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Golf Course Restaurant & Bar: Equipment and Inventory - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, December 9th, 2020.

Item Description
1.Wisco Pizza Oven, Model 412-3NCT

2.72" Double Oven, 4 Burner, 23.5" Flat Griddle, Char Grill on Wheels, Gas

3.Pitco Fryer on Wheels with 2 Baskets, Model SG14-HS, Gas

4.Frymaster Fryer on Wheels with 2 Baskets, Model PMJ135ESD, Gas

5.Cook Rite Fryer with 2 Baskets, Model ATFS-40, Gas

6.Panasonic Inverter Microwave

7.Excellence Commercial Freezer, Model CTF-3-GH, 110/120V

8.Aurora 2 Door Freezer, Model ABF2, 115V

9.Seco Double Full Pan Food Warmer, Model SS-220, 120V

10.Wire Cart with SS Top

11.Turbo Air 72.5" Refrigerated Prep Table on Wheels, Model MST-72, 115V

12.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 42"x24"x87"

13.Buc Cart

14.SS Slanted Wall Shelf with 7 Dish Racks

15.SS 2 Compartment Sink with Sprayer and Faucet, 72"x27"

16.3 Assorted Wire Wall Shelves

17.SS 1 Compartment Sink with Faucet, 44"x26"

18.Edlund SS Knife Holder with Assorted Knives

19.Assorted, Mop Buckets, Step Stool, Brooms, Dust Pans

20.Chalk Board A Frame Sign, 27"x50"

21.Airemax Portable AC Unit, Model APA112C

22.True 2 Door Refrigerator on Wheels, Model T-49, 115V

23.Assorted Knives with Holder, 2 Assorted Scales

24.Heat Lamp, Extra Bulbs

25.SS Table with Edlund Can Opener and Wire Undershelf on Wheels, 49.5"x24"x39"

26.3 Assorted Stock Pots

27.Assorted, Fry Pans, Fryer Scoops, More

28.2 SS Wall Shelves, 117"x13"

29.2 Wire Shelves with Assorted Contents

30.Berkel Slicer, Model *27A, .3 HP, 115V

31.SS Cart with Poly Cutting Board Top, 30"x18"

32.Assorted Ninja Blenders and Related

33.Beverage Air 1 Door Refrigerator, Model MT12, 115V

34.Westinghouse 50" TV with Wall Mount

35.Assorted, Office Supplies, Bank Bags, More

36.Countertop Glass Door Refrigerator, Needs Repair

37.GlasTender 60" Beer Cooler with 2 Tap Towers on Wheels, Model BB60-L1-BSH-(LR), 115V

38.GlasTender Beer Line Chilling System, Model BLC-1/3-E, Serial 134150919X with 8 Tap Tower

39.True 49.5" Beer Cooler on Wheels, Model T-50-GC, 115V

40.Toast POS System Hardware, 3 Monitors, 2 Handheld Devises, Cash Drawer, 3 Printers

41.Silver King 48" Undercounter Refrigerator on Wheels, Model SKR48, 115V

42.Magnavox 46" TV with Wall Mount

43.Nemco Food Warmer, Model 6055A, 120V

44.Silver King 27" Undercounter Refrigerator on Wheels, Model SKTTR7, 115V

45.Bunn CW Series Coffee Machine with 3 Pots

46.Bud Light Super Bowl Neon, Needs Repair

47.5 Assorted Tray Stands

48.Pedestal Sign

49.TCL 48" TV with Wall Mount

50.3 Assorted Metal Signs

51.3 Assorted Metal Signs

52.21 SS 1/3 Pans, Assorted Depths, 10 Lids

53.Spinning Wheel Game

54.Nemco Chopper, Model 55650

55.Tomato Slicer

56.Chafing Set with Fuel

57.Nemco Table Mount Slicer, Model N55200AN

58.Cambro Insulated Beverage Dispenser

59.Combo Safe with Keys and Combo, 14"x10"x10"

60.30 SS Full Pans, Assorted Depths, 8 Lids

61.27 SS Half Pans, Assorted Depths, 4 Lids

62.Assorted Salad Bar Bins and Utensils

63.3 Wood High Chairs, Booster Seat

64.7 Assorted Cutting Boards

65.22 Sheet Pans, 2 Roasting Pans

66.Bean Bag Toss Game with Bags

67.Heat Lamp

68.Heat Lamp

69.Heat Lamp

70.Pepsi/Snack Retail Display

71.TCL 48" TV with Wall Mount

72.Qualite Full Pan Food Warmer

73.Hamilton Beach Coffee Machine, GE Coffee Machine, Honeywell Heater

74.Assorted, Plastic Bowls, Trays, More

75.Cast Iron Sizzle Plates with Wood Platters and Hot Pads

76.Wire 3 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x62.5"

77.36 Cambro Bowls

78.2 SS Pots

79.17 SS 1/6 Pans, Assorted Depths

80.2 Bug Lights

81.6 Plastic Full Pans, 4 Lids

82.SS 31" Speed Rail

83.4 Assorted SS Bowls, SS Strainer

84.4 Assorted SS Bowls

85.15 Plastic 1/9 Pans, 4" Deep

86.57 Plastic 1/6 Pans, Assorted Depths, 25 Lids

87.8 Plastic Half Pans, Assorted Depths, 5 Lids

88.19 Plastic 1/3 Pans, Assorted Depths, 11 Lids

89.Assorted Plastic Measuring Bins with Lids

90.Cash Drawer

91.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

92.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

93.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

94.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

95.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

96.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

97.Assorted Pots, Fry Pans, Lids

98.14 Assorted Trays

99.Patio Umbrella

100.Glass 4 Tier Wall Shelf with Uprights and Brackets

101.Approx. 75 - 5.25" Bowls

102.Approx. 60 - 10.5" Plates

103.Approx. 38 - 11"x11" Plates

104.Approx. 30 - 10.5"x10.5" Plates

105.Magnavox 46" TV with Wall Mount

106.2 SS Trash Cans, Anti Fatigue Mats

107.Assorted Silverware, 5 Poly Bins

108.SS Equipment Stand on Wheels, 30"x26"x24"

109.SS Equipment Stand on Wheels, 24"x20"x21"

110.5 Coffee Pots

111.American DJ Stingray Light

112.2 Assorted Wood Shelves, Folding Stand

113.2 Framed Golf Pictures

114.Summit Sign with Bracket

115.3 Assorted Metal Signs

116.Assorted, Office Supplies, Multi Plugs, To Go Bags, More

117.3 Assorted, Wood Shelves, Wall Cabinet

118.Miller Race Car Lighted Sign, 23.5"x13.5"

119.Leinenkugels Sign, 39"x15.5"

120.2 Black Marker Signs, 16"x31" and 19"x24"

121.2 Assorted Lighted Signs, 36"x11" and 23"x15"

122.Mirrored Timberwolves Picture, 26"x15"

123.Black Marker Sign, 21"x32"

124.Blue Moon Lighted Sign, 25"x22"

125.Magnavox 46" TV with Wall Mount

126.Westinghouse 50" TV

127.Assorted Tools

128.Assorted China, Bowls, Platters, More

129.Assorted GET Plastic Dishes, Some New In Box, Approx. 280 Total Pieces

130.Assorted Bar Goods, Condiment Caddies, Mats, More

131.Assorted Plastic Baskets

132.Approx. 36 GET Bowls

133.Karaoke USA DV102 Player

134.Assorted Plastic Bottles and Lids

135.Assorted Bar Goods, Metal Buckets, Pitchers, More

136.Assorted Bar Mats

137.Assorted Bar Mats

138.23 Coffee Mugs

139.Approx. 48 Assorted Bar Glasses

140.Approx. 110 Assorted Bar Glasses

141.Approx. 35 Assorted Bar Glasses

142.Approx. 18 Wine Glasses

143.Approx. 35 Beer Mugs, 26.5 oz.

144.Assorted Plastic Glasses

145.Approx. 24 Beer Mugs, 26.5 oz.

146.Approx. 60 Assorted 16 oz. Glasses

147.3 Boxes Assorted, Stella Glasses, Moscow Mule Glasses, Jar Glasses

148.2 Assorted Fans

149.Bean Bag Toss Game

150.46 Shelby Williams Wood Frame Padded Dining Chairs

151.46 Wood Dining Chairs

152.21 Dining Tables, 36"x36"

153.2 Dining Tables, 30"x24"

154.14 Shelby Williams Wood Frame Padded Swivel Bar Stools, 29" Seats

155.8 Wood Bar Stools, 29.75" Seats

156.5 Wood Bar Stools, 29.75" Seats

157.4 Wood Frame Padded Bar Stools, 30.5" Seats

158.2 Hightop Tables, 33"x33"x42"

159.4 Wood Patio Tables, 92"x31"x37"

160.5 Patio Stools

161.16 Patio Stools, some need repair

162.Metal 42" Patio Table with 2 Chairs

163.Metal 42" Patio Table with 4 Chairs

164.Metal 42" Patio Table with 4 Chairs

165.2 Patio Umbrellas

166.2 Patio Umbrellas, Umbrella Stand, Cord

167.Assorted, Safety Cones, Ceiling Light Fixture

168.Royal 210DX Cash Register, Assorted Paper Rolls

169.Vtech Cordless Phones

170.8 Assorted Signs (7 Metal)

171.M Portable LP Grill, 8 Burner, 56"x24"

172.Portable Bar, 60"x28"

173.2 Poly Ice Down Bins on Wheels, 48"x24"

174.4 Assorted Patio Umbrellas

175.Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker, Model MB20071819

176.Assorted, Poly Table Top Ice Down Bin, Keg Bin, Bean Bag Toss Boards

181.Two Wheeler

182.Aluminum Two Wheeler

183.Emerson 32" TV

184.Snow Surfer with Frame Decor

185.Fender Passport Conference 2 Pc. Speaker PA, Type PR844, 120V with 3 Assorted Speaker Stands

186.Chard 30 Qt. Outdoor Cooker Kit with LP Burner

187.Cuisia Art Prep 11 Plus 11 Cup Food Processor, Plastic 1/6 Pans, More

188.7 SS Chafing Stands with Covers, 2 Assorted Pans

189.24 Tabasco Table Caddies

190.Element 40" TV

191.Prize Punch Banner Stand Game, 4 Kick Balls, 2 Pumps

192.Golf Chipping Game Board

193.Golf Chipping Game Board

194.Poly Folding Table, 72"x30"

195.2 Assorted Women's Golf Bags with Assorted Golf Clubs

196.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart 20.5"x26"x70", 3 Sheet Pans

197.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart, 4 Sheet Pans

198.2 Wire 2 Tier Shelves 48"x24"x48", 2 - 86.5" Poles

199.Folding Table, 96"x30"

200.Kenmore 2 Door Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer, Model 106.72002010, 120V, 33"

201.Assorted, Paper Products, Cups, Napkins, More

202.2 Assorted Shelves, 42"x24"x86.5", Floating Shelf 60"x18", 2 Extra 42"x24" Shelves

203.Hatco Conveyor Toaster, Model Toast-Qwik, 120V

204.4 Jaccard Portable Butane Cooking Stoves with Fuel

205.8 Assorted Can Lights, Color Filters, Extension Cord

206.Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 48"x20"x12"

207.20 Lb. LP Tank, CO2 Tank

208.Delfield Glass 2 Door Refrigerator on Wheels, Model 6051SL, 51"

209.Wood Pumpkin Sign, Metal Stand, Shelf Part, Letter Message Sign

210.Upright Freezer, 28"x26.5"x54.25"

211.Assorted, Cups, Fryer Baskets, Bottle Rails, More

212.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 36"x16"x72"

213.Wire 5 Tier Shelf 36"x16"x62" with Contents, POS System Hardware

214.3 Assorted Vacuums, Shark and B&D

215.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x72"

216.Assorted, S&P Shakers, Tall Cooler Glasses, Check Servers, More

217.2 Tap Beer Chiller Dispenser with 2 Keg Taps and Regulator

218.Kelvinator Commercial Upright Freezer on Wheels, 32"x28.75"x74.5"

219.Gibson Heavy Duty Commercial Freezer, 32"x26.5"x65"

220.Car Seat Slings, Wood 2 Tier Cart, Simplicity Vacuum, Shovel, Easel, More

221.Assorted Season Decor

222.National Public Seating Folding Stage, Model 5368-HB, 8'x6'x8"

223.Assorted, Poker Supplies, Craps Game Table, Folding Table 40"x20", Chips, More

224.Assorted, Hot Condiment Cups, Candle Stands, Poly Bus Tub

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