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Catering Company Liquidation - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Wednesday, January 13th, 2021.

Item Description
1.3 Assorted Cast Skillets, 18" to 29"

2.Vulcan Fryer on Wheels with 4 Baskets, Model TK45, Gas, 15.5" Wide

3.Imperial 6 Burner/Oven with Overshelf, Gas, 36" Wide

4.2 Assorted Stock Pots, 11" and 12" Tall

6.2 SS Half Pans 6" Deep, SS Pan

7.Stock Pot, 16" Tall

9.Hobart 20 Qt Mixer, Model A-200, Serial 1861729, 1/3 HP, 115V with SS Bowl, Whip and Paddle

11.9 SS Full Pans, 4" Deep

12.11 SS Full Pans, 4" Deep

13.13 SS Full Pans (1 Drain), 4" Deep

14.2 NGD Thermal Dispensers

15.Carlisle Thermal Dispenser

16.2 Carlisle Thermal Dispensers

17.2 Carlisle Thermal Dispensers

18.2 Carlisle Thermal Dispensers

20.3 Assorted SS Wall Shelves, 36"x11", 48"x12" and 30"x12"

21.Assorted Plastic Measuring Bins and Lids, Up to 22 Qt

23.SS Table with Undershelf and Edlund Can Opener, 72"x30"

24.Assorted SS Bowls

25.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

26.Assorted Sterno Holders and Lids

27.Assorted Kitchen Knives

28.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

29.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

30.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

31.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

32.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

33.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

34.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

35.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

36.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

37.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

38.Meat Patty Press, SS /16 Pan Butter Roller

39.SS Table with Undershelf, 48"x24"

40.Assorted, Measuring Cups, Grater, Mode

41.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

42.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

43.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

44.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

45.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

46.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

47.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

48.Assorted Kitchen Knives

49.Assorted Kitchen Knives

50.Assorted Kitchen Knives

51.Catering Chalk Board Trays with Signs and Utensils

52.Assorted SS Bowls

53.12 Assorted Plastic Bowls, 10.5" to 24" Dia.

54.Assorted on Bottom Shelves of 2 Tables, Spices, More

55.Stock Pot, 20"x5"

56.Amana Commercial Microwave

57.Sirman Double Press Grill

58.Wire 5 Tier Shelf 36"x16"x73" with Assorted Contents on Bottom 2 Shelves

59.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart, 17 Slots

60.Assorted, Fryer Scoops, Strainers, More

61.Aluminum 16" Colander

62.SS Wall Shelf, 36"x11"

63.7 Assorted SS Soup Pots

64.SS Wall Shelf, 36"x11"

65.Marque (France) Slicer, Insulated Pitcher

66.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

67.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

68.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

69.Assorted Kitchen Utensils

70.Salad Spinner

71.8 SS 1/4 Pans, Assorted Depths

72.4 SS 1/9 Pans, 4" Deep

73.20 SS 1/6 Pans, 6" Deep

74.21 SS 1/6 Pans, 4" Deep

75.11 SS 1/3 Pans, 6" Deep

76.11 SS 1/3 Pans, 6" Deep

77.12 SS 1/3 Pans, 2.5" and 4" Deep

78.SS Table with Undershelf, 72"x30"

79.7 Assorted Fry Pans

80.9 Assorted Fry Pans

81.5 Assorted Pots

82.5 Assorted Pots, 2 Lids

83.TorRey Slicer, Model R-300A, 110V

85.Assorted, Foil Wrap, Oven Pads, More

86.Tomato Slicer

87.Kitchen Aid Food Processor, Model KFP0922CU with Assorted Blades and Related

88.Kitchen Aid 5 Qt Mixer, Heavy Duty Model K5SS, 325 Watts, 115V with Bowl, Whip and Paddle

89.Breville Juicer

90.Accu-Weigh Scale, 5 Lb. x 1/2 oz.

91.Dynamic MX91 Immersion Blender, 115V

92.2 Assorted SS Knife Holders, 44" Ticket Holder

93.SS Table with Back Splash, 72"x30"

94.Cambro Full Pan Thermal Container, Cambro Thermal Container

95.Cambro Full Pan Thermal Container, NDG Thermal Container

96.NDG Thermal Container

98.5 Assorted Wire Shelves in Walk In

99.2 Assorted Stock Pots, 9.5" and 14.5" Tall

100.2 Assorted Stock Pots, 15" and 15.5" Tall

101.Stock Pot with Lid, 17" Tall

102.Stock Pot with 2 Lids, 18" Tall

103.13 Aluminum Half Sheet Pans

104.6 Assorted SS Bowls, 9" to 19" Dia.

105.7 Assorted SS Bowls, 7" to 16" Dia.

106.11 SS Ikea Bowls, 8" and 11" Dia.

108.17 SS Half Pans, 4" Deep

109.Poly Bin with Assorted Kitchen Utensils

110.Poly Bin with Assorted Kitchen Utensils

111.Poly Bin with Assorted Kitchen Utensils

112.39 Aluminum Full Sheet Pans

113.8 SS Half Pans, 2.5" Deep

114.13 SS Full Pans, 2.5" Deep

115.22 SS Full Pans, 2.5" Deep

116.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 60.5"x25"x84"

117.7 Poly Cutting Boards and Rack

118.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart, 20 Slots with 8 Sheet Pans

119.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

120.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

121.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

122.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

123.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

124.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

125.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

126.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

127.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

128.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

129.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

130.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

131.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

132.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

133.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

134.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

135.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

136.Wood 6' Step Ladder

137.Assorted Contents, Dry Goods, Paper Products, More

138.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 60"x24"x75"

139.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

140.SS Full Pan Chafing Set with Poly Bin

141.2 Assorted Thermal Delivery Bags

142.Assorted, Paper Products, Aluminum Foil Pans, More

143.Assorted Wicker Baskets

144.Beverage Dispenser

145.2 Beverage Dispensers

146.2 Beverage Dispensers

147.2 - 3 Tier Table Displays

148.SS Table with Undershelf, 72"x30"

149.SS Table with Undershelf, 60"x30"

150.Wire 4 Tier Shelf 72"x18"x72" with Assorted Contents, Paper Products, Candles, Bins, More

151.Metal 7 Bin Stacking Cart with Assorted Contents, Pitchers, Bowls, Paper Products, More

152.17 Poly Flip Top Stacking Bins, 24"x20"x12"

153.Wire 4 Tier Shelf 48"x18"x74" with Assorted Contents, Dry Goods, PC Packets, More

154.7 Wire Full Pan Chafing Stands

155.SS Wall Shelf, 60"x12"

156.Poly 3 Tier Cart, 24"x18"x34"

157.2 Assorted Beverage Dispensers

158.2 Assorted Beverage Dispensers

159.2 Assorted Beverage Dispensers

160.2 Assorted Beverage Dispensers

161.2 SS 5 Qt Round Chafing Sets

162.SS Coffee Dispenser, Sterno Heated

163.SS Coffee Dispenser, Sterno Heated

164.Beverage Dispenser

165.7 Boxes Plastic 1 Liter Carafes, Approx. 82 Total

166.SS Table with Undershelf, 72"x18"

167.SS Table with Undershelf, 72"x18"

168.Rubbermaid Water Dispenser, Coleman Cooler

169.SS 4 Qt Round Chafing Set

170.SS Round Chafing Set, Approx. 5 Qt

171.Assorted Cleaning Supplies

172.SS Wall Shelf, 60"x12"

175.Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 48"x18"x8"

176.Wire 4 Tier Shelf 30"x18"x72" with Assorted Contents on Top 3 Shelves, Baking Pans, Fryer Baskets, Cooling Racks, More

177.40 Aluminum Full Sheet Pans

178.23 Aluminum Full Sheet Pans

179.19 SS Full Pans, Most 6" Deep

180.16 SS Full Pans (3 Drain), Most 4" Deep

181.17 SS Full Pans, 4" and 6" Deep

182.SS Full Pan Chafing Set, Roll Top Lid

183.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 42"x18"x62.5"

184.Adagio SS 7.2 Qt Chafing Set, Roll Top Lid

185.Adagio SS 7.2 Qt Chafing Set, Roll Top Lid

186.SS Full Pan Chafing Set, Roll Top Lid

187.Approx. 160 Assorted Plates

188.19 Coffee Mugs with Rack

189.Metal 4 Tier Shelf, 36"x18"x74.5"

190.2 NDG Thermal Containers

191.2 Assorted Thermal Containers

192.2 Assorted Thermal Containers

193.SS Table with Undershelf, 48"x24"

194.3 Assorted Butane Stoves

195.28 Aluminum Full Sheet Pans

196.25 Stemmed Glasses with Rack

197.Approx. 15 Plastic Bins with 11 Lids, 2 Poly Dunnage Racks

198.3 Racks Assorted Glassware

199.4 Sheet Cake Forms

200.Assorted Metal Bins

201.15 Assorted Serving Trays

202.Drinking Water Dispenser

203.Cambro Thermal Container

204.Plastic Bin with Assorted Table Skirts

205.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x74"

206.Igloo 150 Qt Cooler

207.Igloo 150 Qt Cooler

208.2 Styrofoam Containers, Poly Dunnage Rack

209.Rubbermaid and Igloo Coolers

210.4 Tray Stands

211.3 Compartment Cereal/Condiment Dispenser

212.3 Compartment Ingredient Bin on Wheels

213.Wire 4 Tier Shelf 48"x18"x74" with Assorted Contents on Top 3 Shelves, Paper Products, Plastic Utensils, More

214.SS Full Pan Chafing Set, Roll Top Lid

215.2 Racks with Assorted Stemmed Glasses

216.Mop Bucket, Wringer and Mops

217.Packing Blankets

218.Manitowoc UC Ice Machine

219.Wire 3 Tier Shelf 48"x18"x71" with Assorted Contents, Plastic Bins, Lids, More

221.4 Assorted Wire Shelves and Aluminum Dunnage Rack in Walk In

222.16 Assorted Thermal Servers

223.Assorted on 2 Shelves, Paper Products, More

224.7 Assorted Air Pots

225.6 Assorted Air Pots

226.Metal 4 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x84"

227.Assorted Contents, Paper Products, Bowls with Lids, Catering Trays, To Go Cartons, Cups, More

228.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 60"x18"x74.5"

229.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart, 20 Slots with 9 Sheet Pans

230.Assorted on Top Shelf, Glass/Plastic Bowls, Vases, More

231.Assorted Plastic Trays, Bowls, More

232.9 Assorted SS Serving Bowls/Trays

233.17 Assorted Serving Trays, 2 Pitchers

234.5 SS Serving Trays, 20"x14"

235.24 SS Serving Trays, 22"x15"

236.7 SS Serving Trays, 27"x17"

237.8 SS Serving Trays, 26"x18"

238.16 Assorted Serving Trays

239.16 Assorted Serving Trays

240.13 Assorted Serving Trays

241.10 Assorted Serving Trays

242.Assorted on Bottom Shelf, Serving Trays, Bowls, More

243.Wire 6 Tier Shelf, 60"x18"x74.5"

244.Poly Silverware Bin with Assorted Silverware

245.Assorted Silverware, 66 Knives and 33 Forks

246.Assorted Silverware, 100 Knives and 100 Forks

247.Assorted Silverware, 70 Spoons, 100 Knives and 100 Forks

248.Assorted Silverware, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives and 100 Forks

249.Assorted Silverware, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives and 100 Forks

250.3 Boxes White Napkin Bands, 2500/Box

251.60 Winco 6" Pom Tongs

252.96 Winco 9" Pom Tongs

253.2 Boxes, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Glass Oil Bottles

254.Silverware Caddy with Cups

255.2 Poly Bins with SS Full Pan Chafing Sets

256.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 60"x18"x72.5"

257.12 Glass 1 Liter Carafes

258.Assorted, Tool Box with Tools, First Aid Supplies, More

259.Assorted, Air Pots, Air Pot Stands, Thermal Servers, Drip Trays

260.Amano PIX-55 Time Clock, HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 Print/Fax/Scan/Copy/Web, Bionaire Tower Heater

261.Desk with Hutch 72"x36", L Shape Desk with Hutch 66"x72", Office Chair, Stool

262.2 Folding Tables, 96"x30"

263.22 Plastic Stack Patio Chairs

264.24 Plastic Stack Patio Chairs

265.7 Assorted Plastic Stack Patio Chairs

266.5 Poly/Metal Folding Chairs

267.Hobart Fryer Filter on Wheels

268.Wire 4 Tier Shelf with Assorted on Top 2 Shelves, Trays, Decor, More

269.Assorted Trays

270.Assorted China Plates and Bowls

271.Kiddie Pool, Safety Gate

272.SS Full Pan Chafing Set, Roll Top Lid with Bin

273.SS Full Pan Chafing Set, Roll Top Lid with Bin

274.7 Glass Racks with Assorted Glassware

275.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart

276.3 Boxes Assorted, Coffee Cups, Glass Shelves, More

277.Wire 4 Tier Shelf with Assorted Contents

278.Bakers & Chefs Portable LP Grill, Model MEV808ALP

279.Assorted Wicker Baskets, More

280.Assorted SS Serving Trays

281.3 Assorted Cash Registers, 2 Cash Drawers, Credit Card Machine

282.Griswold LP 2 Burner

283.Oster Hot Plate, Counter Platform Scale

284.Milk Crate Assorted, Utensils, Bowls

285.Thermal Beverage Container

286.Frontier Kettle Soup Pot

287.3 Boxes Assorted, 9 oz. Bowls, Portion Cups, Pumps

288.Approx. 45 Trays

289.Assorted, Butane Burner, More

290.CAS Scale, 30 x 0.01 Lb. Capacity

291.2 Assorted Plastic Shelves

292.Milk Crate of Glass Vases

293.2 Poly Bins Assorted Table Skirts

294.2 Poly Bins Assorted Table Skirts

295.Rival Chocolate Fountain

296.Delonghi 60 Cup Coffee Maker

297.SS Chafing Beverage Set

298.Pelouze Scale, 60 Lb. x 4 oz.

299.2 Beverage Dispensers

300.2 Assorted Wire Shelves

301.Multimixer Malt Machine with 2 SS Cups

302.Frontier Kettle Soup Pot

303.16" Impulse Sealer

304.Glass Punch Bowl

305.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart

306.Assorted Dish Racks

307.Hobart Slicer, Model 1712-R, Serial 1790403, 1/3 HP, 115V

308.Poly 2 Tier Cart

309.8 Assorted Wire Chafing Stands

310.Kenmore Microwave

311.Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 48"x18"x8"

312.Wood Tiered Stand, 33" Tall

313.Quick Shade Instant Canopy

314.E-Z Up Instant Shelter

315.Quick Shade Instant Canopy

316.Bag of Tent Walls

317.3 Boxes Assorted Plastic Glasses

318.3 Keg Bins, More

319.5 Assorted Delivery Bags

320.4 Bins Assorted Smallwares, More

321.6 Bins/Boxes Assorted Glassware

322.11 Assorted Folding Tables, 60"x30" to 96"x30", Wood Round Tops

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