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Snap Fitness - BID NOW! - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, November 2nd, 2020.

Item Description
1.Cybex Arc Trainer, 620A, S# C03-12620A9504N9014
2.Cybex Arc Trainer, 620A, S# C03-12620A9504N3898
3.Cybex Cyclone Upright Ex Bike, 530C, S# Z10-12530C9204NN032
4.Cybex Treadmill, CX445T, S# A12-12445T9514NN016
5.Cybex Treadmill, 625T, S# G0720-625TX019N
6.Cybex Treadmill, 625T, S# G0720-625TX016N
7.Cybex Treadmill, 625T, S# G0420-625TX020N
9.Cybex Arc Trainer, 610A, S# 18610A9214N8734
10.Cybex Arc Trainer, 610A, S# Z10-27600A9214AN15557
11.Cybex Arc Trainer, 600A, S# Z11-18600A9214N15692
13.Cybex Stepper, 800S-CT, S# B05-012760475
14.Cybex Prestige Glute Machine
15.Cybex Prestige Leg Strength Machine
16.Cybex Prestige Seated Leg Curl
17.Cybex Abdominal/Back Extension
18.Cybex Prestige Arm Curl Machine
19.Cybex Eagle Hip Abduction/Hip Adduction
20.Cybex Prestige Pulldown
21.Cybex Prestige Row
22.Cybex Prestige Overhead Press
23.Cybex Prestige Chest Press
24.Cybex Prestige Dip/Chin Assist
25.Cybex Smith Press
26.Cybex Power Cage
27.Adjustable Bench
28.Cybex Converging Plate Loaded Incline Press, 5252-91
29.Cybex Scott Curl, 16131
30.Cybex Abdominal Crunch, 5422-91
32.GPI Dumbbell Set, 5 lb. to 100 lb., 2- Cybex Racks
33.GPI Weights, 6-45 lb., 4-25 lb., 2-Clamps, Asst. Belts
34.GPI Weights, 6-45 lb., 6-25 lb., 6-10 lb., 6-5 lb., 6-2.5 lb., 2 clamps
35.York Weights, 3-45 lb., 2-35 lb., 2-25 lb., 2-10 lb.
36.Weight Tree, 2-35 lb. weights
37.3 Asst. Bars, 2 Clamps, More
39.All on Rack (Not Rack) Balls, 6 Mats, 1/2 Ball, 5 Asst Straps
40.Step up Set, Dumbbells, Heavy wands, Bolsters, Scale
41.Reception Desk w/Chair
42.Nighthawk Security Recorder with 4 cameras (Bring Ladder), HP Computer with 23" Screen, Camera, Vtech Phone, Clock Radio, AFC Battery Back Up ES-750
44.2 Mirrors, 48" x 100" with brackets
45.3 Mirrors, 48" x 100" with brackets
46.3 Mirrors, 1-48" x 100", 2-48" x 40" with brackets
47.Tanning Bed, Sonnen Braune Klassik, Series 732, Timer, Box of New Bulbs, Lasko Heater
50.Folding Chairs, Cabinet, Coat Rack, Mirror 68" x 22", Waste Baskets, More
51.Floor Mats, 2-16' x 3', 3 Asst. 5' x 3'
52.Vizio TV, 42" with Wall Mount, No Remote or Direct TV Related
53.Vizio TV 42" with Wall Mount, No Remote or Direct TV Related
54.Vizio TV 42"with Wall Mount, No Remote or Direct TV Related
55.Westinghouse TV 48" with Wall Mount, No Remote or Direct TV Related
56.Insignia TV, 48" with Wall Mount, No Remote or Direct TV Related
57.Vizio TV, 42" with Wall Mount, No Remote or Direct TV Related
58.Vizio TV, 42" with Wall Mount, No Remote or Direct TV Related
59.2 Wall Mount Fans
60.All Flooring Approx. 1500 sq. ft. Rubber Like, Approx. 1500 sq. ft. Vinyl (May Be Glued), November 7 2020 No Exception
61.Cybex Adjustable Bench
62.Nautilus Bench
63.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
64.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
65.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
66.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
67.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
68.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
69.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
70.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
71.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
72.Pro-Form Bike, 490 SPX PFEX03910.1
73.Chiropractor/Massage Bench
74.6 Audio Fetch Receivers

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