Auction Details

Auction Masters
Model Home Furniture/Decor, Home Goods & More - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, November 23rd, 2020.

Item Description
1.Wood/Metal 2 Tier Coffee Table on Wheels, 50"x24"

2.Decor Vase, Approx. 30"x38"

3.Room & Board Fabric Sofa, 84"

4.Room & Board Fabric Sofa, 84"

5.Wood/Glass 2 Piece Hutch with 6 Drawers and 2 Doors, Top 61"x13" and Bottom 59"x18"

6.Curio 2 Door Cabinet, 40.25"x24"x91"

7.Metal/Glass 1 Door Curio Cabinet, 38.25"x16"x92"

8.Metal/Glass 1 Door Curio Cabinet, 38.25"x16"x92"

9.Metal Dog Statue

10.Coffee Table 54"x32.25" and 2 End Tables 28"x19"

11.Leather Like 2 Piece Sectional L Shape Sofa

12.Metal Dog Statue

13.Glass Top Wood Base Table, 42" Dia.

14.Coffee 2 Drawer Table, 36"x27.25"

15.2 Piece Fabric Sofa, 84"

16.Wood Slide Open Chest, 46"x22"

17.Wood 4 Drawer Desk, 66"x30"

18.Leather Like Office Chair

19.Fabric Accent Chair

20.Fabric Accent Chair

21.Side Table, 18.5"x23.5"

22.Robin Bruce Fabric Sofa, 107"

23.Robin Bruce Fabric Love Seat, 83"

24.Wood 2 Drawer/4 Shelf Cabinet, 67.5"x20"x32.5"

25.Coaster 6 Drawer Dresser, 52"x17.5"x32"

26.Wood Chest with Glass Top, 40"x16"x34"

27.2 Mirrored Night Stands, 24"x15"x28"

28.Coaster Stand, Mirrored Drawer/Mirrored Top, 22.5"x16"x29"

29.Fake Plant, 16"x16"x19"

30.End Table, 20"x23"

31.6 Drawer Cabinet, 22"x16"x33"

32.Wood Dresser, 50"x20"x36"

33.Stanley Furniture Cabinet, 36"x20"x33"

34.Stanley Furniture Chest, 31"x19"x63"

35.Chest 54.5"x19"x50", 2 Night Stands 32"x17"x32", Headboard 69" with Rails

36.Leather Like Accent Chair

37.Bennett 3 Seat Sofa, 81"

38.Night Stand, 23"x15"x29"

39.KFI Sectional Sofa, 124"x94"x90"

40.Glass Top Metal Coffee Table, 54"x30"x16"

41.Liz Claiborne 12 Drawer Dresser 68"x20"x41" and 2 Night Stands 31"x18"x30"

42.Vintage Flip Down Desk/Cabinet with Drawer, 26"x14"x41"

43.Night Stand, 23.5"x15"x29"

44.Ashley Sofa, 81"

45.Leather Master/King Hickory Accent Chair

46.Dresser 63"x18"x38.5", 2 Night Stands 28"x18.5"x30"

47.PGT Reclaimed Furniture, 61"x18"x38"

48.PGT Reclaimed Furniture, 61"x18"x38"

49.Whalen Coffee Table with 2 Doors, 52"x20"x27"

50.Uttermost 2 Door Chest, 39"x18.5"x36"

51.Uttermost 2 Door Chest, 39"x18.5"x36"

52.Wood Dresser, 91"x20"x35.5"

53.Vintage 2 Tier Wine Cart, 32.5"x15.5"x30"

54.Riverside 4 Slot Cabinet, 36"x16"x36"

55.Riverside 1 Drawer/2 Door Cabinet

56.Riverside 2 Drawer Cabinet, 36"x16"x36.5"

57.2 Door/2 Drawer Wall Cabinet, 58.5"x19"x33.5"

58.Ashley Cabinet, 59"x20"x24"

59.3 Tier Bookcase, 30"x16"x47"

60.3 Tier Bookcase, 30"x16"x47"

61.3 Tier Bookcase, 30"x16"x47"

62.4 Drawer Night Stand, 31"x20"x31"

63.Solid Wood 4 Piece Entertainment Cabinet with Lights, 100"x24"x73", Top Bridge Floating (can be removed), Fits a 65" TV as seen

64.Corporate Specialists Night Stand, 23.5"x16.5"x24.5"

65.2 Wood Night Stands, 28"x17"x28"

66.2 - 3 Drawer Night Stands, 22"x20"x29.5"

67.2 - 2 Drawer Night Stands, 26"x16"x27"

68.Ashley Accent Chair

69.Ashley Accent Chair

70.Ashley Accent Chair

71.Ashley Sofa 83" and Love Seat 59"

72.Ashley Accent Chair

73.Ashley Sofa, 82"

74.Ashley Sofa, 84"

75.Ashley Sofa, 85"

76.Palatial Leather Like Accent Chair

77.Palatial Leather Like Accent Chair

78.Palatial Leather Like Accent Chair

79.Palatial Leather Like Accent Chair

80.Ashley Sofa, 82"

81.Love Seat, 62.5"

82.Leather Like Accent Chair

83.Ashley Sofa, 93"

84.Klaussner 4 Piece Sectional Sofa

85.Dresser 53"x17.5"x67" with Mirror, 2 Night Stands 36"x18"x34", Headboard 81", Footboard and Rails

86.Leather Like Section, 73"x87"

87.Ashley Sectional Sofa, 53"x86"

88.Metal/Wood Glass Top End Table, 28"x23"x24"

89.Lamp Table with Glass Top, 19.5"x69"

90.Wood Glass Top End Table, 40"x18.5"

91.Ashley Accent Chair

92.Ashley Sofa, 88.5"

93.Klaussner Sofa, 84"

94.Floor Lamp, 72"

95.Floor Lamp, 72"

96.2 Table Lamps, 33"

97.Metal Panther Art, 51"x41"

98.4 Wood Stools with Padded Seats, 30"

99.Wood 22 Slot Shelf, 5"x13"x70"

100.Wood Table Top, 24"x81.5"

101.2 Floor Lights, 69"

102.Wood 5 Tier Stand with Glass Shelves, 28"x16"x65"

103.2 Lamps, 34"x31"

104.Floor Lamp, 67"

105.8 Drawer Dresser 66"x18"x35", 2 Night Stands 26"x16"x27"

106.Uttermost Cabinet, 27"x17"x19"

107.Wood Entertainment Stand, 22"x46"x84"

108.Maytag Electric Range, Model PER5510BAW, 120/208/240V

109.Padded Ottoman, 46"x19"

110.Wood Headboard 84", Footboard and Rails

111.2 Framed Pictures, 26.5"x26.5"

112.Metal Wall Art, 46"x31"

113.2 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 38"x48"

114.2 Framed Pictures, 30"x34"

115.Framed Picture, 34.5"x42.5"

116.2 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 27"x36"

117.3 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 24"x36"

118.Howard Elliot Collection Mirror, 36"

119.Uttermost Mirror, 36.5"

120.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 36"x50"

121.Uttermost Mirror, 43"

122.Cyan Designed Framed Mirror, 47"x39.5"

123.Cyan Designed Framed Mirror, 47"x39.5"

124.Howard Elliot Collection Mirror, 34"

125.Lake Minnetonka Map, 44"x30"

126.Framed Picture, 48.5"x23"

127.Derk Hansen "Evening Shadow" Framed Picture, 31"x23"

128.Terry Redlin "House Call" Framed Picture, 38.5"x27"

129.Framed Art, 33"x33"

130.Floor Mirror, 66"x32"

131.Home Goods Mirror, 31.5"x65.5"

132.3 Piece Framed Art, 30"x65"

133.Metal End Table with Glass Flower Design Top, 20.5"x20.5"

134.Tiffany Floor Lamp 27"

135.Tiffany Floor Lamp 27"

136.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

137.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

138.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

139.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

140.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

141.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

142.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

143.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

144.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

145.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

146.Tiffany Floor Lamp 60"

147.Tiffany Floor Lamp 71"

148.Stain glass Art 18"x18"

149.1997 Ford Club Wagon XLT 15 Passenger Van, 150,941 Miles on Odometer, Automatic, Triton V10 Gas Engine, Cloth Interior, AM/FM/Cassette, Power Windows/Locks, 265/75R16 Tires, Tabs Expired Feb. 2020, VIN 1FBJS31S9VHB91057.
Transfer fees and sales tax will be added to vehicle purchase price. Driver's License and proof of Insurance required (bring a photo copy of each for the cashier to keep).

150.Metal Table with Glass Top, 60"x36"x30"

151.2 Decor Wicker Balls, 24"x20"

152.Four Hand Leather Like Accent Chair

153.Alexandria Stationary Chair

154.Alexandria Stationary Chair

155.Ashley End Table, 26.5"x25.5"

156.2 Wood Trunks, 29"x14"x14" and 23.5"x9.5"x10"

157.Leather Like Sofa, 76"

158.Metal Glass Top Coffee Table, 46"x24"x20.5"

159.Ashley Sofa, 89"

160.Fake Plant, 48"

161.Love Seat, 61"

162.Mitchell Gold Leather Like Accent Chair with Foot Rest

163.King Hickory Leather Master Sofa

164.4 Drawer Chest, 37.5"x19"x33"

165.Celestron Power Seeker 70EQ Telescope, Model 21037, D=70mm, F=700mm, F/10

166.Vase, 18.5"

167.Marble Like Vase, 19.5"

168.Wood Table 82.5"x44"x30.5" with Sliding Leaves and 4 Chairs

169.2 Assorted, Wood Hutch 18"x14"x34", Mod Bar Wine 18"x13.5"x36.5"

170.2 Assorted, Wood Hutch 18"x14"x34", Mod Bar Wine 18"x13.5"x36.5"

171.2 Assorted, Wood Hutch 18"x14"x34", Mod Bar Wine 18"x13.5"x36.5"

172.Leather Like Accent Chair

173.2 Uttermost Dining Chairs

174.2 Pool Hall Designed Bar Stools with Cup Holders and Pool Stick Rests

175.4 Upholstered Skirted Dining Chairs

176.Vase with Grass, 19"

177.Wood Wall Stand, 52"x20"x36"

178.3 Drawer Chest, 36"x22"x39"

179.3 Framed Art, 23"x34", 46"x24"x20.5"x32"

180.Framed Sailboat Picture

181.4 Assorted Framed Art, 41"x29", 25"x25", 27"x27"

182.Marble Top Wood Chest, 64"x17.5"x40.5"

183.Wood Table 80"x48"x31" with 18" Sliding Leaf and 8 Chairs

184.Marble Top Table, 64"x32"x31"

185.Wicker Basket with Lake Minnetonka Pillow

186.Wood Table 84"x46"x30" with 20" Leaf

187.Wood Table 74"x44"x30" with 18" Leaf

188.Aaron Play Table, 31.5"x22"

189.Wood Table, 84"x40"x30.5"

190.Decor Vase, 17"

191.2 Wood Night Stands, 28"x18"x28.5"

192.Uttermost Stool 30" and End Table 19.5"x25"

193.Coaster Game Table 48"x31" with 4 Chairs

194.Wood Table, 59"x30"

195.Table Lamp, 34.5"

196.Glass Top Wood Base Table 70"x30.5" with 6 Chairs

197.Marble Top End Table, 24"x27"

198.Marble Top End Table, 24"x27"

199.Marble Top End Table, 36"x31.5"

200.Wood/Metal Stool, 27"

201.Ashley Sofa, 89.5"

202.Ashley Sofa, 89.5"

203.Ashley Accent Chair

204.Craftsmaster Accent Chair with Foot Rest

205.Ashley Sofa, 89"

206.Ashley Sofa, 89"

207.Ashley Love Seat, 82"

208.Ashley Sofa, 93"

209.Ashley Accent Chair

210.Ashley Accent Chair

211.Ashley Sofa, 86"

212.Distinctions Love Seat, 66"

213.Glass/Metal End Table, 32"x8"x29"

214.Wood Game Table, 26"x16.5"x30.5"

215.Entertainment Center, 46"x26"x62.5"

216.3 Tier Corner Stand, 20"x20"x89"

217.Ashley Accent Chair

218.Ashley Accent Chair

219.2 Accent Chairs with Foot Rest

220.Interlude Home Metal/Marble Top End Table, 18"x24"

221.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 70"x50"

222.Framed Art, 73"x40"

223.Framed Picture, 72"x36"

224.2 Framed Pictures, 38"x17" and 32"x14"

225.Framed Picture, 45"x36"

226.Framed Picture, 38"x32"

227.Framed Picture, 34"x26"

228.Framed Picture, 34"x26"

229.Framed Picture, 34"x26"

230.Framed Georgia O'Keeffe Picture, 39"x27"

231.Gallery Wrapped Picture

232.Charlie Chaplin Picture, 38"x25"

233.Teen Restoration Hardware Cloth Board, Framed Picture 39"x33"

234.Framed Picture, 28"x34"

235.2 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 39"x33"x32.5"x52.5"

236.Framed Picture, 51"x40"

237.2 Framed Pictures, 35.5"x29.5"

238.Keith Mallett Framed Picture, 36"x36"

239.Framed Pictures, 46"x46"

240.3 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 40"x32"

241.3 Wood Horse Art, 42"x20"

242.Uttermost Framed Picture, 36"x35"

243.Framed Picture, 45"x37"

244.Arhaus Trunk, 47"x25"x16.5"

245.Ethan Allen Bedroom Set, Dresser 30"x18"x30" with Mirror 39"x26", 2 Piece Hutch 30"x18"x77", Chair

246.Lion Stone Like/Tile Decor Stand, 74"

247.Lion Stone Like/Tile Decor Stand, 74"

248.Brown 10' Cantilever Offset Umbrella with Crank System, Rectangular Sand Base Provides Solid Support (holds 130 Lbs. of sand), Umbrella Approx. 10' Dia., Sturdy 2" Pole, Heavy Duty 220 Gram Polyester Fabric, Umbrella Tilts to Desired Angle

249.Mirrored Top End Table, 12"x12"x36"

250.Wall Mount Articulating TV Mount with Hardware

251.Waterford Ashbrooke Table Lamp, 27"

252.Waterford Ashbrooke Table Lamp, 27"

253.House of Waterford Achill Tiffany Style Lamp, 22.5"

254.Waterford Book of Kells Dual Lit Lamp, 24"

255.Waterford Book of Kells Dual Lit Lamp, 24"

256.Waterford Book of Kells Dual Lit Lamp, 24"

257.Waterford Dylan Double Lit Table Lamp, 25"

258.Coach Handbag, No. M3K-7025

259.Coach Handbag, No. E05K-8K03

260.Coach Handbag, No. A1421-29001

261.Genuine Leather Jacket, Size XXL

262.3 Assorted Handbags, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Tory Burch

401.Armoire 2 Door Cabinet Top, 52"x21"x63"

402.2 Pc. Armoire Cabinet, 52"x21"x94"

403.2 Leather Like Side Chairs

404.2 Pc. Wood/Glass Entertainment Cabinet, 35"x25"x80"

405.Wood/Fabric Accent Chair

406.Wood/Fabric Accent Chair

407.3 Pc. Wood/Glass Entertainment Cabinet, 2 - 34"x21"x82" and 1 - 78"

408.5 Pc. Wood/Glass Entertainment Cabinet, 2 - 30"x18"x84", 1 - 45"x24"x11", 1 - 45"x24"x28", 1 - 44"x24"

409.Wood 3 Tier Stand, 30"x24"x75"

410.Wood Queen Headboard, Footboard and Rails

411.Floor Lamp, 2 Assorted Side Tables

412.Fabric Accent Chair

413.Wicker Chair with Pillow, Wicker Ottoman

414.Wood 2 Door Cabinet, 14.25"x14.75"x37.25"

415.Wood Dining Table 48" with 4 Chairs

416.Wood/Metal Side Table, 24" Dia.

417.Wood Dining Table 68"x48" with 4 Chairs and Leaves

418.Leather Like Accent Chair

419.Leather Like Side Chair

420.Wood 1 Drawer Side Table on Wheels, 30"

421.Wood 5 Tier Bookcase, 32"x13"x73"

422.Sofa Table, 48"x16"

423.Room & Board Bench, 46"x15"

424.Wood 3 Door Cabinet, 43"x13"x32.5"

425.Vintage Wood Secretary Desk, 32.5"x15"x45"

426.Wood Cube Shelf, 31"x15"x59"

427.2 Wood 8 Cube Shelves, 31"x15"x59"

428.Wood 8 Drawer/1 Door Dresser, 44"x17.5"x55"

429.Wood 1 Drawer Desk, 48"x28"

430.Wood 2 Drawer Coffee Table 49"x29", 2 - 1 Drawer End Tables 25"x27"

431.Metal/Glass Side Table, 20"

432.Sofa with Chaise, 72"

433.Decor Tree

434.Wood Coffee Table 40"x40", 2 Wood End Tables 24"x24"

435.Wood 3 Drawer Desk, 60"x28"

436.Wood Coffee Table, 50"x26"

437.2 Drawer Sofa Table, 71"x15.5"

438.2 Metal/Glass Side Tables, 18"x18"

439.Wood 2 Drawer Side Table, 28"x28"

440.Metal/Mirrored Side Table 18", Wall Mirror 22"

441.Wood 2 Drawer Night Stand

442.Wood 3 Drawer Night Stand

443.Wood/Glass 4 Tier Stand, 30"x16"x72.5"

444.2 Fabric Sofas, 86"

445.Sofa, Sofa with Chaise 84"

446.Wood Hightop Table, 36"x84"x42"

447.Bean Bag

448.Sofa Table, 47"x19.25"

449.Wood 1 Drawer Side Table, 23"x27"

450.Wood/Fabric Accent Chair

451.2 Fabric Sofas, 85"

452.Fabric Sofa, 87"

453.4 Pc. Fabric Sectional Sofa

454.Fabric Sofa, 65"

455.Fabric Sofa, 87"

456.Wood/Metal Side Table, 31"

457.2 Assorted Fabric Sofas, 82" and 85"

458.Wood 5 Tier Bookcase, 31"x14"x71"

459.4 Bed Legs

460.8 Pc. Office Unit, Desk, Cabinet, Stand, File, More

461.Metal/Wood Coffee Table, 32"x32"

462.Fabric Ottoman

463.7 Drawer/2 Door Dresser, 46.25"x17.75"x55"

464.2 Wicker Ottomans

465.2 Wood Lateral File Cabinets, 35.5"x22.25"

466.2 Wood Lateral File Cabinets, 35.5"x22.25"

467.2 Wood Lateral File Cabinets, 35.5"x22.25"

468.2 Wood Lateral File Cabinets, 35.5"x22.25"

469.5 Wood/Fabric Stools, 27"

470.Wood/Glass Side Table, 22.25"

471.Wood/Fabric Side Chair

472.Wood/Fabric Accent Chair

473.Fabric Accent Chair

474.Fabric Sofa, 83"

475.Wood Table, 79"x39.25"

476.Wood 1 Drawer Side Table, 23.25"x27.25"

477.Wood 1 Drawer Side Table, 28.5"x20.75"

478.Wood Desk with Drawers and Doors on the Front, 74"x36.5"

479.Wood 6 Drawer Dresser

480.2 Pc. Fabric Sectional Sofa

481.Wood 3 Drawer Night Stand

482.2 Floor Lamps

483.Dining Table, 42"

484.3 Pc. Leather Like Sectional Sofa

485.2 Boxes Assorted Books

486.2 Bins Assorted Decor Plants

487.Comforter, 4 Pillows

488.6 Moving Blankets

489.Metal Bed Frame

490.Metal Bed Frame

491.Two Wheeler, 17"x48"

901.Threshold Area Rugs, 60"x84"

902.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

903.Area Rug, 60"x84"

904.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

905.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

906.Area Rug, 112"x90"

907.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

908.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

909.Area Rug, 82"x63"

910.Area Rug, 60"x84"

911.Area Rug, 63"x90"

912.Area Rug, 63"x90"

913.Scott Living Area Rug, 79"x114"

914.Comfort Shag Area Rug, 63"x66"

915.Area Rug, 63"x90"

916.Rug Collection Area Rug, 60"x84"

917.Area Rug, 60"x84"

918.Area Rug, 60"x80"

919.Area Rug, 60"x82"

920.Napa Area Rug, 60"x84"

921.Napa Area Rug, 60"x84"

922.Napa Area Rug, 63"x90"

923.Napa Area Rug, 94"x134"

924.Area Rug, 60"x83"

925.Napa Area Rug, 63"x90"

926.Napa Area Rug, 60"x84"

927.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

928.Area Rug, 63"x90"

929.Sonoma Area Rug, 60"x84"

930.Sonoma Area Rug, 60"x84"

931.Sonoma Area Rug, 60"x84"

932.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

933.Napa Area Rug, 94"x134"

934.Area Rug, 96"x120"

935.Mohawk Area Rug, 60"x84"

936.Mohawk Area Rug, 60"x84"

937.China Garden Area Rug, 60"x96"

938.Coaster Area Rug, 96"x120"

939.Area Rug, 78"x120"

940.Area Rug, 114"x150"

941.Area Rug, 60"x82"

942.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

943.Patterson Area Rug, 60"x84"

944.Sonoma Area Rug, 60"x84"

945.KAS Farmhouse Area Rug, 72"x108"

946.Threshold Area Rugs, 60"x84"

947.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x93"

948.KAS Mason Area Rug, 60"x84"

949.Napa Area Rug, 60"x84"

950.Amer Area Rug, 60"x96"

951.Home Accents Area Rug, 60"x84"

952.Jaipur Area Rug, 60"x96"

953.Area Rug, 60"x84"

954.Frost Area Rug, 62"x86"

955.Rug Collection Area Rug, 60"x96"

956.Loren Area Rug, 90"x114"

957.Scott Living Area Rug, 63"x84"

958.Eclipse Area Rug, 60"x84"

959.Threshold Area Rugs, 60"x84"

960.Town Square Area Rug 54"x84", Area Rug 47"x70"

962.Kas Kala Collection Area Rug, Hand Made in India, 100% Wool Pile, 5'3"x8'3"

963.Cyrus Carpets Area Rug, Hand Tufted in India, 6'x9'

964.Kalaty Madison Collection Area Rug, Hand Tufted Wool, 9'x12'

965.Azerbaijan Area Rug, Made in Iran, 100% Wool, 12'8"x9'11"

966.Nourison Grafix Collection Area Rug, 7'10"x9'10"

967.Area Rug, 5'3"x7'5"

968.Area Rug, 82"x60"

969.Opal House Patio Area Rug, 5'x7'

970.2 Assorted Area Rugs, 53"x78" and 39"x59"

971.2 Assorted Area Rugs, 36"x60" and 71"x47"

972.3 Assorted Area Rugs, 30"x19", 24"x36" and 46"x31"

973.2 Assorted Area Rugs, 39"x63" and 55"x39"

974.3 Assorted Area Rugs, 24"x36", 24"x36" and 45"x30"

975.4 Assorted Area Rugs, 20"x30", 27"x37", 30"x47" and 30"x47"

976.3 Assorted Area Rugs, 30"x46", 36"x48" and 30"x48"

977.2 Assorted Area Rugs, 47"x66" and 47"x70"

978.Area Rug, 34"x47"

979.Surya Area Rug 60"x60" with Teepee Tent

1001.Queen Headboard and Footboard

1002.Queen Headboard

1003.2 Queen Headboards

1004.Queen Headboard and Footboard

1005.Queen Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1006.Twin Headboard and Footboard

1007.Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1008.Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1009.2 Twin Headboards, Footboards and Rails

1010.2 Queen Headboards, Footboards and Rails

1011.Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1012.Queen Headboard and Rails

1013.Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1014.Twin Headboard and Rails

1015.Twin Headboard and Footboard, Twin Headboard

1016.3 Queen Headboards, Footboards and Rails

1017.Queen Headboard, Full Headboard and Footboard

1018.3 Twin Headboards

1019.2 Coaster Night Stands, 23"x25"

1020.2 Ashley Night Stands, 20"x23"

1021.2 Ashley Night Stands, 22"x24"

1022.2 Ashley Night Stands, 23"x26.5"

1023.2 Ashley Night Stands, 24"x30"

1024.2 Ashley Night Stands, 24"x30"

1025.2 Ashley Night Stands, 22.5"x25"

1026.2 Ashley Night Stands, 24"x28"

1027.2 Ashley Night Stands, 24"x28"

1028.2 Ashley Night Stands, 24"x28"

1029.Wood Game Table, 47"x30"

1030.2 Ashley End Tables, 26"x25"

1031.2 Ashley Sofas, 82" and 90" (no cushions)

1032.Leather Like Accent Chair

1033.2 Ashley Club Chairs

1034.Wicker/Wood Chair with Foot Stool, 3 Metal Chairs

1035.5 Assorted Accent Chairs

1036.3 Assorted Accent Chairs

1037.7 Assorted Accent Tables

1038.Wood Game Table 47" with Stands 25.5"

1039.2 Steve Silver Co. Wood End Tables, 20"x23"x23"

1040.2 Occasional Table Sets 34.5"x17.5" and 31.5"x16.5", Coaster Table 24"x24"x24"

1041.Headboard Bed Frame, 60"x85"

1042.2 Ashley Ottomans 17"x17", Ashley Table 24"x24"x24.5", Wood Table 42"x30"

1043.4 Ashley Night Stands, 24.5"x16"x29.5"

1044.2 Coaster Night Stands, 17"x23"x26.5" and 16"x23.5"x24"

1045.Coaster End Table 22"x23"x24.5", Ashley Glass Top End Table 19"x22"x24.5"

1046.Fiberglass Like Accent Chair, Fiberglass Like Salon Chair

1047.2 Wood Kids Chairs, 2 Metal/Cushion Kids Chairs

1048.4 Ashley Dining Chairs

1049.4 Ashley Dining Chairs

1050.4 Ashley Dining Chairs

1051.2 Bassett Wood Fabric Chairs

1052.6 Wood/Wicker Chairs

1053.6 McCreary Modern Inc. Chairs

1054.4 Grand Rapids Co. Stools, 30"

1055.4 Grand Rapids Co. Stools, 30"

1056.4 Grand Rapids Co. Stools, 30"

1057.6 Grand Rapids Co. Stools, 30"

1058.6 Grand Rapids Co. Stools, 30"

1059.4 Room & Board Chairs

1060.2 Curation Limited Chairs

1061.3 Leather Like Chairs

1062.2 Wicker/Wood Stools, 26.5"

1063.6 Assorted End Tables

1064.4 Leather Like Chairs

1065.Ashley King Headboard and Footboard

1066.King Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1067.Wood Headboard, 63"x58"

1068.Coaster Headboard 63"x58", Footboard and Rails

1069.Wood Twin Headboards and Footboards

1070.Skyline Headboard 42"x50", Footboard and Rails

1071.Skyline Queen Headboard

1072.King Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1073.Headboard 60"x36.5", Footboard and Rails

1074.Headboard 57"x41", Footboard and Rails

1075.Ashley Headboard 87"x52", Footboard and Rails

1076.Wood Picnic Table, 54"x58"x18"

1077.Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1078.Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1079.Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1080.Queen Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1081.Headboard 64"x50", Footboard and Rails

1082.Coaster Headboard 64"x60", Footboard and Rails

1083.Coaster Headboard 57"x46", Footboard and Rails

1084.Coaster Headboard 62"x51", Footboard and Rails

1085.Coaster Headboard 62"x54", Footboard and Rails

1086.2 Ashley Night Stands, 16"x24"x30"

1087.2 Ashley Night Stands, 16"x24"x30"

1088.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x26"x18" and 2 End Tables 22"x22"x24"

1089.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x24"x20" and 2 End Tables 24"x24"x23.5"

1090.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x24"x20" and 2 End Tables 24"x24"x23.5"

1091.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x24"x20" and 2 End Tables 24"x24"x23.5"

1092.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x24"x20" and 2 End Tables 24"x24"x23.5"

1093.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x24"x20" and 2 End Tables 24"x24"x23.5"

1094.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x24"x20" and 2 End Tables 24"x24"x23.5"

1095.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x28"x19" and 2 End Tables 24"x24"x23"

1096.Wood Coffee Table 58"x21"x14", Wood Headboard 64.5"x50", Wood Shelf 30"x15.5"x30", More

1097.Klaussner Wood TV Stand, 30"x18"x28"

1098.2 Wood Shelves 31"x13"x53", Wood Stand 26"x15"x24"

1099.3 Assorted Accent Chairs

1100.4 Ashley Side Chairs

1101.3 Ashley Side Chairs

1102.Wicker Table 29"x18"x18", Rocking Chair, 2 Sofa Tables 36"x30"x17", More

1103.2 Assorted End Tables, Wood Chair, More

1104.Coaster Table 52"x28"x36", Wood Desk Top 72"x24", 2 Coaster Night Stands 28"x15"x25"

1105.Office Chair

1106.Coaster Coffee Table 46"x32"x20" and 2 End Tables 25"x16.5"x28"

1107.3 Coaster Night Stands, 24"x16"x25.5"

1108.End Table 22"x22"x18", Wood Cabinet 62"x29.5"x34", Office Chair

1109.Full Box

1110.Queen Box

1111.3 Twin Mattresses

1112.Full Mattress and Box

1113.Full Mattress and Box

1114.Full Mattress and Box

1115.Twin Mattress and Box

1116.Twin Mattress and Box

1117.Twin Mattress and Box

1118.Twin Mattress and Box

1119.Twin Mattress and Box

1120.Twin Mattress and Box

1121.Twin Mattress and Box

1122.King Mattress and Split Boxes

1123.Queen Mattress and Box

1124.Queen Mattress and Box

1125.Queen Mattress and Box

1126.Queen Mattress

1127.2 Twin Boxes

1128.Full Box

1129.Twin Box

1130.2 Full Boxes

1131.Queen Box

1132.2 Twin Headboards, Footboards and Rails

1133.2 Twin Headboards, Footboards and Rails

1134.3 Queen Headboards, Footboards and Rails

1135.Queen Headboards

1136.3 Full Headboards

1137.King Headboard

1138.King Headboard

1139.2 Coaster Night Stands, 23.5"x14.5"x24.5"

1140.Wood Coffee Table, 68"x40"x33"

1141.Wood Coffee Table, 60"x40"x33"

1142.2 Wood Coffee Tables, 60"x40"x33" and 48"x36"x33"

1143.Coaster Twin Headboard, Footboard and Rails

1144.Wood Coffee Table, 54"x54"x33"

1145.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x24"x24", End Table 24"x24"x25", Night Stand 23.5"x17.5"x27"

1146.2 Ashley End Tables, 26"x26"x24.5" and 23"x23"x23"

1147.Ashley Table Set, 47"x23.5"x18", 23.5"x15"x23", 15.5"x15.5"x19.5"

1148.Metal/Glass Coffee Table 47"x23"x19", End Tables

1149.Table, 47"x47"x16"

1150.3 Dry Erase Boards and 2 Cork Boards, 36"x48"

1151.2 Steelcase Chairs

1152.2 Steelcase Chairs

1153.2 Steelcase Chairs

1154.Accent Chair

1155.Haworth Office Chair, Leather Like Office Chair

1156.All Steel Office Chair, Haworth Office Chair

1157.Knoll Office Chair, Turnstone Office Chair

1158.11 Vecta-Steel Stools, 30"

1162.10 Wood Chairs

1163.Steelcase Chair, Okamura Chair, Hon Chair

1164.Brewer Stool on Wheels, Steelcase Chair, Bar Stool, More

1165.Wood Table 53"x15"x29", 2 Brayton Leaf Wood Stools 23"

1166.Coffee Table 32"x20"x16.5", End Table 13"x17"

1167.Coffee Table 32"x20"x16.5", End Table 13"x17"

1168.Coffee Table 32"x20"x16.5", End Table 13"x17"

1169.Wicker Sofa with Pillows, 69"

1170.Wicker Love Seat with Pillows, 53"

1171.Wicker Accent Chair with Pillow

1172.Wicker Love Seat with Pillows, 60"

1173.Wicker Sofa with Pillows, 73"

1174.Wicker Love Seat with Pillows, 54"

1175.Wicker Sofa with Pillows, 71"

1176.Wicker Love Seat with Pillows, 54"

1177.Wicker Love Seat with Pillows, 53"

1178.Wicker Accent Chair

1179.Wicker Accent Chair

1180.Wicker Accent Chair

1181.Wicker Accent Chair

1182.Wicker Sofa with Pillows 72" and Wicker Accent Chair

1183.Wicker Love Seat with Pillows, 55"

1184.Wicker Accent Chair with Pillow

1185.Wicker Accent Chair with Pillow

1186.Wicker Ottoman, 24"x20"x20"

1187.Wicker Accent Chair with Pillow

1188.Wicker Sofa with Pillows, 69"

1189.2 Wicker Stands, 17"x16.5"x17"

1190.2 Wicker Stands, 17"x16.5"x17"

1191.2 Wicker Stands, 17"x16.5"x17"

1192.2 Wicker Stands, 17"x16.5"x17"

1193.2 Wicker Accent Chairs

1194.2 Wicker Accent Chairs

1195.Wood Stand with Hanger Bar, 49"x16"x64"

1196.Wood Stand with Hanger Bar, 49"x16"x64"

1197.2 Wood Stands with Hanger Bar, 49"x16"x64"

1198.2 Wood Stands with Hanger Bar, 49"x16"x64"

1199.Metal 2 Drawer File Cabinet

1200.3 Bins of Assorted Air Mattresses

1201.Step Ladder, 19"

1202.Wood 4 Tier Shelf, 42"x14"x42"

1203.Ashley Accent Cabinet, 42"x14"x36"

1204.Accent Cabinet, 42"x14"x39"

1205.Wood Stand with Under Cabinet, 50"x19"x30.5"

1206.Metal/Glass Coffee Table 48"x24"x19", 2 Metal/Glass End Tables 24"x24"x24"

1207.4 Assorted Metal/Wood End Tables

1208.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x28"x18", 2 End Tables 23.5"x25"

1209.2 Metal/Wood Coffee Tables, 24"x23"x22.5"

1210.3 Wood End Tables, 28"x24"x24"

1211.3 Coaster Book Shelves, 15"x27"x74", 12"x31.5"x67.5" and 11.5"x35"x67"

1212.3 Ashley Night Stands, 16"x23.5"x29"

1213.4 Ashley Night Stands, 16"x23.5"x29"

1214.4 Ashley Night Stands, 16"x23.5"x29"

1215.4 Ashley Night Stands, 26"x16"x26"

1216.3 Ashley Night Stands, 24"x16"x29"

1217.2 Ashley Night Stands, 23"x15"x29"

1218.2 Ashley Night Stands, 23"x15"x29"

1219.2 Ashley Night Stands, 23"x16.5"x23"

1220.2 Ashley Night Stands, 23"x16"x27"

1221.2 Coaster Night Stands, 23"x16.5"x25"

1222.2 Ashley Night Stands, 20"x16"x23"

1223.2 Ashley Night Stands, 20"x16"x23"

1224.2 Coaster Night Stands, 27"x15"x25"

1225.2 Ashley End Tables, 24"x24"x24.5"

1226.2 Broyhill End Tables, 26"x22"x23"

1227.Ashley Coffee Table 48"x26"x18", End Table 22"x22"x24"

1228.Wood Coffee Table, 46.5"x15.5"x32"

1229.2 Tier Shelf, 43.5"x15.5"x32"

1230.Wood Headboard 64"x47", Footboard and Rails

1231.Wood Headboard 63"x63", Footboard and Rails

1232.Headboard, 64"

1233.Metal Headboard, Footboard

1234.Wood Stand with Slanted Drawer, 15"x15"x33"

1235.Accent Chair

1236.2 Assorted End Tables, 15"x25"x23" and 24"x24.5"

1237.Wood Headboard 65"x58", Footboard and Rails

1238.2 Side Chairs

1239.Wood Headboard 65"x58", Footboard and Rails

1240.2 Wood Night Stands 24"x16"x24", Wood Headboard 43"x61" and Footboard

1241.2 Night Stands 21"x16"x24", Headboard 41"x44", Footboard and Rails

1242.2 Coaster Foot Stools, 48"x21"x18"

1243.Sofa, 92.5"

1244.Foot Stool, 32"x32"x18"

1245.2 Leather Like Side Chairs

1246.Klaussner Sofa 86" and Love Seat 55"

1247.Ashley Sofa, 62"

1248.Room & Board Chair, More

1249.2 Ashley Side Chairs

1250.Wood Headboard 45"x54", Footboard and Rails

1251.3 Slot Shelf, 40.5"x14.5"x18.5"

1252.3 Slot Shelf, 40.5"x14.5"x18.5"

1253.3 Slot Shelf, 40.5"x14.5"x18.5"

1254.2 Metal/Glass Coffee Tables, 47"x23"x18"

1255.Sofa, 72"

1256.Sofa, 78"

1257.2 Metal Wall Decor, 34" and 46"

1258.Uttermost Mirror, 43"x83"

1259.2 Bassett Mirrors, 52.5"x24"

1260.Mirror, 65"x30"

1261.Wood Headboard 83"x52.5", Footboard and Rails

1262.Wood Frame Mirror, 47"

1263.Wood/Fabric Frame Mirror, 57"x45"

1264.Wood Frame Mirror, 49"x37"

1265.Framed Mirror, 69.5"x36"

1266.Mirror, 44"x31.5"

1267.Wood Frame Mirror, 85"x46"

1268.Coaster Wood Table with Stand, 76"x36"

1269.Wood Table with Legs 60"x38", Center Leaf 38"x18"

1270.Pool Table 83"x48" with 2 Cues and Balls

1271.Pool Table 94"x54" (Slate) with Stand/Legs, 8 Cues, Cue Stand and 3 Racks

1272.2 Bar Stools, 28"

1273.2 Ashley Side Chairs

1274.Accent Chair

1275.Wood Table 36"x36"x36" with 4 Stools

1276.Ashley Love Seat, 56"

1277.2 Tian Jin Master Home Chairs

1278.6 Side Chairs

1279.3 GS Furniture Wood Stools, 30.5"

1280.4 Side Chairs

1281.6 H&E Corp. Chairs

1282.2 Ashley Side Chairs

1283.2 Container Marketing Bar Stools, 30.5"

1284.4 Wood/Wicker Chairs

1285.4 Wood/Wicker Chairs, End Table 27"x29"

1286.2 Tian Jin Dining Chairs

1287.Wood End Table, 24"x25"

1288.Coaster Accent Chair, JP Products Chair, Bar Stool 30"

1289.4 Cove Dining Chairs

1290.4 Room & Board Chairs, Wood Table 28"x21"

1291.Craftsmaster Accent Chair

1292.Coffee Table 47.5"x30"x21", 2 End Table 27"x23"x28"

1293.2 Metal Swivel Patio Counter Height Stools

1294.Twin Mattress and Box

1295.Ashley Full Box

1296.Ashley Queen Mattress and Box

1297.Ashley Queen Mattress and Box

1298.King Mattress and Split Boxes

1299.SBR Claybrook Twin Mattress and Box

1300.Sealy King Mattress and Split Boxes

1301.SBR Claybrook Full Mattress and Box

1302.Full Box

1303.Denver Mattress Co. Twin Mattress and Box

1304.Magic Sleep Co. Twin Mattress and Box

1305.Twin XL Box

1306.Land o' Nod Full Mattress and Box

1307.Queen Mattress and Box

1308.Wood Dining Table, 72"x36"x29"

1309.Wood Bar

1310.Uttermost Side Chair, Ottoman 35.5"x17"

1311.Style Craft Ottoman 35"x18", Leather Like Side Chair, Side Chair

1312.Ottoman 27.5"x27.5"x12"

1313.2 Rolls of Bubble Wrap

1314.Wood End Table 20"x20"x20", Folding Chair

1315.2 Wall Pictures, 26"x26", 46.5"x39" and 39"x39"

1316.2 Table Tops, 36"

1317.4 Display Screens 48"x28" to 37.5"x22", Picture 31"x37"

1318.Wood 6 Tier Shelf with 2 Bottom Cabinets, 47"x15"x51"

1319.Wood Stand with 6 Drawers and Undershelf, 56"x16"x32"

1320.Assorted Decor Plants, More

1321.2 Sharp AR-150N, IBM Laser Printer, More

1322.8 Boxes Assorted Books

1323.6 Bins Assorted Books, More

1324.18 Moving Blankets

1325.19 Moving Blankets

1326.16 Moving Blankets

1327.17 Moving Blankets

1328.16 Moving Blankets

1329.16 Moving Blankets

1330.Approx. 11 Bins Assorted Christmas Lights and Decor

1331.Insulated Hot/Cold with Rack, 23"x17.5"x19"

1332.International Fluid Power Pump

1333.Omega Commercial Slushy/Drink Machine, Serial 3SD15100061

1334.4 Metal Table Legs

1335.Assorted, End Table 20"x25", More


1337.2 Wicker Accent Chairs

1338.6 Boxes Assorted Decor, More

1339.4 Bins Assorted Christmas Decor, More

1340.Haining JPAI Love Seat, 52"

1341.Ashley Sofa 84", More

1342.Ashley Sofa, 82.5"

1343.Ashley Sofa, 86"

1344.Sofa, 86"

1345.Accent Chair

1346.Accent Chair

1347.2 Bernhardt Leather Like Chairs

1348.Ashley Coffee Table 40"x40"x18", End Table 24"x24"x24"

1349.Ashley Coffee Table 47"x47"x19", End Table 25"x25"x24"

1350.2 Ashley End Tables

1351.Coaster Coffee Table 38"x15"x30", End Table 17.5"x23"

1352.4 Wood Stools, 31.5"

1353.2 Wood Night Stands, 26"x16"x27"

1354.Metal File Cabinet, 15"x22.5"x27"

1355.2 Door Bar with Cabinet, 2 Drawers, 2 Wine Compartments 67"x17"x42", Wood Cabinet 27"x23"x10"

1356.Hockey Goal, 53"x17"x44"

1357.3 Tier/4 Slot Shelf, 47"x12"x25"

1358.Hon Leather Like Office Chair, 26"x23"x38"

1359.MN Gophers Folding Chair

1361.Assorted, Blankets/Crib Pad, Stuffed Animals, Metal Shower Pole, More

1362.Casio CTK-69I Electric Piano with Stand

1363.Eddie Bauer 14"x12" Screen Tent, Camping Tent

1364.Kids Rocking Chair, 2 Vintage Kids School Chairs

1365.Assorted, Lanterns, Yard Decor, Vases, More

1366.Little Tikes Shopping Cart, Slow Caution Sign, Wood Play Food

1367.Assorted, Baseball Bag, Cleats Size 8.5, Bats, German Stein, More

1368.Ikea Wood Cabinet 31"x15"x32" with Wicker Baskets

1369.Ikea Cabinet with Poly Sliding Bins, 39"x17"x22"

1370.Wood 1 Drawer Desk, 47.5"x24"

1371.Bunk Bed, Twin Top, Full Size Futon Bottom

1372.Ikea 1 Drawer Desk 29"x19.5", Ikea Office Chair

1373.Floor Lamp, Night Stand, 2 Poly Baskets, More

1374.Leather Like Storage Ottoman, 33"x17"

1400.3 Pc. Wicker Patio Set, Sofa and 2 Chairs

1375.Brayton Accent Chair

1401.2 Metal Tiki Torches with Dual Torches

1376.2 Brayton Accent Chairs

1402.2 Metal Tiki Torches

1377.2 Brayton Accent Chairs

1378.2 Brayton Accent Chairs

1403.3 Metal Tiki Torches

1379.2 End Tables with Glass Tops, 18"x18"x24"

1501.4 Assorted Lamp Shades

1380.Nevins Bench, 55"x20"x25"

1502.Decorative Keys, Wall Hangings and 10 Assorted Household D�cor

1381.Nevins Bench, 55"x20"x25"

1503.Decorative Box, Bowl, Rope and More

1504.Assorted Floral Arrangements, Lights and Picture

1505.Pillows, Baskets and More

1506.Wooden Crates, Bowls and More

1507.4 Assorted Decorative Boxes

1508.3 Canisters, Rolling Pin, 2 Tri Serving Tray, Book Holder, Cutting Board and More

1509.Toolbox, Decorative Safety Pins, Wooden Crate with Lid and More

1510.Metal Canister with Pinecones

1511.3 Flats of Assorted Artificial Plants

1512.Pillow and Sign

1513.2 Wooden Serving Trays

1514.Stock Pot, Spoons, Recipe Box and Cook Book

1515.Wooden Drawer and 2 Canisters

1516.Utensil Holder, Greenery, Pump, Canister and Decorative Box

1517.2 Wicker Baskets, Candle, Shelf and Glass Jars

1518.Sentry Safe H2100

1519.5 Assorted Home Decor

1520.Map Wall Hanging and Globe

1521.5 Assorted Uttermost Decor

1522.2 Flats of Assorted Towels

1523.2 Hurricane Candle Holders, World Market Dinner and Salad Plates

1524.3 Assorted Framed Art

1525.2 Framed Art and Sign

1526.3 Wooden Boxes

1527.7 Assorted Trays, Bowls and Plates

1528.7 Assorted Serving Trays

1529.3 Lamp Shades and 2 Baskets


1531.Wicker Basket, Frames, Party Lite Lighthouse, Golf Practice Net and More

1532.7 Assorted Framed Art

1533.Phone, Car, Camera and Elevation Lap Desk

1534.4 Decanters, Glassware, 6 Empty Wine Bottles and Serving Tray

1535.2 Mule Statues

1536.2 Vases

1537.4 Assorted Wood Decor

1538.3 Assorted Glass Canisters and 2 Wooden Boxes

1539.Towels and Bathroom Decor

1540.3 Assorted Decorative Boxes

1541.Shower Curtin, Lamp and Assorted Framed Art

1542.Clock and Lamp

1543.4 Assorted Vases

1544.2 Vases

1545.2 Assorted Vases

1546.3 Candle Holders, Statue and More

1547.Wooden Frames, Wooden Chest, Bookend, Candle Holders and Candle

1548.Assorted Cigar Boxes, Vases and More

1549.8 Assorted Photo Boxes

1550.Phone, Decorative Box and Chest

1551.3 Framed Art and 2 Candle Scones

1552.2 Frames, Juicer, Bathroom Decor and More

1553.5 Assorted Serving Trays and Plater

1554.7 Assorted Bowls

1555.Assorted Greenery

1556.Horse, Brid, Bear, Paper Towel Holder and More

1557.Drift Wood , Jar, Paper Weights, Hour Glass, Towel Holder Mirror and More

1558.Jar of Marbles, Candle, Bear, Vase and Wooden Box

1559.Glass Decorative Jar and Box of Boxes

1560.Wooden Box

1561.Bowl with Decorative Balls

1562.Spice Rack, Dessert Holder, Decorative Lemons and More

1563.2 Framed Art

1564.Serving Trays, Wooden Bowl, Candle, Mugs, Coffee Press and More

1565.Serving Tray, Tool Caddie, Wooden Box, Box of Books and More

1566.2 Horse Statues

1567.Bowl, Bar Sign and Vase

1568.2 Clocks, Candles, Vases, Agates and More

1569.Plates, Cups & Saucers, Bowls and More

1570.Wooden Box and Vase

1571.Candles, Tin Buckets, Frame, Light, Vase and More

1572.Floral Arrangement

1573.3 Assorted Round Decor Trays

1574.Message Board

1575.Message Board

1576.Message Board

1577.Unicorn Wall Hanging, Kids Clothing and 4 Assorted Framed Art

1578.5 Assorted Candle Holders

1579.Vase and Clock

1580.Laugh Sign and Vases

1581.Vase and Decorative Urn

1582.2 Assorted Vases

1583.Decorative Jar and Vase

1584.5 Assorted Candle Holders

1585.Assorted Vases, Muller and Dish

1586.2 Assorted Vases

1587.Glass Bowl

1588.Horse Statue and Duck Statue

1589.4 Assorted Plates, Pots and Measuring Cups

1590.Wood Plant Stand, Decorative Jars, Wicker Bowl, Canisters, Vases and More

1591.Bowl and Statue

1592.Candle Holders and Statue

1593.3 Glass Serving Platers

1594.2 Serving Platers


1596.3 Assorted Bowls

1597.3 Plate Holders

1598.Assorted Plates, Cups, Dishes and Vases

1599.Approx. 15 Twine Moss Balls and Approx. 10 Twine Balls

1600.3 Assorted Boat Shaped Holder

1601.Ice Bucker, Vases, Tray, Platers, Creamer and More

1602.Chess Pieces, Wooden Box, Towel Holder, Lanterns and More

1603.Approx. 9 Egg Plants, Approx. 14 Apples and Approx. 17 Pears

1604.2 Jars

1605.Decorative Boxes, Vase, Tea Pot and Cups, Floral Arrangement and More

1606.Bride & Groom Collection Cookbook and Entertaining Book Set

1607.Approx. 40 Twine Moss Balls and Approx. 18 Moss Pears

1608.Approx. 38 Assorted Twine Moss Balls

1609.2 Fish Statues,2 Brid Statues, Canisters and Vase

1610.Bath Towels

1611.Thomas O'Brien Clock

1612.Approx. 40 Artichokes, and Approx. 19 Assorted Twine Moss Balls

1613.Approx. 23 Purple Lettuce and Approx. 22 Assorted Lemons

1614.Rowing Statue and Bowl

1615.6 Assorted Greenery


1617.Assorted Floral Arrangements

1618.Assorted Wine Glasses, Creamers, Sugar Bowl and More

1619.Corn Holders, Heart Shaped Bowls, , Ramekins, Mugs, Tea Cups & Saucers and More

1620.Wicker Balls, Base, Wicker Basket, Boat Shaped Holder, Candle Holders and Box

1621.Artificial Aloe Plant

1622.Assorted Bath Towels

1623.Bedding and Pillows

1624.3 Assorted Computer Bags



1627.Decorative Jar and Basket of Greenery

1628.Approx. 14 Assorted Glasses

1629.Santa Clause, Snowmen, Nativity and More

1630.Throws and Pillows




1634.Pillows and Bedding


1636.Office Supplies


1638.Assorted Bedding

1639.Assorted Bedding

1640.3 Assorted Candle Holders

1641.Stained Glass Looking Mantel Clock

1642.2 Candles

1643.Stained Glass Looking Mantel Clock


1645.Stained Glass Bird Table Light

1646.2 Stained Glass Bird Table Lights

1647.2 Stained Glass Bird Table Lights

1648.2 Stained Glass Bird Table Lights

1649.2 Stained Glass Bird Table Lights

1650.2 Stained Glass Bird Table Lights

1651.2 Stained Glass Bird Table Lights

1652.Candle Holders, Lotion Pumps, Vases and More

1653.2 Stained Glass Butterflies

1654.2 Stained Glass Butterflies

1655.Ceramic Glove Mold

1656.Crafting Tote

1657.Planter, Wicker Basket, Book and More

1658.Candle Holders and 2 Tier Wire Basket


1660.2 Tri Pods

1661.Macrame Hanging Planters

1662.Book, Tray, Framed Art and More

1663.Clock and Wall Shelf

1664.Double Computer Monitor Holder

1665.Assorted Wooden Signs and Lifesaver

1666.Box of Assorted Greenery

1667.Tote of Assorted Extension cords and Timers


1669.2 Stain Glass Lamps

1670.3 Assorted Wall Art

1671.Sewing Box, Buttons, Sewing Machine and Drawer Organizer

1672.Assorted Pillows

1673.4 Throw Pillows

1674.4 Assorted Pillows

1675.6 Assorted Throw Pillows

1676.3 Assorted Wood Jars/Canisters

1677.Assorted Throws

1678.6 Throw Pillows

1679.6 Throw Pillows

1680.9 Assorted Throw Pillows

1681.6 Throw Pillows

1682.5 Assorted Throw Pillows

1683.6 Throw Pillows

1684.5 Throw Pillows

1685.5 Assorted Throw Pillows

1686.4 Assorted Throw Pillows

1687.7 Assorted Throw Pillows

1688.7 Assorted Throw Pillows

1689.7 Assorted Throw Pillows

1690.4 Assorted Throw Pillows and Throw

1691.6 Assorted Framed Art

1692.6 Assorted Framed Art

1693.6 Assorted Framed Art

1694.3 Assorted Framed Art

1695.4 Assorted Canvas Art

1696.3 Wooden Wall Art

1697.Box of Bedding

1698.Box of Bedding


1700.Serving Trays, Platers and More

1701.11 Assorted Bowls

1702.Assorted Home Decor

1703.Bike Rack

1704.Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Model E232068

1705.Onkyo Audio Video Control Receiver TX-DS555 and Harman/Kardon FL8350

1706.Vanity Sink Insert with Backsplash

1707.2 Framed Art Res Med EPR Auto Set II Sleep Apria Machine



1710.5 Assorted Throw Pillows

1711.3 Boxes of Assorted Bedding

1712.2 Boxes Assorted Bedding

1713.4 Assorted Framed Art , Twins Helmet, Umbrella, Clock, Assorted Sports Pillows and Blanket

1714.6 Assorted Throw Pillows

1715.4 Throw Pillows

1716.5 Assorted Throw Pillows

1717.Air Compressor

1718.8 Assorted Throw Pillows

1719.Service for 8 Plus 3 Extra Salad Plates

1720.Approx. 17 Plates

1721.Approx. 21 Assorted Dishes

1722.9 Plates

1723.18 Assorted Plates

1724.9 Assorted Throw Pillows and Blanket

1725.7 Assorted Throw Pillows and 2 Blankets

1726.4 Assorted Pillows and Blanket

1727.8 Assorted Pillows

1728.Assorted Bedding

1729.Pillow and Comforter

1730.5 Assorted Pillows and Comforter

1731.6 Assorted Pillows

1732.3 Assorted Bedding

1733.2 Framed Art

1734.Magic Chef Microwave

1735.9 Assorted Framed Art

1736.2 Assorted Framed Art

1737.2 Assorted Framed Art

1738.3 Assorted Framed Art

1739.4 Assorted Framed Art

1740.Assorted Plates, Cups and Coasters

1741.16 Assorted Plates

1742.8 Assorted Plates

1743.Professional Stage Lighting Disc Ball Spinning Light

1744.Approx. 28 Assorted DVDs

1745.Approx. 14 Assorted Blu Ray DVDs

1746.Jewelry Box, Wall Frames and Gold Pineapple Bowl

1747.Approx. Assorted 17 DVDs

1748.7 Assorted Cookbooks

1749.2 Bins Assorted, Wood Domino Blocks and Related

1750.11 Assorted Board Games

1751.12 Assorted Puzzles

1752.9 Assorted Lamp Shades

1753.7 Assorted Lamp Shades

1754.8 Assorted Lamp Shades

1755.5 Assorted Pillows


1757.Marquis By Waterford Finley Ginger Jar

1758.House of Waterford Footed Centerpiece Clear

1759.How By Waterford Tom Cooke's Swallow 10' Bowl

1760.How by Waterford Lighthouse Decanter

1761.Waterford Double Sea Horse Oval Bowl Signed By Tom Brennan

1762.Waterford Crystal Book of Kells Bowl Clear

1763.Waterford Crystal Book of Kells Bowl Clear

1764.Waterford JP Triumph Rose Bowl

1765.Waterford JP Triumph Rose Bowl

1766.Waterford JP Triumph Rose Bowl

1767.Waterford JP Triumph Rose Bowl

1768.Waterford JP Triumph Rose Bowl

1769.Marquis By Waterford 3 in 1 Cake Plate Clear

1770.Marquis By Waterford 3 in 1 Cake Plate Clear

1771.Marquis By Waterford 3 in 1 Cake Plate Clear

1772.2 Marquis By Waterford Omega Wine s/4 All Purpose Wine

1773.2 Waterford Sea Horse Nouveau DOF s/4

1774.Marquis By Waterford Brookside Red s/6 Glasses All Purpose Wine

1775.Marquis By Waterford Brookside Red s/6 Glasses All Purpose Wine

1776.Marquis By Waterford Brookside Red s/6 Glasses All Purpose Wine

1777.Marquis By Waterford Brookside Red s/6 Glass Ice Beverage

1778.Marquis By Waterford Brookside Red s/6 Glass Ice Beverage

1779.Waterford Crystal Good Will Footed Hurricane

1780.Waterford Eastbridge Vase

1781.2 Boxes Waterford Crystal Set of Three Crystalline Snowflake Ornaments - TTV Clear

1782.2 Boxes Waterford Crystal Set of Three Crystalline Snowflake Ornaments - TTV Clear

1783.3 Boxes Waterford Crystal Set of Three Crystalline Snowflake Ornaments - TTV Clear

1784.3 Boxes Waterford Crystal Set of Three Crystalline Snowflake Ornaments - TTV Clear

1785.Marquis By Waterford Finley Ginger Jar

1786.2 Boxes Waterford Balmoral Balloon Pair

1787.Waterford Rosalee Footed Bowl

1788.House of Waterford Crystal Footed Ice Pail

1789.2 Boxes Waterford Astor Cocktail Pair Champagne

1790.2 Boxes Waterford Astor Cocktail Pair Champagne

1791.Marquis By Waterford 3 in 1 Cake Plate

1792.House of Waterford Story of Ireland Ginger Jar Clear

1793.House of Waterford 11" Footed Centerpiece Clear

1794.How By Waterford Claret Jug

1795.House of Waterford Crystal Footed Rose Bowl

1797.Marquis By Waterford 3 in 1 Cake Plate Clear

1798.Marquis By Waterford 3 in 1 Cake Plate Clear

1799.House of Waterford Palace Urn

1800.Waterford Crystal Irishmen 110v Lamp

1801.House of Waterford Palace Urn

1802.House of Waterford Palace Urn

1803.Waterford Tall Pedestal Amber Vase

1804.Waterford Tall Pedestal Amber Vase

1805.Waterford Jorge 10" Amber Centerpiece Amber

1806.Marquis By Waterford 3 in 1 Cake Plate

1807.2 Boxes Waterford Astor Cocktail Pair Champagne

1808.3 Boxes Waterford Astor Cocktail Pair Champagne

1809.2 Boxes Waterford Crystal Sea Horse Pillar and Taper Candlestick Signed By Tom Brennam

1810.Waterford Double Sea Horse Oval Bowl Signed By Tom Brennan

1811.2 Boxes Waterford Crystal Sea Horse Pillar and Taper Candlestick Signed By Tom Brennam

1812.Waterford Double Sea Horse Oval Bowl Signed By Tom Brennan

1813.Waterford Double Sea Horse Oval Bowl Signed By Tom Brennan and Waterford Crystal Seahorse Pillar and Taper Candlestick

1814.2 Boxes Waterford Astor Cocktail Pair Champagne

1815.Waterford JP Triumph Rose Bowl

1816.Waterford JP Triumph Rose Bowl

1817.3 Assorted Vases

1818.Assorted Placemats

1819.Approx. 18 Assorted DVDs

1820.Approx. 17 Assorted DVDs

1821.Waterford Polar Bear Clear and Crystal Elephant Figurine

1822.Waterford Polar Bear Clear and Crystal Elephant Figurine

1823.Waterford Rooster and Waterford WTFD Train Ornament Set of Three

1824.Waterford Rearing Horse

1825.Waterford Blush Decanter and Waterford Rooster

1826.Waterford Blush Decanter and Waterford Rooster

1827.2 Marquis By Waterford Brookside Beer Stein, Marquis By Waterford Finley Tooth Pick Holder and Waterford Balmoral Case 7.5"

1828.House of Waterford New Georgian Candlestick Pair

1829.Royal Albert Old Country Roses Covered Vegetable Bowl 50 oz.

1830.Waterford Star 10" Cross and Waterford Crystal Angel of Hope

1831.Waterford Diamond 9" Cross and Waterford Crystal Angel of Hope

1832.Royal Albert Jewelry Box, 2 Royal Albert Old Country Roses Rim Soup 8" , 2 Royal Albert Old Country Roses Heart Box 2.4" and New Country Roses Ceramic Spoon s/4, Mixed Pattern

1833.2 Royal Albert Old Country Roses Fluted Mug Pair

1834.Royal Albert Tea Cup Musical and Royal Albert Tea For One

1835.Royal Albert Tea Cup Musical and Royal Albert Tea For One

1836.Royal Albert Old Country Roses Dinnerware Set, Musical Heart Jewelry Box, Covered Sugar 11 oz. and Bowl 11cm/4.3" s/4

1837.Royal Albert Old Country Roses Choice of Wine or Flute Pair 2 Wine Glasses and 2 Champagne Flutes and Musical Heart Jewelry Box

1838.Royal Albert Old Country Roses Flatware Set

1839.Royal Albert Old Country Roses Flatware Set

1840.Royal Albert Old Country Roses Dinnerware Set, Covered Vegetable Bowl 50 oz., Covered Sugar 11 oz. and Bowl 4.3" s/4

1841.2 Waterford Merilee DOF Pair and Marquis By Waterford Coasters and Holder Set

1842.Waterford Crystal Evie 6" Footed Bowl, Waterford Set of 4 Castle DOFS and Marquis By Waterford Coaster and Holder Set

1843.2 Waterford Crystal Evie 6" Footed Bowl

1844.2 Waterford Crystal Evie 6" Footed Bowl

1845.2 Waterford Set of 4 Castle DOFS and Marquis By Waterford Coaster and Holder Set

1846.2 Waterford Sentimental Picture Frames

1847.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Grand Soiree

1848.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Grand Soiree

1849.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Evening Rendezvous

1850.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Evening Rendezvous

1851.Waterford Coralee Turnover Irish Bowl

1852.Waterford Coralee Turnover Irish Bowl

1853.Waterford Crystal Goodwill Footed Hurricane and Waterford Imperial Egg Box

1854.Waterford Crystal Kells Cross and Rosary Set

1855.Waterford Crystal Kells Cross and Rosary Set

1856.2 Waterford Crystal Celtic Rosary Beads, 2 Marquis By Waterford Angel Ornaments and Waterford Cross Pendant Rosary

1857.2 Waterford Imperial Egg Box

1858.2 Waterford Imperial Egg Box

1859.Waterford Crystal Fred Curtis Eagle

1860.Waterford Crystal Fred Curtis Eagle

1861.2 Marquis By Waterford Crystal Slipper

1862.2 Waterford Crystal Kilcash Round Tiscuit Barrel

1863.3 Assorted Framed Art

1864.2 Assorted Framed Art

1865.2 Assorted Framed Art

1866.4 Assorted Framed Art

1867.3 Assorted Framed Art

1868.2 Assorted Framed Art

1869.Royal Doulton Choice- of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Summer Gala

1870.Royal Doulton Choice - of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Elegant Waltz

1871.Royal Doulton Choice - of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Elegant Waltz

1872.Royal Doulton Choice - of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Summer Gala

1873.Royal Doulton Choice - of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Spring Regatta

1874.Royal Doulton Choice - of Crystal Ball Collection Figurine Spring Regatta

1875.Royal Doulton Choice of Carol Singer Figurine Hark The Harald Angels Sing 7.6" and I Heard Bells on Christmas Day 7.4"

1876.Royal Doulton Choice of Carol Singer Figurine Hark The Harald Angels Sing 7.6" and I Heard Bells on Christmas Day 7.4"

1877.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Beautiful Occasion

1878.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Beautiful Occasion

1879.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Midnight Sonata

1880.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Midnight Sonata

1881.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Debutante Ball

1882.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Debutante Ball

1883.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Society Ball

1884.Royal Doulton Choice of Crystal Ball Figurines Society Ball

1885.House of Waterford Reginald's Tower Hurricane

1886.House of Waterford Dublin Doors 8" Footed Bowl

1887.House of Waterford Dublin Doors 8" Footed Bowl

1888.2 Waterford Sullivan Nightlights

1889.2 Waterford Sullivan Nightlights

1890.3 Marquis By Waterford Brookside Beer Stein and Marquis By Waterford Coaster and Holder Set

1891.3 Marquis By Waterford Regal Scallop Bowls

1892.3 Marquis By Waterford Regal Scallop Bowls

1893.House of Waterford Dublin Doors Hurricane

1894.House of Waterford 8.5" Footed Trifle Bowl w/Scalloped Edge

1895.3 Waterford Purple Iris

1896.House of Waterford Dublin Doors Hurricane

1897.Marquis By Waterford 10" Lot Us Vase, Waterford Lighting Up The Season Emerald Ball Christmas Ornament and Waterford Lighting Up The Season Ruby Ball Christmas Ornament

1898.Waterford Eastbridge Vase and Waterford Lighting Up The Seasons

1899.Waterford Nativity s/3

1900.Waterford Nativity s/3

1901.Waterford Nativity s/3

1902.2 Waterford Nativity s/3

1903.Waterford Astor Champagne Coaster Waterford Diamond 9" Cross

1904.Waterford Star 10" Cross

1905.Marquis By Waterford Jam/Relish Dish with Spoon, Tooth Pick Holder and Oil/Vinegar Bottle

1906.Marquis By Waterford Jam/Relish Dish with Spoon, Tooth Pick Holder and Oil/Vinegar Bottle

1907.Marquis By Waterford 2 Jam/Relish Dish with Spoon, Tooth Pick Holder and Oil/Vinegar Bottle

1908.Waterford WTFD Train Ornament Set of Three and Waterford Star of Hope Clock

1909.Waterford WTFD Train Ornament Set of Three and Waterford Star of Hope Clock

1910.Waterford Coaster and Astor Bottle Coaster

1911.Waterford Coaster and Astor Bottle Coaster

1912.Waterford Coaster and Astor Bottle Coaster

1913.Waterford Wiseman Figurine s/3 and Waterford Nativity s/3

1914.Waterford Wiseman Figurine s/3 and Waterford Nativity s/3

1915.4 Waterford Crystal Best Wishes Seahorse Coaster

1916.Waterford Woodmont 3pc Set Decanter and 2 DOF and Marquis By Waterford Jam/Relish Dish with Spoon

1917.Waterford Woodmont 3pc Set Decanter and 2 DOF, Waterford Balmoral Case 7.5", Marquis By Waterford Jam/Relish Dish with Spoon and Tooth Pick Holder

1918.3 Boxes of Pillows , Comforters and More

1919.4 Assorted Pillows and Blanket

1920.2 Boxes of Assorted Pillows and Comforter

1921.Blanket and Assorted Pillows

1922.Comforter And Pillows

1923.Comforter And Pillows

1924.Comforter And Pillows

1925.5 Assorted Lamps 21"-23"

1926.4 Assorted Lamps 22" -33"

1927.3 Assorted Lamps 17"

1928.2 Lamps 25"

1929.2 Lamps 23"

1930.4 Assorted Lamps 26"

1931.2 Lamps 30"

1932.2 Lamps 32"

1933.3 Lamps 32"

1934.2 Assorted Lamps 20"-21"

1935.2 Assorted Lamps 22" 30"

1936.Lamp 33"

1937.Lamp 32"

1938.Lamp 32"

1939.2 Lamps 31"

1940.2 Lamps 37"

1941.Lamp 30"

1942.3 Lamps 30"

1943.Lamp 34"

1944.2 Lamps 21"

1945.2 Lamps 22"

1946.Comforter with Pillows

1947.5 Assorted Pillows

1948.2 Ottomans

1949.4 Assorted Pillows

1950.Comforter And Pillows

1951.2 Lamps 37"

1952.2 Lamps 28"

1953.Lamp 17"

1954.2 Lamps 28"

1955.2 Lamps 26"

1956.2 Lamps 28"

1957.Framed London Herald Beatlemania April 4th 1964 Picture, 21.5"x17.5"

1958.Framed London Herald Elvis Joins Up March 26th 1958 Picture, 21.5"x17.5"

1959.Framed Leonardo da Vinci Picture, 41"x16"

1960.Decor Bottle 14.5"x14.5"x20", Decor Vase 23"x3.5"

1961.2 Framed Pictures, 29"x25"

1962.3 Assorted Framed Art, 36"x30", 28"x25.5" and 25"x25"

1963.2 Framed Pictures, 27.5"x24.5"

1964.Barber Shop/Salon Mirror, 32.5"x22.5"

1965.1 Drawer Night Stand, 24"x18"x27"

1966.1 Drawer Night Stand, 24"x18"x27"

1967.2 Drawer Night Stand, 22"x15.5"x28.5"

1968.3 Framed Art, 29"x22.5" to 32"x28"

1969.2 Framed Pictures, Alice Dalton Brown "Lifting Flag" The West Collection 1985, 39"x26" and 42"x29"

1970.3 Framed Pictures, 29"x24", 31"x24.5" and 37"x29"

1971.2 Framed Pictures, 34"x34" and 26"x22", Decor Stand 18"x6"

1972.3 Framed Pictures, 35"x22", 32"x25.5" and 35"x29"

1973.Ameriwood Home 2 Pc. Night Stands, 30"x18"x30.5", 20"x17"x25"

1974.4 Kids Metal Chairs

1975.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 30"x24"

1976.Framed Picture, 35"x28"

1977.Framed Picture, Signed, 36.5"x36.5"

1978.Framed Picture, Signed, 43.5"x33.5"

1980.Gallery Wrapped Picture, 33"x24"

1981.2 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 24"x17"

1982.3 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 23"x23.5"

1983.2 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 37.5"x25.5"

1984.2 Gallery Wrapped Pictures, 20"x20"

1985.2 Metal Clothing Grabbers, 60.5"

1986.Framed Picture, Signed, 30.5"x39"

1987.2 Pc. Hanging Wall Decor, 20.5"x43" and 20"x36"

1988.Vase 24", Metal Decor Stand 6.5"x6"x39.5"

1989.Candle Holder, Assorted Home Decor

1990.Holiday Ferris Wheel Centerpiece

1991.Coca Cola Collectors Edition Monopoly

1992.Big Mouth Billy Bass

1993.Case of Uline Moving Blankets, 6 Per Case

1994.Init Paper Shredder, Model NT-PS11CC

1995.Kennedy Tool Box on Cart

1996.4 Throw Pillows

1997.Fabric Ottoman

1998.Wall Hanging Decor Plant

1999.2 Framed Pictures

2000.Oak Magazine Rack, Table Lamp, Car Cup Island

2001.Metal Ice Bucket, 2 Assorted Menu Stands, More

2002.7 Assorted, Sun Screen, Tanning Oil, More

2003.2 Dish Racks with Approx. 38 Assorted Glasses

2004.Case of Picture Frame/Pencil Holders

2005.A New Day Purse

2006.2 Framed Pictures

2007.12 Assorted Light Bulbs, 2 Rolls of Plastic Wrap

2008.Box of Books, Trash Can, Picture Frame, Decor, Travel Game, More

2009.Vintage Coke Machine Coin Changer Mechanism

2010.2 Framed Pictures, 25"x31"

2011.3 Framed Pictures, 27"x27"

2012.Framed Picture, 33"x28"

2013.2 Hanging Wall Decor, 24"x24"

2014.2 Hanging Wall Decor, 23.5"x23.5"

2031.7 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2032.8 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2033.8 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2034.8 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2035.9 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2036.9 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2037.9 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2038.8 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2039.8 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2040.7 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2041.2 Assorted Swarovski Jewelry, DMUL/Mix Pendant Necklace and DMUL/Mix Bangle

2042.2 Assorted Swarovski Necklaces, Bulova 23 Women's Watch 10K Rolled Gold Plate

2043.5 Assorted Jewelry Pieces/Sets

2044.Fossil All Ssteel Women's Watch, Model BQ1751

2045.Fossil All Ssteel Women's Watch, Model ES-1967

2046.3 Boxes Assorted Jewelry, 2 Cool Towels, Puzzles and Games

2047.2 Intelligent Neck Massagers

2048.Intelligent Neck Massager, Slypnos Barcode Scanner

2049.2 Assorted Jewelry Boxes with Assorted Jewelry

2050.Leather Like Silverware Case with Oneida Tudor Silverware, Service for Approx. 16

2051.3 Assorted Framed Decor Pictures and Frame, 15"x39", 21"x29", 18"x24" and 21"x27"

2052.Wood Trunk, 29.25"x18"x18.25"

2053.2001 10 Pc. State Quarter Collection, Denver/Philadelphia Mint, New York, Vermont, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Kentucky

2054.2006 10 Pc. State Quarter Collection, Denver/Philadelphia Mint, Nevada, North Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota

2055.2005 10 Pc. State Quarter Collection, Denver/Philadelphia Mint, California, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, West Virginia

2056.1999 10 Pc. State Quarter Collection, Denver/Philadelphia Mint, Delaware, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut

2057.2000 10 Pc. State Quarter Collection, Denver/Philadelphia Mint, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Virginia

2058.JBU Jamba Designs Women's Shoes, Size 6.5W

2059.4 Assorted Bags

2060.Bradley Schmehl "Collapse of the Peach Orchard Line" Gettysburg - The Inevitable Confrontation Limited Edition Print, Signed and Numbered 511/950 with COA, 34"x24.5"

2061.Bradley Schmehl "The Death of Reynolds" Gettysburg - The Inevitable Confrontation Limited Edition Print, Signed and Numbered 511/950 with COA, 34"x24.5"

2062.Bradley Schmehl "Bedlam in the Brickyard" Gettysburg - The Inevitable Confrontation Limited Edition Print, Signed and Numbered 510/950 with COA, 34"x24.5"

2063.Bradley Schmehl "Lee Deliberates Heth's Advance" Gettysburg - The Inevitable Confrontation Limited Edition Print, Signed and Numbered 510/950 with COA, 34"x24.5"

2064.Bradley Schmehl "We Gained Nothing But Glory" Gettysburg - The Inevitable Confrontation Limited Edition Print, Signed and Numbered 510/950 with COA, 34"x24.5"

2065.2 Assorted Prints, Jay Kemp "Eyes of the North" Signed and Numbered 840/950 35"x20", LR Kaatz Signed and Numbered 693/800 29"x20"

2066.2 Assorted Prints, Steve Hanks "Listening to the Morning" 12"x32.75", Elaine Fredrickson "Winter at the Landmark" Signed and Numbered 36/999 23"x30.5"

2067.2 Assorted Pictures, Signed and Numbered 154/225 and 295/299, 21.5"x30.25" and 29"x20"

2068.3 Assorted Prints, 2 Secret Place Signed and Numbered 34/195 20.5"x28.25", Robert Olsen Signed and Numbered 219/1275 21.5"x31"

2069.3 Assorted Canvas Prints by Renee Steger Simpson, Signed and Numbered 1/95 and 15/95, 25.75"x24.25", 22.75"x28.75"

2070.Ron Parker "Sea Otter with Urchin" Limited Edition Print, Signed and Numbered 662/850 with COA, 20.5"x17.5"

2071.Assorted Canvas Decor Pictures, 24" to 52"

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