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Item Description
1.Wood/Glass Sliding Doors Showcase, Glass Shelves and Rifle Display Inserts, 60"x12"x84"
2.Wood/Glass Sliding Doors Showcase, Glass Shelves and Rifle Display Inserts, 60"x12"x84"
3.Wood/Glass Showcase, 73"x20"x34"
4.Wood/Glass Showcase 73"x20"x34" with 2 Wood/Glass Pedestal Showcases 20"x20"x64"
5.Wood/Glass Showcase, Angled Ends, 87"x20"x42"
6.U Shaped Wood/Glass Showcases, 6 Sections (5 Showcases, 1 Cash Register Station).
Showcases: 3 - 60"x20"x42", 1 - 77"x20"x42" with 1 Angled End, 1 - 75"x20"x42" with 1 Angled End.
Cash Register Stand 48"x24"x42" (no contents)
7.Wood/Glass L Shape 2 Section Showcases, 77"x20"x42" with 1 Angled End, 56"x20"x42" with 1 Angled End
8.Wood/Glass Angled 2 Section Showcases Plus Wedge Connector Section, 77"x20"x42" with 1 Angled End, 60"x20"x42"
9.Wood Reception Desk 48"x24"x42", Office Chair
10.Wood/Glass Showcase, 72"x20"x42"
11.Glass Top End Table 28"x24", Wood Pedestal Stand 42" Tall
12.6 Wood Padded Top Benches on Wheels, 4 - 36"x16"x21" and 2 - 16"x16"x21"
13.Assorted Slatwall, 5 Sections Approx. 36"x48"
14.Wood L Shape Desk 63"x51", Wall Mounted Cabinet 48"x13"x36", Storage Cabinet with Drawers and Doors 48"x16"x42", 4 Cube Shelf 31"x15.5"x37"
No Contents
15.Assorted Office Supplies
16.Combo Safe on Wheels with Combination, 35"x30"x57"
19.Wood Upper and Lower Cabinets
No Contents
20.Wood Top Work Bench, 72"x30"
No Contents
21.Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator/Freezer, Model FRS23F5A
22.5 Assorted Furniture Pieces, Desk Sections, Table, Cabinet, 3 Drawer Pedestal File on Wheels
No Contents
23.4 Neon Signs: 2 - 36"x22" "Gold & Silver", 1 - 32"x16" "We Buy Coins" and 1 - 36"x22" "We Buy Jewelry"
24.Lighted Open and Business Hours Sign, 20"x24"
25.Lighted Open Sign, 25"x9"
26.Lighted Open Sign, 26"x14"
27.Q-See QT 428 8 Channel H.264 DVR, Acer 19" Monitor, 7 Lorex Cameras
28.Sony Audio Control Center, RCA 5 Disc CD Player, Bose Speakers, Monster Cable Speaker Selector 4 Ways

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