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Machine Shop Tools & Equipment - BID NOW! - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, August 12th, 2020.

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1.Wissota 6" Grinder with Pedestal, Model E-6, 1/3 HP, 1/2" Arbor, 3450 RPM, 120V
2.Black & Decker 8" Grinder with Pedestal, 1/2 HP, 120V
3.Mat 6" Grinder with Pedestal, Model 60653C, 1/2 HP, 3450 RPM, 120V
4.Delta 1" Belt Sander with Pedestal, Model 31-050, 120V
5.Oxy Acetylene Smith Torch with Lines, Regulators and Cart
6.Wilton 5" Bench Vise
7.Armstrong-Blum Marvel Bandsaw, Model No. 8, Serial 89401, 1 HP, 208-220/440V, 3 PH with Manuals and Extra Blades (Vise Not Included)
8.Delta Floor Drill Press, 3 PH
9.Brother Hi Tap Automatic Precision Tapping Machine, Model BT61-511, Serial 113160, Digital Display, Manual, Foot Pedal, Stand, Light, 220V, 3 PH
10.Patton 20" Fan, 120V
11.Lathe Steady Rest (works with Lot 22)
12.Lathe Follower Rest (works with Lot 22)
13.Kurt Machinist 6" Vise with Handle and Swivel Base
14.Sharp-LC Vertical Milling Machine, Model Sharp-LMVP4, Serial 94101, 220/440V, 3 PH, 10"x50" Table, Newall DP7 2 Axis Digital Readout Model 7M211000, Kurt Power Draw Bar
15.Willis Machinist 6" Vise with 2 Assorted Handles
16.Trak DPM Vertical CNC Milling Machine, Model Trak DPMS3, Serial 043AR12792, 220V, 3 PH, 10"x50" Table, Maxi Torque-Rite Power Draw Bar, SWI Proto Trak SM Auto Geometry Engine Control
17.Northern Industrial 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist
18.Northern Industrial 1 Ton Chain Hoist
19.Sears Craftsman Extension Reel with Multi Plug End, Model 83928
20.Sears Craftsman Extension Reel with Multi Plug End, Model 83928
21.Rockwell Bench Top Drill Press, Series 11-100, 120V
22.Sharp Horizontal Metal Lathe, Model 1860L, Serial 460783, 220V, 3 PH, Newall A50 Single Axis Digital Readout, Gap Bed 60" Center to Center Lathe Bed, Rohm 12" 3 Jaw Chuck, Taper Attachment
23.10" 3 Jaw Chuck
24.20" Lathe Face Plate
25.Sharp Horizontal Metal Lathe, Model 1440, Serial 23268, 220V, 3 PH, 40" Center to Center Lathe Bed, Newall DP700 2 Axis Digital Readout, D1-4 Camlock Spindle
26.Northern Industrial Hydraulic Lift Cart, 660 Lb. Capacity, 32.25"x19.5"
27.Hydraulic Lift Cart, 32"x19.25"
28.Assorted Taps
29.Assorted Taps
30.Assorted Taps and Dies
31.Assorted Taps, More
32.Assorted Taps
33.Spindle Cleaners, 2 Assorted Centers, Center Bushing
34.4 Way Tool Post, Assorted Tool Wrenches, More
35.5C Hex and Square Collet Blocks, Acid Brushes, Shims with Case
36.9 Assorted Sets of 6" Parallels, Utica 1/4" Torque Wrench
37.Assorted, 6" Vise Jaws, Lantern Tool Post, Gears and Bearings
38.2 Stanley Poly Folding Sawhorses, Adjustable Height
39.Conveyor Section, 18.5"x32"x32.5"
40.Pipe Wrench, Allen Wrenches, More
41.Approx. 16 Assorted Poly Parts Bins
42.Metal Shop Stand, 22"x16.75", Adjustable Height
43.Bosch 10" Table Saw, Model 400, 120V with Folding Stand on Wheels
44.Assorted, Files, Allen Wrenches, More
45.4 Assorted Kant-Twist Clamps, Assorted Clamps
46.Mitutoyo Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base, Mitutoyo Bore Gauge 3" to 6" Capacity
47.Mitutoyo 6"-7" Micrometer, Micrometer Standards 7"-12"
48.5 Assorted Starrett Micrometer 7"-12" with Wood Case
49.Assorted Shop Fixtures
50.Metal Cart, 48.75"x22.25"x37"
51.Patton 32" Pedestal Fan, 120V
52.Mitutoyo Dial Indicator with Height Stand, More
53.Metal Angle Plate, 8"x8"x8"
54.Dial Indicator with Granite Stand
55.Dial Height Indicator
56.2 Assorted Knurling Tools, 3/4" Letter Stamps
57.2 Assorted Dial Indicators, Mitutoyo Indicator with Stand
58.3 Assorted Mitutoyo Micrometers
59.2 Starrett Micrometer Heads, Gauge Pins, More
60.3 Assorted Micrometer Heads (Starrett and Mitutoyo)
61.Granite Surface Plate 36"x24"x4" with Metal Stand on Wheels
62.Mitutoyo Vernier 6" Caliper, Fowler 12" Dial Caliper
63.Mitutoyo 8" Dial Caliper, 8" Dial Caliper
64.Mitutoyo 2"-4" Bore Gauges, Scherr Tumico Bore Gauge
65.12" Dial Indicator, Starrett Vernier 24" Caliper
66.Phase 2 8" Horizontal Rotary Table
67.Assorted, Adjustable Wrenches, Dead Blow Hammer, Hand Brace
68.Assorted 1/2" Silver/Demming Drill Bits
69.Assorted, Shop Supplies, Speaker, Plastic Wrap, 3 Metal Barrels
70.Aluminum 6' Step Ladder
71.Werner Fiberglass 8' Step Ladder
72.Assorted Hand Tools, Shovels, Brooms, More
73.Assorted Lumber
74.Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Blower, Model P2107 with Battery and Charger
75.Assorted on Shelf, Metal and Plastic Stock
76.Wood Shelf, 72.5"x17.5"x84.5".
Please pick up after 4pm.
77.Assorted Metal Stock, Round/Flat/Square/Hex and More, 6" to 12'
78.Metal 6 Tier Stock Rack, Approx. 70"x32".
Please pick up after 4pm.
79.Kenmore Mini Refrigerator, 25" Tall
80.Assorted, Snips, Hammer, Grinding Wheel Dressers, More
81.2 Shop Made Milling Table Clamps
82.Bessey 12" Adjustable Clamp, 2 Assorted 5" C Clamps
83.Assorted, Clamps, Tire Gauge, Cylinder Hone, More
84.Assorted, Files and 6" Parallels
85.2 Assorted 12" Adjustable Clamps
86.Assorted End Mills
87.6" Dial Indicator, Indical Holder with Test Dial Indicator
88.Assorted Dial Indicators, 6" Dial Caliper
89.Scherr Tumico 6" Inside Micrometer, Mitutoyo Digital Caliper
90.3 Assorted Sets of V Blocks
91.Camco 90 Degree Angle Drive, Model BHH24-270RH
92.Assorted, Lift Slings, Rope, Pneumatic Blow Gun, More
93.Dewalt 4.5" Angle Grinder Model WD402, Dewalt 3/8" VSR Drill Model WD222
94.Assorted SS Dowel Pins with Poly Bin
95.Starrett Telescoping Gauges, 2 Assorted Dial Indicators, Inside Micrometer Head
96.Mitutoyo 0"-6" Depth Micrometer
97.12" Dial Caliper
98.Magnetic Stand with Dial Indicator and Height Gauge, Tap Wrench, Shop Made Vise
99.Tool Box with Assorted 1/2" Drive Sockets, Ratchet and Breaker Bar
100.Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool, Assorted Accessories, 3 Cases
101.Crate with Assorted Tools, Channel Lock, Saw, Wrenches, More
102.18 Drawer Organizer with Assorted Hardware, Poly Parts Bins with Assorted
103.Assorted on Bottom 2 Shelves, Hardware, Machine Parts, More
104.Gauge Blocks Set, Grade B
105.2 Assorted Gauge Block Sets, Grade B
106.Assorted, Letter/Number Punches, Pin Gauges
107.2 Inspection Tool Stands with Clamps
108.Organizer with Assorted Pin Gauges
109.5 Assorted Mitutoyo Micrometers with Wood Case, 0"-1" to 5"-6"
110.Vernier 24" Caliper with Wood Case
111.Shars Double Beam Dial Height Gauge with Wood Case, 0" to 18"
112.Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinet, 36"x18"x72"
113.Metal Shelf 36"x15"x70" with Assorted Contents, Abrasives, Shop Supplies, More
114.Metal Cabinet on Wheels, 27.5"x18.5"x45"
115.Assorted, Lead, Shop Supplies, More
116.Kennedy 20" Tool Box with Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Sockets, More
117.16" Tool Box with Knee Crank Shaft and Handle
118.Dewalt 14.4V HD XRP 1/2" Drill/Driver, Model DW983 with Battery and Charger
119.Assorted Hardware, Screws, Washers, More
120.48" Cal-X-Tender Dial Indicator
121.Assorted, Air Nozzles, Loc-Line, More
122.Assorted, NH Pneumatic Grinder, Heli Coil Kits, More
123.3 Tap & Die Bars with Dies, 14" to 40"
124.3 Drawer Cabinet with Assorted Drill Bits
125.5 Drawer Cabinet with Assorted Drill Bits
126.3 Drawer Cabinet with Assorted Drill Bits
127.Assorted, Center Punches, Letter Stamps, Drive Motor, More
128.Assorted, Hole Saws, Cutter Bits, More
129.Assorted, Reamer, Brass Blocks, More
130.DTM Quick Change Tool Post, Model 100 with 3 Assorted Holders and Boring Bars
131.Dake Arbor Press, No. 0
132.Equipto Metal Work Bench with Drawer, 60"x28"
133.Assorted, Hose, Casters, More
134.Ridgid 16 Gallon Shop Vac, 6 HP with Assorted Attachments
135.12.5" 4 Jaw Chuck
136.Hydraulic Lift Cart, 32"x19.5"
137.Assorted Carbide Cutting Inserts
138.Assorted Carbide Cutting Inserts
139.Assorted Cemented Carbide Cutters
140.Assorted Carbide Inserted Boring Bars
141.Assorted Carbide Cutting Inserts
142.Assorted Carbide Cutting Inserts
143.Assorted on 2 Shelves, Shop Fixtures, More
144.Metal 3 Tier Cart, 36"x24"x38"
145.Assorted 3 Jaw Lathe Chuck Fixtures
146.Assorted Carbide Tool Holders and High Speed Steel Tool Holders
147.27 Compartment Organizer with Assorted Contents, Fasteners, Metric Taps, More
148.9 DTM H100 Quick Change Tool Post Holders with Assorted Tooling
149.DTM H75 Quick Change Tool Post with 10 Assorted Holders and Assorted Tooling
150.2 Shopmade 16.5" Jigs
151.Assorted Taps and Reamers
152.Assorted Chucking Reamers
153.Assorted Metric and SAE Chucking Reamers
154.Assorted Chucking Reamers, Coolant Fed Insert Drill Bit
155.Assorted Large Tapper Shank Drill Bits
156.Follower Rest (works with Lot 25), Driver Plate, 2 Assorted Jig Plates, Draw Bar
157.Wood Cabinet, 30"x19"x36.75"
158.Craftsman Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinet, 36"x21.5"x67.75"
159.Bridgeport #2 Boring Head, 3/4" Shank
160.Tapmatic 50X Tapping Head, 1" Shank Boring Head 3 in Holes, Assorted Boring Bars
161.Assorted, Fly Cutters, Slitting Saw, Woodruff Cutters
162.Assorted, End Mills, Counter Bores, 60 Degree Counter Sinks
163.H/V 5C Angle Collet Fixture
164.H/V 5C Angle Collet Fixture
165.2 Angle Plates, 8"x5"x6"
166.60 Compartment Organizer with Assorted Contents, Taps and End Mills
167.1/2" Hold Down Set
168.5 Assorted Large Boring Bars with Carbide Inserts
169.ATS Sjogern 5C Collet Chuck with D1-4 Camlock Spindle
170.Rohm 8" 3 Jaw Chuck with D1-4 Camlock Spindle
171.DTM Quick Change Tool Post, Model 100 with 3 Assorted Holders and Cut Off Tool Holder
172.Float-Lock Standard Drill Press Vise, Specialty Tool
173.Triumph 1/2" Shank S&D Twist Drill Set, 9/16" to 1"
174.S&D 1/2" Shank Drill Bit Set, 1/2" to 1" (by 64ths)
175.Assorted Tap Collets
176.18 Assorted 5C Collets
177.Assorted Carbide Insert Tool Holders, Assorted Boring Bars
178.3 Assorted Albrech Keyless Chucks, #3 Taper Live Center
179.Assorted Drill Chucks, Tail Stock Centers
180.3 Assorted Drill Indexes, Numbers, Letters and Fractions
181.2 Assorted Reamer Indexes, Counter Bore Index
182.Assorted Erickson Collets
183.2 Shopmade V Fixtures
184.SPI Eron 4" Milling Vise
185.Wood Cabinet, 30"x19"x36"
186.Assorted, Slitting Saws, 2 Arbors
187.2 Assorted Sets of 3 Jaw Chuck Adaptors
188.Yuasa Accu-dex Model 550-007 Indexer H/V with 3 Jaw Chuck
189.6.5" H/V Indexer with 3 Jaw Chuck
190.Metal Cart, 30"x24"x32"
191.Assorted Shop Fixtures and Chuck Jaws
192.Shop Stool
193.1/2" Milling Hold Down Set
194.Metal Work Bench 61"x30" with Tool Holder
195.Assorted Hardware, More
196.Assorted Milling Machine Collets, Dial Indicator, More
197.4 Assorted End Mill Holders, Size #40
198.4 Assorted Taper Collets Size #40 with Assorted Tooling
199.Assorted, Drill Bits, Lathe Chuck Jaws, Tap Holders
200.18 Drawer Organizer with Assorted Contents, Carbide and HHS Drills, End Mills, Counter Sinks and More
201.9.75" 3 Jaw Plain Back Chuck
202.5 Assorted Taper Tool Holders Size #40 with Assorted Tooling
203.6 Assorted Taper Tool Holders Size #40 with Assorted Tooling
204.6 Assorted Taper Tool Holders Size #40 with Assorted Tooling
205.3 Assorted Drill Indexes, Numbers, Letters and Fractions
206.Assorted End Mills
207.10"x15" Tilting Mill Table
208.Assorted, Rounding Over Mills, End Mills, Counter Sinks
209.Assorted Drill Bits
210.Assorted, Drill Bits, Indexing Face Mill, Boring Head - Criterion S1 1/2
211.Wood Shelf 30"x10"x33.5" with Assorted Metal Shop Fixtures
212.Assorted on Shelf, Hold Downs and Shop Fixtures
213.Assorted on Shelf, Spacers and Shop Fixtures
214.Flat Cart, 30"x18"
215.9 Assorted Mats (Rubber Anti Fatigue and Carpeted Entry)
218.Metal Shelf
219.Coat Tree
220.AT&T Desk Phone and Cordless Phone, Cisco Linksys X2000
221.Metal Shelf with Sliding Glass Doors, 36"x15"x52"
222.Wood Desk 72"x36", Wood Credenza 72"x20"
223.2 Office Chairs. 2 Stack Chairs
224.Brother Intellifax 2840 Laser Fax Machine
225.Fellowes PS-10Cs Paper Shredder
226.Keurig Coffee Maker, Emerson 550W Microwave
227.Metal 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 36" Wide
228.2 Metal 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 30" Wide
229.HP Envy Photo 7155 Copy/Scan Machine, Radio, Keyboard, More
230.Wood Coffee Table, 30"x24"

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