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Custom Woodworking Shop - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020.

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1.Northtech Industrial Machinery Shaper, Model NT-52573TS, Serial 000480, 7.5 HP, 440V, 3 PH
2.Invicta Shaper, No. 1847, 230V, 3 PH (Power Feed NOT Included)
3.Powermatic Power Feed, Model PF-43, Serial 03110040228, 1 HP, 230V, 3 PH
4.Delta Dust Collector on Wheels, Cat. No. 50-180, 1 HP, 700 CFM, 115/230V, 1 PH
5.Dewalt 10" Radial Arm Saw on Stand, 240/480V, 3 PH, Dado Blade Set
6.DFDA-4 Shaper, 3 PH (Power Feed NOT Included)
7.Powermatic Power Feed, Model PF-43, Serial 03110040230, 1 HP, 230V, 3 PH
8.Warehouse Cart, 71"x39"x40"
9.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
10.Metal Frame 3 Tier Stock Cart, 60"x30"x56", No Contents.
Please pick up after 3PM.
11.Assorted Wood Stock, Maple/Pine/Polar/More, 1' to 16' Long
12.2 Assorted Folding Sawhorse, 31.5"x28.5"
13.3 Assorted Folding Sawhorse, 31.5"x28.5"
14.Approx. 9 Panes of Double Strength Glass, 48"x60", Approx. 1/8" Thick
15.2 Wood Sawhorse Stands, 48"x34.5"
16.Delta Boss Bench Oscillating Spindle Sander, 120V
17.6 Assorted Shovels and Brooms
18.Poly 2 Tier Shop Cart 45"x25", Wood Sheet 96"x48"
19.SPI 60" Caliper
20.Lab Semi-Pro 3 Color Passport Pin Chart with Pins Model LDKU3, Eas Align by Crown Heritage, Assorted Parts
21.Wen 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Model 70711
22.Northfield Bandsaw, Size 32, Serial 741165-D, Blade Length 16'6", 3 HP, 230/460V, 3 PH.
The onsite forklift will not load this item. Buyer responsible for loading.
23.Northfield Foundry 12" Jointer, 3 HP, 220/440V, 3 PH
24.Approx. 60 Single Strength Glass Panes, 36"x60", Approx. 3/32", Roll of Weatherstrip
25.Pallet Assorted, Hardware, 3M YHB Tape, Metal Screen, Glass Treatment, More
26.2018 Atlas Copco Air Compressor/Dryer, Model G7FF, Serial ITJ124201, Approx. 80 Gallon Tank, 10 HP, 230V, 3 PH
27.5 Gallon Bucket with Tool Apron, Lid and Assorted Tools
28.Wood Bar Clamp Cart with 4 - 36" Clamps, 3 - 24" Clamps and 5 - 18" Clamps
29.Wood A Frame Clamp Cart with 28 Clamps, 16" to 48"
30.Air Compressor, Approx. 60 Gallon Tank, 3 HP, 230V, 1 PH
31.SCMI SI16 WA Sliding Table Saw, Serial AB.82824, 480V, 3 PH.
The onsite forklift will not load this item. Buyer responsible for loading.
32.Boot Machine/Welder on Wood Stand
33.Stegherr Round Arch Milling Machine (W. Germany), Type BOF, Serial 18/39110, Year 1991, 220V, 3 PH
34.Metal A Frame Cart, 76"x36"x78"
35.4 Clamps, 24"
36.4 Clamps, 24"
37.Wood Work Bench, 82"x74"x33.5".
Please pick up after 3PM.
38.3 Boxes Assorted, Blades, Tools, Hardware, More
39.Assorted Tools, Hand Planer, Pipe Wrench, More
40.Craftsman Router, Model 315.17381 with Case
41.Assorted Tools, Saws, Square, More
42.Saw Miter Jig
43.Porter Cable 126 Planer with Case
44.Milwaukee Sawzall, Model 6507 with Case
45.Black & Decker Industrial Saw Cat 7.25" Circular Saw, Model 2684
46.Bosch 7.25" Circular Saw, Model 1651
47.Powerbilt Socket Set
48.2 - 8" Vacuum Cups with Cases
49.2 - 8" Vacuum Cups with Cases
50.Makita 3" Belt Sander, Bosch 1023VSR Drill, Sanding Belts
51.6 Assorted Clamps
52.Senco Pneumatic Finish Pro 18 Nailer, Bostitch Pneumatic T31 Nailer
53.Assorted Bits (Milwaukee/Irwin/Others)
54.Bosch 1618EVS Router
55.Chicago Electric 1/2" Variable Speed D Handle Drill, 2 Dewalt 14.4V Batteries and Charger
56.Bosch 1606 Router
57.Craftsman Professional Palm Router
58.2 Assorted Mitutoyo Calipers, 9" and 16"
59.Bosch 3272A Planer, Bosch Colt Palm Router Model PR20EVS
60.Porter Cable 3"x21" Belt Sander Model 352VS, Porter Cable 4.5" Trim Saw Model 314
61.2 Boxes Assorted Tools, Shop Supplies
62.2 Boxes Assorted, Electrical Plugs, Bits, More
63.Bosch 1587AVS Jigsaw with Case
64.Dewalt Planer, Model DW677K with Case
65.2 Folding Sawhorses, 44"
66.Lamello Junior Biscuit Joiner with Assorted Biscuits
67.Porter Cable Pneumatic Stapler Model TS056, Senco Pneumatic Finish Stapler Model SLS18, Dynabrade Pneumatic Palm Sander
68.2 Boxes Assorted, Grease Guns, Hammers, More
69.Black & Decker Sand Storm 3 in 1 Sander Model RO600, Bosch Palm Sander Model R0S10
70.Milwaukee Door & Jamb Butt Template
71.Senco Pneumatic Finish Pro 18 Mg Nailer with Case
72.Bosch 1191VSR 1/2" Drill with Case
73.2 Boxes Assorted, T Handle Allen Wrenches, Tape, More
74.Assorted Tools, Socket Wrench, Clamps, Saws, More
75.Wood Slanted Work Bench, 52"x44", 36" Highest/33" Lowest
76.3 Assorted Clamps, 48" to 60"
77.Timesaver 100 36" Sander, Model 137-1HP/75, Serial 22866M, 20 HP and 1 HP Motors, 230V, 3 PH.
The onsite forklift will not load this item. Buyer responsible for loading.
78.7 Boxes Assorted Sanding Belts (5 Full/2 Partial), Plus Assorted Used Sanding Belts
79.Delta 10" Unisaw with Fence on Cart, Cat. No. 34-802F, Serial 87C07732, 3 HP, 230V, 1 PH
80.Assorted Shop Supplies
81.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 50"x27"x15"
82.8 Windows, 5 - 55"x28" and 3 - 43"x24"
83.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
84.3 Assorted Wood Clamps, 12", 14" and 16"
85.4 Wood Clamps, 10"
86.4 Wood Clamps, 10"
87.4 Wood Clamps, 10"
88.4 Wood Clamps, 10"
89.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x31"x15"
90.3 Assorted Air Hoses
91.Specialty Saw Clamp
92.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
93.Assorted Extension Cords
94.Assorted Extension Cords
95.Nutting Warehouse Cart, 54"x24"x15"
96.Assorted Extension Cords
97.Assorted Extension Cords
98.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
99.Assorted Air Hoses
100.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x31"x15"
101.6 Assorted Clamps, 14" to 18"
102.4 Clamps, 24"
103.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x31"x15"
104.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15" with Assorted Wood Contents
105.3" Machine Vise, Soldering Gun, Ratchet Strap
106.CP Pneumatic 1/2" Impact Wrench, Model CP-734H
107.2 Assorted CP Pneumatic 1/2" Impact Wrenches
108.Assorted Tools, Pipe Wrenches, More
109.Assorted, Sharpening Stones, Tape Measures, More
110.Assorted, Holesaws, Profiles, More
111.Assorted Tools, Allen Wrenches, Bits, More
112.Assorted, Bits, More
113.Wood Cabinet on Wheels 49"x29"x40" with Assorted Contents Inside
114.2 Bora Straight Edges, 6' an d 9'
115.3 Assorted Levels, 24" and 48"
116.SCMI S520 Planer, Serial AB/093923, 230V, 3 PH with Blades and Related
117.Toyota LP Forklift, Model 02-5FGU35, Serial 70131, Mast FSV, 7700 Lb. Lift Capacity, 13,500 Lb. Total Weight, Max Lift Height 187", Side Shift/Tilt, 48" Forks, 02077 Hours on Meter, 28x12.5-15-18 Front Tires, 7.00-12-12 Rear Tires.

Pick up for this item is Thursday, Sept. 24th, 9AM to Noon. Must be paid for on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.
118.Lift-Rite Pallet Jack, 5,000 Lb. Capacity
119.Wood Work Bench, 123"x42"x34.5".
Please pick up after 3PM.
120.Dewalt 18V HD XRP 1/2" Drill Model DW987 with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case
121.Dewalt 20V DCD771 1/2" Drill, DCF885 1/2" Impact 2 Batteries and Charger
122.Dewalt 18V DW936 5 3/8" Trim Saw with Battery, Charger and Bag
123.Dewalt 20V DCD771 1/2" Drill with Battery, Charger and Case
124.Milwaukee 18V Multi-Tool, 1/4" Hex Impact, 2 Batteries, Charger and Bag
125.Milwaukee 18V 1/2" Drill, 1/4" Hex Impact, 2 Batteries and Charger
126.Milwaukee 18V 1/2" Drill, 1/4" Hex Impact, 2 Batteries, Charger and Bag
127.Milwaukee 18V 1/2" Drill, 2 Batteries, Charger and Bag
128.Porter Cable Five Speed Router, 3.25 HP, 15 Amp
129.Ryobi DS2000 Detail Sander with Case, Dynabrade Pneumatic Palm Sander
130.Husky Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun
131.2 Uline 8" Impulse Sealers, More
132.Pallet Jack, 5500 Lb. Capacity
133.Assorted Tools, Pneumatic Sander, Clamps, More
134.2 Assorted Poly Tool Boxes with Assorted Contents
135.Shop-Vac 2.5 Gallon Vacuum, 2 HP
136.Assorted Saw Blades
137.Porter Cable Speedmatic Plunge Router, Model 7538
138.Porter Cable VS Router, Model 75187
139.Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer
140.Air Hose Reel with Air Hose
141.Vintage Hog Pail, 13"x12"
142.Powermatic 6" Joiner, Model 50, Serial 8050194, 3/4 HP, 3 PH
143.Wadkin Through Feed Four Side Straightening/Planing Machine and Molder, Model GD220, Machine N0. 95956, 480V, 3 PH, 10 HP/15 HP/2-7.5 HP/3 HP Motors, Dust Collector Manifold, Related Parts.
The onsite forklift will not load this item. Buyer responsible for loading.
144.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 52"x26"x15"
145.Nutting Warehouse Cart, 53"x27"x15"
146.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
147.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
148.2 Shrink Wrap Handles, 2 Cases 3"x700' Shrink Wrap (1 Full/1 Partial), Blue Tape
149.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
150.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
151.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
152.Wood Cabinet on Wheels 41"x27.5"x34", 48" Attached Extension, Assorted Contents
153.32" Pedestal Fan
154.2 Sawhorses, 87"
155.Delta 10" Deluxe Radial Arm Saw with Automatic Brake, Model 10, 2 HP, 120/240V, 1 PH
156.Nutting Warehouse Cart, 64"x36"x14"
157.Nutting Warehouse Cart, 72"x49"x14"
158.Router Table 38"x30" with Porter Cable Speedmatic Router, Model 75192
159.Router Table 48"x23" with Porter Cable Router
160.Wadkin NV300 Sharpener, 3600 RPM Spindle Speed, 2 HP, 230V, 3 PH
161.Ryobi 14" Metal Cut-Off Saw, Model C356
162.Delta 8" Bench Grinder, Model 23-880
163.Wood Cabinet with 4" Vise, 86"x24"x41", Assorted Contents Inside
164.Power King Bandsaw with Attached Cabinet, Model 912, Serial 4806, 110V
165.2 Ohaus Balance Scales
166.3 Assorted, Virutex CO15E Jig, Measuring Wheel, More
167.Assorted Wood, Saw Guide
168.Wood Cabinet, 37"x16"x36"
169.Assorted Router Bits (Rockler/Others)
170.Assorted Router Bits (Grizzly/Freud)
171.Assorted Abrasives, Discs, Blocks, More
172.Assorted Wrenches
173.Wood Cabinet 19"x23"x20.5" with Assorted Contents, Cutting Blades, More
174.Wood Cabinet 63"x28"x39.5" with Assorted Contents Inside
175.Wood/Glass Router Bit Cabinet 46"x10.5"x26" with Assorted Router Bits
176.Wood Cabinet, 49.5"x29"x39.5"
177.Assorted Molder/Shaper Profile Blades
178.Reliable Cutting Tools Panelcrafter 609 with Box of Profiles
179.Box Assorted Cutting Blades
180.6 Assorted Molder Cutting Heads, 3.5", 7" and 9"
181.4 Assorted Molder Cutting Heads, 4" and 6"
182.8 Assorted Molder Cutting Heads, 2.25", 5" and 6"
183.Assorted Saw Blades, 7.25" to 14"
184.Assorted Saw Guides
185.Assorted, Planer Blades, More
186.Assorted Shaper Cutters, More
187.Porter Cable Router Model 6912, Rotozip Spiral Saw Model SCS01
188.2 Boxes Assorted, Files, Clamps, More
189.Assorted Tools, Sockets, Caulking Gun, More
190.5 Assorted Shaper Heads, 2" to 5"
191.2 Assorted 24" Pipe Wrenches, Prybar
192.3 Boxes Assorted Grinding Wheels
193.2 Boxes Assorted, Mallets, Cutter, Face Shield, Templates, More
194.Duo-Fast Electric Tacker with Case, Makita 18V 6.5" Saw with Battery and Case
195.4 Assorted Hand Saws
196.Assorted Spring Clamps, 2 Grill Presses
197.Wood Work Bench, 80"x52"x34".
Please pick up after 3PM.
198.Makita 10" Compound Miter Saw, Model LS1013L
199.9 Rubber Floor Mat Sections, 30"x27.5"
200.Festool Hepa Dust Extractor
201.Delta Rockwell 10" Unisaw, Model 34-450, Serial EJ7387, 2 HP, 230/460V, 3 PH, Biesemeyer Fence (Power Feed NOT Included)
202.Powermatic Power Feed, Model PF-31, 1 HP, 115V, 1 PH
203.Dayton 32" Pedestal Fan
204.Assorted Pipe, Copper and Steel, Up to 11' Long
205.5 Clamps, 48"
206.4 Clamps, 48"
207.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
208.5 Clamps, 48"
209.5 Clamps, 48"
210.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
211.Assorted Dust Collector Ductwork, Metal and Flex, 4" to 9" Dia., Hangers
212.Wood Slanted Work Bench with Assorted Contents, 72"x30", 34.5 Highest/30" Lowest
213.Wood Slanted Work Bench with Assorted Contents, 72"x30", 34.5 Highest/30" Lowest
214.Diehl Woodworking Machinery Straightline Rip Saw, Model SL52, Serial 75M-3643-2956, 15 HP, 240V, 3 PH.
The onsite forklift will not load this item. Buyer responsible for loading.
215.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 60"x42"x15" with Assorted Wood
216.Nutting Style Warehouse Cart, 49"x28"x15"
217.Assorted Wood, Trim, Casing, More, Up to 16' Long
218.Metal Stock Cart, 60"x30"x55".
Please pick up after 3PM.
219.HTC Table Saw Mobile Base, Model HPS-10-G
220.Wood Work Bench, 78"x50"x34.5"
221.Metal Bench on Wheels, 72"x24"x33"
222.Table Saw Mobile Base
223.Heavy Duty Flat Cart, 25"x25"
224.Wood Work Bench, 81.5"x31.5"x34"
225.Storm Door, Approx. 36"x84"
226.2 Assorted Wood Doors (1 with Glass Panels)
227.Wood Door with Jamb, Approx. 30"x82"
228.7 Assorted, Wood Doors, Storm Door
229.Interior Wood Door with Jamb, 2/8x6/8 1 3/8"
230.Interior Wood Door with Jamb, 2/0x6/8
231.Interior Wood Door with Jamb, 2/0x6/8
232.Interior Wood Door with Jamb, 2/0x6/8
233.Interior Wood Door with Jamb, 3/0x6/8 1 3/8"
234.3 Assorted Doors
235.7 Assorted Doors, Screen Door
236.Wood Door with Jamb, Approx. 37.75"x80"
237.Interior Wood Door/Glass Panel with Jamb, 22"x80"x1 3/8"
238.Metal/Wood A Frame Cart, 120"x70"x74".
Please pick up after 3PM.
239.Metal/Wood Pallet Bin with Assorted Amesbury Truth Window Hardware, More
240.Assorted Oak Lumber, Up to 12' Long
241.Assorted Oak Lumber, Up to 12' Long
242.Assorted Pine Lumber, Up to 12' Long
243.Assorted Lumber, Cherry, Mahogany, More, Up to 10' Long
244.Assorted Pine and Poplar Lumber, Up to 15' Long
245.Assorted Birch Lumber, Up to 10' Long
246.Assorted Maple Lumber, Up to 11' Long
247.Assorted Poplar Lumber, Up to 16' Long
248.Assorted Oak Lumber, Up to 10' Long
249.Werner 12' Fiberglass Step Ladder
250.Werner 8' Fiberglass Step Ladder
251.Werner 8' Fiberglass Step Ladder
252.Assorted Hand Tools, Mauls, Shovels, Rakes, More
253.Work Table, 27"x27"x35"
254.Central Machinery 14" Wood Cutting Bandsaw, 1 PH
255.Assorted, Bins, Gas Cans, Pedestal Shop Light, More
256.Poulan Riding Lawn Mower, 423" Deck, 20 HP, Model C20H42YT, Serial 013106A001454
257.Dayton 25" Pedestal Fan
258.Assorted Hand Rail Profiles and Blades
259.Assorted Base Cap and Back Band Profiles and Blades
260.Assorted Base Cap Profiles and Blades
261.Assorted Base Cap Profiles and Blades
262.Assorted Quarter Round and Picture Mold Profiles and Blades
264.Assorted Chair Rail Profiles and Blades
265.Assorted Crown Molding Profiles and Blades
266.Assorted Crown Molding Profiles and Blades
267.Assorted Casing Profiles and Blades
268.Wood Box, 36"x26.75"x38"
269.Assorted Plint Blocks Profiles and Blades
270.Assorted Casing Profiles and Blades
271.Assorted Casing Profiles and Blades
272.Assorted Casing Profiles and Blades
273.Assorted Base and Casing Profiles and Blades
274.Assorted Base Profiles and Blades
275.Assorted Bed Molds Profiles and Blades
276.Assorted Cove Profiles and Blades
277.Assorted Stop/Window Stool/Mantle Mold/Brick Mold/Log Cabin Profiles and Blades
278.19 Wood Profile and Blade Slanted Display Shelves.
Please pick up after 3PM.
279.2 Bins Assorted Profiles and Blades
280.Assorted, Insulation, Hose, More
281.Monarch 32" Siding Cutter
282.6 Boxes Clear Painters Plastic 12'x400'
283.7 Boxes Clear Painters Plastic 12'x400'
284.11 Clamps, 6' to 10'
285.2 Poly Bins with Assorted Wood Samples
286.Rockwell 10" Unisaw, PN 2094, 3 PH, Fence and Biesemeyer Blade Guard System
287.Porter Cable Router, Model 6912
288.Porter Cable Router, Model 6912
289.4 Folding Sawhorses
290.Wood Work Bench, 72"x80"x34"
291.Wood Door, 24"x78"
292.CDC UV with Sash and Screen, 3-0x8-1 Fir
293.Oka Door with Jamb, 2/0x6/8 RH, Angle Clip Corner
294.Metal/Wood A Frame Cart, 120"x71"x73".
Please pick up after 3PM.
295.Metal Frame Warehouse Cart, 78"x38"
296.Shaper Cutters (for window sash parts), Saw Jig, Assorted Blades
301.Keen Cut System 3000 Glass Cutter, 7' Wide
302.17 Assorted Windows
303.Powermatic Table Saw, Model 66, Serial 94662475, 3 HP, 230V, 1 PH, Fence and Biesemeyer Blade Guard
304.Wood Stock Rack on Wheels with Assorted Contents, 82"x25"x84"
305.Castle Pocket Screw Machine, Serial 50425, Foot Pedal
306.3 Assorted Levels 48" to 71", Assorted Squares, Hand Saw
307.Metal Banding Cart with Tooling
308.Delta Drill Press on Cart, Cat. No. 17-900, Serial R9219, 3/4 HP, 115/230V, 1 PH
309.Aluminum Two Wheeler
310.6 Metal Hardware/Parts Cabinets with Contents, 12.75"x10.25"x13" Each
311.6 Boxes Assorted Phifer Window/Door Screen
312.Porter Cable Portable Planer, Model 126 with Case
313.Sears 9 Gallon Air Tank
314.Porter Cable 6 Gallon Air Compressor, 2 HP
315.Napa 5 Gallon Air Tank
316.Wood U Shape 3 Station Router Table 69"x91" with 3 Porter Cable Routers
317.Porter Cable Router, Model 75192
318.Porter Cable Router, Model 6902
319.Porter Cable Router, Model 75192
320.Porter Cable Router, Model 1002
321.Wood Work Table, 30"x24"x34.5"
322.Senco Pneumatic Finish Pro 35 Nailer, Assorted Tools and Bag
323.Fein Multi-Tool, Model FMM250Q with Case
324.Porter Cable Cylindrical Lock Boring Jig
325.Skilsaw 7.25" Circular Saw Model 5150, Porter Cable Jigsaw Model 543
326.B&C Eagle Pneumatic Angle Finish Nailer Model FN15/64, Dynabrade Pneumatic Palm Sander
327.B&C Eagle Pneumatic Angle Finish Nailer Model FN15/64, Dynabrade Pneumatic Palm Sander
328.Assorted Tools, Stapler, Squares, More
329.Assorted Tools, Blades, Tape Measures, More
330.Von Haus Chisel Set
331.Assorted, Porter Cable 4200 Router Template Guide, Bosch Template Guide Kit, More
332.Assorted Tools, Cutter, Prybars, More
333.Assorted, Gloves, Punch Set, More
334.Assorted, Bits, Screwdrivers, More
335.Assorted, Weslock Keying Kit, Flashlight, More
336.Milwaukee Magnum 1/2" Holeshooter, Dual Temp Heat Gun
337.Porter Cable Router, Model 690LR
338.Assorted Tools, Pipe Wrenches, More
339.Dayton 26" Pedestal Fan
340.Milwaukee 2 Piece Tool Cabinet on Wheels, 46"x18"x63"
341.Ridgid 8 Gallon Shop Vac, 3.25 HP
342.Poly Bin with Assorted Shop Supplies, Bag of 4" Wood Dowels
343.Wood Cabinet on Wheels 42"x24"x33.5" with Assorted Contents
344.2 Assorted Pneumatic Palm Sanders
345.Assorted Tools, Stapler, Measuring Tapes, More
346.Makita 10" Compound Miter Saw, Model LS1013F
347.Assorted Tools, Clamps, Hammer, More
348.Assorted, Dado Blade, Saw Blades
349.Wood Cabinet 98.5"x31.5"x35.5" with Assorted Contents Inside
350.Assorted Wood Trim Pieces on Rack
351.Assorted Wood, Shelf Boards, More
352.Wood Cabinet 40"x28"x35.5" with Assorted Contents Inside
353.7 Poly Bins with Lids, 27 Gallon, 28"x19"x15"
354.2 Poly Bins with Lids, 35"x21"x18.5" and 45"x21"x19"
355.Werner 4' Fiberglass Step Ladder
356.Assorted Samples, Door Locks, Handles, More
357.Assorted Samples, Door Locks, Handles, More
358.Metal Display Rack, 41"x36"x84"
359.7 Assorted Window Displays on Stands
360.Interior Wood Door with Jamb, 26.5"x79.5"
361.Assorted, Brother Copier, Keyboard, More
362.4 Wood Bookcases, 28.5"x13"x42"
363.Leather Like Office Chair
364.Assorted, P-Touch Label Maker, Monitor, Lamp, Phone
365.4 Assorted Chairs
366.Assorted, Wood Frames, More
367.6 Boxes Polyethylene Sheeting, 6 Mil, 20'x100'
368.Roll of Safety Fence, 2 Rolls Caution Tape
369.Assorted, Clear Vinyl Sheeting, Plastic Sheeting, Paper Rolls, More
370.Approx. 12 Boxes Assorted Window/Door Weatherstrip
371.Assorted Wood Cabinets and Parts
372.2 - 3 HP Motors, 3 PH
373.Wood Pedestal, 33"
374.Wood Base Cabinet 30" with Assorted Contents
375.Metal Stock Skid, 80"x42"
376.Wood Work Bench 106"x50"x34" with 2 Assorted Vises
377.2002 Chevy Van, 177,924 Miles on Odometer, Vortec Gas Engine, Ladder Racks, Metal Van Shelves, VIN 1GCHG39R121183133.
378.1997 Ford Van, 202,714 Miles on Odometer, Titan V8 Gas Engine, Ladder Racks (Ladders NOT Included), VIN 1FTJS34LXVHB08882.
379.Werner 24' Aluminum Extension Ladder
380.Werner 24' Aluminum Extension Ladder
381.Nutting Warehouse Cart, 73"x48"x14"
382.Jamb Assembly Clamp Table
383.Shipping/Storage Container, 20'x8'x100".
Pick up for this item is Thursday, Sept. 24th, 9AM to Noon. Must be paid for on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd..
The onsite forklift will not load this item. Buyer responsible for loading.
384.Tilting Dumpster on Wheels, 56"x41"x45"
385.Tilting Dumpster on Wheels, 56"x41"x45"
386.Pallet of Ice Melt, Approx. 20 Bags
387.Craftsman 21" Mower
388.2 Wood Spinning Displays, 22" Tall
389.Coleman Powermate Maxa 5000 ER Electric Generator, Model PM52-5202
390.Wood Work Bench with Assorted Wood Trim, More
391.Echo Gas Backpack Blower
392.6 Assorted Overhead Cabinets
393.2 Assorted Wood Profile Display Shelves
394.Pallet of Wood Window Pieces
395.Werner 32' Fiberglass Extension Ladder
396.4 Metal/Wood Stacking Bins 60"x36"x40" with Wood Window Pieces
397.4 Metal/Wood Stacking Bins 60"x36"x40" with Wood Window Pieces
398.Wood Work Bench, 86"x72"x35"
399.Wood Work Bench, 74"x49"x34"
400.Keller 40" Fiberglass Step Ladder
401.Wood/Glass Door, 36"x98"
402.2 Wood/Glass/Iron Exterior Doors, 36"x96" Each
403.Seal-Rite Wood Exterior Door, 42"x96"
404.2 Wood/Glass Exterior Doors, 32"x96" Each
405.Assorted, Wood Shutters, Screens, More
406.Razor Electric Crazy Scooter
411.All Assorted White Office Tables, Desks, File Cabinets, Pedestal Files, Shelves and 4 Assorted Office Chairs (mostly Ikea)
412.5 Brother Wireless Printers, Model HL-2270DW
413.11 Assorted Monitors 18" to 27", Dell CPU, Keyboards and Battery Backups
415.Approx. 13 Assorted Doors
416.Approx. 6 Assorted Doors
417.4 Assorted Doors with 1 Side Light, 33.5" to 36" Wide
418.Metal Door Display with 5 Assorted Doors
419.Assorted Samples, Knobs, Locks, Doorbell, Bins Assorted Hardware, 3 Displays 74.5" to 85"
420.2 Assorted Pillars, Office Supplies, Organizers, Mirror, Chair, Shovels, More
421.Werner 6' Fiberglass Step Ladder, Rubbermaid Step Stool
422.5 Assorted Heaters (Humidifier NOT Included)
423.Lathem Time Clock, Paper Cutter

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