquip 4 Gang 16mm Film Synchronizer with Counter, Model 1034, Serial 02074, Single Film Synchronizer
18.2 Pair Film Rewinders
19.Approx. 5 Pairs of Film Rewinders
20.Moviola 16mm and 35mm Film Editing Machine, Model UL-20-S, Serial 46625, Framed Photograph
21.Assorted on 2 Upper Shelves, Pioneer Laser Disc Player Model LD-V4000 with Assorted Laser Discs, Film Reel Canisters, Audio Tape Reels, More
22.Vintage Webster Chicago Electronic Memory Audio Wire Recorder with Case
23.Vintage Oliver Standard Visible Writer No. 3 Typewriter
24.Dial Typewriter, More
25.Macintosh SE/30 Computer, Keyboard and Mouse
26.Vintage Webster Chicago Electronic Memory Audio Wire Recorder with Case
27.Smith-Corona Sterling Typewriter with Case
28.Hollywood Film Co. Model COMB Film Synchronizer with Counter, Serial 6837, 3 Gang, 16-35mm Converter
29.Film Bin
30.Cinema Products 16mm Film Camera with Accessories, 2 Magazines, 9mm T/1.35 9mm Lens and Zoom Control, Case and Tripod
31.Symphony Phonograph, Acme of the Sound Reproduction with Approx. 55 Records
32.Player Piano with Bench and Assorted Music Rolls
33.Sony Betacam SP 3CCD Video Tape Video Camera
34.The Gramaphone Company L His Masters Voice Vintage Record Player with Record
35.Vintage Delco Floor Model Radio
36.Fostex Model E-2 Analog Reel to Reel Master Tape Recorder with Assorted Attachments and Stand, Notronic Bulk Eraser
37.Floor Lamp 72.5", Folding Card Table, 33.25"x33.25"
38.Vintage Radiola Radio
39.NEC 29" TV with Remote, Model LCD3000
40.Insignia DVD Player/Home Theater System with Subwoofer and 5 Speakers, Philips VHS Player, Philips DVD Player Model DVD703, Panasonic VHS Player
41.2 Door Cabinet, 62"x25"x39.5"
42.Bell & Howell Autoload 8mm Film Projector Design 357B, Columbia Portable Reel to Reel Tape Player/Recorder
43.3M Overhead Projector, Technicolor Showcase Super 8 Movie Cartridge Player
44.IBM Thinkpad, Type 9545-308, Serial 97-B3XP6
45.Vintage Telephone, 9.25"x13"x20.5"
46.Vintage RCA Victor TV Set, 9" Screen, Table Top Model
47.Vintage Admiral Table Top Radio and Record Player with Assorted Antennas, Vintage Admiral Table Top TV, 10.5" Screen
48.2 Door Cabinet, 68"x22"x29.5"
49.Hitachi Star Board Interactive White Board 68"x53" with Proxima Desktop Projector Model 9250 with Remote
50.Maier Hancock Portable Hot Splicer, Model 816, 16-8mm
51.Maier Hancock Portable Hot Splicer, Model 816, 16-8mm
52.2 Vintage Headphones
54.Assorted, Coasters, Vintage Bell & Howell Filmo Double Run Eight Film Camera Model 134-C, Mega Phone
55.AGFA Ansco Corp Shure Shot B-2 Box Camera, Bell & Howell Filmo Auto Load 16mm Movie Camera, More
56.Sankyo Model CM400 Movie Camera, Technicolor Super V Movie Camera
57.Vintage Wood Stereo Viewer with Viewing Pictures, Six-20 Target Hawk-eye Box Camera, Vintage JE Mergott Co. JEM Camera Model JEM JR.120
58.Polaroid Automatic Land Camera Model 420, Vintage 50th Anniversary Kodak Box Camera
59.Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Model 2 Alpha 1, No. 2 Folding Cartridge Premo Vintage Camera
60.Vintage Polaroid The Reporter SE Colorpack Land Camera, Kodak No. 2 C Autographic Kodak Jr Camera with Case
61.Nagra 4.2 Portable Mono Full Track 6.35mm Analog Audio Tape Recorder with Case, Power Supply, Mic, Line Input/Output, More
62.Wood Table 61" with 5 Chairs
63.Office Package: Desk 72"x36", Credenza 66"x20", Office Chair, 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 36", Office Supplies, Dry Erase Board 48"x36", 2 Lamps, More
64.6 Assorted Framed Awards and Pictures, 14"x11.25" to 43.5"x32"
65.Office Package: Desk 60"x30", 2 Office Chairs, 2 Drawer File Cabinet, Floor Lamp, Framed Picture, Samsung 18" Monitor, More
66.4 Assorted Framed Pictures, 37"x24.25" to 39.25"x30.5"
67.3 Assorted Framed Pictures, 28.5"x20.5"
68.4 Assorted Framed Pictures, 28.5"x20.5"
69.3 Assorted Framed Pictures, 20.5"x16.5" to 28.5"x20.5"
70.Panasonic Massage Lounge Chair, Model EP1001
71.Bose Acoustic Wave Music System, Bionaire Heater
72.Assorted, Decor, Awards, iHome Radio/Alarm, Oil Candle, More
73.Rain Stick 33.5", Decor Figure 13"
74.Assorted Books
75.Wood Shelf System with Assorted Cabinets and Drawers, 94"x15.5"x74"
76.Desk 72"x36", Credenza 72"x19", 3 Assorted Office Chairs, Coffee Table
77.Metal 5 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 36" Wide
78.4 Assorted Framed Pictures, 20.5" to 38.5"
79.Framed "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Picture, 47.75"x29.5"
80.The QRS Vintage 16mm Winding Camera
81.Guillotine Film Splicer
82.Edison Record, Violin & Flute, At the Mountain Inn
83.Carena Zoomex Double 8mm Film Camera with Case
84.Wood Presentation Cabinet, 48"x48"
85.Polycom Sound Station 2W Conference Phone
86.26 Assorted Frames, 11.25"x14.25", 12.75"x16.75", 30"x40"
87.Wood Conference Table, 120"x48"
88.8 Office Chairs
89.5 Office Chairs
90.Smarttech Smart Board 77.5"x49" Model SB685 with Hitachi 3LCD Projector, Model CP-A100
91.Wood Entertainment Cabinet, 151.5"x22"x45"
92.Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver Model R-V905, Sony CD/DVD Player Model DVP-NS725P, 5 Bose Surround Speakers and Subwoofer
93.Office Package: Desk 60"x30", 2 Side Chairs, Office Chair, 2 Drawer Lateral File 36", Wood Shelf with Cabinet 30"x16"x72"
94.11 Assorted Picture Frames, 10-11.25"x14.25", 12.25"x16.25"
95.5 Assorted CPUs, LG, Vostro 200, Antec, 4 Assorted Monitors, Assorted Speakers, Keyboards, Wacom Digitizer and Tablet Boards, More
96.Wood L Shape Desk 60"x71", 2 Side Chairs, 2 Office Chairs, Wood Shelf 30.25"x11.75"x72"
97.8 Assorted Picture Frames, 14.25"x11.25", 16.25"x12.25", 39.25"x25.25"
98.Wood Desk, 56"x24"
99.3 Assorted Desks, 2 - 66"x30" and 1 - 45"x32", Wood 2 Drawer Lateral File 42", Frames, Office Organizers, More
100.8 Assorted Office Chairs
101.Office Paneling, 58" High
102.5 Assorted File Cabinets
103.7 Assorted Wood Shelving Sections with Contents, 48"x10"x83.75", 30"x12"x71.5", 36"x10"x83.5", 48.75"x10"x83.5", Assorted Books
104.Box Assorted Power Cords
105.Rimage 2000i CD/DVD Disc Duplicator/Printer Model RAS16, Assorted Discs, Ink Cartridges
106.Metal Media Rack on Wheels 24.25"x27.25"x51.5" with Sony Betacam SP Video Cassette Recorder, Model BVW-75
107.Metal Media Rack on Wheels 22.5"x31.5"x84.75"
108.Sony Betacam SP Video Cassette Player Model BVW-65, VTR 10 Dynamic Motion Control Rack Mount Unit
109.Sony Digital Video Cassette Recorder Model DVR-10, D-2 Composite Digital Rack Mount Unit
110.Sony U-Matic Video Cassette Recorder, Model V0-5800
111.Sony Betacam SP Video Cassette Recorder Model UVW-1800, JVC VHS Professional Editing Recorder Model BR-8600U, Prime Image TBC Rack Mount Unit
112.Assorted, CD Jewel Cases, Uline S-7767, Recordable DVDs, Uline S-7764 Disc Sleeves
113.2 Assorted Framed Pictures, 13.25"x40.25" and 17.25"x21.25"
114.3 Assorted Framed Pictures, 20.5"x28", 30.25"x38" and 20.5"x28"
115.5 Fabric Chairs, 16" Seat Height
116.Wood Stool, Coffee Table 27"x20"x15.5", Framed Picture 20"x16"
117.2 JBL Control 5 Monitor Speakers, 9.5"x9"x15.25"
118.3 Assorted Speakers, 7" to 10.5" Tall
119.Hitachi Vectorscope Model V-089, Tektronix NTSC Vectorscope Model 1420, JVC Color Video Monitor, Unit Model B269687
120.Assorted, 2 Rack Mount Patch Panels, 4 Rack Mount Units, Faroudja Lab VHP Super NTSC, Grass Valley Group Sync/Color Bar Generator Model SCB-100N, More
121.JVC DTV Component Multi 24" Monitor, Acer X203H 20" Monitor
122.Yamaha Power Amp Model P2075, Technics Stereo Integrated DC Amp Model SU-V5
123.Mackie 16x8x2 8 Bus Mixing Console
124.Technics M205 Cassette Rack Mount Unit, Technics Stereo Double Cassette Deck Model RS-TR333
125.Fostex D-20B Digital Master DAT Recorder/Editor Rack Mount Unit
126.Apple Power Mac G5 CPU, Huge Systems Media Vault Model HMV320R-0600-M and Model HMV-U30RX-1600DM, Serial 1605BX114
127.Wood 2 Piece Studio Desk on Wheels, 122"x61.5"x40"
128.Rockville Compact Pro Audio Acoustic Microphone Isolation Shield Model RMF1 with 3 Assorted Click Timers
129.Technics Compact Disc Player Model SL-P520, Mackie 220W Rack Mount Power Supply
130.Galaxy 2200 Video Center VHS Player/Monitor, Tektronix Rack Mount Wave Form Vector Monitor Model 1740A
131.Wollensak 3M AV Cassette System Model 2551
132.Sony Betacam SP Video Cassette Recorder Model UVW-1800
133.Wood L Shape Desk 72"x89", 2 Drawer Lateral File 36", Framed Mirror 28"x28"
134.AT&T Phone System, Approx. 26 Phones, Models BIS-10, BIS-22, BIS-34D, Merlin PFC
135.2 Side Chairs, Floor Lamp 66.25", Presto Dish Heater
136.Area Rug, 129"x93"
137.6 Fabric Chairs, 16" Seat Height
138.2 Assorted Office Chairs
139.Glass End Table 23.5"x23.75", Vase, Decor Plant 38"
140.Assorted Uniforms
141.Wood J Shape Reception Desk, 103.5"x90"x53", 42" High
142.Plantronics S10 Headset, Franklin Pronouncing Dictionary & Thesaurus Language Master Model LM4000, HP LaserJet 2300d Printer
143.HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 Fax/Scan/Copy/Web/Print
144.Hot/Cold Water Dispenser
145.Bunn VPR Series Coffee Machine with 2 Pots
146.Wood Top Table 47.5"x34.5", 4 Chairs, Kitchen Cart with 2 Doors 25.5"x18"x33.5"
147.Sharp 19.5" TV with Pivoting Arm Wall Mount
148.Panasonic Microwave, B&D Toaster Oven, Contents of Kitchen Cabinets, Utensils, Glasses, Mugs, More
149.SS Air Pot, 3 SS Pitchers
150.Lanier LD520C Copier/Scanner/Printer on Wheels
151.Assorted Office Supplies, Organizers, Clips, Staples, Scale, Paper Cutter, Tape Dispensers, Envelopes, Binders, More
152.Assorted Hanging File Folders and Envelopes 10"x13"
153.4 Assorted Office Chairs
154.7 Assorted Empty Cases, 17"x5"x12" to 18.75"x19.25"x26.5"
155.Dings Dynamics Electric Release Unit Model 2-61001-24, 1.5 Lb. Torque, 1 PH with WR Turner Distributor 1 HP Motor, 3 PH
156.Assorted Along Wall, 108" Carpet Roll, Blinds, Light Fixtures, Track Light Cans, Wood Frames, More
157.2 Assorted Directors Chairs
158.Husky Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
159.Shure FP31 Mixer with Cases, 5 Assorted Speakers
160.Assorted Rack Mounts, Sliders and Hardware
161.Technics Space Dimension Controller Model SH-8030, Eico Cortina Stereo Amp Model SA-4160
162.Julietta 8 Track Stereo Recorder AM/FM Multiplex System, Anchor 200 Powered PA Speaker 300W
163.Sony 3CCD Color Video Camera with Camera Adaptor #CMA-D1, Assorted Mounts, Straps, Filter, Horita PWG Portable Time Code Window Inserter
164.Poly Folding Table 72"x30", Folding Table 47"x20"
165.Assorted Mounting Clamps, Lights, Filters, More
166.3 Assorted Wood Folding Tables, 72"x30"
167.Assorted, Rack Mount Patch Panels, Fast Forward Video F21 SMPTE Time Code Generator/Reader, More
168.Sony Parabolic Reflector Model PBR-330
169.RTS Systems Intercom System with 4 Headsets and User Stations Model BP-300, 2 Maxon 49-SX Hands Free Communicators
170.Assorted, Diffusers and Filter Flags 12"x25" to 24"x35", Wood Cart 26.75"x19"x40"
171.Arriflex Limpet Mount, Cat. No. 341 140
172.Nikon D40 Digital SLR Camera with Battery and Charger, 18-55,, Zoom Lens Case
173.2 Wood Stools with Fabric Seats, 30"
174.Assorted, Ceramic Letters, Plastic Letters, Shelves, Clamps and Mounts
175.Apple Airport Extreme Base Station Serial HS4070X4Q4N, Outlet Strips, Tenda Wireless-N Broadband Router
176.2 Assorted Tables, 30" and 36" (with glass overlay)
177.Luma Draper Projection Screen, Approx. 8'x6'
178.4 Assorted Adjustable Light Stands, 39" to 48"
179.4 Assorted Adjustable Light Stands, 52"
180.3 Assorted Studio Lights with Adjustable Tripods, 51" to 64"
181.Mole-Richardson Co. Type 3571 Mole Quartz Baby 4K Softlite, Features 4 Separate Light Switches with Adjustable Stand on Wheels, 72"
182.Matthews Adjustable Light Stand on Wheels, 51"
183.Adjustable Light Stand on Wheels, 44"
184.3 Assorted Fans, 2 Assorted Heaters
185.2 Wood Sawhorses, 103" and 120"
186.Assorted on Table, 4 Paint Sticks, Mortar, Chicken Decor, Radio, Aquarium 20"x10.25"x12.5", More
187.Honeywell Lyric WiFi Thermostat, Model TH8732WF, for Android or iOS
188.Lawn Mower Ornament, Cat 247B 1:32 Scale Loader, Toro Model Loader, USS Constitution Ship in a Bottle Kit
189.18" Dart Board with Steel Tip Darts, Sawblade Clock
190.2 Assorted Fire Extinguishers
191.2 Assorted Miter Boxes with 3 Assorted Saws
192.DAT Walkman Corder Model TCD-D8 with Case, Sony VOR Cassette Corder Model TCM-S64V
193.2 Sony Camera Control Units Model RM-P3 with Cable
194.Protable Reflector with stand and Hardcase, 50"
195.Assorted, Recessed Lighting, Shelf Brackets, Breakers, Door Knobs, More
196.4 Assorted Presto Heaters
197.Wilson Golf Club Bag
198.2 Assorted Tripod Bases
199.Carpet Remnant 244"x144"
200.Assorted in Section, New Cuisine Art Air Surge Oven, Framed Pictures, Decor Pillows, Thank You Tins, Dry Erase Boards, More
201.Assorted BNC Cables, 5' to 25'
202.Metal 2 Door Cabinet 36"x18"x72" with Assorted Contents
203.Assorted Diffusing Sheet Rolls and Color Gel Rolls for Lighting, 26" to 72" Wide
204.Wire 4 Tier Shelf on Wheels, 60"x21"x67.75"
205.Bogen 3 Wheel Tripod Dolly, 36"
206.Cinekad 3 Wheel Tripod Dolly, 36"
207.Decor Tiger, Approx. 68"x18"x36"
208.2 Assorted Ceramic Column Pedestal Stands, 10.5"x11"x36"
209.Assorted Uniforms/Costumes and Hats with Metal Coat Rack 29.5"x18.5"x63.5"
210.Sony 7.5" and JVC 8.5" Field Monitors with Metal 3 Tier AV Cart 30.25"x25.25"x50"
211.Mitsubishi 31" Color Display Monitor Model XC-3315C with Cart 27"x25"x26"
212.Sony Trinitron 25" Color Monitor Model PVM-2530, JVC VCR with AV Cart 28"x24"x48"
213.Cabana 20" High Velocity Fan, Model FE8-50S3D0
215.2 Dynex II Cetec Vega Model 66 Receivers and 1 Transmitter with Case
216.Tie In Power Cable Lead Kit with Case
217.Assorted Extension Cords with Bin
218.Wood 8 Drawer Cabinet 60"x27"x39" with Assorted, Diffusion and Color Gel Lighting Sheets
219.Assorted, Fuses, Light Bulbs, Spray Paint, Cleaners, More
220.Assorted Diffusion and Color Gel Light Sheet Rolls, Approx. 24" to 68"
221.Assorted, Moving Blankets, Floor Mats, Diffusion Signs, Cases, More
222.3 Assorted Laminate Veneer Rolls, 61"
223.10 Assorted Backdrop Paper Rolls, 108"
224.Approx. 18 Assorted Backdrop Paper Rolls 108", Roll of Fabric 48"
225.5 Boxes of Glass Blocks, 7.75"x3"x7.75"
226.Assorted Along Wall, Easel Pad, Blinds, Light Fixture, 3 Folding Chairs, More
227.Laminate Flooring Roll, 144"
228.Laminate Flooring Roll, 144"
229.4 Boxes Assorted, Frames, Plaques, 4 Decor Plants
230.Assorted on Shelves, Film Reels, Bicycle Wheel, Empty Cases, More
231.Canvas Backdrop Roll, 140"
232.2 Assorted Fire Extinguishers
233.Contents of Work Bench, Pegboard and Cabinet, 3.5" Vise, Saw, Tape, Hardware Organizers, Caulk Guns, Sandpaper, Worklight, More
234.Sears 1/2 HP 7.5 Gallon Air Compressor
235.3 Assorted Hot Glue Guns, Steinel Heat Gun
236.2 Assorted Multimeters, Amprobe, Hex Keys
237.Assorted, Screwdrivers, Hammers, Wrenches, More
238.Assorted, C Clamps, 5 Bar Clamps 150mm
239.Assorted, C Clamps, 4 Bar Clamps 150mm
240.2 - 4" C Clamps, Drill Bits, Knives, Punches, More
241.Ryobi 18V Drill #P204 with Battery and Charger, 12V Solid State Battery Charger
242.Propane Torch, 2 Assorted Pliers, Vintage Spouts, More
243.Canare Crimp Tool, BNC Connectors, Jumper Cables, Drill Bits
244.Assorted, Files, Workforce Tool Set
245.Swingline Rivet Tool, Hammers, Stapler, Screwdrivers, More
246.Craftsman 3/8" Drill, Jigsaw, B&D Drill
247.3 Assorted Socket Wrenches 3/8" and 1/2" Drive with Sockets, Tray, More
248.Wire 3 Tier Shelf on Wheels, 42"x21"x60"
249.3 Assorted Bar Clamps 12" and 18", Pole Clamp 44"
250.Wood Level 26.25", 3 Assorted Squares 8", 24" and 38"
251.Keller 8' Fiberglass Ladder
252.4 Wheel Convertible Dolly, 18"x48"
253.4 Wheel Convertible Dolly, 17.5"x50"
254.Wood 2 Door Cabinet 65"x28.5"x81" with Assorted Contents, Electronic Parts, Headphones, Briefcase, More
255.2 Metal 4 Tier Shelves with Assorted Contents, Spray Paint, Painting Supplies, More
256.Spool of GEPC Wire
257.Metal 5 Drawer Cabinet 26"x31"x38" with Assorted Contents, Power Cords, Cable, Power Adaptors, More
258.Guillotine 16mm Film Splicer
259.IBM 80MB Hard Drive
260.5 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 36" Wide
261.Wood Conference Table, 84"x37.25"
262.Metal L Shape Desk with Wood Tops 60"x69.25", Desk 45.25"x31.75"
263.6 Side Chairs, Office Chair
264.Wood Top Conference Table 72"x36" with 6 Office Chairs
265.Office Package: Desk 60"x30", Office Chair, 2 Drawer Lateral File 36", 3 Wood Shelves 2 - 36"x10"x92.25" and 1 - 48.5"x10"x92.25", HP Printer, Super CPU, Panasonic Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
266.5 Assorted Framed Pictures, 33" to 38"
267.Office Package: Desk 72"x36", Credenza 66"x20", 3 Office Chairs, Dry Erase Board 36"x48"
268.Office Package: Desk 72"x35.75", Credenza 72"x19.25", 3 Office Chairs
269.Office Package: L Shape Desk 66"x75", Office Chair, Wood Shelf 30"x12"x71.75"
270.Office Package: Desk 60.5"x30.75", Side Chair, 4 Drawer File Cabinet, Framed Picture 18"x29", More
271.Office Package: Desk 60"x30", 2 Drawer File Cabinet, Wood Shelf 30"x11.75"x72", 3 Office Chairs, Samsung 19" Monitor, Dry Erase Board 96"x48"
272.Metal 2 Door Cabinet, 36"x18"x72"
273.2 Assorted Fire Extinguishers
274.IKEA Galant Office Package: L Shape Desk 102.5"x78.75", 2 - 3 Drawer Lateral Files, Pedestal File, Wood Shelf 30"x12"x71.75", 2 Side Chairs, Office Chair, Monitor, More
275.Metal Sliding Storage Shelving Unit, 4 Shelves with Floor Track, Footprint is 97"x48.75"
276.2 Piece Wood Desk Top with Legs, Approx. 72" and 92"
277.Spool of Cat 6E 600 Mhz CMR Unshielded Twisted Pair Internet Cable, Approx. 975'
278.Framed Mirror 46.5"x36.5", Wood Stand 13"x11"x34.5"
279.Metal Frame/Wood Park Bench 50", 2 Poly Planters 23"x19"

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