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Theater Equipment: Risers, Seating, Props & More - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, November 18th, 2020.

Item Description
1.Theater Curtains: 7 Dark Burgundy 9'10" Wide x 8'6" Tall Pocket, 1 Dark Burgundy Boarder 63'6" Wide x 22" Tall Velcro
2.Theater Curtains: Green Simple Boarder 12' Long x 13" Tall Velcro, Green Tassel Boarder 32' Long x 16" Tall Velcro, Green Panels 47" Wide x 8'x8" Tall
3.Theater Curtains: Cinnamon 3'11" Wide x 6'11 Tall Grommets, , 2 Raspberry 6'10" Wide x 14' Tall Ties, 7 Dark Burgundy 9'10" Wide x 8'6" Tall Pocket
4.4 Tumbling Mats 78"x39"x1.5", Wall Mat 84"x24"x2.5"
5.2 Sided Mirror, 102"x45"
6.2 Folding Tumbling Mats, 96"x60"x6"
7.Table, 2 Drawer Cart and Contents, Plastic Shelf
8.4 Assorted Clothing Racks on Wheels
9.Z Rack on Wheels, 2 Racks
10.Helene Curtis Hair Dryer, Spinning Wheel, Trunk
11.Rocking Horse
12.Rocking Horse
14.87 Prince Stack Chairs, Spring Back, Side Hooks
15.87 Prince Stack Chairs, Spring Back, Side Hooks
17.Portable Milar 2 Sided Mirror, Meal Frame, 98"x102"
18.Portable Milar 2 Sided Mirror, Meal Frame, 98"x102"
19.Portable Milar 2 Sided Mirror, Meal Frame, 98"x102"
21.12 Pieces of Furniture, 2 Bookcases, 2 Cubbies, Piano Bench, Restaurant Table, Mirror 42"x30", Vintage Table, Vintage Desk/Table
22.Table with Contents, Glassware, Hoops, Shelves, More
23.3 Racks Assorted, Costumes and Vintage Clothing, Wedding, Women's Pants, Dresses
24.3 Racks Assorted, Hand Bags, Ninja Turtles, Uniforms, Wedding
25.2 Racks Assorted, Women's Formal Dresses, Fur Coats, Night Gowns, Men's Jackets
26.2 Racks Assorted, Women's Tops
27.Rack Assorted, Women's and Boas
34.Table, 104"x30"
36.2 Tables with Assorted On and Under, Novelties, Masks, Notions, 4 Box Fans, Rolling Chest
37.Ironton 24" Pedestal Fan
38.2 Fancy Umbrellas
39.Frigidaire Dehumidifier
40.Frigidaire Dehumidifier
41.Frigidaire Dehumidifier
42.Oreck XL Vacuum
43.Vintage Desk, Bin, 3 Garbage Bins, More
45.Folding Tables, 6 - 8'x30" and 4 - 6'x30"
46.3 Portable Walls, Finished Both Sides, 6'x8'x18"
47.23 Bags of Chair Pads
51.Collection of Furniture and Props
52.12 Assorted Doors
53.Cornerstone Aluminum Portable Scaffolding, Adjustable Up to 12', Deck is 6'x30"
54.Vintage Cabinet
55.2 Step Ladders
56.Werner 16' Ladder
57.Prop Refrigerator, Open in the back
58.Toy Tractor, Little Tikes Car
59.5 Tables with Assorted On and Under
60.Staircase Prop
61.10' Rolling Staircase
62.Pallet Racking, 3 Uprights 10'x42", 12 - 100" Crossbars, 12 Grid Decking 45"x42"
63.8 Assorted Floormats
64.19 - 4x8 Sheets 1/4" Board, 13 - 4'x8' Sheets 1" Plywood
65.2 Mini Trampolines
66.Werner 12' Ladder
67.Assorted Janitorial, Mops, Brooms, Bucket, More
68.Heavy Metal Table with Locking Casters 13"x60", Wire 2 Tier Shelf 70"x24", Plastic 5 Tier Shelf 55"x18" with Contents
69.Single Futon, Table Top, 8 - 2'x4' Frames, Small Vintage Pool Table, Wood Boxes, Heavy Metal Table 72"x37"
70.Pallet Jack
71.Van Seats, 2 Bucket and 1 Bench
72.Pallet Racking, 5 Uprights 12'x42", 16 - 12' Crossbars, Assorted Plywood Inserts and 1 Grid
73.Pallet Racking, 2 Uprights 10'x42", 6 - 90" Crossbars, 2 Plywood Inserts
74.Heavy Metal 5 Tier Cart, 60"x24"x60"
75.Cash Wrap on Wheels with Contents, Steps, Portable Wall with Ships Wheel
76.Motorcycle Frame
77.Pitch It Stand
78.13 Jack Stands
79.TV Mount, 2 Aluminum Wall Shelf Brackets
80.Metaltech Rolling Adjustable Scaffold
81.Wire 5 Tier Shelf 58"x18"x74" with Contents, Sony Discrete Amp, Chauvet Bubble Machine, 2 Sony Audio/Video Controls, Casters, Fan, 2 Flat Screens, Singer Sewing Machine, Coffee Machine, More
82.Heavy Aluminum Cart 96"x44"x71" with Contents, Wood, Table
83.Heavy Aluminum Cart 96"x48"x50" with Contents
84.Werner 24' Aluminum Extension Ladder
85.Assorted Framed Prints
86.7 Assorted Rugs, 3 Assorted Carpets
87.2 Tables with Assorted On and Under, Linens, Pillows, Dishes, Suitcase, Chest, More
88.2 Shadow Boxes, 60"x72"
89.5 Assorted Headboards, Clocks
90.Steel Handrails with Floor and Wall Mounts, 2 - 18'x42", 1 - 9'x42" and 1 - 78"x42"
91.Assorted Panels
92.True T-35-HC 39 1/2" Two Section Reach In Refrigerator, (2) Left/Right Hinge Solid Doors, 115V
93.Wire Shelf
94.Bar/Box Office Station, 10' Long on Box Office Side, 14' Long on Bar Side, 26.6" Deep and 42" Tall
95.Vaudeville Lighted Sign, 17'4" Long, 10' Tall
96.StageTek Seated Riser System: 4 - 5 Tier Riser System 3'x8' Decks (20 Total), Side Rails, Stabilizers, Adjustable Legs and Related.
OVER $22,000 New
97.XPole 45mm Dance Poles, 8' segments including 4 top segments, 4 base segments, 2 3' segments, 4 connectors
98.6 Lil' Mynx 45mm Dance Poles, 10'1" Tall
99.2 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Poles, 8'9" Tall
100.3 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Poles, 12' Tall
101.6 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Poles, 12'2" Tall
103.8 - 4" Casters with Lock
104.9 Pipe Clamps
105.10 Assorted Chairs, 5 Boxes Hangers
106.Desk, Chair, Book Shelf, Microwave, 2 Drawer File Cabinet
107.1 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Pole, 9'10" Tall
108.1 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Pole, 9'10" Tall
109.1 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Pole, 9'10" Tall
110.1 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Pole, 9'10" Tall
111.1 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Pole, 9'10" Tall
112.1 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Pole, 9'10" Tall
113.1 Lil' Mynx 50mm Dance Pole, 9'10" Tall

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