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Surplus from Art Supply Store: Decor Pictures, Equipment, Electronics, Retail Displays, Material Handling & More - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, October 19th, 2020.

Item Description
1.Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Large Format Printer on Wheels with Assorted Guides, Ink Cartridges, More, 120V
2.Sharp MX-3501N Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax on Wheels with Assorted Toner, 120V
3.Canon Image ProGraf, Model IPF5000
4.Metal 2 Tier Cart, 20"x27"x37"
5.3 Lighted Sign, 48.5"x5"x22.5"
6.Swivel Slatwall Display on Wheels, 24"x24"x72.75"
7.2 Assorted Swivel Displays, 1 on Wheels, 19"x14"x59" and 22"x22"x82"
8.Kyocera Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax on Wheels, Model KM-3035 with Assorted, Developer, Fixing, Drum, More
9.Sentry Fire Safe with Key, Combo and Manual, 16.5"x17"x18"
10.EZ Up Pop Up Shelter with Side Wall, 10'x10'
11.Seal Pro Seal 25, Model Pro Seal 44, 110V
12.Glass Door Display Case, 9.75"x9.5"x23.5"
13.Graf Von Faber-Castell Glass Lighted Display Case with 2 Drawers and Key, 27.5"x16"x77.5"
14.Del Grosso Still Life with Pear Framed Picture, 50"x38"
15.Frank Hansen Lost Images 1989-2005 Moberg Gallery Framed Picture, 38.75"x38.75"
16.Hayley Brown Still Red Framed Picture, 43.25"x35.35"
17.Uptown Framed Picture, 32"x27"
18.Omeila Nchuk Winter in Frame Framed Picture, 19.75"x23.25"
19.G. Massiot Porto & Sherry Sandeman Framed Picture, 38"x51.5"
20.John H. Sayler Expand Your Horizons AP, 28"x45.5"
21.Tuscany Evening I Framed Picture, 13.75"x13.75"
22.Tuscany Evening I Framed Picture, 13.75"x13.75"
23.Framed Picture, 14.75"x19.75"
24.Fishing Flies Framed Decor, 20.25"x22"
25.Pates Baroni Picture, 24"x35.5"
26.Bistro Waiters Picture, 19.25"x19.25"
27.Romantic Stroll Picture, 19.25"x19.25"
28.Framed Picture, 28.5"x28.5"
29.Cunard White Star Framed Picture, 17.5"x23.5"
30.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 30.5"x42.75"
31.Framed Picture, 20.5"x28.5"
32.Picture, 23.25"x30.75"
33.Framed Mirror, 18.75"x18.75"
34.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 39"x27.5"
35.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 44.25"x34.75"
36.Winter Wonderland Framed Picture, Signed, 24.5"x18.5"
37.Quiet Woods Framed Picture, 23.75"x23.75"
38.Framed Picture, 13"x15.5"
39.American Trike Osborne Collection Plate 4884 Framed Picture, 13.25"x17.25"
40.Flag Girl Osborne Collection 3320 Framed Picture, 13.25"x17.25"
41.Coins Framed Art, 15.5"x19.5"
42.Framed Mirror, 18.75"x18.75"
43.Wood/Glass Lighted Display Cabinets 83.5"x22"x40.75" and End Kiosk 36"x22"x41"
44.Wood/Glass Lighted Display Cabinets, 96"x22"x40.75"
45.Wood/Glass Lighted Display Cabinets, 80"x70"x40.75"
46.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 18"x24"
47.Framed Picture, 16.5"x20"
48.Framed Picture, 17.5"x14.5"
49.Framed Picture, 17.5"x14.5"
50.2 Assorted Pictures, 24"x18" and 16"x13"
51.M Shea Serigraph Liguira IV AP Framed Picture, 38.5"x30"
52.Kwa Kwa Dobi Framed Art, Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered 39/1000, 26.75"x31.25"
53.Shadow Box Framed Stars Jersey, 32.25"x40.25"
54.Framed Picture, 38"x16"
55.Shadow Box Framed Violin, 21"x31.75"
56.Shadow Box, 32.25"x40.5"
57.Art Framing Display Table 143.75"x40.75"x38" and End Kiosk 24.5"x40.5"x40"
58.Studio Designs Kids Drafting Table with Stool, 30"x20"x26"
59.Studio Designs Kids Toy Chest, 21.75"x14.5"x15"
60.Studio Designs Kids Toy Chest, 21.75"x14.5"x15"
61.Alvin Adjustable Kids Easel, 49"
62.Metal Storage Organizer with Assorted Balsa Wood, 17.5"x16"x36"
63.Wood Angled Work Station with Drawer/Door 72"x69", 3 Paper Roll Brackets
64.8 Roll Paper Cart. Holds Eight 1100 ft Rolls with Cutters
65.16 Poly Paper Organizers with Wood Top, 45"x33.5"x46.5"
66.15 Poly Paper Organizers with Wood Top, 45"x33.5"x44.25"
67.Metal 10 Drawer Flat File, 46.5"x35.5"x16.5"
68.Metal 7 Drawer Flat File, 46.5"x35.5"x16.5"
69.Metal 10 Drawer Flat File, 46.5"x35.5"x16.5"
70.Metal 10 Drawer Flat File, 46.5"x35.5"x16.5"
71.Wood Display Case 44"x44"x42", Wood Display Pedestal 16"x16"x42"
72.2 Assorted Swivel Displays, 10.5"x10.5"x19" and 14.25"x7.25"x24.75"
73.2 Wood 2 Tier Cabinets
74.2 Xyron Pro 1250 Cold Adhesive Laminators with Assorted Refill Cartridges
75.2 Xyron 850 Adhesive Application and Laminating Systems
76.Wood 16 Slot Shelf, 32.25"x36.5"x89.75"
77.8 Xyron SL 1201-150 Lamination Refill Cartridges
78.Xyron 2500 Supply Roll Set, LAT409160
79.Artograph Designer Projector Table Stand, Model AT225-353
80.Xyron Pro 1255 LAT 1251-100 Refill Cartridge, 2 Xyron Pro 1250 AT 1205-100 Refill Cartridges
81.5 Xyron 850 LAT 206-50 Refill Cartridges
82.3 Xyron Pro 1255 LAT 1256-100 Refill Cartridges
83.2 Xyron AT 1105-50 Refill Cartridges, Xyron DL 1101-100 Refill Cartridge
84.2 Xyron SL 201-100 Refill Cartridges, Xyron AT 201-50 Refill Cartridge
85.3 Xyron AT 205-50 Refill Cartridges
86.2 Xyron AT 205-50 Refill Cartridges, Xyron AT 206-50 Refill Cartridge
87.11 Poly Paper Organizers with Wood Top, 45"x33.5"x32.5"
88.12 Poly Paper Organizers with Wood Top, 45"x33.5"x32.25"
89.Alvin Titan Solid Oak Adjustable/Drafting Table, ALVWTB42-WA, 42"x31"x49.5"
90.Berkley U-DS1400C Adjustable/Drafting Table with Tray, Light and Chair, 42"x30"
96.2 Assorted Prints, 36"x24" and 32"x24"
97.4 Assorted Prints, 8.5"x10.25" to 26"x21.5"
98.4 Assorted Prints, 11"x11" to 18"x23.5"
99.4 Assorted Prints, 12"x18" to 17.5"x22"
100.8 Assorted Prints, 22"x15" to 19.5"x26.5"
101.Assorted Prints, 10.25"x7.75" to 28"x22.5"
102.14 Assorted Prints, 20"x16" to 24"x29.5"
103.3 Assorted Framed Pictures, 30.5"x38", 28.75"x40.5" and 41"x35"
104.Tim Thompson Schooner Yachts of the America's Cup Framed Canvas with COA, 47.25"x36.5"
105.Wood 3 Tier Corner Display, 34.25"x30.25"x43.5"
106.8 Assorted Retail Display Racks and Copic Maker Display
107.Aluminum Truck Box, 72"x18"x24"
108.Leather Rug, 96"x63"
109.Stabilo Cardboard Display 44"x13"x66.75", Wood Fredrix Roll Canvas Display 23"x18"x48"
110.Metal/Wood Pegboard Display on Wheels, 38"x38"x54.75"
111.4 Metal 3 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets with Keys, 36"x18"x39.75"
112.Victor 2 Drawer Fire File Cabinet, Locked Won't Open, 17.5"x30.5"x28.25"
113.3 Assorted Wood Swivel Display Racks, Approx. 63" Tall
114.22 Polycom IP650SIP Phones, 6 StarPlus STS Phones
115.2 Carpeted Folding Tables, 8'x4'
116.Assorted Frames, Safco 42" Print Clamps #5005-6, Track Light, More
117.2 Da-Lite Background Stands with Pole
118.2 Assorted Epson Printers, Models Stylus Photo R800 and 825
119.Rubbermaid Janitorial Cart
120.2 Assorted Metal 4 Tier Shelves on Wheels, 34"x16"x69" and 34"x21.5"x55.5"
121.Wood Swivel Display Rack 14"x14"x64", Wood Display 33"x17.5"x35.75"
122.4 Assorted Displays, Office Chair
123.3 Pedestal File Cabinets, 16.75"x30.25"x26"
124.Technibilt Folding Stand on Wheels, 28"x19"x28.5"
125.3 Assorted Metal Wire Display Racks, Christmas Tree
126.Hon 4 Drawer File Cabinet, 15"x28.5"x52"
127.U Shaped Desk System with Overhead Cabinet, Lights, 2 Pedestal Files, 133"x99"x71"
128.Xyron 2500 Laminating and Mounting System with Stand on Wheels
129.Desk, 72"x30"
130.Wood L Shape Desk 70.75"x43", 3 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 36"x24"x43"
131.Gardall Drop Safe with Combo, 11"x12.5"x18"
132.8'x10' Tradeshow Display, 3 Travel Cases with Related
133.4 Assorted Boxes of Cover Sheets, Over 2000 Sheets
134.Neenah Paper Exact Tag, Smooth 24"x36", Manila, Approx. 500 Sheets, More
135.5 Boxes Assorted Paper, Cover 23"x35", 22.5"x35", More
136.White Drawing Board 37.5"x72", #XB172
137.4 Assorted Poly Pallets
138.2 Boxes Comstoc 20# Bright Bond 36x150 2" PSO Rolls, 4 Rolls Per Box, #130400
139.Approx. 10 Assorted Rolls, Photo Paper, 20# Bond, 20# Bright Bond 18"x150', 24"x100', More
140.18 Assorted Rolls, Auto Type Capillex 24"x394", 18 and 25
141.12 Assorted Rolls of Paper, Epson 24"x100', Photo 36"x100', Bienfang 34"x90', More
142.18 Assorted Rolls of Photo Paper, Azon 7 mil Glossy and Satin 24"x100', More
143.14 Rolls of Sihl Photo Paper PE 190 Matte #3859, 24"x100'
144.9 Boxes Pro Seal Black Gloss Laminate Foam Board, 37"x49"x3/16", Approx. 10 Sheets Per Box
145.7 Boxes Assorted Seal and Pro Seal Laminate Pouch and Mounting Board, Approx. 10 Sheets Per Box
146.Unibind Machines and Assorted Presentation Binders, Unibind Steel Crystal Black 280-340P, 220-280P, More
147.Wood 4 Piece Hinged Tradeshow Structure, 105"x24"
148.GAI Rolling Stairs, 40" Top Platform
149.Pallet Racking, 2 Uprights 48"x96", 4 - 96" Crossbars, 4 Piece Grid Decking
150.Pallet Racking, 3 Uprights 42"x96", 8 - 108" Crossbars, 6 - 102" Crossbars, 8 Assorted Pieces Grid Decking
Please Pick Up After 3PM
151.Pallet Racking, 2 Uprights 48"x96", 6 - 102" Crossbars
152.Pallet Racking, 2 Uprights 48"x96", 9 - 72" Crossbars
153.Pallet Racking, 2 Uprights 48"x96", 8 - 72" Crossbars
154.Pallet Racking, 2 Uprights, 8 - 96" Crossbars, 2 - 96" Crossbars
155.Magnum Pallet Jack, Model M55, 48" Forks, 5500 Lb. Capacity
156.Metler Toledo Digital Scale, Model PS60, 150x0.05 Lb.
157.Adjustable Drawing Table Stand with Assorted Parts, 4 Assorted Table Tops
158.5 Assorted Adjustable Lights
159.Pallet Racking, 4 Uprights 36"x96", 12 - 96" Crossbars, 12 Pieces Grid Decking
Please Pick Up After 3PM
160.Alvin PXB Series Parallel Straight Edge 24"x36" Drawing Board
161.Xyron Creatopia 12" Adhesive Applier, Laminator, Embosser and Cutter with Assorted Border Patternz and Cutz Blades
162.SS Cart, 41.5"x4.5"x32.5"
163.Trac Super Sealer Portable Shrink Wrap System with Plastic Roll
164.Trac Super Sealer Portable Shrink Wrap System with Plastic Roll
165.Xyron Creatopia 12" Adhesive Applier, Laminator, Embosser and Cutter with 3 Assorted Cutz Starter Kits
166.Assorted, Pantone Formula Guides, Office Supplies, Smoke Alarms, Fan, More
167.Plastic Wrap Sealer
168.2 Pieces Grid Decking, 35"x49.25"
169.2 Assorted Wood Drying Racks 29"x59" and 24"x60", Kraft Station Metal Base
170.Wood 7 Tier Slanted Shelf, 36"x14"x86.25"
171.Wood 3 Tier Slanted Shelf, 36"x14"x86.25"
172.3 Assorted, APC Back-Ups, Powercom ECM Back Ups
173.48" Mat Cutter
174.Logan Artist Elite Mat Cutter Model 450-1 with Bevel Mat Cutter, Straight Cutter, Manual and More
175.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf, 101.5"x34"x37"
176.Wood Work Bench with Undershelf, 79"x48"x35.5"
177.Alvin RotaTrim Perfect Cut Trimmer
178.Wood Work Cabinet with Drawer and Assorted Shelves 112"x25"x36.25", Wood Slant Rack 52"x24"x54"
179.2 Piece Wall Mount Roll Station, 49.75"x12.75"x19.75"
180.Approx. 40 Boxes John Porter Everyday Archives 12"x12" Refill Pages, Black Model 01-100, 12 Packs Per Box, 10 Sheets Per Pack
181.Approx. 36 Spot Light Track Lights, Indy 490T 36W
182.Approx. 22 - 13" In Ceiling Speakers, 250W
183.4 Assorted Dome Mirrors, Approx. 17"
184.Assorted Pegboard Panels, Approx. 28" to 48"
185.Retail Gondola Shelving, Double Sided 4'x4' Sections, Approx. 68 Standards, Approx. 64 2'x4' Bases, 9 - 7' Grid Single Sided Wall Sections, Approx. 256' of Shelving (12" to 18")
186.6 Metal Gondola Shelving Slatwall Endcaps, 48"x54"
187.27 Assorted Metal Grid Pallet Rack Decking, 35"x49", 47"x49" and 47"x51.5"
188.Approx. 30 Assorted Gondola Shelves, 4' Wide, 12" and 18" Deep, Approx. 23 Standards 84" Tall
189.Assorted Metal Gondola Bases and Shelves with 7 Uprights, 10' Tall
190.4 - 48"x36" Sections Gondola Shelving
191.Assorted on 3 Shelves, Slatwall Wire Shelves, Baskets, Acrylic Shelves, More
192.19 Assorted Sections of Slatwall, 13" to 25" x 48"
193.2 Assorted Metal Carts with Glass Tops, 15.75"x18"x21.5" and 15.75"x18"x37"
194.Assorted on 4 Shelves, Acrylic Displays, Metal Wire Baskets, More
195.Assorted Acrylic Displays and Shelf Dividers
196.Assorted Displays, Acrylic, Glass, Wood, Swivel Base on Wheels, Glass Shelves with Brackets
197.Approx. 10 Assorted Department Signs, 12"x120"
198.Approx. 76 Boxes John Porter Archives 12"x12" Post Bound Refill Sheets, Cream Model 01-101, 12 Packs Per Box
199.Approx. 54 Boxes John Porter Archives 12"x12" Post Bound Refill Sheets, Black and Cream Model 01-101, 12 Packs Per Box
200.Assorted Metal Wire Hooks on Shelves
201.Assorted Blue Shelving Parts with 12 - 96" Uprights and Assorted Wood Shelves 48" to 72" x 24"
202.Peanut Packing Hopper with Tube and Valve, 40"x40"
203.Keen Cut Excalibur 5000 Mat and Board Cutter
204.Assorted Wood Shelves 47.5"x16" and 47.5"x22.5", Assorted Wood Frame Bars and Crossbraces
205.Assorted on 4 Shelves, Calculator, Hand Held Scanner, Tagging Guns, Wood 6 Drawer Box, More
206.Fletcher Heavy Duty Plastic/Glass Cutter, Model 7584, Serial 0317
207.Assorted on 4 Shelves, Cardboard Boxes, 6"x6" Gift Boxes, Ceiling Speakers, Back Braces, Glass Panels
208.Foam Trim Plus 125 Cutter
209.Ratchet Driven Strap Frame Holder, 24"x32"
210.Wood Display Cabinet with Light, 2 Glass Doors, Lock and Key, 45.5"x15.5"x36.5"
211.Assorted Molding, Up to 10' Long (Items in top right section goes with Lot 185)
212.Assorted Molding, Up to 10' Long
213.Approx. 40 Metal 3 Tier Shelves for Gondola Shelving, 48"x17"x18.75"
214.6 Metal Wire Magazine Racks, 19"x3"x57"
215.Approx. 25 Assorted Metal/Glass Door Frames for Display Cases with 12 Aluminum Frames for 4' Gondola Shelving 48"x26.75"
216.14 Boxes Assorted Pegboard and Slatwall Hooks
217.9 Boxes Assorted Pegboard Hooks, Metal Stands, Slatwall Hooks
218.13 Boxes Assorted Slatwall Hooks, Metal Stands, Glass Display Brackets
219.5 Boxes Assorted, Plexiglas Trays, Wire Display Shelves, Slatwall Hooks
220.7 Boxes Assorted, Plexiglas Trays, Slatwall Shelves
221.8 Boxes Assorted Slatwall Hooks
222.13 Boxes Assorted Slatwall Hooks, Pegboard Hooks, Plexiglas Slatwall Shelves
223.2 Fredrix Display Panels 20"x94" and 15.5"x94"
224.6 Assorted Lighted Tree Decor, More
225.Assorted Track Lights with Extension Poles 36"
226.Framed Picture, 29"x23"
227.Assorted Banners and Banner Materials
228.2 Assorted Revolving Display Racks, 18" and 19" Tall
229.10 Boxes Assorted Plexiglas Display Trays
230.6 Boxes Assorted, Retail Hooks with Plastic Price Tag Holders for Grid Wall
231.9 Framed Mirrors, 13.5"x49.25"

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