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Cafe & Wine Bar - BID NOW! - Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, January 25th, 2021.

Item Description
1.True Glass 1 Door Refrigerator, Model GDM-23, 115V

2.SS Cabinet with Sliding Doors, 96"x30"

3.ColdTech Undercounter Refrigerator on Wheels, No Front Door, 27"x29.5"

4.Assorted Long Handle Pizza Oven Tools

5.Wood Cabinet with Silestone Top, 72.5"x36"x36"

7.Wood Cabinet with Silestone Top, 97"x36"x36"

8.Wood Cabinet with Silestone Top, 75"x30"x34"

10.Wood Prep Table Surround with SS Shelves, 98.5"x32.5"x60.5"

11.Everlast 93" Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table on Wheels, Model EPPR3, 115V

12.6 - 16" Trays, 3 - 11" Trays, Scoop

13.6 Assorted Air Pots, Drip Tray

14.Assorted Beer Tap Handles, More

15.2 - 14" Woks

16.31 Assorted Bowls

17.66 - 7" Plates, 11 - 6" Saucers

18.32 - 10.5" Plates

19.34 - 9" Plates, 13 - 8" Plates

20.SS Prep Counter with 2 Tier Overshelf, 154"x48".
Overshelf and legs will need to be taken off to remove this item. Please come after 3pm.

21.2 Assorted Chalk Board Signs

22.3 Assorted Chalk Board Signs

23.Alto-Shaam AR-7E Rotisserie, AR-7H Hold Cabinet and AR0VH Ventless Hood on Wheels, Serial Numbers 399611-000, 372203-000, 391526-000, 208V, 3 PH

24.Beverage Air 72" Refrigerated Prep Table on Wheels, Model SPE72HC-30M, 115V

25.Approx. 68 Rolled Knife and Fork Silverware, Wood Tray

26.31 Assorted Platters/Plates

27.K-Guard Fire Extinguisher

28.Hobart Buffalo Chopper, Model 84186, Serial 561-004-465, 1 HP, 115V

29.Vulcan Convection Oven on Wheels, Gas, 40" Wide

30.Imperial Fryer on Wheels, Gas, 15.5" Wide

31.Southbend 6 Burner/Oven on Wheels, Gas, 36.5" Wide

32.Southbend 36" Flat Griddle, Gas

33.Silver King Refrigerated Equipment Stand on Wheels, 60"x31", Needs Repair

34.Wood Step Stool

35.Wire 3 Tier Shelf, 36"x18"x34"

36.Wire 3 Tier Shelf, 36"x18"x34"

37.Wall Clock

38.Wire 3 Tier Cart, 30"x18"x32"

39.SS Table with Back Splash and Undershelf, 47"x30"

40.Wood Wall Decor, 55"x28"

41.Assorted, Thermal Servers, Coffee Press, More

42.54 - 12" Plates

43.26 - 9" Bowls, 11 - 10.5" Bowls, 2 - 11.75" Bowls

44.Rubbermaid Trash Can

45.Poly Wall Shelf, 22"x16"

46.Chafing Set

47.Chafing Set

48.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x73"

49.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 36"x14"x73"

50.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 36"x14"x73", Extra Parts

51.3 Dish Washing Racks

52.3 Compartment Ingredient Bins on Wheels

53.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 48"x14"x73"

54.Poly Prep Table Cutting Board 83"x16", 2 SS Prep Table Covers

55.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 42"x14"x73"

56.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 42"x14"x73"

57.Chafing Set

58.Chafing Set

59.Chafing Set

60.Manitowoc Ice Machine with Bin, Model SD0602A, Serial 110096628, 208-230V, 1 PH

61.4 Slim Jim Trash Cans

62.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 36"x14"x54.5"

63.Rubber Anti Fatigue Mats

64.Assorted, Bowls, Plates, Wood Menu Boards

65.Wire 3 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x36"

66.SS Dish Table (legs on one side only), 24"x30"

67.Assorted Grill Cleaning Supplies, More

68.3 Poly Beverage Dispensers

69.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x36.5"

70.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x73"

71.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart, 20 Slots

72.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 42"x14"x73"

73.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x73"

74.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x73"

75.Aluminum Sheet Pan Cart, 20 Slots

76.Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 48"x18"x8"

77.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 60"x18"x73"

78.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 60"x18"x73"

79.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x73"

80.Wire 5 Tier Shelf, 48"x18"x73"

81.Wire 2 Tier Cart, 36"x18"x29"

82.4 Compartment Locker on Stand, 32"x13.5"x73"

83.Sentry Safe Combo Safe, Digital Keypad is Bad, Safe is Open, 22"x17"x27.5"

84.2 Pedestal File Cabinet, Office Chair

85.4 Assorted Phones

86.Metal Stiegl Beer Sign, Metal Panel

87.Mop Bucket, Mop, Brooms, Vacuum, Caution Sign, Dust Pan

88.Metal 2 Tier Keg Shelf, 48"x18"x54.5"

89.Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 36"x24"x12"

90.Wire 4 Tier Shelf, 36"x14"x54.5"

91.Wood Play Kitchen, Assorted Toys

92.24 Wood Dining Chairs

93.24 Wood Dining Chairs

94.21 Wood Dining Chairs

95.10 Wood Bar Stools, 30.5" Seats

96.4 Dining Tables, 48"x30"

97.19 Dining Tables, 24"x30" (2 similar styles of tops)

98.2 Dining Tables, 74"x25.5"

99.2 Butcher Block Style Dining Tables, 72"x36"

100.Wood Padded Bench, 95"

101.Wood Padded Bench, 70"

102.Wood Padded bench, 56"

103.Accent Chair

104.Stiegl A Frame Chalk Board Sidewalk Sign

105.Wood Host Stand with Corian Like Top, 36"x25"x38.5"

106.4 Poly Booster Seats

107.2 Wood High Chairs

108.2 Wood High Chairs

109.3 Assorted Sections of Straight Booths, 1 - 74" and 2 - 72"

110.2 Tensabarrier Strap Stands

111.Assorted, Fake Tree, Decor Twigs

112.2 Poly Folding Tables, 60"

113.2 Poly Folding Tables, 72"x30"

114.2 Assorted Rubber Anti Fatigue Mats

115.2 SS Wall Shelves, 48"x12"

116.Assorted, Beverage Dispensers, Metal Buckets, More

117.Ishida Astra Counter Scale, 30 x 0.01 Lbs.

118.All Assorted Empty Wine Bottles

119.Bins/Boxes Assorted Decor

120.Assorted, Cash Drawer, Money Trays, Epson Printer, More

121.Eliason Kitchen Door, 35"x79"

122.16 Poly/Metal Folding Chairs

123.3 Poly Folding Hightop Tables, 31"x43"

124.3 Assorted Fabric Wall Panels

125.Open/Business Hours Sign, Needs Repair

126.Assorted Beer Tap Handles

127.2 Boxes Assorted, Coca Cola Glasses, Glass Bottles, More

128.Stiegl Beer Coasters

129.16 Ikea Svalka 10 oz. Wine Glasses

130.16 Ikea Svalka 10 oz. Wine Glasses

131.16 Ikea Svalka 10 oz. Wine Glasses

132.12 Ikea Svalka 10 oz. Wine Glasses

133.33 Wine Glasses

134.14 Wine Glasses

135.19 Wine Glasses

136.11 Wine Glasses

137.14 Wine Glasses

138.SS Table with Back Splash and Undershelf, 12"x30"

139.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

140.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

141.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

142.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

143.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

144.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

145.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

146.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 2 Metal Patio Chairs

147.Metal Patio Table 28"x28" with 1 Metal Patio Chair

148.Wood Outdoor Planter Stand

149.Handmade Framed Wine Bottle Cork Artwork, Approx. 6'x12'

150.Miscros POS System Hardware: 3 Micros Terminal Screens, 3 Cash Drawers, 5 Micros Printers (3 for the cash register/bar/customer receipts require 1-ply paper roll, 2 for kitchen printers and require thermal roll paper), 5 Micros Power Stations, 1 Back-Office Screen and Keyboard, All Necessary Power Cables and Cords.

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